As I sat on the chair, shifting through story after story, nothing was jumping out to be good, and quite frankly I was getting bored.

Releasing a seemingly long-supressed sigh, I turn my head to the heavy footsteps of my sister, Shannon, as she made her way down the carpeted basement stairs. Making a sharp turn into my well lit bedroom, she proceeded to, in her usual manner, pounce on the bed with a sharp, "squee!"

The squee wasn't exactly pleasant, but her presence was welcome all the same. "Shanon, do you have any inspiration for me?" I asked, in hope of finally ending the boredom that comes with a fruitless search for fanifictions.

"That depends," she stated, "What kind of inspiration are you looking for?"

"Oh, anything really, I'm not picky," I replied automatically.

"Well, there's always the age old, 'There is no try, there is only do or do not,'" she imitated with a husky voice.

T0T ….

Shannon continued, "Well, you weren't specific enough."

"Look," I said, struggling to keep my patience, "What I meant was for a story, I-"

"Oh, why didn't you say so! So, what kind of story? Fanfic or story-story?"

"Either or, just something to keep me busy for awhile."

"Once upon a time, there was two sisters, and the older sister was crazy, and she drove her little sister crazy too. The end!" ^_^

-_- ………….


"Gee, thanks a lot."



The two sisters migrated to the living room, as Shannon prepared the mats on the floor.* It was then I saw the plushy turned around, facing the brick wall.

*Flash Back*

After a long day at school, it was always good to sink into the couch and watch a little good old fashion T.V. At first, I watched the flashing screen absent mindedly. In fact, I didn't notice anything for another hour.

When I did finally notice when I glanced to the side, it was, quite frankly, creepy.

Shannon's Kakashi plushy was arranged so that he was staring right at me. I ignored it at first, but it got annoying. His eye is creepy, even as a plushy. Eventually I gave in, getting up and turning the doll to face the wall. A paranoid move, perhaps, but I did feel a lot happier knowing that the ninja imitation was no longer facing my way with a piercing gaze.

*End Flashback*

"Sorry I turned him like that," I mentioned, nodding towards Kakashi, "He was starting to creep me out."

"It's because he likes you," she teased with a foxy grin.

"I will tie him to a tree!"

"You can't."

"Why not?"

"Simple, it's my plushie."

"Can I tie it to a pole?"




"To your arm?"




"Can I burn it?"


"Slash it?"


"Drown it?"


"Put it through the paper shredder?"

"Let me think about it: no."

"Can I-"

"You may not do anything to harm the plushy."

I was silent for a moment, truly stumped, but I refused to give up yet, "Can I dye its hair?"


………. "Can I poke it?"

"Yes, he likes that." 

And that's how I went crazy, and decided to post this rant. The end.

*Yes, she sleeps on the floor. She likes it there oddly enough, and won't sleep on her bed.

I do not own Naruto, Star Wars, or the entire Universe. I do own the characters, setting, situation, and the majority of the dialogue that took place.

Flame, praise, whatever. It's just a rant. I am, however, looking for inspiration. Any ideas?