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Chapter 23: Epilogue

Inuyasha slouched to the side with a scowl on his face while he watched Detective Higurashi conduct the media debriefing. He hated crowds almost as much as he hated formalities. There were too many scents in such a closed space; it made him nauseous.

Since this was a formal occasion, he was wearing his father's bright red robe of the fire-rat. His fuzzy dog-like ears twitched as his golden eyes scanned the room.

There were television cameras from all over Japan filming the teleconference as well as a few crews from South Korea, North Korea, China, and Russia. Other nations had become interested in Naraku's untimely demise when it had been disclosed that the late mob boss had a drug cartel that smuggled drugs into Japan via the Japan Sea. Their borders had been compromised as well.

Kagome stood in her red and white miko's robes to his side and held the hanyou's hand. Sesshoumaru stood stiffly on his other side. His brother was wearing his ceremonial white kimono with red imperial crests gracing his left shoulder and billowing white hakama pants. The taiyoukai hovered over Rin, who seemed so dainty and small next to his larger frame. The smaller woman was dressed in a simple orange kimono with a green obi around her slim waist. Little white flowers adorned her jet-black hair, and her brown eyes glowed with happiness.

The detective continued to speak. "It was through the efforts of both myself and an inside operative that worked at Naraku's 'Seventh Heaven' club that we were able to uncover the evidence that has shut down not only his brothel in Tokyo, but also his drug trade that extended into China and the Koreas."

Inuyasha glanced at Rin-the inside girl who had gathered the evidence that helped her father end the drug and prostitute ring that Naraku had been spearheading. Sesshoumaru squeezed her shoulders as if to make sure that she was safe and within arms reach. The girl sighed in contentment and leaned back into him.

The hanyou's grimace deepened when he glanced at his elder brother. All he could remember at the moment was when he had gone to Sesshoumaru's office, lured by an offer of help-an offer that had turned out to be a curse. The hated object that had cursed him into looking like a girl was jingling in his pants pocket. He felt the cool beads against the skin of his hand and the most bizarre image flashed in his mind. He imagined what Sesshoumaru would look like as a girl. Would he still have the same haughty countenance? Would he have the same breasts and curves that Inuyasha had been cursed with? Would men give him the same unwanted attention that he had been forced to bear?

The edges of his lips curved into a devilish smirk. Fuck, this is way too tempting to pass up.

He gripped the bracelet one last time before facing his brother. He held out his hand. "No hard feelings, right brother?"

Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha's hand curiously, as if it was one of the most bizarre objects that he had ever come across.

Rin nudged him when the older sibling paused. "It's not right to have bad blood between brothers."

The taiyoukai sighed, though he wondered why they couldn't just bow to each other and get it over with. Shaking hands seemed so…western… so alien…

With a sense of trepidation that he tried to quell, he held out his hand. He would do almost anything to please Rin. At first it was a simple handshake, but then he felt something cold slip over his wrist.

Sesshoumaru looked down at his fiancée only to notice that her eyes were widened in both horror and astonishment.

"What are you staring at?" he muttered. Then he brought his taloned hand to his throat. His voice! It was no longer his commanding, imperial tones, but something feminine and bubbly. He looked down in horror at his hands. His claws were now painted a disturbing shade of bubblegum-pink.

"No," Sesshoumaru spoke in horror. He blanched when the silly girlish tones came from his mouth. The very punishment he had brought upon Inuyasha was now tormenting him.

He turned to find his troublesome brother and his miko were now gone. With steadfast boldness he made his way to the door that the hanyou must have left through.

The dog demon barely noticed the voice of Rin's father booming over the room. He heard his name, that of his obnoxious brother, that of his equally annoying wolf friend, and even the miko's name was mentioned. Then, cacophony erupted. Flashes of light were now centering on him. Microphones were being shoved into his face. He nearly growled and was only stilled by Rin's hand squeezing his.

A reporter from Tokyo TV pressed him with a question. "Tell me, uhh… Sesshoumaru-sama… How did you help to take down Naraku?"

He couldn't help but to overhear another spectator who blurted out. "Is that really a guy? He looks like a hot chick!"

Other microphones were being shoved into his face and Rin's. The wolf demon, his brother and the miko were absent from the pandemonium that was erupting. He growled in warning, but his feminine growls ended up sounding more like a sexy purr.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, your meterosexual look is to die for."

"He's gotta be a girl or a really good drag queen!" muttered another reporter.

The dog demon tried to pull up his kimono to prevent his evidently large bosom from falling out of his top. Rin's face was still plastered in shock at Sesshoumaru's new-found look and couldn't help but to gape at him. The blatant stare of not only his mate, but of most of the guys in the room did nothing to ease his discomfort.

Another microphone was thrust into his face. "So Sesshoumaru-sama, is this just part of the new bi-shonen look that guys are sporting these days?"

"Get out of my way!" the dog demoness bellowed in utter outrage. However, this did nothing to quell the rising tide of reporters and admirers from forming around Sesshoumaru.

Kagome shook her head in exasperation as she trailed along behind her boyfriend, who was walking away from the conference room. "You really shouldn't have done that, Inuyasha." She tried to frown, but Inuyasha looked far too pleased with himself. In fact, he almost looked like he was about to whistle.

He shrugged and placed his hands behind his head. "It's not like I'll leave it on him forever. I figure a week or two will be enough for justice to be served."

"Two weeks?" she gasped. "You can't do that to your own brother!"

Inuyasha almost rolled his eyes. "Look, wench. He was going to leave it on me for an entire year! Two weeks is nothing."

His girlfriend took a deep breath. "You never had to wear it for an entire year. You were only stuck looking like a girl for…how long was it exactly? Two months?"

"More or less," said Inuyasha while frowning.

His miko slid up next to him, her lips hovering near his. He suddenly had an overwhelming urge to not only kiss her, but to prove to her how very male he really was.

"Then," she said breathlessly. Her lips touched his gently, and she nibbled on his lower lip. She kissed him chastely on the mouth before moving her lips along his jaw line. She whispered into his skin. "Maybe you can be a little more forgiving. Two days…?"

He suddenly tensed. "No fucking way!" he yelled. "That arrogant prick had Kouga and me suffering for two months, and all he has to do is look like a girl for two damned days?"

Kagome quirked a brow. "Like Rin said, bad blood between brothers is never good." She kissed his neck. She knew the very spot that made him weak. Warm lips chanced upon his pulse point, and he could do nothing but moan.

"Maybe four days will do…" he croaked as her lips nibbled their way up his neck and back to his lips.

The only response this had from his miko was a gentle humming before her lips found his again. Then, he was lost in the moment and forgot that he was in a crowded police building. Her body was feather light against his, and she simply wasn't close enough. He pulled her to him, his hands encompassing her smaller frame. Her sweet, soft curves pressed against his hard, angular body. He tuned out the world until an insistent exclaimation became too much to ignore.

"Where's Shaya? And who are you, her brother or something?"

With exasperation and anger, Inuyasha disentangled himself from his miko's lips. "What in the hell do you want?" he barked back. Then, he noticed who he was yelling at and stiffened as an old, irrational fear suddenly took over.

Hiten was staring at him with a questioning look on his face. At least the demon was not looking at him as if he were a tasty dish.

He scowled and gently pushed Kagome behind his back. Hiten had never made a play for Kagome until he had kissed her as 'Shaya,' but he wasn't about to take any chances.

The demon stepped back and scratched his neck as if he were nervous. "I…uh… I just wanted to know if Shaya was around. I heard from the news that her brothers were here. I was hoping that she might be here, too."

Inuyasha groaned. He really didn't want to deal with lovesick letches like Hiten today.

Kagome made her way to his side and spoke directly to Hiten. "She left to America after Naraku threatened her brother. Everyone thought she would be safer there. And she…" Kagome paused to smile winsomely at Inuyasha. "She found someone there. His name is…"

The miko's brow was furrowed as she tried to come up with a name. "Kajiro," answered Inuyasha. "They're engaged."

Kagome's soft and warm smile found Inuyasha's again. The couple barely heard a chorus of saddened 'Nos' punctuate the air. The miko turned around in surprise to see the dejected face of her younger brother, Souta. He must have followed them out of the courtroom. His soulful brown eyes looked up at her as if his favorite puppy dog had just died.

Hiten looked equally distraught. His blue eyes widened in alarm. "No! She was the perfect woman for me. There'll never be another woman like her! I have to stop that wedding! Where is she in America?" he demanded with wild eyes.

Kagome took a deep breath before she attempted to respond. However, Inuyasha spoke before she could come up with another excuse.

He had the most wicked grin gracing his features as he stepped forward and whispered conspiratorially. "Shaya's already mated to a very powerful taiyoukai. So, forget about her. But, I have another sister…"

Kagome's eyes widened. "You wouldn't dare, Inuyasha."

The hanyou only smirked while Hiten held onto his every word. "Her name is 'Maru,' and she's in the conference room down the hall. You can't miss her. Long silver hair, golden eyes, white kimono…"

Both Hiten and Souta looked at the closed door down the hallway just as a maddened crowd burst out and spilled into the adjoining corridor.

Spearheading the group was a supernaturally lovely demoness. Her features were utter perfection; she looked like a goddess that had fallen to earth. Her long silvered hair fell nearly to her delicate ankles, her skin was as pale as moonlight and her bright honeyed eyes shone with fury. She screamed above the crowd, "Inuyasha!"

Her cheeks were flushed red, and the beautiful blush extended down into the exposed valley between her large breasts. The girl's heaving cleavage was barely contained by her kimono. If she twisted just a little she'd fall right out of her top and those large bosoms would be exposed to the world. Hiten could only wonder why she was wearing such an ill-fitting kimono, since her clothes screamed aristocracy. However, he was not about to complain about the view.

Maru was even more gorgeous than Shaya, if that were even possible, and the woman showed such passion. What would she be like in bed if her mere brother could get her so riled up? Hiten licked his lips and strode forward purposefully to meet the girl of his dreams.

"Time to get out of here," muttered Inuyasha as he swung Kagome onto his back and quickly dashed out the front doors. If Sesshoumaru could get away from the crowd, he was sure that he'd have a fight on his hands. But, he was quite certain that Hiten would cause enough of a delay that he would be able to get away scot-free. Now, he just needed to get Kagome and himself lost in Tokyo's subways so that Sesshoumaru could lose their scent. "Good luck, Maru," Inuyasha chuckled as he exited the building.

Kouga tried his best to hide his guffaws in the courtroom. It had been unnerving, if not downright unmanly to have played the role of a girl for the past two months, but to see Sesshoumaru turned into a chick and to see the horrified look on his face when the taiyoukai finally realized that he looked like a girl had been infinitely satisfying. Now, if he could only hold his guts in. He was laughing so hard that they seemed to be in danger of falling out.

It was through the tears in his eyes that he finally spied a bright lock of coppery-red hair in the courtroom.

"Kori?" Ayame cried out as she wandered around the building.

Kouga could only wipe the accumulated tears from his eyes as he made his way over to his roommate. Mirth filled his frame until he tapped on Ayame's shoulder. The girl quickly whipped her head around, and the emerald green eyes that had once looked at him with genuine friendship seemed to simmer in rage at the sight of him.

"Who are you?" she muttered in agitation.

Kouga only drew her closer to him and gripped her hand to his chest. His clear, bright blue eyes gazed into hers. But the joy that had erupted in his gut earlier seemed to be mitigated by the stony stare that she gave him. For once in his life, the wolf demon seemed unsure of himself. He had never been anything other than a cocky bastard around women, but this girl in front of him did things to him that he couldn't even name. His stomach felt like he had just been on a roller-coaster ride. What seemed balanced, was suddenly off-kilter. For some reason, he craved that out of focus feeling and the presence of this demoness.

"I'm Kouga..." murmured the wolf demon as he finally looked down at the girl he had wanted for a long time. Finally, he was standing in front of her as a man.

The redhead pulled away from him, grousing about his lack of boundaries. "I don't care who you are..." she started to protest, but then she paused and looked into his eyes. They were the exact same eyes of her roommate's, the same crystalline blue orbs that she had wiped tears away from, and there was a tenderness to these eyes that she had never seen in a man before.

Puzzlement drew over her features, and she furrowed her brow. "Your eyes..." she declared while suddenly moving closer to peer at the boy's features. Everything about him seemed to remind her of Kori. The eyes were the same, so was the long raven hair that was tied in a ponytail, the height and even the tan skin. The only difference was the masculine form in front of her. There was no mistaking the broad shoulders, the sinewy biceps and his Adam's apple. If it wasn't for those features, she would have thought her roommate was right before her.

"You look like my roommate..."

"Kori?" the wolf demon answered with a grin as he held her hands to himself again.

"Hey!" Ayame declared as she pulled her arms away. "Why in the hell are you so grabby?"

"Maybe it's because I finally found a woman who is irresistible," smirked the wolf demon. He tried one of his most disarming smiles on his former roommate, the one that usually had women throwing themselves at him.

"I don't have the time to submit to your stupid come-ons, jack-ass..."

Kouga didn't have time to even think as he felt the power of the beads of subjugation pulling his face down to kiss the floor. Soon his body was intimately acquainted with the hard concrete surface of the courtroom, his body spread out in surrender.

"Why the hell are you...?" The red-headed wolf demon paused to ascertain why Kouga was sprawled out on the floor in front of her.

Her head cocked to the side as she looked down. She quickly dropped to her knees and fingered the beaded necklace that held Kouga so firmly to the floor. "This looks just like the necklace the headmistress gave Kori...and the word that the old babaa used on her was..." Ayame hesitated for a moment longer before she muttered the word slowly over Kouga's prone form. "...submit..."

"Urk!" was the only sound out of Kouga's mouth as he felt his body draw itself flat against the hard surface underneath him.

The wolf demoness fingered her very own collar of subjugation as she continued to speak. "Why are you wearing Kori's beads of subjugation? Those beads can never be removed unless the person who put them on removes them...and old babaa would never..."

Ayame shook her head as she watched the handsome wolf demon in front of her try to slowly peel himself off of the cold, stone floor.

Kouga turned his eyes toward her, and she swallowed hard. The wolf demon looked too much like her missing roommate, and now he was wearing the very beads that Kaede had put on Kori-beads that also had the very same command word.

"I...I am Kori," choked out the wolf demon. "I mean, I used to be..."

"What in the hell do you mean that you used to be Kori!" yelled Ayame. There was no way that her sweet roommate who had been horribly taken advantage of by a man could be the guy in front of her.

"I...I…" Kouga had never really stumbled over his words before. But, his attempt at trying to explain to his sexy roommate why he had actually been a girl living with her these past two months wasn't something that he could easily articulate. "I was being punished. I'm really a guy. They made me wear this bracelet that made me look like a girl!"

"You!" the girl in front of him seethed. "You lived with me for two months and you were a guy? You saw me getting undressed!"

Kouga was usually honest, even if it was not to his advantage. "Actually, I really wanted to see you naked, but you never..."

"Submit!" screeched the red-head.

"Shit!" exclaimed Kouga as he met the ground again.

Kouga had to admit, the agreement that he had finally reached with Ayame had a few restrictions, but right now, he couldn't find it in himself to care.

He was lying on his futon in their shared dorm room, her naked form riding him. He had never explored this particular position before. But, he wasn't exactly going to argue about it either.

She slapped him in the face again, but all he could do was grip her bare thighs to him as the tantalizing demoness rode him from above. She had been barking out the 'submit' command repeatedly, and he really couldn't move-not that he really minded.

"Don't you ever do that to me again!" she yelled as she moved her hips over him in an undulating motion.

"Yes, Ayame," murmured Kouga in acquiescence. Who was he to argue with a girl riding his cock and milking him for all that he was worth? There were certainly worse ways to be controlled.

Ayame had been through a lot of things in her short life. Kouga had already guessed that she had been sexually assaulted, and now he had just heard her confession. Apparently, Ayame was afraid of being taken advantage of by a man and more than anything, she was terrified of being helpless or out of control. Since Ayame seemed to be able to command his subjugation collar, she now seemed content in the knowledge that she was the one who had the power in this relationship. If Kouga did anything to piss her off-he would not be able to escape her or her 'punishments.' Currently, he found this punishment more than enjoyable.

He didn't know why Ayame was now able to control him with the 'submit' command. He supposed it was because he had asked Kagome to free him from his bracelet. Maybe in the process of frying him with her purification powers, she had also managed to 'reset' his beads so that the next person to use the word of subdual would have that power over him.

Right now, he didn't care. The girl he had been secretly pining for was letting him into her body. He tried to steady her above him as she came down on him in waves. He loved the way her warm wetness enclosed and pulled at his engorged length. He loved her cinnamon scent and for once he relished the way his masculine scent mixed with hers. He would never tire of that smell.

He moved one hand from her hip to rub the area where their bodies joined. The red-head above him cried out as she convulsed around him. It only took a moment longer for him to follow her into oblivion.

The woman known as 'Maru' paced Sesshoumaru's opulent apartment with a look of irritability adorning her lovely features.

"Settle down, Sesshoumaru," Rin pleaded.

"No," was the petulant demoness' curt reply. She was trying her best to pull the front of her kimono closed. Unfortunately, it had been cut for a man, not for a woman with 'D' cups.

"You know," began Rin as she slid up to Maru and effectively stopped her pacing by placing her arm on the platinum blonde's shoulder. "You have two ways that you could handle this..."

The buxom woman snorted. "What ways...?"

Rin let her hand linger for a second on Maru's shoulder before gliding across to her collarbone. The taller girl shivered.

"Well, you can live in the moment and enjoy your time with me or you can..."

"I can what...?" barked the effeminate Sesshoumaru with a note of annoyance.

"Or you can wallow in self-pity all night...alone!" The girl's hand pulled away from him in frustration and her two hands landed on her hips in exasperation.

"Rin!" Sesshoumaru pulled the girl's hands back to his. "How am I supposed to act? I look and sound like a girl..." Then he growled to himself. It was so utterly frustrating to want his mate the way he wanted her, but looking like a woman stopped him dead in his tracks.

The petite girl sighed and closed her eyes. Without ever opening her eyes, her hands crept up to his chest. His flat, warm chest quivered under her fingers. His skin was the softest silk over the firm hardness of his pectorals.

When Sesshoumaru looked down, he gaped in astonishment to see his girlfriend palming his rather large breasts, which had just fallen out of his kimono. He should have been repulsed by the lesbian display, but somehow, seeing his darling Rin touching another woman (even if that women at the moment happened to be him) made all of the blood start to rush to his groin.

Sesshoumaru never had any intention of making any moves on his mate while he looked like a girl. But, something in the back of his mind screamed at him for not seeing this possibility. Like most men, he had fantasies about seeing two women having sex together. But, he would never act on it. Even if the idea of seeing Rin passionately embracing another woman had him panting for breath, he would never suggest such an outlandish idea to his innocent Rin. (Though, for the briefest of seconds he wondered if her time at the Seventh Heaven might have made her open to such kinky ideas.)

Then her delicate, pink tongue started to lick the hardening nipples of his breasts. He noticed almost absentmindedly that his ample bosoms were surging with each gentle caress of her mouth, tongue and hands.

He told himself that he needed to stop her, that it wasn't fair to Rin to place her in a position where it looked like she was making love to a woman.

"You...you don't need to, Rin," he tried to command with imperial tones but he found that his feminine voice just wasn't very authoritative.

Rin only hummed into his flesh, and he felt himself stiffen with need. With one claw, he distractedly swiped at the light switch in his room. At least with the lights off, she wouldn't be able to see what was happening and it would relieve some of his guilt.

However, he would be able to see everything and at this thought he smirked.

After Inuyasha and Kagome left the crowded subway system, their first thought was to hide low for a while. Unfortunately, neither one of them had any good ideas as to where they could go. Sesshoumaru had already shown absolutely no compunction about showing up at an all-female dormitory. Inuyasha also felt that Kagome's home at the shrine would be the second place that his brother would search.

This all led to Inuyasha finally showing Kagome something he thought she would never see-his room at the Takahashi mansion.

"Don't you think your brother would look here?" queried Kagome as she took in the lavish living space.

Inuyasha barked out a harsh laugh. "The bastard hasn't been home in years. He never was very chummy with my Mom, you know...his step-Mom..." Inuyasha paused and then looked uncertainly at Kagome. "Anyway..."

Kagome looked around, her face glowed red at the edges of her cheeks.

Inuyasha's spotless room was swathed in the deepest of burgundies, and the decor around the room reflected it. A large futon in the middle of the room was decked in a plush maroon comforter. The setting sun was kept at bay by large wooden shutters; light glowed in between each blade of dark wood. Her hand settled on a lacquered black desk that had a thin, silvered laptop on it. Across from the desk, she could see a huge, flat paneled screen with three different gaming systems.

"You...you have so much," stated Kagome with a small amount of hesitation in her voice. She wasn't about to tell him how tiny and insignificant she felt in his home. They had chandeliers, cathedral ceilings, marble floors, and a vast staircase that lead up to three stories. Her home was small and snug. She felt out-classed.

Inuyasha protested by blowing air through his teeth. He waved his arms at the room. "This Kagome," he drew closer to her. "It's nothing, really."

"Nothing?" asked Kagome in confusion. Her dark lashes were all he could see before vulnerable chocolate orbs gazed up at him.

"Yeah, I..." Inuyasha started to scratch his back. "When I...uh...when I first was enrolled at the Shikon Boarding School, I lost all of this." He gesticulated to his room again. "Sure, I was upset at first." He paused for a second. "But soon, I realized that all of this was just stupid junk that I didn't really need..." He grinned before he moved closer to Kagome and put one hand gently on her blushing cheek. "All I ever needed was you. Everything else can just go to hell..."

With those final words, Inuyasha's lips silently met Kagome's. Her fingers traced his smooth masculine jaw before settling on his strong shoulders.

All that could be heard from the room were hushes and shuddered breaths as their clothes started to litter the floor of Inuyasha's once immaculately clean room.

Inuyasha sighed in contentment. His girl was laying her head on his bare chest, and her naked legs were wrapped around his. He really didn't think that life could get much better than this. He stroked his girlfriend's ebony strands and smiled to himself.

If he hadn't been so damn happy or so enthralled by their recent love-making session, he might have noticed that they weren't alone in the house. By the time he sniffed foreign scents, it was too late to do anything about it.

The door to Inuyasha's room suddenly slammed open, the locked door coming off its hinges.

"Kagome!" screamed Detective Higurashi.

"Dad!" yelped Kagome in absolute horror.

"Shit!" muttered Inuyasha.

The nightclub called the Dragon's Lair was in bloom tonight. Music boomed from the giant speakers scattered around the large space as intoxicated patrons gyrated to the upbeat rhythm, oblivious to a pair of slitted lizard eyes appraising them from behind a mirrored glass wall.

Ryokotsusei leaned back in his chair, dismissing the amorous picture his club presented and assessing the situation he was currently involved in. Cigar smoke hung in the air, stifling the already heavy atmosphere in the small meeting room. The long table was packed with men in dark suits on both of his sides. The hardened faces he knew well from his various businesses were mostly nervous and unsure due to the changes their world was going through while a few of them portrayed a rebellious attitude.

The dragon demon smirked. Naraku was gone now, and having claimed most of the former mafia boss' territory, Ryokotsusei had become the greatest power among his kind. What was there to be unsure about? He was now the natural leader of Japan's organized crime scene.


"Gentlemen," he called, instantly killing the furious whispers around the table and leaving only the faint echo of the music to fill the silence. "As you all know, I have the majority of this city under my control. It only makes sense that I control this meeting and the rest of our affairs as well." He glared at the numerous pairs of eyes on him, daring them to speak up as he asked, "Does anyone have a problem with that?"

To his annoyance, one of the newbies sitting on the right wing of the table jumped in. "Naraku thought so as well, and if I remember correctly, you were the one who always questioned his ability to lead us. Where is he now, huh? Taken down by a couple of teenagers and their daddies."

Ryokotsusei hissed in anger, but reminding himself that every one of these men were ready to turn on him at the sign of the smallest weakness, he forced a neutral expression on his face. "I assure you," he gritted as he set the force of his glare on the presumptuous newbie who only cowered slightly in his seat. "Unlike that inept bastard, I have absolute control over everything I deal with. Now, shut the fuck up and let's get on with business. I don't have all day."

A tentative agreement settled in following his harsh statement, and the men moved on to discussing trades of guns, coke, slaves and the like. Even though he kept up a relaxed and confident facade, rage and unease sizzled under the dragon demon's skin. He promised himself then and there that he would never make the mistakes Naraku had made or give these sons of bitches the chance to make fun of him.


A rainbow of lights flashed from the ceiling, piercing through the darkness in sync with the upbeat music. Everywhere, round hips rubbed against excited crotches and sweaty hands grabbed at barely covered skin as the mass of bodies moved in a way that could hardly be called dancing. In the middle of this madness but completely unaware of it, Inuyasha slowly swayed to a rhythm in his head, his eyes closed and his nose buried into soft raven locks that had the sweetest scent one could imagine.

He lifted his nose from its warm nest only to lay his forehead against Kagome's. His eyes opened a fraction to see the absolute bliss in her chocolate orbs. "You look happy," he said as he tightened his arms around her waist to bring her even closer to his body.

It was never enough.

The miko mimicked his action with her arms around his neck and grinned. "I am happy. There's so much to celebrate tonight. My dad's alive, Rin's back home and safe, Naraku's no longer threatening our lives..." Her voice trailed off as she brought her left hand down to play with the buttons of his shirt, her fingers subtly feeling the muscles underneath.

He noticed.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Inuyasha with a raised eyebrow.

Kagome bit her lip, and her eyes fell on her hand that was trying to sneak under his shirt. "Oh, yes. And, there's this," she said as she stared at the red string tied around her finger with a soft smile on her lips.

Inuyasha brought his hand up, lacing his fingers with hers and placing a soft kiss on the back of her delicate appendage. His own make-believe ring lay in perfect unison with hers. "I can't believe we're engaged," he mumbled.

It had been only yesterday when Kagome's father busted them in his bedroom while they were naked. His cheeks flushed with his lingering embarrassment at the memory.

"Shit, shit, shit…" Inuyasha mumbled as he dived for the sheets that had fallen off the futon in their haste to satisfy their hunger for each other. Takeshi's voice rang in his ears in a string of broken curses and threats of castration as he threw one of the sheets on Kagome's naked form and hurried to cover his nether regions with another. At some point, he heard the detective scream his father's name followed by a bang on his door.

Fastening the white cloth around his waist, he glanced at Kagome, who was cowering on his futon, her eyes large with fear. His own eyes widened in panic when he turned around to see his scowling father standing next to a seething Mr. Higurashi. "Umm… Hey, dad."

His pathetic attempt to act normal only served to spike Takeshi's anger further. "You little shit!" he screamed. "I thought I could trust you with my daughter! You promised!"

"Hey, now," interjected Toga. "You're one of my dearest friends, Takeshi, but that doesn't give you the right to insult my son. From where I stand, your daughter seems as guilty as Inuyasha," he said crossly.

The detective's furious gaze turned on his friend. From there on, a screaming match ensued between the two adults. Angry comments were exchanged mainly concerning the trustworthiness of teenage boys with their raging hormones, fickle minds and lack of morals. When they reached the topic of teenage pregnancy and how boys ran away with their dicks cowering between their legs in such occasions, the two good friends had almost come to blows.

Inuyasha, although moved by his father's unwavering belief in him, wondered how Takeshi could doubt his commitment to Kagome. Wasn't it obvious to everyone? But then again, it wasn't surprising that the human detective was slow when it came to grasping the enormity of the bond a demon shared with his mate, or 'mate-to-be' as in his case.

The hanyou's gaze slid to said mate-to-be, taking in her flushed face, the anxiety in her eyes and the uncertainty in her form as she sat, huddled in a ball of messy raven hair and tangled white sheets on the corner of his bed. He hated to see her so vulnerable. Did she believe the nonsense spilling out of her father's mouth?

The mere idea of it made him see red.

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled, surprising the adults into silence and bringing the heat of their blazing glares on himself. He ignored them. He couldn't care less about what they thought. The only one whose opinion mattered to him was looking at him with shock in her brown orbs. He had imagined doing this under different circumstances but he dismissed that thought, reminding himself that time and space wasn't what made it special. It was the fact that he was doing this for her.

And, for him.

Because, he really, really wanted to do it.

Before anyone could question what the fuck he was up to, he was on his knees before Kagome. He grabbed her wrists, gently coaxing her up until she was kneeling as well. He kissed her knuckles before placing both of her hands on his chest, right over where his heart beat frantically under his skin. "You feel that?" he asked while she looked at him in confusion. "That belongs to you," he mumbled as he watched her eyes soften in understanding. "Always did and always will."

Looking down at the miko's beautiful face now alight with a breathtaking smile, it was Inuyasha's turn to succumb to uncertainty. She was perfect for him, but did she see him in the same light? He gulped, pushing through his fears and made the bravest move of his short life. "Kagome," he whispered as he cupped her cheek with one hand. "Will you marry me?"

Kagome gasped and threw herself at him. "Yes," she whispered against his jaw as she hugged his neck with all that she was worth. Her joyous laughter filled his ears before she squealed, "Yes!"

The two adults were completely forgotten as the young lovers shared their happiness with small pecks and lots of giggling. "Sorry I don't have a ring," mumbled Inuyasha. "I wasn't planning to do this now." Then an idea occurred to him, and he pulled back from her embrace with a grin. "Wait a second."

Crawling to the edge of the futon, he reached for the red hakama pants lying on the floor where he had thrown them in his haste to get naked. Finding the folded edge of its waistband, he cut the cloth from the inside and came up with a string long enough for what he had in mind.

Kagome chuckled at his enthusiasm as he returned to her side. She held out her left hand and let him tie the string around her finger before she tied the other end onto his. Their eyes met, giddy and mischievous as the red string that bound them together stretched between their hands.

The silent communication was broken when something tugged at the string. Inuyasha was surprised to see that Takeshi had joined them on his knees. The older man's eyes were suspiciously misty as he cut the string in the middle with a knife, leaving the teenagers with their separate make-believe rings. Without a word, he kissed his daughter on the forehead. When he turned to Inuyasha, the soft smile he had given to Kagome slowly fell until his face bore a menacing scowl. His voice was deadly serious as he warned the hanyou with several hard pokes to his chest.

"You will make me a promise, and this time, you will keep it, boy. No grandchildren in the next five years."

Inuyasha snorted as he remembered 'Daddy' Higurashi's warning. As if he had any intentions of the kind for the foreseeable future. Still, it brought to mind other questions that needed answers. "What happens now?" he asked Kagome.

"About what?"

"I dunno. We're engaged..." He trailed off, suddenly too scared to voice his questions. Did she want to get married right away? Did she want them to buy a house and decorate it? Did she want children? Was he supposed to find a job and support them? But he didn't need to work, did he? He was rich, after all. Still, wasn't he too young and immature to become a family man?

Kagome saved him from having a seizure or a possible heart attack when she chuckled at his terrified expression. "We're engaged," she confirmed as she nodded with a smile. "And, I think we should stay that way for a while."

"A while?" repeated Inuyasha stupidly, feeling that he could breathe again.

"Of course! You don't want to get married and settle down right out of high school, do you?"

"No!" cried out the hanyou as he shook his head vehemently. "Not really."

Kagome giggled at his antics. "Good! Because there's a lot I'd like to do before that. We can go to college, see the world, share an apartment, fight over stupid stuff such as whose turn it is to do the laundry..." She bit her lip and gave him a smoldering look as she added, "And then, we can make up."

"I think I like the sound of it," mumbled Inuyasha before he nuzzled her neck. "Especially the last part. I'd like to make up. A lot."

The miko laughed at his playfulness. When his tickling caresses turned to open-mouthed kisses and her breathing became labored, she slapped his chest half-heartedly and admonished, "Behave, you baka!"

Groaning, he lifted his head, scanning their surroundings in hopes of cooling little Tessaiga off. His gaze landed on two women, dancing provocatively a few feet away from where he swayed with his fiancée. The smaller, dark-haired beauty stood with her back to her partner, mercilessly rubbing her bottom on the taller women's jean covered crotch. Inuyasha's semi-hard on deflated at the sight that most men in the room undoubtedly found hot, and a snicker left his lips. His new 'sister' looked aggravated as the clueless male population of Dragon's Lair persistently tried to move onto the two hot 'girls.' He noted with amusement that Sesshoumaru could still give a mean scowl despite the alluring features of his now feminine face.

Too bad the guys were not focused on his face.

A hearty chuckle escaped the hanyou's lips, and glowering golden eyes snapped in his direction, promising endless torture if he didn't put a stop to their humiliation. Inuyasha shrugged carelessly, unfazed by his brother's death glare. Sesshoumaru had been threatening to kill him every five minutes since the bracelet incident, but the hanyou was adamant. Even when the dog demon had nearly throttled him to death, he didn't give in. It was a good thing he knew his brother needed him alive if he ever wanted to look like a man again. Despite his stubborn nature, the boy probably wouldn't have resisted as long otherwise.

Sesshoumaru could be really scary when he wanted to.

Regardless of his gender.

Having enough of watching his brother growl at the men that tried to dance with him-with his ass, to be more accurate-for the moment, Inuyasha turned his attention to the third couple of their little group. Kouga was dancing with Ayame behind the miko. The blessed look on his face was unprecedented for the wolf demon especially since his hands were in no place amorous but simply rested on the redhead's waist.

"That guy's so in love, it's not even funny," he commented, causing Kagome to glance back at the unlikely couple.

"Love's never something to be laughed at, Inuyasha," she chided softly.

As they watched, a pair of hands crept up Kouga's arms and settled on his chest before a blond head peeked behind his shoulder. The wolf demon stiffened, but before he could react, Ayame jerked him away to reveal one of the girls Inuyasha vaguely remembered seeing with Kouga in the past.

"Hey," the girl cried out in surprise. "What is your problem?"

"My problem," growled the redhead with murderous eyes, "is that you're groping my boyfriend."

The girl giggled in disbelief. "You're delusional. Kouga doesn't do girlfriends."

"Oh, but he does," sneered Ayame. "In fact, he's been doing the girlfriend since yesterday afternoon... hard... and fast." She tried to move forward as she spit her words, but Kouga held fast to her waist, keeping his girl from making a scene.

The blond snorted at her bold declaration. "Look girl, I've had a tough week and I'm trying to relax and have some fun. He's good at relaxing tight muscles, if you know what I mean. So, stop being a bitch and share, will you?"

"Hey, watch your mouth," Kouga started to say at the same time Ayame cried out a word Inuyasha had only seen Kaede use against the wolf demon before. The wolf demon's last word came out as more of a yelp as he fell to the ground face first.

Ayame didn't waste a second and launched forward, landing a hard slap to the girl's shocked face. Her assault was quickly retaliated, and by the time Kouga's subjugation spell started to wear off, there was a full on cat-fight involving long nails, hair pulling and lots of screeching.

Inuyasha blinked only to realize that his arms were suddenly empty. Before he could stop her, Kagome joined the group, holding on to the blond's arm and forcing her to release Ayame's hair. The flabbergasted hanyou caught flashes of delicate fists flying around, some landing on their intended target while others met innocent spectators. It was when a big, angry guy grabbed Kagome by the waist and hauled her off of the other girl that Inuyasha came back to his senses.

"Oh no, you don't," he growled as he jumped into action and punched the guy in the nose, hearing a satisfying crack as a reward. His opponent fell back, taking at least three more patrons with him. When they stood up, it was four against one, and Inuyasha found that the number of his opponents never dwindled enough to let him take a breath no matter how fast he knocked them out.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Rin dragging a disheveled Kagome toward the exit while Sesshoumaru followed close-by, carrying Ayame over his shoulder as she kicked and screamed bloody murder. He tried to join them but was sucked back into the fight when random fists kept coming at him.

Soon, he noticed that he was inching closer to the back of the club instead of the front doors. Kouga was fighting next to him when their backs hit a glass wall, trapping them in place while a bunch of furious men blocked their exit.

Cracking his knuckles, the big guy with the broken nose stepped forward, flanked by his buddies. Each bruised face held a murderous glare directed at the two boys. Suddenly, there were too many hands to deflect, and Inuyasha found himself being lifted along with Kouga. In the next second, they were flying in the air until they collided with the glass wall, shattering it with the force of their momentum.

The hanyou's back hit something hard. Outraged cries assaulted his ears, and he glanced around to see that he was lying on a long table, surrounded by glass shards and numerous men in suits blinking down at him in stunned silence. A sharp hiss from above brought his gaze up where two slitted lizard eyes shot daggers at the top of his head.

"You," growled the man whom Inuyasha recognized was a dragon demon.

Someone piped up from the group. "Aren't these the boys that brought Naraku down, boss?"

The snickers that arose from the group of suits seemed to increase the boss' ire.

"Umm... Do I know you?" asked the hanyou, getting nervous under the dragon's death glare.

"You do now," snarled the demon. "And when I'm finished with you, you'll wish you never met me."

The boys had been in this particular situation before, and when they heard the swish of cloth against metal, they didn't waste a moment to see the guns that were surely being drawn at their expense. They were up and out of the room before anyone blinked, bulldozing their way out of the club with their heels hitting their asses as they ran.

Inuyasha threw himself to the curb right after Kouga. He leaned against a lamppost as he struggled to catch his breath. Hearing Kagome's voice calling for him, he looked up to see her jogging toward him. The rest of their group followed behind.

"What took you so long?" she asked as she stopped in front of him. "I was getting worried."

"No time to explain," wheezed the hanyou. He grabbed her hand and started toward the parking lot. "Hurry up!" he called out. "We don't have time!"

After they piled into Sesshoumaru's jeep and took off with a screech of tires, the boys gave a brief summary of the events their friends had missed, earning an amusingly female growl of displeasure from the dog demon. Since the younger two couples didn't want their parents to see their 'just got out of a fight' appearance, their first stop was Sesshoumaru's office, which was conveniently close to the area.

"Morons," the dog demon grumbled as he settled on his leather chair. "I can't believe you let things go so far. Haven't you learned anything?"

"Now wait a minute, you bastard. It wasn't our fau-... ouch!" Inuyasha yelped in pain when Kagome pressed a wet cloth on his busted lip.

"Oops," she exclaimed with an apologetic smile. "Sorry."

"Not your fault my ass," mumbled Sesshoumaru. His office phone rang, cutting his tirade before he even started. "Takahashi." The demon rolled his eyes at whatever the caller said. "He's not here. I'm his sister." The final word was spat with a nasty glare at his younger brother. "Yes. Yes? Oh, really?" As the cryptic one-sided conversation went on, an evil glint ignited in his golden orbs. Playing with the bracelet on his wrist, he appraised his frowning brother in silence for a couple seconds before speaking to the receiver, "All right. Send them up."

"What the fuck was that about?"

"That, Inuyasha, was the security from downstairs," explained Sesshoumaru nonchalantly, examining his pink polished nails with boredom. "Apparently, your friends from Dragon's Lair are here to pay a visit to the two of you imbeciles. And, they're bearing gifts in the form of heavy arms."

"Holy shit," exclaimed Kouga.

"The fuck?" cried out the hanyou as he jumped to his feet. "Why the hell did you let them in?"

The dog demon rolled his eyes. "Because, you baka, they would kill more than necessary if I didn't."

Inuyasha's eyes widened in disbelief, and he flailed his arms around like a madman as he ranted. "More than necessary? More than fucking necessary? Are you fucking saying that we're necessary casualties? So what? You'll just sit back on your fucking ass and watch those fuckers use us for fucking target practice? Is that it?"

"That is one of the options, yes." Sesshoumaru nodded gravely before the corner of his lips twitched in amusement. "But, today is your lucky day," he announced as he opened one of the drawers on his desk and came up with the bracelet Kouga used to wear, dangling it on his delicate finger.

The silence in the room was profound, broken only by the clinking of beads as Kouga's bracelet swayed back and forth, knocking against the one on Sesshoumaru's wrist with each pass. Seconds ticked while the hanyou and the wolf demon stood frozen in horror.

And then, there was sound.

"Fuck no!" cried out Kouga.

"Dammit! Not again!" yelled Inuyasha.

"Oh, yes... again," snickered Sesshoumaru. "Now be good and hold out your wrists," he ordered before adding with a satisfied smirk on his pink lips, "...girls."


What was your favorite moment in 'He's My Girl'?

Authors' Notes:

#1: If you don't like the ending, remember that Inuyasha has a Tessaiga with a Wind Scar now. Maybe he'll take down Ryokotsusei's gang in one fell swoop! ;-)

#2: While Ai visited Japan, she was amazed to discover that Russia was only 200 miles away from a city that she was visiting. The other countries that are close by are South Korea, North Korea and China.

#3: In case you were wondering, Karaumea came up with the idea of having Inuyasha and Kouga gender changed and stuck as hot looking girls at a boarding school. Ai (who is a lover of Shakespeare) saw how similar this was to the classic 'the Twelfth Night.' At the end of the play, the Duke Orsino confesses that he had been attractd to Volia (who was dressing up as a guy) all along. Ai thought it would be fun if in our story, that someone like Orsino actually acted on the attraction to someone of the 'apparent' same gender. ^_^

#4: We were amazed at how many of you were worried that we wouldn't finish up Kouga's storyline. Hopefully, you are happy with the conculsion of his realtionship with Ayame. No, we don't have any more plans for a Kouga tale, but we hope you like how we tied things up.

#5: Are you wondering what you should be reading now that 'He's My Girl' is done? Ai recommends: Heartless and Sandroid by Karaumea, Entrapment: A 21st Century Adventure by King Baka, A Tale Ever After by Knitting Knots and (if you haven't read this masterpiece yet) Behind the Silk Screen by Eien-no-Basho. Ai Kisugi also plans on writing a 'Modern Inuyasha Fairytale' next if you want to put her on an Author Alert. In the story, Inuyasha is a modern hanyou, who wakes up a miko from a 500-year sleep.