Chapter 4

Half answers

We sped through the streets at a fast pace, the wind whipped my hair in all types of directions, drying it in a small amount of time, at some point I had hair almost going down my throat. The midday sun was sweltering, even though it was just barely eleven. I felt like I was either going to melt from the heat I was receiving from the midday sun, Jake's black jacket and Jake himself.

My hands being on his waist could feel him heating up as well. I pulled myself up to his ear, or to where I thought he'd be able to hear me.

"I'M BOILING, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE?" The wind carried away my voice, so I thought that he wouldn't be able to hear me but he lifted his left hand up and signaled two minutes by holding up two fingers. I nodded, just to myself trying to convince myself this wasn't actually happening.

Okay… Neeko, his blood didn't taste like berries, your teeth didn't grow, he didn't hit his fist into the wall, it was simply a scratch, his eyes haven't been changing colour… What the fuck am I saying, that happened! Ugh, why does it have to be so difficult? Oh and fuck, it's hot!

The motor slowing down and Jake placing his feet down on the ground shook me out of my rambling thoughts. I looked around and noticed that we were in the industrial area, there were large, rusty warehouses towering over us, making me feel like a midget. And to make things even eerier was the fact that there was no one around except the two of us. The next thing I expect is to see a piece of tumbleweed like in those westerns, I thought to myself, trying to cheer myself up.

We were parked outside one of the monster warehouses, I looked at it and for some reason I just knew it had something to do with all the shit that had occurred today. I quickly hopped off the bike and was soon followed by Jake; he just shot me a somewhat sad look, grabbed the handles and pushed the bike forward, towards the large roller door.

He stopped next to the large door and entered a ten digit number; the only way I had caught that, was the beeping and I simply counted the amount of beeps. The large door rolled open automatically and Jake walked inside. I looked around contemplating my choices; either I go inside, or I walk around in this deserted hell, I would probably contract tetanus from just breathing the air. Inside it is!

I surged forward, through the large doors, my eyes taking a few seconds to adjust to the light inside the warehouse.

"What the fuck Jake?" I exclaimed turning to Jake who was standing to my right, I heard the faint echo of my voice continuing along the warehouse, but ignored it. I turned back to the scene in front of me. "What is a gymnastics arena doing in this warehouse?"

I turned back to Jake and could see a smirk pull at the corners of his mouth.

"Well after I tell you some stuff, I would rater prefer that, if I get hit, that I would land on a soft-ish surface, and I know that you did gymnastics when you were younger" he explained calmly, stepping closer towards me.

I just took in the place, it was MASSIVE, and there was everything one would need to practice gymnastic and some other fun looking things, like the pit full of big foam blocks. I just wanted to jump into it and hide from the world. I continued looking and noticed that all surfaces were covered in thick, blue foam, the walls and floors were all blue.

"Okay so what the fuck am I?" I asked staring to get fairly irritated.

"Neeko, stop with that language, it is extremely unbecoming, and demonstrates a lack of intelligence," Jake chastised me, sounding somewhat featherlike.

"Please just stop with the jokes, just stop everything, get to the point," I said slowly sinking to the floor, leaning against the foam wall and staring across the vast open space. I heard the creaking of the roller door closing, I looked up momentarily and saw Jake walk toward me. Looking back across the gym, I heard him slide down the wall, leaving a small gap between us.

My heart flared momentarily, but I immediately reprimanded it, thinking back to the serious nature of this little chat I was about to have with this fine specimen next to me.

I heard him draw in a large gulp of air and then he almost whispered the statement, "We are vampires."

I took in a large breath of air and just stared at the vast amount of blue in front of me, "no," I heard myself whisper to no one in particular.

"Neeko, that is what we are," he paused for more than ten seconds, then continued, "I would never lie to you, and even though you only had a miniscule amount of my blood… I know that… you know that…" He said, I looked at him and he was staring at me intently trying to communicate that message through his eyes. For some weird reason a little voice in my head screamed, 'it's true he would NEVER lie to you' and I believed it.

"But I'm totally tanned, how is that possible? I've always been tanned…" I trailed off, knowing that what I was saying was complete nonsense.

"You can't believe movies, not a single one has it right, in the eighteenth century, there was a law that passed that said that vampires couldn't expose themselves to humans anymore, the vampire legends just stayed behind, but they have not been correct," he paused to take a breath. "First of all, both of us aren't full vampires… yet, that transformation will occur when we chose, I haven't made the choice yet, because I'm still trying to see as much as I can of the human world before my thirst gets the better of me. Secondly, yes I drink blood, it helps the transition. But ultimately the decision is yours, but you will start to crave blood and it just becomes difficult. The longest someone has put off the transition, was about sixty-three years, that's the age of our oldest elder, by the way. Thirdly, you will start to feel somewhat suffocated by the sun at its highest point, much like what happened today. Its highly uncomfortable, I can tell you that when you start to drink blood it becomes worse.

"I sometimes become so lethargic I have a nap, that is when exposed to direct sun, but even if I am inside my home, my body just wants to sleep, that is where that whole 'vampires don't go out during the day' stuff comes from," he said using his hands to do inverted commas. "Fourthly, when you transition you will not want to actually go into the sunlight, you will still be able to do it, you will just experience a smothering feeling, I've been told, that's the reason why vampires are generally depicted as pale creatures" he stared at me.

I just blinked. So many thoughts were racing around in my mind, a rational, HUMAN, part screamed NO! But there was another part that was accepting this revelation, it was much larger that the "rational" side.

"How do you transition?" I asked quietly, trying to find my voice.

"I'm sorry I'm not able to tell you that, you need to accept this fully, there will be many others that you can ask; just don't ask me at the moment, its difficult enough, and knowing that I have to do it at some point, it's horrid." He looked at me calmly and I could almost read is thoughts through his purple eyes, WAIT! Purple? What? I felt confused.

"The transition has to do with death, doesn't it?" I looked into his eyes more thoroughly and saw anguish, that gave me the answer. "You're right; I'm going to ask some other people at a later date. Um quick question…" I looked at the vault and heard a hmm and continued, "what's with your eyes, they keep changing colour…" I looked back at him and he was smiling again.

"Its this semi-empathic thing I've got going on, most of the time it's a combo of my mood and another persons, what's the colour of my eyes now?" he asked and I quickly said light green, due to his mood change I figured it had changed. "Well, because you seem fairly down, I'm going to assume you are feeling a bit depro, but also accepting, so light blue, but I'm feeling cheerful, because you asked about my eyes, so yellow, and what is yellow and light blue?"

"Light green," I concluded quietly, a small smile creeping onto my lips, I looked up at his eyes and actually saw them changing colour, continuing towards a more yellow-green.

"How do you know about all this… vampire stuff," I asked, knowing the smile had left my face.

"Well unlike you, I grew up around vampires, so from a young age, I've known, and was taught about it all and how to control my body," he motioned his hand to the equipment in front of us, "that's the reason why this is here, from a young age, we are taught to have large amounts of stamina, some of the worlds best gymnasts are actually vampires, like my sister actually, but they generally have to fake an injury so that the humans don't suspect them of being weird or supernatural," he flashed me a small smile and continued, "you on the other hand did not grow up with vampires, you were in the custody of humans, or we refer to them as Minders. Pretty much they care for up until they are requested to return to the coven, they are your temporary parents. You Nicoletta, have been requested. You are old enough to know of the coven and not overreact." He looked at me and I once again was trapped in his eyes.

"Who requested me?" I said out loud, knowing that the sentence sounded odd.

"Your father," Jake replied solemnly.

"So you are saying that Lorein Johnson is not my mother?" I asked slowly, trying to comprehend the words.

"Yes, that is right, she is a Minder and she knows that you are very close to knowing your heritage." He gave me a quick smile and I just looked at my hands.

"Who is my father?" I asked quietly, speaking at my hands.

"Someone extremely important," was all he could provide me with.

"Why did you just call me Nicoletta?" I asked, thinking back to the strange name he have said a few minutes before.

"Because that is your name, Nicoletta Adrianna Raventhorne," I looked into his eyes and it glistened with pride. "Neeko is simply a nickname, that somewhat stuck apparently." His smile faded and his tone became more serious, "Neeko, your senses are going to start heightening, I am so sorry... Your process will be sped up... I am so sorry." There was a deep sadness in his eyes and his eyes became a shade of dark blue.

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to figure it out.

"Well even though you didn't have that much of my blood, it will still start to steer you towards transitioning. The first time I drunk blood, it was O positive out of a bag, and senses were barely different, you on the other hand would have had a completely different experience... Know this... Vampire blood multiplies, somewhat like a parasite, it doesn't attack your blood cells initially, it feeds from them, but usually the cells are simply awakened by drinking blood. But you having simply licked the blood from your lips caused the vampire blood to go into your system and now the cells are multiplying... Oh my dear Nicoletta, I hope you can forgive me for this. What was I thinking?" he asked more to himself.

"Sped up? How is this going to change anything?" I asked softly, knowing his chastisement of himself would continue for a while.

"Well, you will start to crave blood... bad... your senses will heighten... the worst thing about is, that you will be able to smell human blood just by being in the vicinity of them, "he was wringing his hands together distractedly.

"What if I don't want to be a part of this coven?" I asked. I moved away from him, and then sat on my haunches.

"You can go and find another coven, your parentage is such, that any coven would love to have you," he said smiling at some sort joke he had just thought of.

"You don't understand, what if I don't want any part in this... this vampire world?" I asked standing up suddenly and walking towards the vault that was a few meters in front of me.

"You have no choice, you will start to develop a strong feeling that you don't belong and you will start seeking out other vampires, the fact that your 'parents'," he paused after using his fingers to make inverted commas. As I reached the vault and sat on it, he stood up and leaned against the wall, then continued, "the fact that they aren't really your parents will work a great deal on you, I can already see it in your actions and even in your eyes, the fact that Lorein is not your mother, its killing you."

"No! You are wrong, I will not become like you and your "kind," I don't want to. I want to be me, I don't want to be anything but me," I practically screamed.

"You will still be you, just a better you. But you can't not fulfil your destiny, you are extremely imp... you just can't, it's impossible to break the hold that this has over you... The vampire genes will want more blood... you just can't break this... there are many who have tried, but none have succeeded," he had walked toward me, but now stood only five metres away from me.

"Why now? Why not three years ago? Or even in three years? Why now? It's your entire fault that I have had the process sped up..." I sobbed brokenly.

"Neeko, I of all people know that! I was completely reckless!" he replied harshly looking to me again, making sure that he hadn't startled me. I blinked a few times and he just kept going, "you were never meant to drink my blood, you were meant to... you were meant to drink a little bit out of a bag... I was meant to slowly getting you thinking about the supernatural... about us... and then, only then would you have found out what you truly are... I was actually meant to only meet you on your eighteenth birthday, but well, you were called a bit early... but this," he gestured around and then at me, "this was never meant to happen... I effed up. They are going to kill me, or even worse... drain all my blood and leave me in the sun for days... Oh I'm screwed," he uttered the last sentiment to himself.

"That sounds, uh, fun... but could we just pretend this never happened? And then I can just go on my merry little way, and live in a country, like... I don't know, uh, Moscow?" I said hastily.

"Well... personally, " he thoughtfully answered, "I wouldn't want to go to Moscow, the pixie infestation is almost uncontrollable at the moment... Oh shit," he said hurriedly, looking at the startled expression on my face. "You're startled, I can see that, but that was a joke, you know me, I joke around, there isn't a pixie infestation in Moscow... that's preposterous," he hurriedly tried to keep a smile on his face.

"You're not joking are you?" I quietly asked.


"I can't believe it! Why me? And you still haven't answered me, why now?" I shot all the questions at him, needing to ask them. Needing the truth.

"You... Well you are special..." He trailed off quietly.

"Special?" I exclaimed, "What the fuck do you mean special?" determined to know the answer, I jumped off the vault and advanced on Jake.

"That's something that I can't tell you," he answered glumly.

"Why not? You can't just tell me that I'm 'special' " I made sure to put inverted commas around the blasted word and continued, "and then say, oh but you can't know why."

"I didn't say that. Did I? No, I said that, that's something that I can't tell you, I never said that you can't know, someone will tell you soon, just hang on till then," he reasoned. The more I thought about it, the more, somewhat, reasonable that sounded.

"Just tell me now," I tried to rationalise. I started to take a few more steps forward.

"I can't tell you," he said calmly.

"UGH! You are an ass, you know that, all I wanted to know was about why I'm all that special. But noooo, you have to be stubborn and not tell me. If I'm that special then you should tell me," I argued.

"Nope," He smiled and I lost it. Without a thought I charged at him, catching him off guard, and off balance. We both toppled over. And with an 'oomph' we landed on the foamed floor. I laid there for a second just feeling the warmth, radiating off of Jake's chest. The chest that I was laying on was defined, and I knew it came from many hours in this exact warehouse.

Before I knew it, Jake had enveloped me in a hug, holding me tightly to his chest, murmuring a quiet, shhh it will be alright, you'll know everything soon enough. I didn't quite know what he was talking about, until he used to pads of his thumb to wipe at my face.

I was crying.

This realisation simply made it all the more real. And thinking back on all the things that he had told me, I just couldn't help but start to sob brokenly into his chest. He held me gently, stroking my hair softly, and murmuring soft soothing words to me.

I don't know how long we laid there but even after my tears had dried up, I simply just laid there, thinking.

And Jake allowed it.

I tried to stay awake but the strong rhythmic beating of his heart lulled me to sleep.

I snuggled into the hard, warm pillow and let out a sigh of contentment.

I let out a squeak when my warm, hard pillow chuckled. Jake, the memory came fooling back and I almost started to cry again, but I just kept listening to the beating of his heart. Taking a few breathes to calm myself before looking into his eyes, I finally looked up.

It was like I was the deer and was the headlights.

His eyes were a soft blue, I took that to mean that we were both at peace and very tranquil. With a small smile I pushed myself up and looked around.

My surroundings had not changed. We were still in a gymnastics warehouse. Getting up and stretching kept the blush I had been fighting at bay.

What if someone had walked in and caught us I the weird embrace, they would have thought all kinds of things, the heat on my cheeks burned brighter and I turned away so that Jake did not need to find out about my embarrassment.

"Jake can we go home?" I asked quietly so that my voice didn't betray the embarrassment.

Arms snaked around my waist, and his nose pressed into the juncture where my shoulder and neck meet. When he pressed his lips against it, my cheeks flared even more. Then I felt his sharpened teeth graze my neck and a shudder ran all over my body and I resisted the urge to crumble to the ground.

He nipped at my neck and then licked it gently. A low moan escaped from my throat. It felt so good. I let my head fall to the side, but all Jake did was kiss it. When he stopped a small whining noise came from my throat, upset that he had stopped.

"We should get going," he said and placed another kiss on my neck. I looked at him when he walked over and motioned for me to follow. The warehouse door creaked open and Jake walked the bike out, I followed behind him, casting one more look behind me.

As soon as I was out, I climbed onto the bike behind Jake, and off we went.

There were clouds in the sky and for some reason I knew it was already past four. Rob and mu- Lorein are gonna kill me... I thought to myself as I pressed my face into Jake's back, the warmth seeped into me and I let out another content sigh. I felt Jake chuckle, but I didn't care.

When we finally slowed down again, I looked around and we were in the suburbs, my suburb to be exact. When we pulled to a stop I kept holding onto Jake, needing some part of reality to keep me from floating into lala land.

"Uh, Neeko, we have company, " Jake said slowly, in a soft whisper, that I only just caught.

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