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: Fragment No.02 : RevelationA New Star Student

Thick streams of daylight lit up the dorm room, no curtains drawn to keep them out of the small living area. A digital alarm clock sat on the bedside table, bright red numbers reading 06:29 AM.

Although, normally, the maroon red bed sheets atop the mattress would be crumpled and piled up over a large lump, this was not the case that morning. Judai Yuki, a seventeen-year-old Junior, was sitting up in bed, the sheets covering his legs, which were folded up Indian-style. He had leaned forward, his elbow on his right knee while his hand held his cheek and chin in place. Chocolate brown eyes scanned over his dorm room, noticing how much it had changed over the past decade that he had inhabited it.

He still had a regular-sized bed, big enough that his feet would not fall off the edge of it when lying down flat and straight. His bedside table, wardrobe, dresser, and desk were still in the same place, but there were several papers and folders scattered over the top of his working area. A small mini-fridge had been brought in a few years back, placed conveniently at the corner of the room and to the right of the desk.

The brunette sighed, picking up his left hand to scratch at his brown and orange hair while his right reached over to the alarm clock. Just as the numbers turned from 29 to 30 and the ear-splitting buzzer rung, he easily pressed the button that would turn it off. With the room quiet again, all he did was stare down at his lap as he placed his hands over the sheets.

He didn't… come for me this year either… He thought forlornly, a weak smile pulling the sides of his lips upward a bit.

Ever since Judai had first come to Saint Fordé's Catholic Academy for Boys, even though he had made wonderful friends, he was continually waiting and hoping for the day that his childhood best friend would appear to him again. It had been ten long years, so time had decided to play a cruel game of erosion with his memories. He could no longer remember his special friend as well as he used to, and all that he knew for sure was the nickname that he, his mother, and his friend's family had called him.

"Jo-kun…" He mumbled inaudibly, his fingers clenching around the bed sheets tightly, "Why haven't you tried to contact me…?" Chocolate eyes slowly turned to gaze out the window into the clear blue sky, "Why haven't… you come to get me?"

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

Several students dressed in maroon or white uniforms flooded the halls, making their way to their classes for the morning. Judai Yuki was among them, but though he held his schoolbag loosely over his shoulder, he was staring up at the ceiling distractedly.

"Aniki!!" a high-pitched voice called from behind him.

Judai blinked, stopping abruptly and turning slightly to look over his shoulder. His best friend Sho Marufuji was hurrying toward him, turquoise hair bouncing up and down with every attempt at a long, jumping step that he took. The brunette could not help the grin that curled onto his face as he chuckled at how silly the shorter junior looked as he swung his book bag to and fro.

"Ha, ha… Ohayo, Sho." He greeted, grinning widely.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Aniki! Where were you this morning? We ate breakfast without you!"

All the chocolate-eyed teen could do was shrug as he continued walking down the hallway, the little blunette following along beside him, "I just… wasn't hungry today."

"Y-you weren't hungry? You?" Sho raised a questioning eyebrow, "Does this have anything to do with what happened yesterday? I heard from Fubuki that there was a fight, but he didn't let on any details, so…"

Judai sighed deeply, feeling his right eye twitch at the memory, "It… was nothing too big. I was just on my way down to the auditorium when I ran into Santiago and his goons."

He froze for a split second, an icicle of fear poking his heart when he recalled how his nemesis had compared him to Judas Iscariot. Gulping, he managed to continue without his voice shaking, and eventually forgetting about that minor incident.

"They tried to take me down, but then," Again, he paused, his eye twitching again in annoyance when he remembered what happened next, "some new guy showed up and scared them all away."

Sho breathed a sigh of relief, "Haa… Is that right? Did you remember to thank him?"

The brunette scoffed, rolling his eyes to look over to the right side of the ceiling as they walked, "Tch, yeah, I thanked him… And then that jerk went and started a fight with me."

"A fight?! You got into a fight??"

With how loudly the Marufuji boy had exclaimed, Judai had to stop himself from slapping his hand over his mouth. He did, however, pull his index finger to his face and hiss "shhh!" at him.

"Dude, not so loud! If the staff catches wind of this, I'll get in trouble again."

"But, Aniki… you got into a fight! It's a normal thing for this to happen with Santiago, but with someone you just met?" the blunette frowned up at him, "And you say he started the fight, right?"

Judai thought for a moment, thinking back to that moment.

"Don't call me troublesome."

"I'll call you troublesome if I think you're troublesome. Now back off, y'troublesome kid!"


He grinned stupidly, "Heh… Okay, maybe I did start the fight…"

"Aniki." Sho slapped his forehead, eyes shut as he shook his head.

"What? He called me 'troublesome!!' What else was I gonna do?"

"Most people would've ignored him! What is it with you and that word?"

Judai shook his head and put his hands behind his head, still loosely holding onto his bag, "It's nothing you have to know about…"

Sho made a concerned look at the older boy before changing the subject slightly, "Okay, then… What did Santiago want this time?"

The brunette thought back again and chuckled, "He said that he wanted what Principal Shepherd gave me last week; probably thought that it was an award or something. It's actually just a photograph."

"A picture? Of who?" the little junior asked, tilting his head.

The two came to a stop in the corridor and stepped out of the way of traffic as Judai pulled out the slightly folded, glossy photograph that was given to him previously. A woman with long pumpkin orange hair stood centered with her left hand on her hip and her right holding a basket of what seemed to be towels. Golden honey eyes sparkled cheerily at the camera as a brilliant smile graced her lips.

"It's a picture of my mom, Sho… a recent one." He explained, smiling softly at the photograph, "I don't know how Principal Shepherd got a hold of this, but… I'm really, really glad to know that my mom is alright."

Sho already knew about how long it had been since Judai had seen his mother; after all, he himself went back to visit his legal guardian, who was his aunt, during the school vacations, while his best friend was always forced to stay on campus.

Looking to the picture in his friend's hand, Sho smiled, too, looking up at his face and saying, "So this is your mom! You two have the same smile."

Judai felt a pleasant warmth in his chest upon hearing the compliment, his cheeks reddening slightly as he smiled brightly like his mother in the picture at the blunette, "Really? Y'think so?"

"Yeah, I do." The Marufuji boy replied, delicately plucking the photo out of the other's hand and looking closely at it, "It's a really dreamy, girlie smile, so you have to watch out for the guys who mistake you for a girl! Be really careful, Aniki!"

"Aagh, shut up!" the older junior laughed, tossing his left arm around Sho's shoulders and shaking him playfully.

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

The Algebra II classroom was filled with several juniors, and even a couple of sophomores. Everyone had someone to talk to, if not to pick on, but this was because everyone in the school already knew each other. Even though the population of the school was easily somewhere over a thousand, one could not walk two feet without recognizing someone's face, though they did not have to remember their name.

Sho Marufuji sat in the second-to-last row from the back of the room, the column at the center. To his left sat a hunched-over Judai Yuki with arms folded over the desk and his head laid on top of them. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that he had dozed off during the last few minutes before class would start, but Judai was known for sleeping through entire lessons.

The blunette shook his head, a small grin on his face as he opened up his brand new notebook and took his maroon red fountain pen from a pencil case attached to his book bag. Grey eyes scanned the rest of the room for anyone else they knew, easily spotting the always-smart, never-wrong, White-and-Blue Daichi Misawa standing by one of the three bookshelves on the left side of the room and conversing with a White-and-Red Taigo Sorano. Looking to the other side of the room, he found the fellow Red-and-White Austin O'Brien to be sitting in a desk at the center of the first row and successfully ignoring two White-and-Reds who were trying to talk to him.

Sho sighed, noticing how much the uniform color system added to the already large problem of prejudice at the Catholic school. Several White-and-Blues tended to bully the red-and-whites for simply wearing their uniform. Some of them had even been unfortunate enough to pick a fight with his best friend and lose, which mostly put an end to any bullying to Judai and his friends.

The only person who persistently provoked Judai was Santiago Aguilar, but he was a Red just like them. His prejudice, however, did not lie in the colors of the uniforms, but actual racial differences. It was a complete mystery as to why the Mexican American boy held such hatred toward Japanese Americans. He was alright with the French, English, and even Australian students who attended the school, but it was only the Japanese that he had a problem with.

The blunette tried his best to keep looking anywhere but toward Santiago, who sat in the first column and the very back of the room. He already knew that if they were to lock eyes, he could expect to get beat up, the same way he had several years ago.

Creeeeak! SLAM!

The students in the room suddenly fell silent, those who were not seating walking to an empty desk and sitting down. Daichi Misawa approached Sho and gave him a smile in greeting before taking the seat in front of him. Again, the little junior looked around the room, noting that there was an empty desk behind his best friend before looking back to the front of the room toward the teacher.

Professor Kouji Satou stood behind the podium at the front of the class, harshly turning his head so that his long, midnight black hair would not sit over his shoulder. He brought his right hand up and, with his index and middle fingers, pushed his large, round glasses up the bridge of his nose. Dark blue eyes watched the class of students uninterestedly as he slammed his hand on top of the podium and used his vacant one to motion toward the entrance and exit to the room.

"Well, as you all know already, I'm your Algebra II teacher for the semester. The interesting thing about this introduction is that we seem to have a new student joining us." He explained, anger sloppily hidden behind his calm voice.

The door opened once again, though slowly. All of the boys in the room, except for the one who was fast asleep, stared at the doorway as a tall, unfamiliar blunette entered.

The light teal blue-haired junior wore a White-and-Blue sleeveless turtleneck, the colors of his uniform showing that, even though he was a new student, he was predicted to become one of the top students in the class. A slightly nervous grin sat on his face as he scratched his cheek with his right index finger and held his book bag with his left.

Sho watched with interest; a new student in the junior section? You don't see those everyday… He thought, agreeing with himself before realizing that his best friend was still fast asleep and missing everything.

He cautiously leaned over to his left side and shook his fellow Red's shoulder, "Aniki! Aniki, wake up!"

"Nngeh…" Judai Yuki groaned in irritation before picking up his head and looking from left to right, whining, "What gives?"

"Come over here and introduce yourself, Son." Professor Satou commanded almost immediately, but in his attempt to stop himself, his voice cracked.

The entire class jumped at such a voice from the usually calm and mellow teacher; the new guy quickly jogged over to stand beside the teacher and the podium.

Judai, once he had effectively gotten rid of the groggy fog over his mind, snapped into full awareness and lowered himself in his seat to somehow keep the new student from spotting him in the sea of sitting boys.

Shit! It's that jerk from yesterday!

The blunette bowed his head slightly to his classmates, "My name is Johan and I just transferred to Saint Fordé's recently. I was the top of my class at my old school, but that might not be saying much since I was home-schooled…"

Everyone laughed at his silly joke, but the teacher, still identifiably angry, pointed out the empty desk in the last row, "Just go sit down…"

The brunette froze, mentally screaming at how Professor Satou was pointing right at him. To his right, Sho whispered that the only empty seat in the room was the one behind him. Judai paled, sinking further where he sat; it was just his luck that the new guy would have to sit behind him.

As Johan made his way up the column toward his desk, he smirked cruelly at the two-tone Red. Upon passing him, he sat down casually, leaving Judai to think he might be left alone for that period of the day.

Judai reluctantly straightened himself in his chair, jumping slightly when he felt the vibration of the blunette slamming his boots into the metal basket beneath his desk. He winced, groaning inwardly as he leaned his head down until THUNK! It collided with the desktop in front of him.

This Johan guy was going to make his school life Hell.

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

Once the actual class had started, only a handful of students were paying attention. The rest seemed to be focused on how strange it was to have a new student transfer into the school so late in their education. Johan, however, seemed to be ignoring the stares he was receiving, in favor of listening in on the first lesson of the year.

When the black-haired teacher turned around to face his students, he stopped and stared at how over half of the boys had the back of their heads to him and their eyes glued to the blunette. He clenched his fist tightly around his black, dry erase Expo marker, his anger doubling to the point that it was completely audible in his voice as he shouted.


Santiago Aguilar leaned back in his chair, one hand behind his head while the other ran through his curly hair. His icy blue eyes looked off toward the door longingly, but he still spoke aloud in reply to the troubled professor.

"El chico nuevo seguro es algo interesante… Maybe you should sit him in the front so everybody'll look in your direction."

Professor Satou looked like he was about to snap the plastic marker in half, but he simply turned around to face the board and erased everything Algebra II-related that he had written on it.

"I can only infer that everyone here doesn't believe that they need to learn Algebra II! Well, why don't we take it up a notch? Or perhaps even two!" He wrote the word SINE on the whiteboard, big enough for everyone to see, "Can anyone tell me what the derivative of sine is? Anyone? Anyone??"

Every boy in the room looked to one-another, wondering if anyone knew the answer. Daichi Misawa, the Brain of the school, smiled knowingly and slowly brought his hand up to get the attention of the professor; he would proudly answer the question, as usual.

"I know it!" a voice from the back of the room said.

Once again, everyone turned around to look at Johan, who had his hand raised up straight with a hopeful look on his face. Misawa's hand, not high enough to see, went limp and fell back down onto the desk as indigo blue eyes stared at the new kid in disbelief.

"Is that so? Tell me, Johan; what do you think the answer is?" Professor Satou asked mockingly, doubting that the other knew.

The blunette smiled as he answered, "It's cosine, right?"

"N—yes… Yes, the answer is cosine," the teacher said slowly, his anger having dissolved completely, "But, how did—Aagh, it's no matter…"

He straightened the collar of his white work shirt before erasing the word from the board and writing , "Next question… What is the derivative of X squared?"

This time, Misawa raised his hand quickly and answered without being called on, "The derivative of X squared is two X!"

"Correct." The teacher wrote = 2x beside the before writing √x and asking aloud, "What is the anti-derivative of the square root of x?"

Two hands shot up into the air, both students standing up from their seats and replying in unison, "Two-thirds X to the power of three over two!!"

"What formula did you use?"

"X to the power of N plus one over N plus one!" Again, the midnight black-haired genius and the light teal blue-haired student spoke simultaneously.

Just as the two had stopped speaking, Taigo Sorano stood up and asked, "What are the numbers for pi?"

"Three point one four." Was all Johan said, light green eyes looking to Misawa when he chuckled triumphantly.

"Ah, but that's just the shortened form! The entire numerical form for pi is actually three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six two six four three three eight three two seven nine five zero two eight—"

Suddenly, there was clapping from the corner of the room, successfully interrupting the White-and-Blue student and attracting everyone's attention. Santiago sat with his hands clapping together slowly; when he stopped, he just laughed and said,

"¡Ustedes dos son muy divertidos! But I think it'd be a good idea to get back to actually learning Algebra II, don't you?"

The rest of the boys, who had no idea what was going on, agreed, all of them turning to face the front of the room and the professor. Sho looked to the Mexican American out the corner of his eye, wondering why he, of all people, would break up a competition that killed time during class.

Professor Satou was smiling at the two students who were quite knowledgeable in the ways of mathematics, touched that there were teenagers who would fight over smarts in such a way. He enthusiastically erased the Calculus problems from the whiteboard and began to write the easier, Algebra II math questions on it again.

"Now, then, what is the…"

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

Johan Andersen sighed as he walked calmly down the hallway of the Core Class Studies building, a small wave of relief washing over him. He seemed to have learned a thing or two from the tour he had taken with the freshmen the previous day. The Core Class Studies building stood to the left of the main building, and behind it stood the Extra Curricular building, which not only held the classrooms for electives but for clubs, as well.

"Ha, haa… Thank you, Lord, for helping me remember these things…" He mumbled with his face tilted up toward the ceiling and his eyes closed.

Having not been watching where he was going, he accidentally bumped his shoulder into that of a White-and-Red student. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed teen glared at him and swore in some other language before continuing on his way. The blunette could only guess that the other had said something like "watch where you're going."

Looking downward, he noticed that he had dropped his schoolbag, which had popped open and let his math and history books, along with his notebooks, fall out. He whined quietly to himself, kneeling down to straighten his bag.

"Hey, you don't use that kind of language during school hours, Ansgar!" a deep voice scolded someone behind him.

Johan turned to look over his shoulder, finding a man with long dark teal hair in a long black coat that had white linings reprimanding the guy he had run into.

"Ah, ich entschuldige mich, Zane." The German American boy, Ansgar, apologized with a slight bow of his head before leaving.

The junior blinked, watching for a moment longer than he should have. The older blunette looked to him, a small, pleasant smile on his face. Johan could feel heat rise in his cheeks as he quickly looked back down to his fallen books and hurried to scoop them back up into his bag.

The man took a few steps toward him, bending to pick up the other's U.S. History I book. He snickered quietly to himself as he came closer and held it out to him, "I think it's fair for you to know… that Mr. Bonaparte's history class is a full-on lecture course. You won't need your textbook in the room."

Johan took the book and slid it into his book bag, having finally gotten everything back into it. Light green eyes looked up into dark teal ones.

"Thanks. Err… are you in his class, too?" He looks a little old to be a student…

"Heh… I suppose you could say that… I'm the new teacher's aide, Zane Truesdale. I graduated from this school last year, but I'm staying to help out for a while." The much taller teen replied, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

The lighter-haired blunette looked up at the ceiling for a moment in thought, "That's cool… but am I supposed to call you Mr. Truesdale…?"

Zane laughed aloud, clapping his right hand over Johan's shoulder and leading him into the classroom to their right, "There's no need for that. Just call me Zane; everybody does."

The U.S. History I room was significantly larger than the Algebra II room had been. It looked like a mini auditorium, but it was actually a standard lecture room with several rows of long tables and screwed-in spinning chairs. There were stairs leading up to the back row on either side of the room; by the amount of seats, one would assume that around 30 to 50 students could occupy the room comfortably.

With the ten minute break between classes coming to an end, most of the students assigned to that course were already inside. Again, Johan noticed the variety of different colored uniforms.

A certain copper-haired senior sat in the second row, casting an uninterested glance toward the door. Once amber brown eyes caught sight of the teacher's aide, his face lit up like a Christmas tree and his lips curled into a wide smile.


The dark teal-haired man turned in the direction of the call, only to find the brunette that he called his best friend clinging to his left arm. All outward emotion that had shown on his face before suddenly vanished, showing nothing but slight irritation on an otherwise blank expression.

Johan noticed his skin lose some of its color and how he instantly lost the friendly glow he had held only a minute or so earlier. Curious, light green hues looked over to the Red-and-White clad senior that had clamped onto his new friend's shoulder. Upon spotting his hair color, a unique shade of light copper, and his eyes, light brown but not quite gold, he effortlessly identified who he was and that they had met before.

That's the guy who broke up the fight yesterday. He pointed out mentally, staring at him gracelessly, Thinking back, I'm really glad he did… Getting in trouble and having a fight put down on my permanent record would not be an achievement to be proud of.

The brunette, having realized he was being observed intently, connected his gaze with Johan's. A cheerfully bright grin was plastered to his face as he leaned away from Zane to have a better look at the younger blunette.

"Oh, and who do we have he—whoa! You're that kid from yesterday!"

The Andersen boy stiffened; what was he supposed to do now? If he had recognized the other, what in Heaven's name made him think it would not work the other way around?

Zane's gloomy disposition was replaced with one of interest as he raised an eyebrow at his friend, "You've met?"

"Of course!" the senior clarified, his grin widening, "He's the one that got into a f—"

Johan automatically began to laugh loudly, interrupting the other and stopping him from finishing his sentence, "Ah, yeah! We met yesterday, but I didn't get your name! Come to think of it, I didn't give you mine, either, did I?"

The two older boys stared at him, confused at his random outburst. The Red-and-White student, however, merely shrugged it off a second later and introduced himself merrily.

"I'm Fubuki Tenjoin, Saint Fordé's idol and very own Blizzard King!" He gave him a thumbs-up and winked as he stated a couple of his titles around the school, "Nice to meet you, … err…"

"Johan An—ah, I'm just Johan." The light-haired blunette smiled weakly, finding it hard to keep his family name to himself, I can't tell anybody here that I'm an Andersen… They'll just want to be my friends because of my dad.

He could tell that Fubuki wanted to be nosy and ask what his last name was, but he thanked the good Lord above when Zane piped into the conversation.

"Well, Johan, don't pay too much attention to Fubuki. He was supposed to graduate last year with me, but didn't."

The brunette frowned and made puppy dog eyes at his best friend, whining while shaking his arm feebly, "That's not nice, Zane! Don't be advertising that to everybody!!"

Johan could not stop himself from grinning goofily and chuckling, "How do you fail in Catholic school?"

Fubuki felt a sense of déjà vu, vaguely recalling someone asking him the very same thing prior to that day. He was about to open his mouth to respond, but instead watched as Zane put his hands on either of Johan's shoulders from behind and steered him up to an empty seat in the first row.

"Don't answer that."

-------[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX]-------

After second period U.S. History I had finally ended, Johan speedily packed up his lecture notes and pencils. Although he was more familiar with the campus that day than he had been the day before, he was still short on friends and someone to hang out with until he was completely settled into life at a private school. He hastily walked up to where Fubuki stood waiting for Zane to finish collecting his own set of notes from the short and stout Professor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fubuki's eye pulled itself to his left, sensing someone there. Turning his head slightly and noticing Johan, he smiled in a friendly way at him, "What's up? Need something?"

"Ahm… W-would it be alright if I just hung out with you and Zane for lunch? Since I'm new, I haven't really made any other friends…" the junior explained sheepishly, cheeks bright red in embarrassment as he stared down at the carpeted floor of the lecture hall.

The brunette laughed aloud, running his right hand through his light copper locks, "I gotcha… And you can't really call Judai your friend, even though he was the first person you met yesterday, right?"

"Judai?" Johan blinked, trying to remember who it was that went by that name.

The annoying Red-and-White student who had picked that fight with him the day before came to mind, and he hazily remembered the genius from his Algebra II class calling the two tone-haired brunette by that name. His face contorted with slight disgust; how the hell had that loser make friends with the Brain of the school?

"… from the look on your face, I'll take that as a 'yes, you're right, Fubuki.'" Fubuki shook his head and winked, "It's alright, then, but don't be surprised when we get to the cafeteria, okay?"

"Huh?" Johan tilted his head and squinted one of his eyes a little, What does he mean by 'surprised?'

Before he could ask, Zane Truesdale had already approached the two of them, his binders held securely beneath his arm, "So, are we all going to lunch, or what?"

The brunette and the younger blunette grinned widely as they all started walking, exiting the room, and then the entire building. The walk to the main building was a relatively short one, though it was thanks to Fubuki's constant babbling about many different and random things, such as surfboards and baby rattles. Prior to meeting Fubuki, Johan might never have seen a connection between such items; it was quite fascinating, but also very amusing as Zane tried his best to either ignore or shut the senior up.

Upon reaching the cafeteria, the lunch line had been divided up into about five different lines, depending on what kind of food the students wanted to eat. Although it was the designated lunchtime of the school, there were people who showed up much earlier or much later to eat, so the lines, thankfully, were not as long as one might expect from an academy of over a thousand students.

Fubuki's amber eyes scanned over the food selection, wondering what he should get, "Aagh… It all looks so good! What're you gonna get, Johan?"

The junior was taken aback by the question, especially since it was his first time eating lunch there, "Uhh… I don't really care… What're you gonna get, Zane?"

He blushed embarrassedly, feeling a little bit nervous for having been put on the spot and repeating what his new friend had said.

"I'm gonna go for one of Tome's cheeseburgers… I don't know what she does to those things, but they're good." Zane answered, staring up at the ceiling for a moment before closing his eyes and getting in the line for those with a taste of burgers.

"I guess I'll just get one of those, too!" Fubuki chuckled, hopping next to his best friend.

Johan looked around at the selection one more time, pausing when he spotted spaghetti and meatballs on the menu. He could feel himself salivating at the thought of eating it, so he hesitantly walked to the end of the line, standing there with his hands in his pockets and throwing a weak smile over to the other two.

"I'm in the mood for some spaghetti… Do you guys mind waiting up for me when you get your lunch?"

Zane just smiled while Fubuki winked, the failure of the two replying with a, "Don't sweat it! We won't leave you alone in this huge cafeteria!"

It was not long until Johan had made his way to the front of the line, a rather plain-looking cafeteria worker holding onto a tray and asking him how much spaghetti he wanted. The blunette was confused at first, but soon found that there were many different sized bowls one could choose from. His stomach wailed uncomfortably, making him wince just a bit at its loudness before he finally pointed at the biggest bowl. The bowl was then filled with the stringy noodles, chunky mushroom meat sauce, and the hand-rolled meatballs. Once handed the tray, along with a fork and a spoon, he walked away with a dreamy look in his eyes.

Aah… I can eat as much as I want now that I'm out of the house! He chuckled to himself as he took a Dasani water bottle from the drinks table and strode over to his friends, "So where're we gonna sit?"

He did not receive an answer as Zane took off, Fubuki and Johan following after him. A faint snicker came from the brunette, attracting the junior's attention.

"What's so funny?"

The senior shook his head, "It's nothing."

Johan was a little skeptical, but decided not to press the matter. Soon, they had arrived at a long rectangular table with several fold-up chairs set up around it. There were other students already sitting there, but the younger blunette paid no attention to them as he watched the teacher's aide take the seat at the very end of the table. Fubuki took his seat to the dark teal-haired man's right side on the corner, so Johan decided to take the seat to Fubuki's right. He placed his tray down on the table, but the moment he did, he took the time to look at who was sitting across from him.

He froze in place, the other doing the same. Glares were instantly exchanged between light green eyes and light chocolate brown ones. The two tone-haired Red shoved himself up to his feet from his seat. The both of them simultaneously turned to Zane, asking the same thing in unison.

"What the hell's he doing here?!"

Fubuki broke out laughing, banging his fist on the tabletop hysterically. Zane just raised an eyebrow at them before rolling his eyes and taking a bite out of his cheeseburger. To the aide's left sat the small junior with a big bush of turquoise blue hair; Sho Marufuji looked uneasy as he looked from his best friend to Johan and back several times.

The two juniors glared at each other furiously, their growls growing louder the longer their eyes stayed connected. Eventually, the little Marufuji tugged on his fellow Red's sleeve, successfully getting him to at least sit down properly.

Although everyone at the table had already retrieved their trays of food, none of them were eating, aside from Zane, in favor of watching the two boys who seemed to have some bad blood between them.

Sho leaned to his right, whispering over to the teacher's aide loudly, "How can you eat with the air so thick?"

Zane shrugged, popping a fry into his mouth and chewing on it, "It's not hard… This isn't the first time Judai's gotten into a glaring contest with somebody. Remember Santiago? And when I'm in a bad mood, he challenges me; albeit, he never wins…"

Judai Yuki, never taking his eyes off of the blunette in front of him, picked up his fork and bumped the flat end of it against the table, holding it beside the large bowl of spaghetti on his tray. Johan slowly took his own into his hand, poising it over his own bowl, equally sized and equally full.

Their eyes burned, challenging one another silently; who can finish their food the fastest?

The brunette's eyebrows furrowed together; Ready?

The new guy spun his fork expertly around his fingers before knocking its blunt end against the side of the porcelain bowl; Go!

Both of them immediately dug into their spaghetti, messily sending small droplets of meat sauce flying to either side of them.

The people around them watching could not tear their eyes away, for fear of missing who would come out victorious. It was evident to the spectators, however, that Judai was eating much faster, even if he was also stuffing pieces of buttered toast down his throat at the same time.

A minute or so later, it was all over. Judai threw his fork down into the empty bowl, meat sauce splattered over his mouth and cheeks. A huge grin was plastered to his face as he leaned back in his chair and looked down on his opponent.

"Ha, ha, I win." He said simply, sticking his tongue out at the blunette.

Johan glared, wiping his mouth with a napkin grudgingly, "Yeah, well, that's what I get for challenging a human garbage disposal to a food duel."

"What'd y'call me now?!"

Sho sunk back into his chair, frowning deeply, "Is this how it's gonna be for the rest of the year?"

Zane smiled, shaking his head and nudging the little junior, "You've got to admit, though… They're pretty entertaining."