Hi there. Thanks so much for checking out my fan-fic! (I appreciate it!) Usually I don't find myself writing things very often, since I would much rather read what other folks have to write, but I just felt the need to get this off my chest! For the record, this is my FIRST published fiction, and I'd look forward to some positive feedback. (Be easy with me!) I have no beta-reader, so this has not been proofread thoroughly. I apologize in advance for the mistakes that may pop up that I missed.

In this story, it is stated that these two had already engaged in intercourse--and this is round number two! (I am not that great at writing "firsts" so I made things simpler on myself and picked up where they left off, so to speak.) Depending on how well received this is, I may write a prelude or even a follow-up? :]

Try not to be overly critical of how I portrayed the characters. This is how I would imagine this to happen between them, as far as their thoughts/motives. I've read a few fics about these two and I just wrote something that I wanted to see, but could not find.

LEMON WARNING. If you are not mentally stable enough, or cannot handle something of this caliber, please do not go any further! This is yaoi, and it is, in my opinion, lemon rated. (just to be on the safe side)

Anyhow...this is a pairing that I fancy in Bleach: Grimmjow x Ulquiorra. I hope you enjoy.


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Ulquiorra stood silently, watching the droplets of water hitting his face from the shower-head above. The past few days had been delightfully confusing to him, and he never once stopped to take it all in. He was far too busy for it. In actuality...he was busying himself so that he did not HAVE to think about it. One name fizzled into his mind over and over again. Grimmjow. He hissed and turned his face down, closing his emerald eyes shut. Why must he be such a fool to be able to accept these feelings that had been developed? Was it a natural thing? Various queries attacked his mind, as he was not used to something quite like this.

Sighing, he reached over to grab the vial of soap and began to massage it into his dark, wet, hair. Usually, he would not concentrate on something that would be considered so trivial, but sex was just something that he would never place into a casual category. It...was something he would never give someone freely, anyhow. However, he found that he had done just that.

Yes, he and Grimmjow had sex. And, yes, he, before the aforementioned activity, was very curious and fascinated about the sixth Espada. There were days that went by and he would watch the blue haired beauty in a nonchalant way, where he would quietly possess this protective demeanor about him. Then, suddenly, it just happened. Ulquiorra was unable to recall what lead onto this occurrence, as it all came and went so abruptly, but he cursed himself for not stopping it when he knew that he should have. Nevertheless, THAT was the issue. As much as he refused to believe it, Ulquiorra could NOT resist Grimmjow in the very least. It was something about the sexta that was highly alluring and intoxicating to him. Honestly, he wanted to loathe Grimmjow, to dislike him, but it was terribly difficult to execute. There was a saying that only a fine line separates love and hate.

He shook his head and rinsed the soaps from his hair, allowing his fingertips to linger down his cheeks; he enjoyed this time to himself. Thinking back on this once more, Ulquiorra's lips twitched as if they were to form a smirk. Somewhere, he felt triumphant. Elsewhere, he felt ashamed.

The water dripped and drizzled down his body, gathering around his feet to swirl into the drain that he stood over. Eyes still closed, Ulquiorra exhaled deeply and moved his hands back into his hair to make certain the soaps had washed out.

"Need help with that?" a dreadfully familiar voice asked in this low, seductive, tone. Immediately, Ulquiorra's eyes snapped open, almost furiously, and he glared at the intruder over his shoulder.

"W-what are you---," he growled and shook his head once "...do you MIND?" Grimmjow just laughed, his smile wide and toothy, as he placed a hand on Ulquiorra's hip.

"Don't sound so excited to see me...," the sexta teased, dangling his arm around the other's waist to pull him closer.

"What are you doing in here?" Ulquiorra demanded, stepping out of the other Espada's clutches. Chuckling, Grimmjow closed the space between them once more and wrapped his arms tightly around the smaller male.

"What does it LOOK like I'm here for?" he whispered into Ulquiorra's ear. Giving no response, the brunette shivered and unintentionally leaned into Jeagerjaques' embrace. Noticing this, Grimmjow darted his tongue out to taste that sweet ear which was at his direct disposal. "...Mmm...does he like that?" Grimmjow cooed in a nearly mocking sort of voice.

"I would appreciate it if you were to leave...," Ulquiorra suggested, trying to move away.

"Yea fuckin' right!" the teal haired Arrancar interjected "...there's no way I'm lettin' this go!" he then shoved Ulquiorra against the shower wall and pinned him there by his shoulders. The dark haired Espada's eyes opened wide for a moment, and a gasp escaped his lips. He couldn't allow this to happen again!

"Grimmjow...," he warned "...it is in your best interest to stop this right now. Do not make me use force on you," his green eyes stared angrily into the stunningly gorgeous aqua coloured spheres. After this was said, Grimmjow began to laugh.

"Ha! Use force on me? Like...the first time we fucked?" he stuck his tongue out of his mouth just barely "...oh, wait. I think I was on top, right?" Ulquiorra remained silent; merely staring. He was almost incredulous, but knew all of this was true. Ulquiorra had willingly let Grimmjow take the dominant position simply because he so desperately wanted the sexta inside of him, deeply, at all costs. It was a fantasy he long imagined, to his own dismay, and had easily allowed it to occur. Saying nothing more, the Fourth Espada shut his eyes again and felt his body giving in like it had done before. His arms had dropped to his sides, dangling there weakly, and his body was completely open to Grimmjow. Never would he admit this, but Ulquiorra would do this for nobody else. It was not about ranks anymore, or who was smarter, stronger, taller, or even most powerful. It was about their natural desires.

Grinning with much appreciation, Jeagerjaques leaned forward and ran his tongue from Ulquiorra's shoulder up to his ear very, very, slowly. The dark haired Arrancar trembled and fought back a moan that was rather close from erupting; Grimmjow was most definitely good at what he does.

"S...stop this," Ulquiorra muttered, shakily raising one of his arms in an attempt to deter any further ministrations from the other Arrancar.

"Oh, you love it." the sexta gloated, swatting the pale arm back down.

Ulquiorra opened his eyes lazily to take a look at his surroundings. The shower was still running, the water warm, and there was this small cloud of steam rising between and around them. Grimmjow's body was absolutely magnificent; tanned, toned, and dripping wet. From the sight of it, a tiny blush crept onto the Fourth's ivory cheeks. Feeding off of this, Jeagerjaques leaned in closely for a kiss.

"I don't like you," Ulquiorra reminded him, plainly.

"I know...," Grimmjow retorted in this 'who are you trying to convince' tone. Once their lips touched, Ulquiorra released a hushed moan while remaining completely stationary. Grimmjow smiled into their kiss, using one hand to comb its way through Ulquiorra's wet locks of hair while his other hand wandered down the beautiful cream coloured chest. Ulquiorra wanted to shove Jeagerjaques away and tell him that he was trash. How...he should leave him alone and go about his business. Except, that would be too easy. There was something inside that the Fourth could not control, and it was a bizarre concept to try and comprehend. As their lips caressed one another, the smaller Espada was beginning to feel dizzy and vulnerable; he was no longer thinking. To Ulquiorra, no other sounds were audible excluding those from the now heated lip-lock. Schiffer was never animated with his demeanor, but at this very moment in time he was gasping and battling the tongue that was graciously invading his mouth. Grimmjow growled in an almost playful manner while he was kissing his fellow Arrancar, still running his fingertips through those long, damp, strands of hair. Tugging at Ulquiorra's lower lip, the Sixth pulled back to admire his prey. It meant everything to him, to be able to prove his excellence to the higher ranked Espada. He truly wanted to demonstrate who was to be in charge. Also, Grimmjow didn't mind Schiffer's beauty and had to admit that he was blatantly drawn to it.

Ulquiorra, cheeks flushed, watched Grimmjow questionably to ponder what would happen next. Beads of water slid down his face to dance below his porcelain, yet sleek, frame. He observed the sexta's staring and decided that there was too much of it. In one swift motion, Ulquiorra grabbed the taller man's face and brought it to his, crushing his lips against the opposite pair feverishly. Being caught off guard, the Sixth stumbled forward and kissed back sloppily. During this, Grimmjow snaked his hand below to grab for Ulquiorra's crotch. He snickered upon the realization that the Fourth was very much alert, and erect, down there. It certainly wasn't as large as his own, but Jeagerjaques was fond of what his partner had to offer. "...hard already?" he provoked, gripping the swollen organ tightly.

"A-ah! Be...quiet...," Ulquiorra grumbled, bucking himself in Grimmjow's hand. That was the Sixth's problem; he spoke too often. Why couldn't they just have sex and get through it smoothly? With the best intentions to encourage his partner into better arousal, Schiffer groaned and whined softly while humping the hand that held him so intimately. Working like a charm, Grimmjow's manhood began to stiffen from the pure sounds coming out of the usually reserved and stoic Espada.

"Come...here...," Jeagerjaques commanded, removing his hand from the Fourth's erection in order to pick him up. With his back against the wall, Ulquiorra wrapped his arms around his partner's neck for better support. His legs, on the other hand, were open and waiting for what was to happen. Skillfully balancing everything, Grimmjow quickly ran the palm of his hand across a bar of soap and slathered the substance onto his engorged member. Taking a deep breath, he held Ulquiorra's legs apart with one hand and guided his cock towards the puckered opening with the other. Once it was shoved inside, Schiffer yelped, bowing his head and closing his eyes. "...No...," Grimmjow murmured "...I want you to look at me when we fuck...," he took a finger and turned up Ulquiorra's chin so they could meet eyes. The Fourth's eyelids opened slowly, and the fair skin of his face was tinted red. "F-fuck...yea...like that...Aahh...," Grimmjow smirked and started to move himself quicker and harder. Ulquiorra nibbled on his own lip, watching his partner ram his dick in and out of his tight hole. It was incredibly erotic, and it made his erection twitch from the very sight of it. Groaning loudly, Grimmjow held the smaller Arrancar closer and molded their lips together as they had before. Schiffer panted in between kisses and found himself stroking the back of Jeagerjaques' head, sinking his fingers through that pretty blue hair. As soon as his sensitive prostate was stimulated, Ulquiorra broke from the kiss and tipped his head back to whimper over and over again. These sounds, of course, went straight to Grimmjow's cock, making it throb, causing him to thrust much harder. The sexta also made certain that his hand was matching his pelvic movements, destined to send his superior right over the edge.

"G...grim...," Ulquiorra stammered, looking at his partner's handsome face.

"Oh...FUCK...Come for me, Ulqui...come for me...," usually this nickname would bother him, but right now it didn't matter what Grimmjow called him. Ulquiorra rested his fingertips lightly over the pair of strong, tanned shoulders and thoroughly enjoyed the sensations that were flowing through his body. Without a verbal warning, Schiffer tensed up and sighed wistfully as he began to ejaculate all over Grimmjow's hand. "Ohh shit!" the Sixth was a bit startled, but watched as the fluids squirted out from his partner's erection. "...yeaaa...come all over me!" he added, moving his hand around to make it messier. The water streams hitting their bodies made everything so slick, contributing additional noise each time Jeagerjaques pushed in and out of the small hole. Not long afterward, Grimmjow reached his climax to empty his thick liquids inside of Ulquiorra. "...Ulqui...I'm...c-comin'...," the smaller Arrancar inhaled sharply from the experience of being filled, once again, by his subordinate. Grimmjow proceeded to pound his dick even after he had orgasmed, and Ulquiorra had no intentions of stopping him; it was all so extraordinarily good.

A couple of minutes following their deed, the duo regained their normal breathing patterns. Once that was achieved, the sexta slowly retracted his manhood from his partner's compact inner walls. He carefully set Ulquiorra down and ran a thumb down his cheek almost...affectionately. This, of course, shocked the Fourth. "Mmm...fuck, that was good! We...should probably do that again sometime," he winked and dashed off to leave Ulquiorra alone, naked, and shivering in the shower chamber. The water began to run cold, as did Schiffer's mood. Why did something that felt so right, and so good, seem so wrong?


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