A/N: I know this probably isn't the best prologue, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. I'm sorry it took so long for me to write, too. I really didn't mean for it to be this long of a wait. Uh, this starts the Friday of the week the last story ended on. I hope that made sense. lol.. It also just shows important things that happened over the two months I'm jumping ahead in this story. Ok, I'll let ya get to readin' it now. LOL...sorry. ENJOY! :)

Reba awoke Friday morning, nervous and excited. Today was the day Dolly Majors would annouce her two choices. Reba darted into the bathroom, rushing through her morning routine. Once downstairs, she quickly fixed breakfast for the rest of the family before making herself a cup of coffee.

"Mornin', Mom. Today's the big day, right?" Cheyenne asked as she, Elizabeth, Henry, and Van walked into the kitchen. Elizabeth and Henry raced to the kitchen table, waiting for their favorite cereal. Cheyenne placed a bowl in front of each of them as Van set her plate in front of her seat. Cheyenne turned around to see her mother. Reba smiled at her nervously.

"I'm not gonna get it, Cheyenne. There's no need to call this my big day. Is the rest of the family up, yet?" Reba pointed to the stairs, waving her hand in a nevermind way as Kyra, Jake, and Barbra Jean stomped downstairs. Kyra and Jake were taking turns, trying to convince Barbra Jean of something rediculous. Reba tuned them out as she piled three more plates with food. She found her thoughts going back and forth. She knew she wouldn't get the job offer. Then again, she couldn't help but be nervous and excited. She felt like slapping herself for not being able to control her feelings. She jumped as Brock's hand moved in front of her eyes. Reba blinked her eyes quickly before smiling at him.

"Have you sat down any this morning?" Brock asked as he piled eggs onto his plate. He looked to his left, watching as Reba sipped her coffee. She shook her head, turning to make him a cup of coffee. Brock set his plate on the counter, and took the cup and coffee pot from Reba's hands. He gently guided her to the kitchen table where Van gently pushed her into the chair. Brock walked back to the counter picking up both her coffee and the plate he had before. He passed them to Van, who set them in front of her.

"Eat." Both Van and Brock said as they glared at her. Reba took a deep breath, attempting to stand up. She never could eat such a big meal when she was nervous. Van placed his hands on her shoulders, holding her in the chair. Brock sat next to her, a plate and cup in his hands.

"Reba, it's not good to be nervous or excited on an empty stomach. Eat at least the toast... please." Reba sighed as she picked up the slice of golden brown toast covered in a light coating of melted butter. Van waited for her to take a bite before he returned to his own breakfast. For the first time in almost a year, they all had breakfast together as a family. Everyone laughed and ate without a care of the time. Five minutes before Brock, Reba, Barbra Jean, and Van had to leave for work Kyra pointed out the time. She, herself, wouldn't have noticed if her crazy band member wouldn't have texted her. She left after putting her dishes in the sink, taking all the kids to school. The adults made their last rounds around the house before rushing out the door to their respected vehicles. Reba had managed to return to work the day she had planned. She had cleared up Stan's client list in under an hour, held three open houses, and even sold a house on her first day back. Reba had a slow day yesterday, but in the end she had sold another house, yet again. At the end of the day yesterday, her boss had told her to continue working hard. She could still have a chance of being chosen. Brock had dropped her off at work, brought her lunch, and picked her up from work. Today was the first day of doing everything on her own. Reba pulled into her office's parking lot. She took a very excited deep breath, turning her car off. She felt like Cheyenne had when she was nominated for prom queen. She knew she wouldn't win, but the want to win was driving her at the moment. She would take whatever she was offered and live with it. Reba walked into her office, smiling as she noticed the time. She was ten minutes early like she had been all week. Reba rushed to her desk, getting to work immediately. She had an hour before Dolly and Mr. Jones would make the annoucement.

"I've made my decision, Tom." Dolly stood opposite Mr. Jones at his desk. She was ready to tell his workers the good and bad news, depending on who you were. She had hoped everyone would come in early, but so far only a few had. She was impressed with how fast Reba caught up after being gone for so long, and the only excuse she gave was a family emergency had come up. If it hadn't of been for Brock sneaking it to her, Dolly would have never known the truth.

"Alright, Dolly, we'll tell them once everyone gets here. Do you mind telling me who they will be?" Mr. Jones motioned for her to sit across from him. Dolly quickly made her way to the chair, and leaned towards the desk. Mr. Jones followed her lead, and together they discussed why and why not Dolly could have the people she chose.

The hour had came and gone, and now every worker stood in a half circle around Dolly Majors and Thomas Daniel Jones. Reba stood between her best work friends. They gave each other a quick nervous glance before tuning into what Dolly was saying.

"Good morning, everyone. I'm glad to see you're all here. After plenty of discussion between Mr. Jones and myself, I have decided whom I will be takin' with me. There is one thing I have changed. I will not be taking two people with me. There will be only one." Dolly paused to let the news sink in for the workers. They all went through the nervous and shocked noises and conversations. Reba looked to the floor. This would not work in her favor. She already knew it wouldn't be her. She accepted it for now, and returned her stare to Dolly and her boss. Reba stood tall and unaffected in others eyes, but on the inside she was angry and sad. Jeremy had managed to ruin everything. She could have gotten this offer from Dolly hands down. If he hadn't been the horrible jerk that he was, Dolly would have been calling out her name right now, but instead the brunette with shining green eyes won. Leann Clarks clasped her hands over her mouth, complete shock taking over the new employee. Reba lightly pushed her friend towards Dolly, whispering for her to shake her hand. Leann rushed to Dolly as the crowd went back to work. Reba took a deep breath, watching as the young bouncy woman smiled and talked with both business owners. Reba smiled for the girl's quick success, and slowly made her way back to her own desk. This is what she had to live with, and that's what she would do. Reba sat down, reaching for her phone. She called the first client on her list, looking through her planner for a free day to hold their open house.

the following Wednesday....

Reba's therpy appointment was in forty-five minutes. Brock watched Reba count her fingers and take deep breaths as they sat in his truck. They could wait until she was ready. He knew she was trying to convince herself to get out of the truck. Brock looked out the front window, letting his hands fall off the steering wheel to his lap.

"Reba?" Reba raised a hand, stopping Brock.

"I'm goin', Brock. Just give me a minute." Brock nodded his head, turning his truck all the way off. He counted to ten in his head. As soon as he got to ten, Reba was getting out. He sighed with relief before following her. She walked fast, leaving the truck far behind her. She couldn't wait for Brock. It could give her just enough time to change her mind. Reba pulled the door opened, stepping inside instantly. She bent over, resting her hands on her knees. She waited for Brock to catch up as she caught her breath. He entered the building a few minutes later.

"Is everything ok?" Brock asked as Reba slapped away his hands. She stood straight and walked with him through the halls.

"I'm fine. Let's just get this over with." Reba and Brock walked to the front desk of a warm little waiting room. Reba looked around the empty room. She could see plants in the corners, and soft leather couches placed in random spots around the room. The walls were a faded yellow. Two doors faced each other on opposite walls. One was the door Brock and Reba had just entered, and the other she assumed was the door that led to the therapist's office. Reba took a deep breath, taking the papers from the secretary. This wasn't a dream. She needed to do this. Reba took a quick glance at Brock before starting to fill out the forms.

A few minutes later, Reba was sitting across from the therapist. The last Reba knew, Brock was in the waiting room reading a golf magazine. He was right down the short hallway and through the door if she needed him. That wasn't too far of a distance. Besides that, she had been working the past few days, and during that time she was miles away from her family. She could do this. Reba was interrupted from her thoughts by the therapist sitting in her chair.

"What brings you in today, Reba?" Dr. Wendy Greenhall spoke to Reba in a warm and strong voice. She held a welcoming look across her face, her bright green eyes encouraging Reba to tell her. Reba looked down to her hands which were resting in her lap. She couldn't believe she was about to do this, but as if on cue her head lifted and her eyes locked with the therapist.

"I'm not really sure where to start. Uh...Something traumatic happened to me a while back. Since then I've had these reaccuring nightmares and flashbacks." Reba felt her legs start to bounce with nerves and fear as she allowed herself for the first time to fully think about that afternoon. She swallowed hard, knowing her lips were trembling and drying up. She licked them quickly. "I'm scared. He's disappeared and I don't know where he is." Dr. Greenhall nodded her head, noises of her listening filling the short silence in the room. When Reba didn't say anything else, she slipped her black rimmed glasses from her slender nose, setting them on her dark oak desk.

"You don't know where he is? I'm assuming that he is the person that caused you harm." Reba let out a quick breath, nodding her head yes. She looked behind Dr. Greenhall, seeing the degrees framed against the light blue walls.

"He was my boyfriend, and I was living with him. He...uh..." Reba paused, trying to stay under control. She didn't want to start crying right off the bat. That would be too embarassing after all she had been through. She was strong, wasn't she? She could talk about this, couldn't she? Dr. Greenhall patiently waited for Reba to continue. "He...h-he just changed on me over night, but then again...when I look back, I see there were signs. I blame myself for not being strong enough to see it then." Reba stopped again, blinking away the treatening tears. She failed miserably, her cheeks instantly becoming an ocean of salty warm tears. She had to get it all out now, or she felt she never would. Reba took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a quick second. "He had..been a-abusive to me, and he...uh...eventually..." Reba could feel her whole body shaking with every emotion there was. She no longer could hold back, act strong for everyone, or even keep her mind from racing a mile a minute. "Eventually he-he raped me." Reba let out a breath of relief, glad to have it out but scared to have gone over the line. She was still afraid Jeremy was watching her every move, waiting for her to slip up. He could be stalking her kids, enjoying ways he could torture her by having them. She snapped back to the moment in time she was sitting in. The therapist was talking again.

"I can see that you've really been having a difficult time, and you coming in here today was very brave. I know it was hard for you to tell me about this." Dr. Greenhall takes a moment to give Reba the time she needed. Once she was sure there had been enough time, she continued. "I can help you with this, Reba." Dr. Greenhall passed a box of tissues to Reba, who silently thanked her. She quickly wiped her cheeks, taking a deep breath.

"That's what I came for. I want to put this behind me." Reba grabbed another tissue, calming down a bit. She cleared her throat, listening intently to the lady across the desk.

"I believe what we need to do today is..get a little more information from you, and then I want to refer you to our doctor. What he'll do is prescribe you something to help you sleep and calm your nerves. How do you feel about that?" Reba thought for a second. This hadn't been as horrible as she had thought.

"You mean about takin' the medication?" Dr. Greenhall nodded her head. Reba's face changed from fear and confusion to determination and strength. "I'll do whatever it takes." Dr. Greenhall nodded her head, sitting back in her chair a little more. She continued to discuss the information pertaining to the medication. It could take a while before they found the right one for her. After two hours of talking and waiting, Brock and Reba were climbing back into his truck. Brock pushed the key into the ignition, and turned to Reba, giving her a small friendly smile. Reba returned his smile with a smaller one of her own. She couldn't wait to get home. She was completely exhausted.

"So, how'd it go?" Brock pulled the truck out of the parking space, glad that traffic had been over with for at least half an hour. The ride home would be quick, and he could tell they both wanted to be home.

"Well, I'll be getting drugs." Reba chuckled shortly to herself before taking a deep sigh. Brock was glad to see a hint of her sense of humor coming back. He wanted her laugh again. He knew she loved laughing more than anything else in the world. It would be good for her. "Seriously, they gave me a prescription, and I have another appointment in about five days." Reba glanced at him as he pulled onto the main street. She couldn't help but notice the pride in his eyes when he looked at her. Was he proud she was doing this, or that he had managed to get close to her again? Was he planning something? Reba changed her thoughts when he patted her hand, just like he had done many times during their marriage. He was proud of her. Reba slowly moved her head to look out her window, a content smile slipping across her lips. Things would be better eventually.

One month later...

Brock and Reba were watching television in the living room, tuning out Barbra Jean's recent beanie baby story. The television changed to a commercial break just as Van ran down the stairs, completely hidden by bags, pillows, and Cheyenne's purse. Reba, Brock, and Barbra Jean turned to the kitchen doorway as Van ran into the room.

"Ms. H! Cheyenne's having the baby! Get off your butt and help!...PLEASE!" Van darted out the door, dropping things as he did. Reba giggled softly as Jake immediately ran after him, picking up anything he dropped.

"MOM!" Kyra and Cheyenne's voices echoed through the house. Reba jumped to her feet, running through the living room, into the kitchen, and up the stairs. She couldn't believe it had already been nine months since Cheyenne had told her she was pregnant. Reba met her daughters at the top of the stairs, a smile placed on her lips. Reba quickly took her place on the other side of Cheyenne, helping her daughters down the stairs. They walked as fast as they could to the car, where the rest of the family were waiting. Barbra Jean, Brock, Elizabeth, Henry, and Jake had already left for the hospital. It was a quick ten minute ride. When the second car had arrived to the hospital, Brock had already gotten Cheyenne a wheelchair. Van, Cheyenne, and two nurses rushed back to a free room, leaving the Harts in the lobby. Reba stood next to Brock, watching with tears in her eyes as her daughter disappeared. Brock placed a hand on her upper arm, leading her towards the waiting room.

"Ms. H! What are you doin'? Cheyenne needs you!" Van yanked Reba away from Brock, dragging her through the double doors. Brock chuckled at the look on her face before joining the rest of the family in the waiting room. It would be one long wait.

Ten hours and forty-five mintues later Reba walked into the waiting room, tears and a smile on her face. She cupped her mouth when the Hart family turned to look at her. She bounced just a tiny bit before announcing the great news.

"It's a boy! They have a little boy." Brock ran to Reba, spinning her in circles as he hugged her. Reba laughed with him, squealing when he started to spin. Brock set her back on her feet, making sure she was balanced before dropping his arms from her waist.

"We have a grandson, Reba! I have a grandson!" Brock shot his arms in the air before pulling her into a quick hug with Reba laughing the entire time. Brock and Reba turned to the rest of the family, quickly pulling the first person they saw into a big hug.

"When can we see him?" Kyra asked as she broke free from her mother's hug. Reba tried to answer her daughter, but Barbra Jean had pulled her into a death hug first. Reba gently pushed away from her, but Barbra Jean wouldn't let go. Reba gave Brock one of her killer looks, making him pry Barbra Jean away. Reba straightened out her clothes before clearing her throat.

"Well, ya'll can go see him now if you want. I've been holding him for the past twenty minutes." Reba smiled again, bouncing one more time. She grabbed Kyra's hand, and ran back to her grandson. Kyra stumbled the first few steps, but quickly caught up to her mother's pace. The rest of the family followed shortly behind them, moving at a more normal walk.

"Isn't he cute!?" Reba picked up the little blue bundle, turning so everyone could see him. "Bryan Enroll Montgomery." Reba took a step closer to Brock, pressing her body to his. Brock carefully pulled the little boy from Reba's arms, smiling down at him. He was sleeping soundly, seeming to ignore the squeals and little touches. Brock carried the baby across the room, showing the family one by one. Van slowly took his son from Brock, walking back to Cheyenne's side. She tiredly held her arms out, wanting to hold her son for just a few more minutes before she fell asleep. Reba watched, from the corner, as her family gathered around the bed. How on Earth could she think these people would leave her or even stop loving her? Everyone was an important part of the family, and without just one person everything would fall apart. Reba smiled as Van stopped next to her.

"What ya thinkin', Ms. H?" Van placed his hands inside his pants' pockets, watching as Barbra Jean made a 'ha-ha' face at Kyra, who claimed her famous smirk once again. Reba's smile grew a little before it disappeared. She glanced at Van.

"Oh, nothing. It's not that important." Van glanced at her, giving her a small smile. He patted her shoulder before pulling her to him for a hug. He squeezed just enough to show how much he cared for and loved her. Van smiled when she returned it with an even bigger squeeze. "You finally have that boy you've always wanted." Reba pulled away from Van, a joking smile on her face. Van stood tall, pushed his chest out, and pulled his pants up a little.

"Yeah, I think it's time to break out the cigars." Van relaxed when Reba laughed, smacking him lightly on the chest. She pushed him towards Cheyenne. "You better get back over there. Enjoy the little time with Cheyenne before she spends the next couple of hours sleeping." Van nodded his head, walking away with a quick 'I love you' over his shoulder. Reba stayed in the corner, listening and watching as her family enjoyed themselves. It didn't take very long for her family to realize she wasn't amongst them. All at once they started to look around the room, finding her in the same spot. Barbra Jean was the first to venture from Cheyenne's bed. She reached for Reba's wrist, pulling her to the group. Reba followed nervously, not sure why they wouldn't leave her alone. She shook her head as her grandson came into view.

"Mom? What are you doin' way over there?" Cheyenne asked as she looked from her mother to her baby. She played with his little hand, smiling at him. Reba took a deep breath, enjoying the sight before her. Cheyenne looked back up to her mother, still waiting for an answer.

"Uh...I figured everyone wanted to see Byran and you. I've been by your side for hours now." Reba stopped talking at the look on Cheyenne's face. She knew where her mother was going with this. Why, she wonder, would her mother think she didn't want her by her side now? Cheyenne used her free hand to search for Reba's hand. When she found it, she pulled it to her heart, gripping it tightly. Reba could feel the tears brimming her eyes.

"Mom, I'm always gonna want you beside me. I need you to be right here...just like this. Just like you always have been, and I know you always will be. I love you way too much to have you standing in the corner on such a wonderful day. As a matter of fact, I never want you in the corner." Cheyenne kissed her mother's hand. She wished she could pull her into a hug, but with her baby still in her arms and with as tired as she was, she didn't want to chance it. Reba bent down, sensing her daughter wish. Cheyenne pressed her head closer to Reba's, wanting to show her mother just how much she was loved. "Mom, you know what I was thinkin'...." Cheyenne waited for Reba to stand back up before continuing. "You should give this little fella the proper Hart welcomin'." Reba gave Cheyenne a confused stare before taking a glance at the rest of the family. They all smiled big at her, nodding their heads yes.

"Go ahead, Reba. Sing to him." Brock started the encouragements, helping Reba realize what they were talking about.

"Yeah, Mom, you sang it to Kyra when she was born..." Cheyenne followed her father's lead, glancing at Kyra quickly.

"And Jake..." Kyra added without hesitation. Jake caught on fast as he listened to his sisters.

"And Elizabeth...It wouldn't be fair to little Bryan if you didn't." Barbra Jean opened her mouth, and everyone waited for something inappropriate to come out.

"I think I even caught you singing it once to Henry...when he wasn't feelin' well." Everyone's head jerked to look at Reba, who blushed at Barbra Jean's comment. She didn't know anyone was there. It was the only time Brock and Barbra Jean needed her to watch Henry. Of course she hadn't minded it, but to know they knew she sang to him was a little embarrassing. Reba cleared her throat, holding her hands out to Cheyenne. She gently took her grandson in her arms, walking over to a nearby chair. The rest of the family watched and waited patiently for her to start Angel's Lullaby.Reba smiled at Bryan as she looked into his eyes. They were already half way closed like he knew this would be the best part of his first day. Reba silently cleared her throat, taking a breath before singing her own lullaby.

Two weeks later...

Reba listened to her family laughing and talking downstairs. She couldn't seem to get out of bed. She was in one of those comfortable spots, and it kept her held to the matress, trapped by the blankets. She smiled as she cuddled more into the bed. No one knew she was awake yet, and the hushed sounds of their voices and constant shushes told her they were trying to let her sleep. Reba opened her eyes for the first time that morning, seeing the alarm clock read 9:30 am. Reba closed her eyes again, hoping to catch a little more sleep. She could hear the fast and hard raindrops hitting the roof of the house, causing her to pull the blankets closer to her. Today was such a good day to sleep. With the laughter and happy noise coming from her family, she'd just might sleep better on her own. No sleeping pills this time. Reba yawned before smiling again. The bed was so welcoming this morning. Reba's eyebrows scrunched together and she let out a small groan when she heard a knock on the door. Reba stayed silent, hoping whoever it was would think she was still asleep. The door slowly opened as the catious person entered, closing the door quietly behind them. Reba listened intently, trying to figure out who it was.

"Mom?" Kyra whispered, leaning sideways to see her mother's face from where she was standing at the end of the bed. She took a few steps forward, smiling softly at her mother's sleeping form. It was really pretty and funny at the same time. Kyra ventured the rest of the way to the head of the bed, sitting on the edge. She pulled the blankets away from Reba's face, and moved the strands of hair out of her face.

"How late you plan on sleeping in, huh? You're missing all the boardgames. Someone really needs to beat Dad. I think his ego's gettin' too big." Kyra watched as her mother's mouth betrayed her and formed a silly smile. Reba finally gave up and opened one eye, staring at Kyra. "Aww...Did I wake you up, Sleeping Beauty?" Reba rolled her eyes, still refusing to move from her comfortable position.

"Ha-ha. What do you want?" Kyra could sense the annoyance in her mother's voice, and had to smile at the familiar woman before her. Maybe this whole going to therapy thing was helping her. She appeared to be getting better, moving on at a slow but acceptable pace. Kyra moved the stubborn strand of hair, that had fallen back in Reba's face, away and tucked it behind her ear.

"I was just seeing if you were up. We really need someone to destroy Dad's ego. He's getting on our nerves." Kyra watched as Reba pulled the blankets closer to her chin. Reba closed her eyes, letting out a content sigh. She could stay here all day, or at least another ten minutes. Kyra slipped her shoes off, contemplating whether or not she wanted to climb into the bed next to her mother. It did look comfortable, and she had been wanting to talk like they used to do.

"I'm not moving for at least ten more minutes." Reba yawned again, feeling completely relaxed. Kyra and Reba both stayed silent as they listened to the cheers and moans from downstairs. "I guess your father won again. Too bad I'm really comfortable, or I'd have to teach him a lesson." Kyra shook her head, climbing over Reba's body to the large amount of free space. She wrapped one arm around her mother's waist, resting her head on her shoulder. Reba smiled, moving closer to Kyra.

"I've missed you, Mom. It's good to have you back." Kyra closed her eyes, taking in the warmth from her mother's body. No matter how many people she hugged, none of them even came close to the feeling of home her mother carried around with her. Reba smiled to herself, glad her improvement was starting to show. She really needed what Kyra had just said. Reba gave up her spot, rolling over to pull Kyra to her more. "You know...You never did go to my gig that Saturday." Kyra lifted her head from Reba's chest to see her mother's face. Reba had her eyes closed seeming to be mentally kicking herself for not going. She hadn't wanted to miss that, and it completely slipped her mind.

"I'm sorry, Honey. I really did want to go. I guess it just slipped my mind...How about I make it up to you this Saturday? You know...Pile in bed, eat tons of ice cream, and talk. Just like we used to before everything went crazy." Reba felt Kyra's head press against her chest once again as the young red head thought. It almost worried Reba. She had hope Kyra hadn't filled her schedule up too much. Reba let out the breath she was holding when Kyra pulled her closer.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." She did have band practice that night, but she could bump it up to the morning. She didn't mind skipping out on sleeping in late when it came to her mother. This was, after all, what she had wanted. They both stayed silent for a few minutes, listening to baby Bryan crying, Brock boasting on another win, and Elizabeth singing in the next room. "I wouldn't worry about not coming, Mom. It gave us another chance to practice the song." Kyra felt Reba sitting up, and moved back a little. Once Reba was settled, Kyra cuddled up next to her. She wondered how much time she had before someone else came in. She didn't have all day, Kyra knew that much. This was her chance, if she wanted to talk.

"Oh, do you have a new song?" Reba's excitement drowned her words, giving Kyra the feeling of pride. Kyra pulled away from Reba, sitting Indian style across from her. She wanted to see her mother when the time came to slip her question out there.

"Well, it's a new song for us, but other's have recorded it before. I actually wanted to do this one for you. It's one of your favorites!" Kyra chuckled quietly to herself when her mother sat up, ready for the challenge of guessing which one it was. Reba crossed her legs, leaning slightly towards Kyra. The sparkle in her eyes, showing anyone she was determined.

"Ah, you're gonna make me guess, aren't you?" Reba clapped her hands together once after Kyra nodded her head yes. This was it. Her practice round before beating Brock and deflating that ego of his. "Ummm....Loretta Lynn?" Kyra shook her head no, wondering how many times it would take before she gave up. She couldn't wait much longer.

"Here's a hint, Mom. It's a song by Martina McBride." Kyra giggled at the angry look on Reba's face. Reba playfully smacked Kyra on the leg. She couldn't believe her daughter would just tell her like that. She normally let her guess at least three times before saying who it was. "Hey, I'll let you know when our next performance is and you can go to that one." Kyra paused, watching her mother look around the room. She must not have noticed the piles of her father's dirty clothes until now. She could see the real anger play on Reba's face, and shook her head. Her father was in trouble now.

"I'm tellin' you...Between your father and Van, I don't know how the house stays clean." Reba smiled a little as she threw her legs over the bed. She needed to get up anyway, and throwing dirty clothes at the orange manatee would be a great way to start her morning.

"Uh, Mom, can I ask you something?" Kyra turned slightly to watch her mother. Reba stopped picking up Brock's blue jeans as she turned to her daughter. She had a sly smile stretched on her lips before it disappeared.

"You just did." Reba waved her silly response away at the look on Kyra's face. She bent down, picking up the pair of sweat pants off the floor. "Go for it..." Reba stood back up, staring at Kyra. She waited patiently for her youngest daughter and middle child to form her question. It must have been a personal space invader because Kyra was stumbling over her words. Reba sighed, letting the pants fall from her hands. She re-joined Kyra on the bed, allowing her eyes to scan a small area of carpet.

"You wanna talk about what happened...don't you?" Reba risked a glance at Kyra, finding her nervously nodding her head. She had a feeling this was coming. It might have been the constant attempts to open this conversation from Kyra over the past few days, or the offers to take her to therapy. No wonder Kyra had volunteered so many times, in hopes she would want to talk afterwards. Reba had to admit; it was a pretty clever plan. "Well, what do you want..to know?" Reba scratched her fingernail against an imaginary stain, hoping to rid it from her jeans. She brushed the palm of her hand over her leg, taking a deep breath before looking over her shoulder to Kyra.

"Are you ready to talk to me?" Kyra hadn't wanted to push her mother into telling her, but when she was so close to completely understanding everything that had happened, she almost wanted to push. If it wasn't for the uncertainity on the face of the woman next to her, it would have been the very thing she'd have done. "I'll take whatever you feel comfortable with sharing. I just want to understand things more. I..."

"It's ok, Honey. I-You're just like me." Reba stopped, patting Kyra's knee. The eighteen year old wondered why her mother had quit talking, ending like she had. Did she think that sentence gave Kyra the comfort she needed? Did she think that statement spoke all the words Kyra already knew? At Reba's uncomfortable sigh, she realized her mother needed her to understand everything that came with her comment. She needed Kyra to agree with her, showing her there wasn't any disappointment. Kyra sighed, throwing her legs over the edge of the bed. She sat just like Reba, both staring at the wall across from them.

"Of course I am...I always have been." Reba slightly grinned, tearing at the hint of annoyance in the young woman's voice. She knew Kyra hated to be compared to someone else. She was always one to stand out and be different. It was one of the many things Reba loved about her daughter. "I guess you could always look at it like this...I'm finally wanting to talk to you." Kyra forced a smile, rolling her eyes at her lack of comic relief. She blew out a deep breath of air, looking away from the older red head.

"You know what...why don't we wait 'til Saturday to discuss this. Ya know, when we have ice cream and chocolate." Reba darted to her feet, trying with all her might to make it to the bedroom door before Kyra stopped her. It didn't take long for Kyra to call her name. Reba stopped two steps from the foot of the bed, staring at the bedroom door. She wished it would open, revealing someone's red cheeks demanding she'd beat their father. When no one came, she took it as a sign to talk to Kyra. She turned slowly, shrugging her shoulders at Kyra. "It was worth the shot?" Kyra patted the bed next to her, and Reba walked reluntantly back to her seat, quietly giving herself a pep talk.

"Please, Mom, talk to me. I want to know so I can help more." Reba lifted her eyes to meet Kyra's, tearing up at the care and love in her voice. Together they fished for answers and questions, clearing up any misunderstanding and mending any breaks in their relationship. By the time they had finished, Brock was trying to convince the family to another game of Life. Reba smiled evilly as she lifted her head from looking at the floor to her daughter's face. Kyra returned the same smile, leading her mother downstairs.

"Whooo...That's another one! I. AM. THE. BEST. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Brock bowed once again as the family let out their hundredth moan. Cheyenne jumped to her feet when she heard Bryan crying again. She was glad for the first time that he decided to wake up. She would take a little longer changing his diaper this time. She dropped her shoulders when Van beat her to him.

"I'll do it. You've already done so much, Honey. Besides that...you got to feed him." Van held Bryan close to his body as he started for the kitchen. He stopped dead in his tracks when Reba walked into the room.

"In all fairness, Van, Cheyenne is the only one that can feed him." Every person in the room cheered with happiness as they rushed to start a new game. It was time to put Brock in his place, and they couldn't wait to rub it in when Reba won. Brock placed a disgusted look on his face, and dropped his shoulders as he stared at Reba. She held her evil smile, staring back at him with just as much confidence.

"You!" Brock's face scrunched up more, and he pointed a finger at Reba. This was his warning of war if she even thought of playing. Reba's smile grew wider as she stepped closer to him, causing his finger to drop as she placed her face right in his.

"Oh, that's right. You're worst nightmare is BACK!" Reba turned away from Brock quickly, letting out a wicked laugh. She was in this war to win, and Brock knew he had no chance. He walked to his chair, no longer laughing at the losers surrounding him. For soon, he knew, he'd be joining them. "Oh, Brock..." Reba waited for him to meet her eyes before she continued. Brock watched the sparkle in her eyes grow as her words started again. He loved when she was like this, competetive and determined. He was doomed. "Don't be worried about joining the loser's side...they have cookies." The family laughed quietly at her joke, enjoying the fun evident on her face. This is what they realized they missed the most. Her jokes, laughter, sweet and loving accent, and most of all, her drive to be better than Brock. Kyra looked around the room, proud to have more information than the rest. For once, she knew something before the others. Her mother had trusted and opened up to her. Kyra snapped out of her thoughts, and focused on her parents' constant digs. This is what a family night should be like, not going to Fat Tony's for a quick bite to eat. Kyra caught Reba's eyes, and they both shared a small, understanding smile. They had found their way back to each other, and had vowed to never lose it again. For a mother and daughter should always have a special relationship.