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Ch. 1 Morning Routine

Her dress was white, long, expensive, and puffy, she could barely sit in the chair as Sango stood over her doing her hair, putting it in a French roll with soft curls coming down from the top. She sighed as she looked down at the 300 dollar four inch heels on her dainty pedicured feet. She then looked at her reflection the vision before her that was just as it should be. A beautiful bride but one thing was off.

Kagome was getting married, she should be happy. She had the man of her dreams. He's rich, handsome, and intelligent. She should be happy…but she wasn't.

"You know Kagome, it's not too late to turn back. I mean you've haven't said 'I do' yet." She heard behind her.

Kagome turned slightly to see Sango as she applied a light touch of hair spray before stepping back.

"Sango, I-I…I'm okay, really. I love him and I want to do this."

Sango shook her head. "You should really stop forcing yourself to do stuff like this. I can tell you don't really love him, you're my best friend Kags."

"I'm not forcing myself, I agreed to marry him on my own."

Sango sighed at how stubborn her friend was being in order to not try and brake somebody's heart. She picked up her tools that she used in Kagome's hair before saying. "Fine Kagome, I'm happy for you and no matter what, I will always be there for you. Just remember that your decision will not only affect you but others as well."

As Sango left the room, leaving her alone, she rethought what was said. Was she truly ready for this? Was he the one she wanted to be with? Was she setting up to ruin her life as well as the life of the one person who has always been there for her? So many unanswered questions ran threw her mind. She has to think back far on what she was going to do.

--Two Years Earlier--


The infernal thing just wouldn't die. It just kept going on and on and she could have sworn that it was getting louder by the second commanding her to get her lazy ass up. She hit the snooze button before snuggling back into the warm bed intent on going back to sleep but something poking her in her side kept her from doing just that.

"I believe that my alarm clock was going off for the very reason that you ignore." Came the smooth voice just under the blankets.

Kagome muttered something incoherent before swatting the hand away and turning to her other side. The poking continued but it was more forceful.

"Get out of my bed woman."

Kagome groaned and tucked herself into a tight ball still trying to ignore the person laying onside of her. There was a sigh that could be heard before he said, "Well you asked for it."

Kagome's eyes went wide as she felt a foot along side of her back and pushed her out the bed sending her to the floor with a thud. She rubbed her sore bottom while glaring at the lump in the bed. She then stood up and grasped the sheets. If she wasn't going to get anymore sleep then neither was the sadistic bastard. She yanked the sheets off the bed reveling a beautiful silver haired demon in nothing but his silken black boxers.

He sat up quickly catching the end of the sheet before it went over the bed and glared his golden orbs at her. The two played tug-a-blanket for a few seconds, the demon in the bed being the victor but after giving it some thought, he barely hid a mischievous smirk before he let go of the blanket causing her to fall back.

"You bastard!" She yelled as she was about to get up and pounce but he just simply pointed to the clock and said, "I believe that you should stop playing around and start getting dressed, don't you have an interview to go to?"

"I don't have to be there for three hours!"

"Yea and at the rate you would usually get ready for anything, it had to be done. If I didn't set my clock after you snuck in here, you probably would wake up at the last minute then try to kick my ass for not waking you."

Kagome just glared at him as she turned around and left the room while saying, "That's the last time I sleep with you Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru stood up and stretched as he said, "Well you shouldn't be sleeping with me in the first place. You have your own room so use it."

"But your room is so much bigger than mine."

"They are the same size and you know it, now get out and get ready for the day. We both have long ones ahead of us."

Kagome just growled before leaving the room to get ready for the day. She really did thank that he did wake her up. She was not a morning person so she would stay sleep until the beginning of the afternoon.

Getting the coffee started then going back in her room to pick out some clothes, she headed to the bathroom for her shower. Sesshomaru was already in the shower so she just started brushing her teeth. Yes, this was their routine. When one was in the shower, the other would do their other bathroom duties. No, they weren't together. They were just the best of friends who live together, they have been friends too long to even remember.

"Your turn." Sesshomaru said as he stepped out. Kagome handed him a towel then stepped into the shower herself after stripping down into nothing.

All of their friends practically know about their morning routine and thought it weird. Miroku's the main one who told both of them to take advantage and take one another. They would both laugh about it then change the subject knowing that there was no way in hell that they would get together.

They've finally finished getting ready and Kagome cooked a small breakfast.

"So what are you going to be up to?" Kagome asked as she served him eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes along with a side of coffee and the newspaper. He sipped his coffee, it was sweet, just how he liked it. It's been said that dogs have a sweet tooth and he is no different. In fact, he has a large sweet tooth, larger than Kagome's but she was the only one who knew that.

"Knowing me, I'll probably head over to the office, I think my father has called me over." He said as he opened up the paper and took a sip of his coffee.

Kagome looked at him as she had sat down with her own plate and cranberry juice and said, "You think?"

He just shrugged his shoulders as he stuffed a mouth full of eggs in his mouth. He mumbled something that she couldn't interpret because of the eggs so she rolled her eyes and said, "Please chew and swallow your food before speaking. I swear Maru, it's only when we're alone do you show how dumb you truly are."

He took the moment to finish eating what he had in his mouth and said with a smirk, "And I do so hope that you feel honored to be the only one to catch this side of me."

"It looks like the arrogant ass took over once again. Now tell me what you said now that you can talk."

"I said that I was half asleep when he called this morning so I'm not sure."

Kagome took a bite of her food before half mumbling, "And here I thought the son of a wealthy business man would be more attentive then this."

Sesshomaru watched as a small peace of something flew out of her mouth and land right beside his plate. He turned back to his newspaper and said, "You know you should take your own advice and not talk with your mouth full."

"I can do what I like, this is my apartment." She said as she stood up and picked up her empty plate.

Sesshomaru stood up as well putting down the paper and picking up his own plate and said, "It may have your name on it but I am paying the bills."

Kagome growled under her breath. Ever since he moved in a with her five weeks ago, he was such a pain in the ass. He would always get his way just because he's paying the bills.

He was sent overseas by his father to go to college. She was more than sad to see him leave. She felt lonely and empty inside.


Kagome stood at the gate of the plane that was to take her best friend, away. She hugged him tightly, not wanting him to see her tears. When she felt a thumb remove her tears, she knew that she was caught.

"You always know when I'm crying, I hate that you're such a know-it-all." She said as she wiped the rest of her tears away.

Sesshomaru shook his head and said, "Stupid girl, you forget that I'm a demon. I can smell them before they fall."

She punched him in the chest and scowled at him, all tears gone. "I'm not stupid you fuzz bag!"

He smiled as he said, "There's my little spitfire of a friend. Gome, there's no need to be sad, I'll return one day and it'll be just like I never left."

Kagome smiled at him and hugged him tightly once more.

-End Flashback-

He was gone for five and a half years, barely heard from ever again. Then out of the blue he returned looking very much different than from how he was then. She always known him for looking sick, being incredibly skinny, wearing braces, thick rimed glasses and wild hair. He was even shorter than her by a few inches although he's a year and a half older than her but the being that returned was completely different.

He was muscular, his body screamed out power, and he somehow developed a barely noticeable tan, making his pale skin glow a shade darker. His hair was longer and incredibly silky, and he was tall towering over her by a foot. The glasses and braces were gone for good. He was beautiful.

The day she found out he returned, she was just coming out of the shower at her house that morning. She had her iPod in her ears and was dancing around in nothing but a towel. She never heard her mother calling her from down stairs to come down. She never heard her mother telling someone to go upstairs. She never heard the creaking of the stairs or the door being opened. She never heard the chuckle come from the person at the door.

However when she let he towel slip from her body in order to get dressed, she did see the new and improved Sesshomaru and was caught in a daze before he pointed towards something on her bed. That something was the clothes that was definitely not on her body and she screamed grabbing her blanket to try and give herself as much cover as possible.

She blushed remembering that day. The look in his eyes as he searched her up and down was something she couldn't describe meaning that it was only there for a second before it turned into humor.

After she had some clothes on, they reacquainted themselves, going out to a restaurant and talking of the things that happened to them. Kagome mentioned that she has an apartment but really didn't have enough money to keep it and that's when he decided to move in with her because he was looking for a place to stay but not too many places were available and the ones that were was just plain uninhabitable.

They fought on the first day they were together but in the end laughed it off when Kagome caught sight of a very nude Sesshomaru when she made a mistake and walked in on him coming out the shower. Soon after that, things just seemed to flow well although they constantly fought like an old married couple on who could do what around the apartment. It's still her apartment damn it!

Well she would be the one paying the bills…or at least half, when she snags this job…

"Oh shit! I got to go, I only have twenty minutes to get to the office for my interview."

Sesshomaru walked to the door while saying, "Come, I'll take you there since I'm leaving as well."

The two left out the door, locked the apartment and to the black Mustang that belonged to Sesshomaru. He zoomed off at a fast speed getting her to her destination in only ten minutes flat.

"Call me when you're done, we'll celebrate later if they say you're potential material, which I'm sure you are." He said as he watched her get out her seatbelt.

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and opened the door. "Thanks Maru, I'll see you later."

She then got out of the car and he watched her walk inside before driving off to his

father's building.

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