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: Feather 02 : Tranquility – Everything is Fine

The wind blew gently through the quiet grassland, the tall grass swaying gracefully. The sky was as bright a blue as possible and there wasn't even one cloud floating about. The empty field of grass rolled on for miles, with no commoners' house to disturb its tranquility. A dirt road ran through the plain, leading up to the one shelter within the area. It was not much a house as it was a mansion, and a tall one, at that. The extremely wide white mansion stood tall with what seemed to be at least three floors, several windows had been pulled open so that the pleasant wind could bring its breeze into the warm house of obvious wealth. White curtains waved inwardly to the rooms they had been placed in, the sapphire blue windowsills gleaming from the bright sunlight of noon.

Childish laughter rang down the corridors decorated with fine wooden ornaments and royal blue walls, the echo of scurrying feet filling the second floor. Two young boys ran down the long hallway, one chasing the other.

The little one running ahead of the other one had messy, naturally spiked brown hair with a large patch of orange atop his young head. Innocent chocolate brown eyes sparkled mischievously as he held a toy Pegasus in his arms, laughing as he continued onward. He wore a scarlet red T-shirt and too-big white jeans, the pants falling down little-by-little with every few steps he took. His right hand momentarily dropped from the white stuffed animal to pull up the side of his pants before going back to holding onto the plaything.

The slightly taller boy who chased after the brunette also had chaotic and genuinely spiked hair, but the color was of a beautiful teal blue. Brilliant green hues stared unwaveringly at his best friend, a radiant smile gracing his lips as his face expressed pure, playful amusement. His long-sleeved, snow white top was thin and almost see-through, its lavender collar lining separating it from the pale skin of his neck. Dark blue slacks clothed his legs, ending at his ankles and showing his socked-feet as he ran after the other with complete balance.

"You can't run forever, Ju-chan!" the blunette exclaimed, panting through snickers.

The higher-pitched voice of the six-year-old boy giggled before squeaking aloud, "I do not have to, Jo-kun! You just have to get tired and stop!"

"Not gonna happen!"

It was then that the seven-year-old picked up his pace a bit, coming up close enough to the brunette to reach out and grab at the back of his collar, but it was an expected plan of action. The brown-eyed boy ducked out of the way before speeding off down another hallway, laughing triumphantly and looking back over his shoulder.

"Not fast enough!"

"What is all of this racket?—OH!" a feminine voice gasped from in front of the youngest boy, "Judai Yuki!!"

The brunette called Judai Yuki turned his head to face forward again just in time to ram his face into the lower abdomen of an older woman. The momentum that he had built up from all the running he did caused the rest of his body to throw itself at her legs, making her fall forward, over him, as he fell to the floor facing the other direction. The blunette came to a stop two yards away from the accident, picking up his frilly-sleeved left wrist to wipe at his forehead as he panted heavily.

"Are… you two okay?"

The indigo blue-haired woman got up to her elbows, dragging her legs away from Judai's back as she got up into a sitting position. Her legs sat off to her left side, seemingly liquid paper white, but really just covered in blank-colored pantyhose. Her pale skin was hidden beneath a long-sleeved, pale pink dress with patterns of white lace sewn into the skirt, and a royal blue sapphire pendant hung over her neck in an attempt to lead the gaze of others away from her ivory skin and to the colorful jewelry. Oceanic eyes turned onto the young brunette, blue-green hues narrowed into an arrogant glare.

"Troublesome child… Watch where you're going! Especially while on the second floor." She barked haughtily before putting her hands over her skirt and pulling herself up to stand again.

Judai blinked once he got to sit up properly, looking up at her confusedly with a cute tilt of the head, "Toublesome…?"

After smoothing out her pink dress, she turned half-away from him as unnatural hues looked out the corner of her eyes at him, "No, dear common boy… Troublesome. Learn it. Remember it. It's all you'll ever be."

Even though she had pointed out the pronunciation of the word, it still did not give the young one a definition. He opened his mouth to ask again, but then he saw the frantic shaking of his best friend's head. That was a signal to stay quiet; that much he knew. Closing his mouth, he watched with curious brown eyes as the other boy began to speak.

"Kaa-sama... You don't have to be so mean."

The woman spun to face her son, her scowl instantly changing to a blissful smile as she fell to her knees beside the bright blue-haired boy and threw her arms around him to hold him close. She rubbed her cheek against his soft, spiky hair with her eyes closed, a girlish giggle escaping her and making her seem utterly out of character.

"Oh, my adorable son! I'm not being mean, Johan… I'm merely telling him the truth! You'll learn more when you get older."

Johan Andersen gulped, having been trapped in a bone-crushing embrace. How was he going to get out of this one? The last few times that this happened, Judai had to do something that his mother called 'undignified' to get her to let him go. After that, they had run off before she could say or do anything else. If he tried to pull another stunt like the previous ones again, it would likely not lead to something good on her part.

Opening one green eye, he noticed how his best friend seemed to be getting ready to pull off another outrageous feat as he exaggeratedly folded up his imaginary long sleeves and stuck his tongue out the side of his mouth. Johan tried to say something, anything that would stop his friend from doing something stupid. His voice was meek and raspy, however, with how tightly his mother held onto him. He couldn't do anything to stop him.

Just as Judai was about to pounce onto the older woman's back, a gentle hand placed itself over his shoulder, sucking the excitement and preparation right out of his body. Chocolate brown eyes looked upward in confusion, meeting with clear, golden brown eyes that resembled solid honey. He blinked as the womanly figure bent down and put her hands to his hips, picking him up and carrying him on her left arm by making him sit there. His right arm slipped around her neck for support so that he would not fall off.

"Ju-chan, you don't have to be so thoughtless… That wouldn't have been a good idea." The orange-haired woman explained softly as she caressed his cheek kindly.

The little boy smiled, a short chuckle rumbling in his throat before he hugged her, "I am sorry, Kaa-san. But I thought about it first!"

Ms. Seikou Yuki followed her son's quiet chuckle with one of her own before looking over to poor Johan, whose face was almost as blue as his hair. Bending back down, she let Judai stand beside her, his hands clenching a handful of her light blue maid skirt in a clingy manner.

Her fair expression transformed to one of firm fortitude, "Jinsei-chan, I thought you loved your son! Why're you trying to kill him?"

Jinsei Kisaki Andersen froze when the maid spoke, her grip going limp enough for Johan to wiggle away from her grasp and fall to his knees facing her left side, panting in an attempt to breathe in all of the air she had deprived him of for the passed minute or so. The blue-haired lady of the mansion got back up to stand, glaring menacingly at the other.

"You have absolutely no right to call me that, you worthless handmaid!"

Judai's mother picked up her right hand and held it over her chest, faking a hurt look, "Oh, but Mrs. Andersen! We grew up together back in Japan! We even met our husbands together! How can you say that?"

"Do you want to lose your job!? Go clean one of the rooms or something… I want you out of my sight. I'm sick of looking at you and your troublesome little monster!" Mrs. Andersen roared, turning away from the maid and her son in emphasis that she no longer wanted to see them.

When she called Judai a monster, the little brunette flinched further behind his mother, his fingers curling tighter into her skirt. He may not have understood what the word 'troublesome' meant, but he knew what a 'monster' was.

Seikou Yuki felt the sudden change in her son's behavior, feeling his shock and slight fear as if it were floating into the air like a dark cloud. Her eyes narrowed a little and her lips curled into a frown, her left hand placing itself over her little Judai's thick brown and orange hair.

"Yes, ma'am… Mrs. Andersen." She hissed bitterly, turning her back on her boss and leading Judai away.

Judai, although relieved to be leaving behind that horrible situation, looked back over his shoulder toward Johan, who seemed to be held back by his mother's tight, clamp-like grip on his small wrist. The hopeful look on his face reached his best friend as he mouthed something to him. Johan's emerald eyes lit up momentarily once he read the younger boy's lips, his head nodding shortly so that his mother would not notice his movement.

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

The backyard of the huge mansion was home to a small forest; several trees grew around the circumference of the backyard together, giving anyone, or anything, the perfect place to hide. The entire plain and forest land that the house was built on had been rumored to be haunted by the spirits of the dead. Many other families had tried to build their homes in the area, but as the people they hired to build the house tried to begin the project, they were scared away. Contrary to what most people thought, the ghosts that could be found there were not all evil… but there were also some very good ones, such as the ghosts of unusual animals and heroes.

Judai Yuki walked across the clearing of grass toward the wood's right direction. Once he passed the first tree, he broke off into a run further in until he turned toward the center of the forest, coming up to a small area clear of trees that had been hidden within the wooded area. In the middle of the rectangular area sat a large white statue of a woman with broad angel wings folded at its back. A kind, blank stare of empty eyes stared at the young boy, a pleasant smile carved onto its face. Beside the sculpture was a small bench of stone, its flat surface looking quite inviting to the out-of-breath boy.

He took a deep breath, trying to quench his thirst for oxygen quicker as he tiredly dragged his feet over to the seat. Plopping himself down nearest to the statue, he leaned over to place his elbows over his knees, his head lowering as he sighed sadly and closed his eyes. Mrs. Andersen had called him 'troublesome' ever since his mother brought him to live with her as she worked for the wealthy family. After his father had gone missing, it was all she could do, at the time… but it was thanks to that incident that he was able to meet and become best friends with Johan Andersen. Even though he often got into trouble, it was either because he was not paying attention or because he was trying to help his absolute best friend.

The sadness in the brunette's heart must have been evident, because he could feel the presence of many others suddenly appear in the air. A slim hand covered in a long, red fingerless glove placed itself over his right shoulder, drawing his attention enough to make chocolate brown eyes reopen to look over to its transparent, liquid paper white fingers. The expression on his face blanked out, but his eyes still held the same baffled sorrow as he lifted his head to look behind him.

A woman with skin of pure ivory and bright green eyes was looking down at him, a look of worry for him making her seem like a worried mother. She wore what looked to have been a full-body suit of crimson red at one time, but now it looked so torn up around her upper torso that it looked like flames were barely covering her. Paint of the same color red had been spread over her eyes, sliding down the bottom of her eyes as pointed slits. A golden helmet with a jewel as bright a green as her eyes embedded at its midpoint sat atop of her head, her long black hair flowing down to her hips like one lengthy fin that had been dyed a cloudy grey at its end. Taking her hand away from his shoulder, she walked around to sit beside him on the bench, smiling comfortingly.

"Are you alright, Ju-chan?" she asked gently, her deep and melodious voice ringing in the air like an echo in a cave.

Judai lowered his head again, shaking it before replying, "No… Jo-kun's kaa-sama called me a 'troublesome monster.' Burst Lady, what does 'troublesome' mean? I am sad that she called me a monster… but I am still confused."

The fiery-spirited Burst Lady's reassuring face changed to one of concern and hesitation. She was unsure if she should tell him or not, considering that he was still a young child… and that the woman who called herself Johan Andersen's mother only wished to torture everyone around her, excluding her family. Bringing her hands together in her lap, she took a deep breath before looking to him once again and explaining as simply and painlessly as possible to a six-year-old.

"Well… when a person is troublesome, they cause a lot of trouble for one or more persons around them. If a person calls you troublesome, then they are either very annoyed by you or don't like you very much…" When she saw the look of grief increase on his face, she decided to add, "… You don't have to worry too much about it, though! Jo-kun's kaa-sama doesn't like anyone but Jo-kun and his otou-sama."

Judai smiled weakly, nodding slightly before another spirit appeared in front of him. This one was a very tall, muscular man covered in what seemed to be spring green feathers. His eyes were hidden behind a red mask, but unlike Burst Lady's, his was a part of the spiky green helmet that completely concealed the top and sides of his head. Both of his arms were completely encased in the light color and his forearms were wrapped in feathers like arm warmers; the difference was in his hands as his left one was a dark crimson talon while his right was a normal, human hand. The strangest thing about him was the fact that feathery white wings came out of his back, giving him an almost-angelic look, though he clearly was no angel. He bent down on one knee so that his hidden eyes could meet with Judai's chocolate ones.

"You have no reason to be sad, Judai. She is the only one who thinks that of you, and if you haven't yet noticed, everyone else in that house likes you. Although…" the near-completely green man spoke, smiling reassuringly at the young boy, "I think that the only person whose opinion should matter to you is your best friend."

The small brunette smiled genuinely as he nodded with total confidence, "You are right, Featherman! I should not care about what anybody else thinks! As long as Jo-kun is still okay with me and is still my best friend, everything will be fine!"

Suddenly, a rustling sound could be heard coming from one of the bushes around the clearing. Judai and the other two turned their heads, only to see Johan Andersen step through the bush and into their sight. Judai Yuki smiled at his best friend, especially after what he, Burst Lady and Featherman had just discussed. He waved cheerfully at the blunette until he was close enough to talk to without yelling. Burst Lady got up from her spot beside the younger boy, moving to stand beside Featherman as Johan took her seat to be next to Judai.

The young Andersen was grinning hesitantly, "Are you okay, Ju-chan? I'm sorry for what my kaa-sama said about you; she can be very, very mean sometimes."

The brunette shook his head, "I am okay. Nothing to worry about! Burst Lady and Featherman helped me feel better!"

Johan looked to the spirits of Fire and Wind, bowing his head to them in thanks, "Thank you for helping him!"

"Don't mention it." The black-haired woman smiled, waving goodbye to the both of them before turning around and fading away; Featherman followed behind her.

"So, what should we do now, Jo-kun? I left your stuffy in the house…" Judai said, pouting and lowering his head as if expecting to be yelled at.

Johan recognized this action and put his left hand under Judai's chin, pulling him upward to look at him, "It's alright… really. We can just play with everybody else out here!"

The playful sparkle of youth within his emerald eyes was enough to make the younger boy smile brightly, nodding, "Okay! Do you want to call them or should I?"

Johan answered by standing back up, cupping his hands around his mouth before yelling aloud, "Ruuuubyyyy!!!"

His shout seemed to echo through the forest, but as soon as his voice was no longer audible, he felt an abrupt pressure throw itself at the back of his head. He let out a yelp as he fell face-first into the grass. Judai, who had seen it all, laughed hysterically at what had just happened.

"Oww… Ruby, that hurt!" Johan whined, pulling himself up to sit Indian-style on the ground.

"Rubi, rubi!" giggled the strange animal-like spirit.

The creature looked like a purple-colored squirrel with two pairs of ears instead of just one. It had short limbs, but it brought up its two front legs to cover its mouth as it laughed in amusement. Bright red eyes blinked at the two boys, the large, circular, red jewel at the topmost end of its tail gleaming in the sunlight. It floated in the air beside the blunette's head, waving that long, purple tail behind it eagerly.

"Wow! I have never seen you do that before, Ruby! How did you push him down when you are not alive?" Judai questioned, hopping off of the bench and running over, only to stare directly into Ruby's face.

"Rubi, rubi! Rubi, rubi, bi!" it squeaked as it started spinning around in circles to chase its tail.

When Johan heard its reply, he too started laughing before throwing out an order with a point of his right index finger into the sky, "Ruby Carbuncle! Call for everybody else!"

"Rubi!!" the purple spirit piped, launching itself into the air and throwing its tail upward so that the ruby embedded there could let loose a brilliant and shining red light.

A few seconds later, other glows of light appeared around them. Sapphire, Amber, Emerald, Cobalt, Topaz and Amethyst gems faded into visibility before breaking open to reveal the animal spirits from within their beautiful prison.

"Prrr… Jo-kun, what took so long?" a large, pink-colored cat purred as it approached him and rubbed against his cheek, its soft fur making the blunette throw his arms around its neck to hug it.

"We had some trouble with my kaa-sama… Amethyst, you're so much softer than any of the blankets or pillows in the house." He complimented, completely enthralled with rubbing his face into her neck.

"A-ah… Thank you…" Amethyst Cat blushed, sitting down beside the young boy.

A white tiger with black stripes let a low growl escape its throat as it laid itself down on the ground, folding its right paw over its left one, "He's just being nice…"

The cat laughed, glancing slyly over to him while Johan continued pressing himself against her innocently, "You're just jealous! You can learn a thing or two from our little Jo-kun, Topaz!"

"Maybe you could, too!" Topaz Tiger snapped back before laying its head down atop its big paws.

"Now, now, you two… This isn't the time nor the place to fight." Said the huge, furry elephant as it shook its several tusks threateningly.

"… sorry, Amber." Topaz mumbled, turning its head away from the others and showing the circular topaz jewel embedded at its shoulder.

Amber Mammoth nodded its head shortly before looking over to Judai, who was currently climbing up onto the large green tortoise's rocky shell. He laughed childishly as the creature tried to tell him to be careful.

"Leave him alone, Emerald… He goes onto your back all the time; he should be used to it already."

"I… I guess you're right." Emerald Tortoise agreed in defeat, but that did not stop it from looking upward as far back as it could to say it again, "Be very, very careful, Ju-chan!"

"Whee!!" the little brunette exclaimed as he slid down the front of Emerald's shell, landing with a soft THUD on the tortoise's head. The impact spooked it and made it quickly pull its head, legs and tail into its shell, giving Judai absolutely no place to land but the ground, "Waah!!"

He shut his eyes tightly, readying his rear end for the crash it was about to have with the grass, but then he felt a light pressure encircle his waist, suspending him in the air. Opening one eye and then blinking both open, chocolate hues looked over to Amber Mammoth, only to see that its trunk was wrapped around him to place him safely onto the ground.

"… or I could be wrong."

"I-I told you to be careful!" Emerald Tortoise repeated, its voice echoing from inside of its shell.

"I was being careful! I was just sliding down, but then your head went POOF!" Judai explained, throwing his arms up into the air for emphasis with that last word.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!! That's some great sound effects, Ju-chan!" cackled the brown-feathered eagle, putting its left wing over its face to hide its laughter, but failing miserably to do so.

The last of the Crystal Beasts took a step forward, its sapphire blue horn glowing for a moment to get everyone's attention. When all eyes were on the white stallion, its large wings unfolded to blow a light breeze toward them all, making each of the spirits slowly fade out of sight until it was the only one left.

"Sapphire… what're you—?" Johan began, having let go of Amethyst Cat as it disappeared and turning to look at the Pegasus.

Sapphire Pegasus hushed him before disappearing itself, "Shh… You two must go; someone you've both missed dearly has returned."

The two boys blinked, looking at each other and then back toward the mansion. They strained their ears, listening passed the wind and the trees and grass… until they heard a familiar vehicle somewhere beyond the forest. Wide smiles materialized on their faces as they both exclaimed in excitement.

"Jim's back!!" They both took off, running back to their home as fast as they could so they could see if they were right about who was really there.

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

A dusty, midnight black pickup truck hopped up and down as it drove itself slowly into the huge driveway, stopping a few yards away from the steps leading to the off-white doors. The dust on the vehicle was so thick that one could find it very hard to peer through the passenger windows to find out who was sitting inside. When the passenger door was kicked open, it bounced back a few centimeters before settling open again, revealing the nine-year-old boy sitting there with an unbuckled seatbelt in hand.

His oceanic blue eyes brightened as he swung his legs over to the side of the seat and jumped down from the old, tall Chevy. His brown boots hit the dirt ground with the soft sound of pebbles rustling beneath him, his hands coming up to straighten his white, long-sleeved shirt and light black vest. The wind began to pick up again, its cool touch running through his spiky black hair. He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath and letting it out before looking up at the huge house with a huge smile.

"Home, sweet home…"

"Onii-san! Onii-san!!" called a voice in the distance.

Jim Cook Andersen blinked, turning to look off toward the right corner of the wide house, suspecting that he had heard the sound come from that direction.

"Jim-san! Jim-san!!"

His confused look gradually changed to one of happiness as the two younger boys rounded the corner and came sprinting towards him. He began to open his mouth to say something, but then his little brother and his friend tackled him to the ground, making him let out a yelp rather than a greeting. The three boys laughed as they all lay in a pile on the driveway, happy to see each other again.

"Onii-san! You're back!" Seven-year-old Johan Andersen exclaimed, throwing his arms around his older brother's neck and rubbing his cheek into it excitedly.

"It is about time! Your six months of being in Austar-Austi-Austili—" Judai Yuki tried to say, clinging to the oldest boy's right arm.

Jim laughed again, gently taking Johan's arms away from his neck and motioning for him to get Judai off. When the little blunette did so, the two younger boys sat Indian-style and stared at him, waiting for him to speak.

The black-haired boy winked at the brunette once he had gotten back up to his feet, holding up his index finger up in a matter-of-factly way, "It's Australia, Mate. Don't go forgettin' that, either! One of these days, I'm goin' ta be takin' the both of you there with me!"

"Really, really?!" Johan and Judai asked in unison, amazement evident on their faces.

The oldest boy closed his eyes and nodded, clenching his hands into fists and putting them to his hips as if he were an important person who could decide everything on his own, "Yup! I even asked Ojii-san! He said that he'd get Kaa-sama to let you two come with us when you're both old enough."

The two boys cheered, jumping up eagerly and running to Jim's side to cling to either one of his arms. Laughing happily, Jim picked them up as they hung off of his arms, spinning around as well as he could with the uneven balance of weight on him. Judai seemed to be quite a bit heavier than Johan, yet looked to be a lot skinnier than him. It only made him laugh harder when he finally lost his own balance and sent the three of them tumbling to the ground again.

It was only when they heard the slamming of the two open doors of the black pickup truck that they ceased all noise to look up and see a silver-haired man standing at the foot of the Chevy, watching them. Bushy silver eyebrows effectively hid his eyes and a furry silver mustache sat over his upper lip. He, like Jim, was wearing a white long-sleeved, but where they differed was that his vest and jeans were the same midnight black-color as the vehicle they had entered with. The dark brown cowboy hat atop his head seemed so out-of-place on him with how absolutely fragile he looked. He was not so much on the muscular side, though he was not too skinny either. What could be seen of his lips seemed to be curled upward into a smile, and when he spoke, his voice came out with a bit of a rasp and an Australian accent as strong as Jim's.

"Now, now, Boys! You've welcomed back your brother; what about your poor Ojii-san?"

"Ojii-san!" Johan cried, running to the silver-haired old man and hopping up to give him a hug, only to have a long left arm wrap itself around him as Ginka Andersen bent down to be level with him.

His right arm was held out, ready to catch the other, but the brunette was merely smiling hesitantly. When Johan's grandfather looked up after waiting a few seconds, one fuzzy eyebrow raised itself high enough to show a spring green eye, watching with patience.

"Welcome back, Andersen-sama…" Judai said, his chocolate brown eyes looked back with a bit of a frightened shyness and an excited shine to them.

The old man, Johan and Jim stared at him in confusion; usually, whenever he and Jim came back to the Andersen mansion, Judai would run up at the same time as Johan and would receive a hug, as well. After a moment had passed, the reason as to why this could happen dawned on Mr. Andersen.

"Ju-chan… did someone tell you something again?" he asked simply.

The brunette nodded solemnly, eyes going down to watch the pebbles with a sudden interest, "J-Jo-kun's kaa-sama saw me get a hug, too, last time you came back… and said that I could not do that anymore. That I had to show respect by staying away."

Johan's grandfather's look softened as he still held his arm open for him, "It's alright… If I tell you that it's okay, then it's okay. You're practically family, Ju-chan! You can even call me Ojii-san, like Jo-kun and Jim."

Judai looked up abruptly, a blush spreading over his cheeks; he never had grandparents before… His mother's parents were back in Japan, and from what he had heard, his father's disappearance had something to do with his parents, as well. A wide smile came over him as he nodded sheepishly, beginning to walk over. However, those slow steps quickly changed into a dash as his confidence built up and he too jumped into Ginka Andersen's arms.


Johan smiled happily; Judai was considered a part of his family! At least, by his grandfather and big brother. He was held close to the old man along with the brunette, a warm feeling coming over his chest as he sighed in contentment. This was truly perfect…

"Judai Yuki!!"

… Spoke too soon.

The four males who were near the old, dirty truck winced at the sound of the shrill scream. As if they had not seen that coming… Mrs. Jinsei Kisaki Andersen stood at the top of the stairs, glaring down at the little brunette who had finally given into the feeling of being accepted into a family. This look instantly made Judai flinch out of Ginka Andersen's grasp, making him walk about five feet away with his head held low.

A feeling of sympathy washed over the old European's heart as he watched Judai leave, but it melted away as he looked to his son's chosen wife with a blank expression. He slowly got up to his feet, with help from Jim and Johan. He coughed some as he cleared his throat, putting a right hand behind his head as he greeted the woman.

"Hey there, Jinsei! I've brought Jim back, as usual!" he said as good-naturedly as possible.

Johan and Jim's mother, once Judai had gotten the right distance away, smiled brilliantly as she raced down the steps, holding her dress skirt up so that she would not trip and fall. When she was close enough, she pulled the black-haired nine-year-old into her arms and rubbed her cheek into the soft spikes of his hair lovingly.

"Jimu! Welcome back, Sweetie! How was Australia this time? You didn't get hurt, did you? Oh, what am I asking? Of course, you didn't; not with your Ojii-san with you!"

The flattery might have actually made Ginka feel complimented if not for the fact that he knew how she was. It had been a sad day when he found out that she had something called Mania. It was something similar to a bipolar disorder, if there were any differences between the two conditions at all. It had started a little while after his son, Thomas "Tomu" Andersen, had gotten the very job that made the small Andersen family rich.

When Tomu Andersen had gotten a huge career there in Europe, he took it without question… but it was in a place far away from where their little white house was. He promised that he would do his best for his family before leaving, and once the huge mansion had taken the place of the small house, things were starting to get much easier. However, without him around, Jinsei only had her sons and servants for company. Missing her husband so much, she fell into a depression that soon led to her current condition. Her moods would swing from depression for the literal loss of her husband, to anger toward her servants and Judai, to love and adoration toward her sons, and so on.

Ginka Andersen shook his head, clearing out the memory of several things that could have gone better in their life. When he snapped back to the present, he realized that said-woman was staring straight at him with a pleasant smile and tilt of the head, waiting patiently for something. He laughed embarrassedly.

"Oh, sorry, my Dear… What was that?"

"I was wondering what you gave my little Jimu for his birthday! You kept him for his birthday in Australia, so I hope you gave him something nice." She said with a childish pout, holding the little boy's head closer into her chest, making him feel quite uneasy.

"W-well…" he began, his embarrassment obvious by now.

When Jim was finally able to pry himself out of his mother's arms, he ran back to the truck, exclaiming over his shoulder, "Just wait, Mom! You'll love her!"

Jinsei's eyes lit up, "You brought a little girlfriend with him?!"

"Not quite…" her father-in-law mumbled, turning to watch the scene unfold as he heard Jim's brown boots thud against the ground, signaling his return.

"Let me see what you're Ojii-san got for—GOOD LORD!!"

When Jim made it back around to the right side of the truck where everybody was, he held a young, medium-sized crocodile in his arms. The reptile stared through yellow eyes at her with its huge mouth opening up to yawn.

"JIMU, YOU PUT THAT THING DOWN THIS INSTANT!" she shrieked, clinging to Ginka's left arm in fright.

"Whoa!" Johan gasped in interest.

"Cool!!" Judai called from back by the corner of the house, watching with eyes wide in wonder, "He gave you a crocamadilay!"

Jim laughed good-naturedly, "No, no, Ju-chan! She's a crocodile! And her name's Karen! Isn't that right, Karen?"

The female crocodile closed its long mouth and seemed to nod, letting out a pleasant hiss. The black-haired boy smiled, hugging her close.

"She's the best gift ever!"

"Ginka-san… May I speak to you… in private…?" the woman said slowly, her shock slowly beginning to change her mood.

"Aww… but I wanted to—" the old man began, but was interrupted immediately.

"NOW!!" Jinsei Andersen shouted, getting everyone's attention as she stared with rage and surprise swirling in her insane oceanic eyes.

Nodding in defeat, Ginka allowed himself to be yanked up the steps to the house and through the big white doors.

With the two adults out of the picture, Judai and Johan raced up to Jim and watched in amazement as he put the crocodile on the ground, allowing it to look up at the two little boys with curiosity.

"Yay! Is Karen going to be a new member of our family, Onii-san?" Johan asked, sparkles of hope in his eyes.

Jim nodded, "She sure is!"

"Me, too?" Judai asked, a light blush of embarrassment over his cheeks.

The other two smiled, nodding, "Yup!"

Emerald's Notes & Nonsense:

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