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Sitting alone at her desk in the Jeffersonian, Dr Brennan tapped away swiftly at her keyboard, hoping to finish the latest chapter of her new book before she left for home. Tantalisingly close to her goal, she was typing down her ideas as fast as she could, hoping to get home with enough time to run a hot bath and soak for a while, before sitting down with a book for the night. With a feeling of satisfaction, Dr Brennan typed her last sentence, ran a final spell-check and saved her work.

Rising to her feet, Doctor Brennan slowly made a circuit around her office, flicking off the various electrical appliances and lights that had been left on. As she got back to her desk, she flicked off her computer and scooped her bag off the tabletop along with some files that she wanted to look over that night. Giving the room a final sweep for anything she may have forgotten, Dr Brennan was about to leave when she heard a noise that sounded like footsteps. Looking up curiously, she tried to find the source of the sound, but couldn't see anyone else in the area.

'Hello? Is anyone there?' Her voice echoed off the walls, but was only met by silence. Slightly mystified but not overly concerned, Dr Brennan dismissed the sound as a particularly antisocial member of the cleaning staff and continued on her way out.

Rummaging through her bag as she walked, Dr Brennan made her way down the hallway. She paused for a moment, pulling her bag further open so she could find the keys to her car that had so far been eluding her searching phalanges. As she dug through her bag, she once again thought she heard somebody else's footsteps. Looking up and around her, Dr Brennan was slightly concerned when she found she couldn't see very far around her in the dim lighting. A creeping feeling of vulnerability washing over her, Dr Brennan abandoned her search for her keys and began to walk brusquely towards the staircase, trying desperately to at least look confident and unshaken. This, according to Agent Booth, was a good method for deterring any potential attackers, although Dr Brennan herself had never had any real experience with it before, and didn't know how effective it was-or wasn't.

After a few moments of silence other than her on footfalls and her slightly quickened breath, Dr Brennan thought once more that her imagination was getting the better of her. She paused again and let out a shaky sigh, and began to delve through her bag once more. She quickly located her keys, but also pulled out her mobile, intending to check for any messages she may have missed during the day. Pulling her bag more over her shoulder, Dr Brennan began to walk once again.

Flicking open her phone, Dr Brennan fiddled with the buttons and opened her messages. She was just about to open an unread text from Booth when the sound she had been dreading resurfaced. Pounding footsteps, loud and fast, were running towards her, not bothering to disguise their presence any longer. The folders Dr Brennan had been holding slipped unhindered to the ground, spilling their pages across the floor as she looked frantically around for the source of the sound. Dr Brennan though she saw someone moving along the hallway that she had just walked down, so she immediately ran in the opposite direction, trying to put as much distance between her and her assailant as possible. As she ran, she desperately dialled the only number she had ever bothered to memorise other than her own into the keypad, praying that she had got it right in her haste to dial. Holding the phone as close to her ear as she could as she ran, Dr Brennan skidded around a corner as the number began to ring, inwardly cursing the heels on the boots she had worn that day. Ahead of her she saw the doorway leading downstairs to the car park, as well as a janitor's closet off to the right. She quickly ran to the main door and pushed it wide open, before running back and slipping into the closet, hoping to throw off whoever it was that was chasing her. Leaning against the door just in case her follower tried to open it, she held the phone to her ear with trembling fingers. After three rings, a voice answered at the other end.

'Agent Booth.' At the sound of Booth's voice, Dr Brennan immediately felt safer, but only for a moment.

'Booth!' Her voice must have given away more panic than she intended, for Booth's voice immediately became more concerned.

'Bones? Are you okay? What's happened?'

'I'm at the Jeffersonian, and…someone is chasing me.' She had begun to whisper, desperately hoping to not give away her position to whoever was out in the hallway.

'Chasing you? How- like they want to hurt you?'

'Yeah I…I think so…'

'Bones, where are you?'

'I'm in the janitor's closet-near the stairs that lead to the car park?'

'Yeah, I know the one. Look, stay where you are, I'm coming to get you. Can you arm yourself at all?'

'Will a mop do?'

'It's better than nothing.'

Dr Brennan began groping in the dark, trying to find something to arm herself with somewhere in the closet. With a small satisfied smile she wrapped her fingers around the metallic neck of a mop, grasping it tightly in her hand.

'Yeah, Booth, I've got a…' Dr Brennan dropped out with a loud gasp. Something that felt suspiciously like a hand had wrapped itself tightly around the mop, right on top of hers. She pulled the phone away from her ear, and used the light from the screen to see what was in front of her. The phone illuminated a massive, black hand all but completely obscuring her own. She lifted the phone up, and gaped at the sight before her. A sneering face stared back down at her; an African-American man, at least a full head taller than her who looked much to confident with himself for Dr Brennan to truly believe she had an easy way out of her situation. With a horrifying drop of her stomach, she realised she had fallen into her assailant's trap; he had herded her in this direction, and knew that she would try to hide rather than escape, so they had planted someone here to catch her.

'Gotcha!' The man hissed, and a maniacal grin distorted his features.

At the other end of the line, Booth could almost feel his blood curdle as Dr Brennan's scream rang through the speaker.

'Bones? BONES?' To his horror, he heard Dr Brennan's phone clatter to the floor as it slipped from her grasp. The TV remote he had been holding fell out of his hand and dropped onto the couch beside him as he heard a violent scuffle erupt between Dr Brennan and her assailant, and he stayed frozen in place as he heard someone kick the phone on the ground. His stomach dropped when he heard Dr Brennan cry out once more, but this time in pain rather than in fear. The scuffling sound lessened, and soon stopped altogether. The silence at the other end of the line continued until Booth was almost sure that Dr Brennan and her attacker had left, until he heard a scraping sound indicating someone had picked the phone up. A voice, deep and tainted with a slight Jamaican accent, came through the speaker.

'Mr Booth, whoever you are, I hope you are prepared to never see Dr Brennan ever again.'

And the line went dead.

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