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Roy Mustang sat curled up on his couch, a blanket draped over his shoulders and a crossword puzzle in his lap. It was Friday evening. Normally, he would have been at work. But snow had graced the city of Central, covering it in an eight inch deep blanket of soft white. Roy shivered, pulling his blanket tighter around him.

He hated snow. He also hated winter. But most of all, he hated the fact that he had to be stuck home with nothing to do. It was enough to drive him mad. After a few minutes of silence, Roy sighed and tossed his paper to the other side of the couch. He rose, padding into the Kitchen to find something that would hopefully warm him up.

As Roy scanned the items in the fridge, a loud thud rang out. Roy frowned, closing his fridge and making his way over to the front window. He saw nothing. Then a few knocks rang out. Sighing, he grudgingly made his way over to the door. He wretched it open, meeting the white landscape outside of his doorstep.

Who the hell had time to play games with him when the snow was shin deep? He sighed and rolled his eyes, about to close the door back. A weak groan met his ears, and his gaze traveled down.

"Oh my...Ed!" Roy forgot about calling him by his title, pulling the small teen to his feet. He was shivering violently, and there was a huge bruise forming on his left cheek; blood was pouring from a wound near his temple, and his automail arm was missing. Roy hauled him in, helping him into the Kitchen and lowering him into a chair at the table.

Edward didn't know where he lived. Whether it was coincidence or not that the blond chose his door to collapse in front of, Roy was sure of one thing.

Edward was in horrible shape.

"Edward, what happened? Why are you bruised? Hey, can you hear me?" Roy waved a hand in front of Edward's eyes. The young teen followed his hand for a moment, before his gaze trailed up to look at the man.

"Mu...Must-tang..." His teeth chattered violently. The tone he was using was one of confusion and anxiety. Roy quickly draped his blanket over the boy's shoulders, deciding to warm up some extra broth he had. When he had it warmed up, he brought it to the table and tried to convince the blond to drink it. Edward frowned, his eyes moving to look at the man.

" c-c-can see m-e..." He said slowly. Roy frowned. Was the boy suffering from delirium? "Of course I can see you! Edward, drink this and warm up, please. I need to go and see if I can get a doctor in here and—," Roy trailed off as Edward shook his head.

"No...please, I-I'll be fi-ine...." The blond shuddered, coughing. Roy frowned. "Ed...fine. But you do need rest. Where in Gate's name is Alphonse?" He asked. Edward sighed, taking a long drink from the broth. "He...I...d-don't know..." He said, sneezing. Roy sighed again.

"Finish the broth and I'll help you to the couch." He said quietly. The blond looked so small... However, he complied and Roy did as he had promised and helped him to the couch. Once he was laying down, Edward met his gaze again.

"M-Must-ang...please...d-don't tell a-anyone I'm sta-ying with you...n-not even Al..." Edward's teeth chattered despite the warmth. Roy frowned. "But Ed, I need to find out who did this to you! I need to call Hawkeye..." Roy caught the desperation in the blond's eyes.

"P-Please, Mu-stang..." He said, coughing. Roy sighed. "...Alright." Roy said. He didn't know if he'd be able to keep that promise, honestly. He got up, looking down at the blond.

"I'm going to bed. Whether the snow is there or not, I have work." Roy said quietly. Edward nodded weakly, turning over onto his side. Roy wandered through the hall to his room, deciding that sleep would be the best course of action.

Roy was happy that the snow had melted a lot overnight. It had shrunk to just barely two inches. He was happy knowing that Edward was resting, but curiosity to know what had happened to the boy wouldn't leave him. Edward was in pretty bad shape. Roy shook himself out of his reverie as he ascended the steps into headquarters. Everybody was oddly silent.

"Isn't anyone going to bother saying hello?" He asked, tone vague and a bit snappish. The majority of his staff mumbled a half hearted hello. Roy rolled his eyes. "Hawkeye. Bring my morning coffee." He said, nodding to the blond woman and heading to his office. Riza did as she was commanded, shuffling quietly out of the room.

Roy had just finished sifting through his papers when Hawkeye came in. She set the hot mug down wordlessly. "Where were you yesterday evening? I tried to call you several times." She said. Her voice was more clipped than usual, Roy noticed uncomfortably.

"Well, lieutenant," He paused. Edward told him not to tell anyone. But Hawkeye knew when he lied. He sighed, raking a hand through his hair. It wouldn't hurt to tell her.

"Well, I was going to prepare lunch, lieutenant. But you know, the oddest thing happened. Edward showed up on my doorstep. He looked pretty bad off, and..." Roy trailed off as he looked back up at the woman. She had a hand covering her mouth and she was as pale as a ghost. Her terror-stricken gaze made him shift uncomfortably. After a long moment, Riza collected herself.

"Roy Mustang, please stop joking around." She said quietly. Roy felt dread settle into his stomach. "No, it Al...?" He asked. Riza shook her head. "Then...what...?" Riza swallowed the lump in her throat, taking a deep breath and steeling herself for what she was about to say. Roy readied himself, but nothing could ready him for what she said next.

"Edward Elric died yesterday evening in a car crash, sir."