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Chapter 1: I Wish I Had a Daughter…

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This chapter has strong language. Please do not read if that offends you.

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In the generously furnished living room of the Takahashi mansion, two middle-aged couples waited anxiously. Mrs. Takahashi and Mrs. Ookami sat silently on the white leather couch, waiting patiently. Meanwhile, their husbands preferred to pace the room. Every once in a while, one of the two men would cry out in anger—only to be silenced by the women.

Apparently, it was now Mr. Takahashi's turn. "Just what the hell could they have possibly done this time?!"

"Dear, please calm down. Sesshoumaru will be here any moment now. Perhaps it's not as bad as you think," reassured Mrs. Takahashi as she tried to reason with him. She might have looked calm and collected, but inside, she was fuming almost as much as her husband. She was trying to hold on to the smallest amount of hope that her precious son had not done anything wrong. Was her step son, Sesshoumaru, exaggerating when he asked for this urgent meeting? He told her that it was about the boys. She hoped against hope that for just this once her dear Inuyasha was innocent.

"No, Izayoi! I will not calm down! You and I both know our son! Have you forgotten what they did the last time?! If it is anything like that, I swear I'm going to kill…"

He was cut short by Mrs. Takahashi's angry voice, "Taisho! Don't you dare finish that sentence!"

Of course, she couldn't forget what happened the last time the boys got into trouble. How could any of them forget? They had been caught with drugs in the men's restroom at the last high school they had been attending. Just like every time, they had been saved from being charged, thanks to their fathers' money and power. However, even the loaded donation their fathers had offered could not rescue them from being expelled. The school had been a respected one, only accepting the children of well-endowed families, or the exceptionally bright ones. She had hoped that the rather peaceful environment of the school would help her aggressive and irresponsible son to improve himself. It seemed that, contrary to her expectations, Inuyasha had ruined the school's atmosphere. The same could be said for Kouga. The Ookamis had been called several times by the headmaster because the womanizing wolf demon had been caught in scandalous circumstances with several different girls while at school. As a result, the drug incident had been the last straw. That was three months ago. Since then, they couldn't find another school that would accept their notorious boys.

She sighed, getting irritated by her husband's insistent pacing. Sending him a self-reproving glare, she turned her head to see her long awaited stepson enter the living room.

"Thank God, Sesshoumaru! What happened?" inquired Izayoi.

"Relax." Slowly walking into the room, he gestured for the angry fathers to sit down. "Please, gentlemen, take a seat." Sitting on an armchair himself, he looked from one face to another and sighed before talking. "I guess you must have realized the boys were out late all this week?"

Mr. Takahashi snorted at that. "So? They're always out late."

"Well, I've learned that they have been going to the big casino on the outskirts of the city. The Jewel?"

Mr Ookami's eyes widened hearing the casino's name. "I know that one. It's owned by Naraku, the notorious mob boss."

"Oh, shit!" Mr. Takahashi would have continued his swearing, if his wife had not smacked his arm.

Turning to Sesshoumaru, she asked, "I don't understand. They're only seventeen. How could they get into a casino?"

Sesshoumaru did not even blink before responding, "Fake ID's… but that's the least of our problems."

"I would think so. Tell us, Sesshoumaru, and make it quick. I don't have enough patience left," stormed Inutaisho.

Seeing the thunders in his father's eyes, he knew it was a matter of time before he snapped and destroyed half of the house. Not wanting to take his anger upon himself, he dived into the topic. "Tonight, I've received a call from Naraku himself. Obviously, he caught Kouga in bed with his daughter a few hours ago."

"Dammit! That's Kouga for you," said Mr. Ookami. He did not look any better than his old friend. "When will this stupid boy ever learn to keep his dick in his pants?!"

"That's not all. Naraku said he would have stopped with giving Kouga a good beating. He wanted Koga to learn to not mess with his daughter. However, when he sent his men to throw Kouga out and to give him a lesson… that's where Inuyasha comes into the picture…"

Mrs. Takahashi gasped hearing that. "Oh, no… he didn't…"

"Unfortunately, he did. He said Inuyasha had beaten up half of his security, causing great damage to the casino."

Mr. Takahashi jumped to his feet and stalked towards the window. After a few seconds, he turned back to face the rest of the group, his eyes almost red from his anger. "That baka! I'm going to kill him!"

Snorting, Sesshoumaru chose that moment to let them know the most important part of the information he had. "Get in the line, father. Naraku claimed that right first."

All four heads snapped in his direction, their mouths opening at the same time to cry out exactly the same word. "What?!"

As if he was talking about the weather, Sesshoumaru leaned back in his seat and explained in a very calm voice. "Well, he said he was going to kill them both for tainting his reputation."

Her eyes wide, Mrs. Takahashi turned to her husband, and asked the one question which everyone in the room wanted to know the answer, "What shall we do now?"

Closing his eyes, Mr. Takahashi turned his back to the group. After a few seconds, he sighed, and looked back at his wife over his shoulder, before quietly adding, "Nothing."

Mrs. Takahashi knitted her brows as if she did not understand what he just said. "What?"

"We won't do anything this time. Let the bastards clean up their own mess. I'm fed up with this." He sounded so tired that Mrs. Takahashi thought that for the first time in his long life, the great dog demon showed his age.

It seemed that Mr. Ookami was no different from her husband in that aspect. "I think you're right, my friend. We protected them every time they did something bad, and look where we are now. It's obvious that they won't learn anything as long as they know they can depend on us. If they are ever going to grow up, then they need a harsh lesson."

Both men looked at the women before Mr. Takahashi asked his wife, "You won't object?"

To his surprise, Mrs. Takahashi shook her head. "No. You're right. Although I'm not comfortable with the idea that a dangerous mob boss is chasing my son, I don't think we will be helping them if we intrude. What will happen if a time comes when we won't be there to save them? They really have a lot to learn in order to become good men."

Nodding, Mrs. Ookami voiced her approval, "I agree, but we can't just leave them completely unprotected, can we? I mean, it's their lives we're talking about. What if Naraku does what he says? We should find a way to secure the safety of their lives. I don't know… put them on a deserted island?"

Despite their taut nerves, everyone laughed at Mrs. Ookami's last words. After their laughter finally subsided, Mrs. Takahashi picked up the conversation, "She's right, you know… We must find a way to hide them, but they should not be happy about it. So the island idea is not what we're looking for. I'm sure Kouga would find a mermaid to fool around with, and Inuyasha would fight with sharks if he can't find anything else."

The group fell silent for a few minutes, thinking about a way that would work well for their purposes. Not coming up with anything, Mrs. Takahashi sighed tiredly. "Gods, I honestly wish I had a daughter instead of a son."

Mrs. Ookami gave her old friend a small smile before commiserating, "Agreed. Girls aren't nearly as much trouble."

Sesshoumaru, who had been a silent observer for the last ten minutes, looked at the two women, a strange glint in his eyes, and smirked evilly before asking, "What did you just say?"

Two sports cars stopped nose to nose on the deserted outskirts of Tokyo. A young man jumped out of the midnight blue Porsche 911 GT2. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt. His long black hair tied in a high ponytail. Meanwhile, the driver of the silver Ferrari F430 Spider leaped out of his seat at the same time. His black clad body could not be seen in the darkness. Moonlight only revealed his silver-white hair.

"I'm fucked!" shouted the two boys at the same time.

"What?!" yelled the troublemakers in perfect synchronization.

"Dude, I'm officially dead! Dad just kicked me out, and told me to go fuck myself!" bellowed the black haired boy before kicking the tire of his car. Turning to his friend, he plunged his hand to his back pocket, and took out his wallet before throwing it on the ground with anger. "My credit cards do not work! Man, I'm totally, completely, screwed!"

"Keh! Same here, buddy. My old man did almost exactly the same thing. Even mom did not stop him!" Raking his hand through his silver hair, the boy in black started pacing back and forth, before he stopped and turned his golden eyes to his friend. "This is your fault, you know that, you dick-head? Did you have to fuck his daughter?"

The other boy's blue eyes widened at his friend's accusation. "My fault? MY FAULT?" The silver-haired boy winced at the high volume of his friend's voice. The dog ears on top his head hiding among his unruly hair, but the enraged wolf demon did not stop his tirade, poking the hanyou in the chest as he accused, "Did you just have to go and kick the shit out of those men and destroy half of his casino, dog-turd?!"

They glared at each other for a few seconds before smirking at the same time.

"Hell, yeah!" they shouted in exaltation as they high-fived each other.

Laughing, they sat on the hoods of their respective cars before Kouga sighed and continued, "Man, that was a piece of ass I would do anything just to get a taste of, you know."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at his friend before crossing his arms on his chest, his black shirt becoming taut under the strain of his biceps. "She was alright, I guess. But you have the worst timing as always. Do you know that? I was fucking winning, man! I was on a roll! And what do I see?" Uncrossing his arms, he put one hand on the hood of his car, while he gestured to his friend's lounging form with the other, before letting it fall to his side. "A shirtless Kouga running out of the elevator with Naraku's henchmen in his tail… Now how could I resist that?" He pointed his index finger at the wolf demon, his brows knitted in seriousness. "You owe me, buddy. I left all my fucking money on that damned table because of you." He crossed his arms again, and lifting his head to the sky, shouted at the heavens, "And now I don't have a fucking cent in my pockets, and my fucking cards won't work either!"

Following that blow out, both friends stayed silent for a few minutes, each contemplating their situation in their heads. Sighing, Kouga decided to end the silence. "So… what do we do now?"

"Keh! No parents, no home, no money… What is left?"

The look Inuyasha sent him left no suspicion in Kouga's mind. "Oh, shit! Do you think he'll help?" asked Kouga.

Rolling his eyes, the silver-haired boy took his cell phone from his back pocket. "There's only one way to learn," responded the hanyou. After dialing the number labeled as 'Bastard' on his contact list, he waited to hear the dreaded voice of his older half-brother.

"If you haven't noticed, it's three in the morning, Inubaka. Some of us have to get up in the morning."

"Yeah, yeah… Can it Sessh, okay? I need your help."

He heard Sesshoumaru sigh on the other end of the line. "I know."

"You do?" What the hell?! How did he hear about it so quick?!

"I think I just said that," responded his older brother morosely.

"Man, is there anyone left in this fucking city that doesn't know what just happened to us?!"

"Stop whining, pup. I'll help you out this time."

He will? Damn… this must be my day… "O-okay. We're coming over."

"No, you are not. You'll meet me in my office tomorrow at 2 pm. Until then, I don't want to see your face."

"Tomorrow?! What the hell are we supposed to do until then? Where can we sleep, asshole?"

"I thought you still had your car. Use it."

Seeing that Sesshoumaru already hung up on him before he could snap back a witty comment, he put the phone in his pocket, and laid back on the hood of his car. "Bastard."

Shortly before 2PM, the two boys exited the elevator on the top floor of the skyscraper of the Takahashi building. Immediately in front of them was a lovely young woman sitting by the large desk in front of Sesshoumaru's office.

"Hey there, Ayako. What's up?" asked the silver-haired teenager.

Looking up from the plasma monitor, the young woman with square-rimmed glasses smiled at Inuyasha. "Hi, Inuyasha! What are you doing here? Or should I say… what did you do this time?"

After the rather uncomfortable night he had spent in his car, Inuyasha was not in the mood to put up with her jokes like he usually did. "Is he in?"

Understanding the young man's bad mood, Ayako nodded her head. Her smile never left her face. "Yes, he is waiting for you."

Without thanking his brother's secretary, he made his way toward the door, already impatient to be done with this meeting. However, after a few steps, he felt as if something was missing. Turning around, he realized what it was.

Kouga, the wolf that he was, was sitting on her desk flirting with Ayako. Correction… Kouga was reclining on her desk with a lecherous smile on his face. It was a look that girls found charming and the very same look that Inuyasha found annoying. Shaking his head, he walked towards the oblivious wolf demon, and smacked the back of his head before whispering loudly.

"Do you think he would still help us if you fucked his secretary, asshole?"

Sighing, Kouga stood up, and followed him towards the door after sending the secretary a flying kiss.

They got in the expensively furnished office, to see Sesshoumaru sitting by his desk, his eyes glued to the screen of his computer. He did not even look at them as he stated, "Have a seat, gentlemen."

When the two boys were comfortably seated on the black leather couch in the middle of the large office, he finally turned to face them, his eyes burning with anger. "Do you two idiots know how much trouble you are in this time?"

Being used to his brother's hostile attitude, Inuyasha just rolled his eyes at his outburst. "Hey, we know that, okay? We just need to get away for a little while… until all of this is forgotten."

"Are you really that stupid, Inuyasha? Sometimes I can't believe that we are actually related."

Now, here he was, trying to be civil and all, and what did he get in return? "What the hell is your problem, bastard?!"

"My problem, idiot, is that you two are not aware that you are buried up to your damned necks in shit! Do you honestly think that someone like Naraku would give up on chasing you, after you ruined his reputation with that stunt you pulled back there?!" Standing up, the older man walked towards the little bar on the back of his office, and turned back to stand in front of the two stunned boys after getting himself a drink. "Let me answer that for you. No. He personally let me know that he wants both of you dead. Literally."

It was funny indeed… how their eyes got so wide at the same time. Trying hard to stop the grin that threatened to surface on his normally stoic face, Sesshoumaru turned his back to the two idiots, and opted to watch the magnificent view of western Tokyo from his panoramic window. He couldn't keep the grin off of his face when he heard his brother whisper, "Shit."

"That's what I said. You're drowning in your own shit, you morons."

"How will you help us?" Now that was unfair. Even Sesshoumaru felt bad hearing the defeated voice of his rebellious brother.

"There is only one way. He would know the instant you left the country, so running away is not an option. You'll hide."

"Hide? Hide where?" It was Kouga this time. Looking over his shoulder, Sesshoumaru saw that his younger brother seemed as confused as his friend sounded. Smirking, he turned to face them. Oh, this was going to be so much fun…

"Nowhere. You'll be in front of everyone, but you'll be hidden at the same time."

"I don't get it," responded Inuyasha in confusion.

"I suppose you wouldn't. It's simple though. Stand up."

As the two boys stood up looking at each other with questioning eyes, he took the two objects he had gone through much trouble to obtain in such a short time.

"What are these? Bracelets?" Seeing the bracelets he held in his hand, Inuyasha reached to take them from him, only to have his hand slapped by his irritated older brother.

"They are your brand new concealment charms our old friend Totosai made upon my request."

"Concealment charms?" Being the smartest one among the two, Inuyasha's face brightened with understanding. "Man, this is freaking awesome! So we won't need to hide at all!"

"You can say that, I suppose. Those magical bracelets will conceal your appearance as well as your scents and voices. Trust me, no one will be able to recognize you—not even your mothers."

"Sessh, you fucking rock man!" Too excited by the idea, Kouga tried to give a high five to the stoic businessman. However, his hand only grasped air under Sesshoumaru's bored gaze.

"I know," answered Sesshoumaru flatly. "Now I will put these on you. You won't be taking them off for a long time after today. So, get used to wearing these bracelets." As he put the bracelets on their wrists, he took a step back, a strange light in his eyes, and an even stranger—a scary grin on his face. "Besides, you couldn't take them off even if you wanted to, for only the one that puts it on can take it off. Which, in this case, happens to be me."

"Thanks man." Hearing his brother talk, Sesshoumaru's smile even widened, which was followed by Inuyasha's outburst, "What the fuck?! What happened to my voice?!"

Too busy with his own bracelet, Kouga put in his own two cents before looking up. "Yeah, man. Why does Inuyasha sound like a…" His eyes widening at the sound of his own voice, the wolf demon looked up to his friend only to see him looking back at him with equally wide eyes. They opened and closed their mouths with no words coming out, before shouting at the same time.

"Like a GIRL?!"

Just then, the secretary's voice was heard on the speaker. "Mr. Takahashi, your 2:15 pm appointment is here."

"Great. Send him in." Paying no heed to the bewildered states of the boys, Sesshoumaru walked towards the door to meet the newcomer.

The boys opened their mouths to let the businessman know whatever curses were going through their minds for this cruel joke, but were cut short at the sight of the person that entered the room. It was the one person they were trying to avoid.

"Welcome, Naraku." After nodding politely to the man, Sesshoumaru walked him to the armchair in front of his desk. "Please, have a seat."

Sitting down on his own chair behind his desk, he turned to Naraku. He gazed out of the corner of his eye at the boys-turned-girls standing by the couch, their mouths agape. Payback time, Inuyasha…

"Oh, please excuse my manners. Naraku, this is my sister, Shaya. And this lovely lady is her best friend, Kori."

Turning his head towards the other occupants of the room, Naraku looked them up and down, his distaste apparent on his face. "Your sister has a peculiar sense of fashion."

Sesshoumaru looked at up and down at his little brother-turned-sister, before adding his own comment. His eyes were shining with mirth, and a stupid grin that did not sit well with his character, plastered on his face. "She does, indeed… Well, luckily she's not the reason I asked to meet you."

"Yes, luckily for me. However, I can't say the same for your brother," remarked Naraku.

"Are you sure you want to kill him? I mean, I wouldn't think he would be worth the trouble."

"Well, I do, and I'll keep my word. Is that a problem for you, Sesshoumaru?"

Leaning back on his chair, Sesshoumaru shook his head, before sending a fleeting look at his 'sister'. Shaya was sitting on the couch with her jaw clenched as if she was trying to keep expletives from flowing out of her mouth.

"Definitely not. Do as you wish, for I agree that he went too far this time."

Smirking at the response he got from the dog demon, Naraku relaxed in his seat. "That's good to hear, for I would hate to terminate our business relations."

Before Sesshoumaru could express his agreement, Ayako's voice was heard from the speaker once more. "Mr. Takahashi, your next appointment is here."

"Send her in, Ayako." Turning to Naraku, he apologized for the double booking of his appointments, saying that his secretary was forgetful these days, before an old lady walked into the office.

Standing up, he greeted the old woman. "Welcome, Ms. Kaede. I really appreciate you coming here."

"Oh, please Mr. Takahashi. I'm honored that you chose to see me in the first place."

He walked the old woman to the armchair across from the one Naraku was seated in. Seeing the old woman, Naraku stood up and bowed politely. "Ms. Kaede… What a surprise! I wouldn't expect to see you here in a million years."

"Well, I wouldn't be here, if Mr. Takahashi had not invited me to meet with our new students."

"New students?" Naraku asked, before his eyes landed on the two girls standing nervously by the couch. "Oh, I see. You girls are very lucky. Ms. Kaede here runs the best school around here. My daughter, Kagura, is one of her students, and cannot stop but talk about how happy she is to be in this school whenever she comes home."

Inuyasha's jaw was still clenched, causing Sesshoumaru wonder if his fangs were still intact, but Kouga finally found his voice to utter a weak, "W-what?"

"Ms. Kaede. Thank you for coming all this way on such a short notice to get the girls. I would drop them myself, but you know how it is… this is the busiest time of the year."

"Oh, please Mr. Takahashi. I'm honored that such well known families are interested in our school. I'm sure your sister and Ms. Ookami will be pleased to be among us."

"Shaya, Kori… This is Ms. Kaede, the headmistress of the 'Shikon All Girls Boarding School'. She will take you to your new school… or should I say, new home?"

Not realizing the horrified looks on the girls' faces, Kaede smiled at Sesshoumaru's comment. "Oh, definitely. We always try our best to make our girls feel at home. After all, we're nothing but a big family."

Only after she was finished talking did Kaede turn to examine her new students for the first time. The headmistress swallowed a nervous frown as she tried to smile widely at her new charges. "Oh, my! Such lovely girls! I'm sure you'll make lots of friends in a short time." Still oblivious to the teenagers' shock, she stood up, and turned to face the two businessmen. "Now if you'll excuse us, Mr. Takahashi, Mr. Naraku, we have to get back to the school. As you might know, we have a long way to go."

"Of course, Ms. Kaede. Thank you again, for coming here. And girls, your clothes and other stuff had been sent to your new rooms already. So, don't worry about that. And, let me get these…" Under their confused looks, Sesshoumaru took the brand new girls' keys from their pockets. "You won't need these after all." He winked at them before adding, "We'll stay in touch." With that he shoved them out the door after Ms. Kaede, and closed the door on their terrified faces.

Outside, the boys looked at each other, and swearing under their breath, turned to follow the headmistress.

End of Chapter 1