Author's Note: I wrote this probably two years ago. Right after season five (whenever that was) Becuase Lynn McGill/Sean Astin rock(s) so there... It could be better, and I may edit it one day...

Lynn McGill

I was just told that I have 5 minutes left to live. If I leave the room I am in now, I will die. This death, from what I have heard, will be painful. Sentox VX1 nerve gas. After 1 breath, I will become confused. After 2, I will be on my hands and knees, gasping for air. At 3, I will be foaming at the mouth, at 4; my nervous system will shut down, causing me to enter a violent seizure. At 5 I will probably be dead. My sister, Jenny died about an hour ago, so I am not in the best state of mind. This is how it happened: Jenny called me, asking for five hundred dollars. When I gave her a doctor's phone number instead, she got mad, and her boyfriend appeared and beat me up, talking my watch, wallet and CTU key-card. A terrorist shot Jenny and her boyfriend, taking my key-card and using it to access CTU. The terrorist arrived with a canister of nerve gas and placed it in the ventilation system. I didn't report my stolen card because I didn't want my employees to know I got beat up. If I would have reported the lost card immediately, I wouldn't be in this situation right now. My sister would be OK and I wouldn't here planning my own death.

To my CTU subordinates: I'm sorry for my behavior earlier; I was acting strong to build my confidence after getting beat up by a heroin addict. That's right, me, a government agent lying nearly unconscious on the cement with a bloody nose. I'm more pathetic than I thought.

Chloe says I have to go in 2 minutes. As scared as I am, this is my way of repairing my stupid actions. Good-bye CTU. Good-bye everyone. I am in holding room four with a security guard, named Harry Swinton, who is calling his 8 year old daughter to say good-bye. Jack Bauer says he will personally call my family to tell them about the sacrifices I've made. My death will be video taped and might be shown on the news later this week. Chloe, please don't say that I am a hero, because I'm not. I caused this whole thing in the first place. I am responsible for the deaths of 40% of CTU's workers and staff.

Time to go, Harry plugs his nose. I breathe in and hold my tie over my face. I've opened the door, this room is now contaminated. These are my last words.