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From The Void

It was 2 AM in the village of Konoha. Normally at this time the woods behind the Hokage faces were silent and empty, nocturnal animals preparing to sleep while those who are active in the light still slept peacefully. But today, if you explored far enough into the depths, you would see a head of blond hair, tinted blue in the moonlight. Naruto Uzumaki worked as silently as the night around him, painting intricate designs slowly and carefully in the large circle of the ground he had cleared previously. He stifled a yawn, trying not to move a centimeter out of place. Everything had to be perfect, or nothing would work. The gigantic seal that lay out nearly completed before him would finally earn him some respect from the villagers, or at least… he hoped it would.

After seeing Jiraiya seal Itachi's black fire into his scroll, he decided to share his secret affinity with seals with the perverted old man. Ero-sennin had been skeptical to say the least, but with a little convincing (namely putting a seal on one of the perv's stupid books that even the toad sage couldn't figure out) he had come to believe in the blonde's ability. Ero-sennin had taught him all, or most, of what he knew about seals, and of his heritage as well.

Naruto stood up after connecting the final line, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. Done. He thought, satisfied with the results. He stepped back, assuming the stance to gather his enormous supply of chakra to activate the seal that lay before him. If Konoha was to wage a war with Orochimaru and the Sound, they were going to need help. A trump card. And who better to protect the village of Konoha… than one of its Kage's?

He was going to summon the Fourth Hokage,

Yellow Flash of Konoha,

and his father

~w00t! X3~

"Kuchiose no jutsu!" he shouted, slamming his palms on two circles connected to the array of interconnecting lines and symbols, his chakra quickly flowing through them like liquid lightning, enveloping the area in a greater blue light than the moon above.

Suddenly, a flash of light blinded Naruto, causing his arms to shoot up, reflexively covering his face. The light faded quickly, and there before him, in all of his malignant glory, was none other than the Shinigami himself. The infamous Death God.

Naruto couldn't help but finch slightly as the Death God's gaze landed on him, glowing eyes and glistening, fang-like teeth enough to scare Orochimaru.

"Heh heh heh. Well lookie here! Tree times in the last two decades I've been summoned. The first two I get to devour powerful Kages, and the third a Kage's jinchuriki son. Heh heh. Do I get your soul for free boy, or is there some task you want of me first?" the Shinigami's voice rumbled, his mouth unmoving. Naruto smirked, his fear gone, replaced by his usual over-confidence.

'You wont be getting my soul at all you stupid old gargoyle.' He thought to himself . "Ano, Shinigami-san, I have summoned you here with a… special seal of my own. It allows me to offer a trade. If you choose to accept, you will get your meal. But should you refuse, you leave empty handed." The Death God's gaze drifted downward, carefully examining the array below him, still pulsing with Naruto's chakra. He growled. Apparently the seal was working perfectly as planned, and the ancient being wasn't happy.

"Very well little hanyou, what is your offer?" 'More hungry than angry I guess…' Naruto thought, ignoring the half demon comment.

"The Yondaime Hokage for a soul you have only partially acquired." The Shinigami cocked his head, thinking. "Orochimaru. Snake sannin formerly of Konoha."

There was a pause, the Shinigami just stared blankly, weather in awe or amazment at the gennin's stupidity, Naruto didn't know. Suddenly, a wide, horrifying grin appeared on the Death God's face. "Heh heh heh heh! Very well! I will allow you to fetch the fourth from my stomach. If you succeed, you must either kill the snake, or be present at the time of his death. His soul will then be transported directly to me. Do you accept these terms little hanyou?"

Naruto nodded once, his usual overconfident smirk back on his face, despite the slight disgust at the idea of going into someone's stomach. Let alone one probably filled with loads of moaning, lonely souls.

"Very good. Now go! Fetch your Kage and bring me my meal jinchuriki of the leaf!" the Shinigami boomed, his fang-filled mouth growing larger with each word. "But do not forget! If you do not survive, your soul will be mine!"

'Don't survive?' but Naruto had no time to figure out the meaning of the Death God's cryptic choice of words. The Shinigami's mouth had grown to engulf the rest of his body, the malicious fang-filled grin now the size of the Konoha gates.

Slowly, the jaws opened, revealing a pitch-black entrance to…who knows where. Naruto swallowed, this was not what he had expected. Apparently the Death God had a few tricks of his own up his sleeves. The blond turned, looking back in the direction of his home, the still sleeping Konoha, before stepping into the chasm.

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