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Tesla had finished off quite a few drinks, which was abnormal for him, and quietly slipped away from the small gathering that was still in motion. Sighing and shutting his eye, he halted to lean against the wall nearest to him to sift a hand through his blonde hair. Everything around him was obscure and shaky…as if the room was pulling him into the abyss. Tesla swallowed and weakly inhaled various puffs of air as he braced himself. The fraccion then forced an eye open and steadily began to present one foot after the other. Step by step, Tesla made the decision that an open space with fresh air could accompany him back to his usual health status.

Locating the first available exit, Tesla pushed the doors open clumsily and staggered out onto the balcony platform. Since the darkness, which swallowed his vision momentarily, was over powering, the fraccion did not realize he was not alone. Due to his state of being, Tesla hung his head over the railing and sighed "M-much better…" to what he assumed was nothing but blank space.

After several moments of air, a voice spoke "…this is why drinking can be arduous. If you do it too much, it can be a bother."

Promptly, Tesla picked up his head and peered into the shadows with query. This tone was recognizable…and even…desirable. Lately, he'd come to notice how excited he would become when the speaker was around. "S-stark…sama? Is that you?" he hoped, clinging to the banister as the man came into view.

"Yes." He gave a single nod and joined him…from a short distance, of course. It was a bit strange for him to take interest in something so rapidly, give or take…anything, for that matter. Nevertheless, Stark was interested. He'd been loitering for extensions of time, which he was aware he did not have to, just to quench his thirst for the fraccion. The two of them were spending time with one another, off and on, in an introductory…and platonic-type fashion. Not lying to himself, Stark's intention was to have more.

"I…kinda dun do this often…" Tesla explained, blushing as he watched Stark viewing over the railing…into the boundless night atmosphere. It was like a painting almost. Stark's face was calm and his demeanor was collected. His hair…tossing just slightly in the wind, was favorable to his features. Tesla's mouth dropped open as he could not help but stare. Why did his heart twist and turn every time they were near? He even felt himself getting emotional as thoughts of Nnoitra swam around in his mind.

"I can tell." Stark noted as he turned to face Tesla. His body was agile and lean, resting just barely upon the banister; an arm stretched backward to keep balance. "There is something troubling you, am I right?" his eyes urged Tesla's, enticing the other to speak.

"N-no! O-of course n-not…" the fraccion lied horribly, stuttering on most of his words.

"Hm…" Stark remained stationary, choosing not to pry anything from the fraccion. If he wanted to speak, he would. "Lying is too much work." He added, softly.

"I…k-know…I'm sorry…I just…" he clasped his hands together, fidgeting his fingers in a nervous display.

"You don't have to apologize." Stark reprimanded "…you do that often."

"Y-yes…I…well…I'm not feeling well…" Tesla admitted.

"I see." Stark went to rub at his goatee "…this, I'd hate to say, is probably your fault."

"Well…you're right…I didn't hafta drink s…so much…I'm jus'…upset about'a lotta things…" Tesla averted his gaze, afraid he had said too much already.

"Worrying is wearisome." The Primera commented, compelling himself to move closer to the fraccion.

"F-for you maybe…but…for me…it happens a lot…" Tesla frowned, smoothing down his hair.

"Perhaps you shouldn't?" Stark suggested, reaching out to touch the Arrancar's arm in an almost inattentive kind of way. This immediately caused Tesla to blush, but he did not escape the attention.

"Could…y-you help?" he pushed his luck, with a shy voice.

"How?" Stark asked, clasping the space where his hand rested "…something tells me that it can't be helped."

"N-no…it…you are…" Tesla tried to describe, but finding that he was failing rather quickly. "P…please…" he breathed "…j-just…don't…leave m'here…"

Stark released a half-laugh, showing his amusement. "I was not going to."

"O-oh...thank you, Stark-sama..." Tesla's lips tingled and then perked into a small smile. Stark simply nodded once more and patted Tesla's shoulder.

"It...would be wrong of me if...I were to leave you here like this." his eyes scanned back to the door, where he could see faint rays of light peeking from underneath the crack of it. He moved to the side, crossing his arms "How well can you walk? able to do this without assistance?" his voice seemed tired, but actually...he was all but that.

"I....I'm fine..." Tesla gently pushed himself off the railing, wobbled, and then stumbled right into Stark's arms. Stark caught his equilibrium right away, barely even making a single move aside from holding onto Tesla.

" that right?" Stark raised a thin eyebrow, his eyes veering downward. "Usually, something like this exerts too much energy for me to deal with..." he casually stroked a finger through Tesla's feather-like hair. "Where is Nnoitra? Shouldn't...he be looking after you?"

This plucked a nerve. "A-ah!" Tesla's face flushed considerably "P-please! Don't...t-tell him I'm here...or...I jus' wanna be here..." he blabbed, on the way to losing his own accord, and practically clinging onto the Primera.

Stark frowned and then discharged a heavy sigh. "I would not go out of my way to do so." He shook his head and wrapped a hand around Tesla's bicep, which he found to be...pretty nice. "Let's...get you out of here, at the very least..." he sluggishly dragged Tesla toward the door.

"W-where are we goin....Stark-sama?" he lulled his head against the Espada's shoulder. " long as it's with you...I'll be fine..." he whispered.

Blinking, Stark felt a tiny blush hit his cheeks. Or else...he thought that was what it was. It had been quite some time since that's happened. Disregarding the statement, Stark tugged the door open. "Such a trouble..." he complained, though it was worth it.


Once they had arrived to Stark's personal chambers, the Espada groaned at the sight of his own fraccion sprawled out on his bed.

Lilinette, smiling, stretched her neck back to look at the Primera "Hey Star--" she stopped as soon as she saw Tesla alongside him. "Uh..."

"Don't ask" Stark quipped, supporting Tesla against him. "Just...leave. And what did I tell you about coming in here unannounced?"

The girl sat up and crossed her arms, making sure to pout her lower lip as far as it could go. "…ya said I prolly shouldn't. But how was I supposed to know that you were gonna bring this guy back in here t'have sex with…" on the way out, she kicked Stark's shin "…how random! Of all people to screw…"

The Espada grabbed the back of her vest, still holding onto Tesla (who was blushing heavily), and leniently shoved the small female out of the room. "Everything is always sex to you, Lilinette…" he sighed "…such a fascination is laborious…"

Once his fraccion was out of the way, Stark shut the door, locked it, and sighed yet again to cast his eyes upon the other fraccion he was in possession of. He then walked Tesla over to his bed and gently nudged him onto it. "You…should probably rest here until you have recovered." The brunette crossed his arms and propped himself against the wall, looking over Tesla. The intoxicated Arrancar whined and tried to stand "No…" Stark scolded, extending a finger out "…it is enough that I am using this time to watch over you. So…take advantage of that, at least." He did not want to be this way, but if it were up to him…they would be doing other things to occupy the allotted time. He needed to practice self-restraint and focus on the task at hand. Stark may be able to get laid if he pleased, while not putting forth much effort, but he wanted the recipient to be conscious…if anything.

Tesla blinked, examining the handsome Espada with round eyes. "B-but…what about you? I dun wanna be a burden…"

Stark frowned, running his gloved hand through dark chestnut hair "…you already are. But…it's not undesirable."

"I…dun get it…" the fraccion snuggled in the nice smelling blankets that garnished Stark's rather comfortable bed.

"You weren't supposed to…" Stark cracked a smirk, shutting his eyelids. Tesla…was actually rather cute, come to think of it. He always had been…but now, he was nearly irresistible. Stark's thoughts wandered to how things could unravel if they were both willing and…sober. Would Tesla be willing? It was painfully obvious that the fraccion was in love with Nnoitra, his Espada. Stark never paid much mind to his surroundings, that were not of immediate concern, but he did realize this. Especially, now that he and Tesla were spending more time together…he was able to pick up on certain mannerisms like clock-work.

After a few minutes of glorious silence, Tesla coughed and sat up to speak "…S-stark-sama?"

"Yes?" he answered, with his eyes still closed.

"I…n-need you…over here, p-please…"

The Primera's heart twitched, uncrossing each arm at a time, and very calmly advancing toward the bed. "What…is it?" Stark's voice tempted, sounding deep and feeling just like silk to Tesla; the blonde shivered.

"You…so distant…" the fraccion could hardly explain "…I dun want that…"

Stark raised an eyebrow inquisitively, removing his glove to set it down neatly on the floor; he sat on the bed. "And…what do you want?" his bare hand grazed Tesla's cheek, cupping it after a while.

From the contact, Tesla whimpered and blushed "S-stark-sama…."

The addressed male's eyes searched the other's "Hm?"

"Y-you…please…I…I w-want you…" he whispered coyly, turning his face slightly in embarrassment. Never before had he ever confessed something of this caliber. It was obviously the alcohol's fault.

"Are…you sure?" Stark needed to confirm, his fingers were now stroking Tesla's supple cheek.

"Y-yes…please…I….please…" he stammered.

Stark huffed out a faint laugh and used his hand to tilt Tesla's face closer to his. "Look at me…." He commanded, softly.

"Of course, sir…" Tesla's breath was short and shaky; he was a little frightened.

"No need for that…" Stark closed the space between them, molding their lips together as one.


That evening, the Arrancar weren't the only ones with sex on the mind; Aizen had his motives as well. Very casually, he brought Gin's face near his and nipped at the youth's mouth. "Very quiet tonight, are we?" his voice lured, in a sensual tone.

"Eh...I got my reasons..." Ichimaru replied, attempting to ignore how wonderful his lover's touch felt. Lately, he had been reluctant to have sex with Aizen. Which was a complete first. Ever since everything blew up with Ulquiorra, he collected his own suspicions. Over the months, he grew bitter and tired because of it...and it was really nagging at him on the inside. With this time, he'd also had the chance to gather up the courage to find out what was really going on. Many nights, he'd simply given into Aizen's desires, as usual, without question. Tonight would be different.

It almost seemed as if Aizen was neglecting his possible role as the father of a damned hollow-hybrid...whatever the thing was going to be. What was he thinking? Why the hell was it even a good idea to have that threesome? Bareback, on top of that. Sure Ulquiorra could suck a cock like there was no tomorrow, and Gin would never want to take that moment back, but it was definitely not the point!

"So let's hear them" Aizen interrupted, blasting away at Gin's thoughts.

"Ya sure?" his fingertips stroked at the brunette's shoulders while his mind played everything out quickly, as for what to do next. If he was going to act, it would might as well be now. However, he must be subtle. He should not make it appear that he was over-stepping any boundaries...because he was well aware of what that can result in.

"I want to know." Aizen's brown eyes caught some of the lighting and gleamed just once.

"If ya insist, I guess..." Gin sighed, curling against his lover. He'd found a plan: seduce Aizen into spilling some beans.

"I'm listening." Aizen sat back in his chair, giving Gin his full attention.

"Well..." Ichimaru started, grinding his body slowly against Aizen's and curving his back nicely. A piece of grey hair tumbled over his eye lids that were cracked just barely "...I jus' wanna see how much ya really care about me..."

"Hm..." he watched his lover carefully, pondering the situation. "...why would that bother you? You know how much I've done for you to prove that."

"Yea...but ya never tell me anythin' anymore..." Gin then opened his eyes partially, gripping at the man's broad shoulders. His thin legs were straddling Aizen's lap in order to balance the remainder of his mass, which was not much.

"I tell you a lot of things." Aizen insinuated, beginning to accumulate a hunch.

"Yea...but ya also like ta keep things from me..." Gin boldly stated, going to lick at Aizen's earlobe.

"Mm..." he kept his eyes on his partner, being careful of what to say " what?"

"Do ya even know what's goin' on with that favorite Espada of yours?" Gin asked, doing his best to dance circles around the topic.

"Favorite?" Aizen repeated, knowing exactly the information Gin was after.

"Tha's right..." he lowered himself between Sosuke's legs and looked up at him "'s'e doin?" If it was one thing Aizen could not resist, it was definitely a blow-job. The man was capable of withholding knowledge, but when there was oral sex on the could be anyone's game. Gin was willing to take a risk.

"Okay, I suppose? I don't keep hourly tabs on him." his brown eyes narrowed, but he did not remove the youth from his crotch area.

"So he is your favorite?" Gin frowned and pushed down Sosuke's hakama.

"Did not say I had a favorite. You were the one putting words in my mouth." Aizen claimed, resting the palm of his hand in Ichimaru's silver hair.

"Anyways..." he wrapped his hand around the base of Aizen's cock and licked the tip "...ya never tell me anythin' bout that."

"Why...would I?" Aizen relaxed, knowing he had this under control "...there is nothing to tell."

"Yea, I'm s'posed ta believe that? Hmm..." he took Sosuke's dick into his mouth with ease. Clearly, Gin did this a lot. "...I wa-n-nowb was w'lly gow'n obwn..." he managed to get out, while licking his partner's shaft.

"There's nothing going on" Aizen understood. Apparently, Gin talked to Sosuke with his cock in the mouth before. Either that, or Aizen was a good translator; probably both.
"Nuh uhh..." Ichimaru argued, running his tongue upwards toward the head "...yer keepin' somethin' out..." he whispered, blowing a cool draft of air at the slit.

"I am keeping nothing out." Aizen frowned, ready to stop this madness at that very moment. What the hell brought this on? Honestly, he really didn't know much of Ulquiorra's fate. In fact, he was avoiding it. Gin never asked questions why start now? Deciding to wash his lover over with a guilt trip, Sosuke continued to speak "...if you want to proceed to show a lapse of loyalty by how you are treating me and the situation at hand, then please keep it up. Else wise, I'd prefer to have a night without conflict. I suggest you stay down there."

Great. Aizen was pissed. Not good. Gin frowned, before lowering his mouth back over his lover's girth. Perhaps tonight was not the night to go for broke...or was it?


At that time, elsewhere, Ulquiorra sat with his ankles connected and diagonal from Szayel in the laboratory; it seemed a lot of moments were spent in there lately.

"So..." the scientist began, sipping his coffee " is he?"

" who?" Ulquiorra asked, cradling his tea cup between two palms.

"You know...Grimmjow."

"Oh. He is fine, I suppose." Schiffer tipped his cup against his mouth and drank some tea.

"No...I is he?" Szayel winked, to add some effect.

Ulquiorra blinked, still not really catching on. " fine."

"No, no, no..." Szayel leaned in closer, to whisper "...I bed."

Cheeks heating up right away, Ulquiorra choked on his tea "W-what?"

"Yes..." Aporro leaned back, just smirking away " he good? Hm?"

"W-why are we discussing this??" Ulquiorra could not keep eye contact with the Octava.

"Because that is what friends do. Oh, come on. I'll tell you about Nnoitra...." Szayel tapped Ulquiorra gently.

"No! I...don't want to know..." the Cuarta was still looking away, refusing to give the scientist what he wanted.

"Nnoitra-sama's dick is---" blushing feverishly, Ulquiorra reached out with a desperate attempt to silence Szayel.

"No! S-stop that. There's no need!" he was huffing and puffing over it. Damn those repulsive hormones of his! Why was it like this?

"Aw...somebody is no fun." Szayel frowned and crossed his legs, intaking his coffee sharply.

"I...just miss the point of dispersing personal information." Ulquiorra defended, getting comfortable in his chair once more.

"It's fun." Aporro replied, simply "Besides, I've...always sort of wondered how big Grimmjow's cock is." he rubbed his chin "...could you at least tell me if it's big or not?"

Ulquiorra coughed, as if he was not expecting something so crude. "I....I wouldn't even know what 'big' pertains to."

"Really?" Szayel set his coffee mug down and clasped his hands together "...well let's see. Normal ones are like...this big" he extended his hands out so that they were about a little over fifteen centimeters apart. Ulquiorra's pale face was still flashed red and he hardly watched the scientist's gestures. "Is it bigger than that?"

"....yes." he replied, not wanting to be a part of this " can we converse about something more...on topic to my health status?"

"Oh wow!" Aporro's eyes got wide "No...wait! Is it bigger than this??" he stretched his hands further apart to display something just over twenty centimeters long. Staring at the scientist's hands for a while, Ulquiorra nodded quietly. Maybe if he did this, Szayel would finally shut up. "Ah!!" he gasped, gazing down at his own if they were Grimmjow's cock itself. "He's bigger than this?" Szayel chuckled and added, just to tease "How does your little body fit it all?"

"Please. Can...we not talk about this?" Ulquiorra shot a glare at his perverted subordinate.

"Okay, fine...but one more question and then I promise I will leave it be."

Sucking in one very deep breath, Ulquiorra gave a single nod. "All right."

"Are you able to wrap your fingers around it?" Aporro waited patiently, long eyelashes fluttering with anticipation.

Fixing his eyes on his feet, Ulquiorra replied "...barely. Now are you satisfied?"

"Very much so!" Szayel nodded with much enthusiasm " he's long and thick. Hm..."

"No more questions." Ulquiorra's eyes were dark, showing that he meant his words "...and refrain from leaking that information to the general public."

"Of course. Why...would I? Ugh. Like I'd say 'Oh!! Uh...Aizen-sama! Guess what I just heard?! Grimmjow has quite the cock!!!' Hmm...really? I would never!"

"Well then, good. Keep it that way." frowning, Schiffer drank some more of the tea.


Gasping with much shock, Tesla tautened to touch Stark's face shyly. Was...this truly happening? Why could he be so lucky? Groaning, the blonde fraccion tried ever so needfully to kiss his superior back...and discard those floating thoughts from his mind.

"S-stark...s-sama..." he panted and ran his fingers through the Primera's dark brown hair.

"Yes?" expertly, he sucked at Tesla's lower lip...loving the sweet taste of his mouth. Now, he had not one single intention of quitting.

"Ooh...d-don't stop..." he trembled and flopped over on his side a bit clumsily.

"I won't...." Stark whispered, crawling over top of his prey, grey-ish eyes shining with lust. "So, how do you like it?" his hand trailed down from Tesla's chest, lazily, right down to his pulsing crotch.

"I-I...d-dunno..." Tesla blushed and turned his head so he didn't have to look at the Primera.

"Oh?" he raised an eyebrow and dipped his hand inside of the fraccion's hakama. "Is this...your first time?" he asked, putting the pieces together. Remaining silent, Tesla was not about to admit what was so embarrassing to him. Noticing this, Stark began to stroke his partner's manhood...and smiled at how hard the poor thing already was. " is, isn't it?"

"Y-y...well...y-yes..." he mumbled into the pillow, clenching it closely.

"Mhm...I see..." he slid the fraccion's hakama off of him, feasting his eyes upon...something rather lovely. "Tesla..." he spoke, tossing the article of clothing behind him to be forgotten.

"Y-yes...sir?" he squeezed his eyes shut.

Sighing, Stark drummed his fingertips on Tesla's milky, soft, thigh "You mustn't call me that. And...look at me. You are being very troublesome right now."

"Of course!" he sat up, ready to obey his next order.

Giving a smirk, the Primera cupped Tesla's face and kissed him on the lips. "Relax. I said I would take care of you, did I not?"

"Y-you did..."

"Now...lie back...and remain calm." Stark prodded the tip of his finger at Tesla's chest.

"Yes..." the blonde whispered, nodding to himself to be convincing.

Shaking his head, Stark was incredulous that he was even putting up with this. A great portion of the time, he would never consider having to do so much work in a sexual escapade. This way around, however, he found the effort to be worth his while. "So nobody has ever touched you here, Tesla?" the Espada wrapped his fingers around the fraccion's erection with leisure; it was throbbing.

"N-no...never..." he shivered and stole a glance down to what was happening between his legs.

"Hm...well pity." Stark used his thumb and forefinger to retract the other's foreskin, gaining a whine from its owner " like that?" he pushed the skin back up, massaged the tip, and then pulled it down again.

"A-aahh....w-wow..." Tesla's face was a deep crimson as he watched this.

"Make me some noise, Tesla...get me hard..." Stark murmured, which caused the fraccion's dick to twitch noticeably.

"O-oohh...S-stark-sama...S..stark-sama...." he arched his body and covered his mouth with the back of his hand.

"That's right...nice and loud, can be as loud as you need to be..." Stark encouraged, moving his palm a little faster.

"Stark-sama...Oh...Starkk...." he cried out, thrusting his hips along with his lover's motions."I...have to c-cum...." he whimpered helplessly.

"Already?" Stark slowed his hand and eventually removed it so their sex could last longer. "We can't have that happen just yet..." he patted Tesla's cheek.

" dick..." he groaned and touched at it.

Laughing, the Espada sat back and gazed at him "What's...the matter with it?"

"Feels funny...I...f-feels so full..." Tesla's cheeks were permanently red, and he shut up as he realized how silly he was sounding.

"It's because you want to cum" Stark advised, giving the fraccion's cock a squeeze.

"A-aahh...Stark-sama...I n-need...I need it...y-you..." Tesla, with bold urges, crept up and kissed the man. Returning the embrace, Stark persuaded Tesla to rest backward.

"You will have me..." the Espada assured, rolling his hips against his new lover.

"K-kay..." Tesla breathed, rubbing at his temples. Maybe...he should not have drank so much earlier. It seemed as if it were finally catching up to him. Not being aware of his surroundings, the blonde could distantly feel the heat ripping at his face again when he caught a glimpse of Stark removing his own hakama.

"Tesla..." he beckoned, sliding down to where the fraccion laid. "Are you ready for me?"

"Y-yes...more than ever..."

"All right. Now..." he clutched the base of his cock, which was plenty wide, and aimed it toward the blonde "...relax..."

Tensing up, which was the exact opposite of his instruction, Tesla nodded a couple times to brace himself for sudden impact. "Yes, Stark-sama..." he gulped and closed his eye again.

"I don't have any lubricant I must improvise..." Stark concluded aloud, leaning forward to press both of their arousals together.

"O-oh!" Tesla gasped from the intimacy of their bare dicks touching one another.

"How does this feel?" Stark used both of his hands to rub their erections together.

"A-ah...p...perfect..." Tesla replied dreamily, gazing up at his lover; nothing could ever ruin this moment. How exclusive this was, to have Stark's member pushing against his own. Never would he have predicted something like this to be possible.

"Do how my cock slides against yours?" he moved everything quicker, moaning as he noticed how slick things were getting between them. Tesla's manhood, highly excited, leaked out clear fluids which dripped over them both.

"Y-yes....yes....yes..." the blonde chanted, still keeping his eyelid shut.

"Good." Stark, proceeding to display his expertise, gripped around their cocks and used a free hand to taste on his fingers. Damn, Tesla tasted sweet. Exhaling quietly, the Espada sucked on his fingers to get them nice and wet. "Keep breathing..." he recommended. Nodding, Tesla took several breaths of air as Stark inserted two digits inside of him.

"A-aah! Stark-sama!" he whined, tossing his head back and forth. Sure he'd experienced great discomfort before, but this was an alternate region as far as he was concerned.

"Ssh...the pain will only increase from here." his expression was serious, but he held sympathy for his lover. Moving his appendages just slightly, he curved them upwards to gently scrape against Tesla's prostate gland.

"STARK-SAMAA!! OHH!" Tesla nearly shot up in a blind reflex, but the Primera was able to control him with ease.

"You like that, hm?" smiling, Stark rubbed his fingertips in small, circular, motions against the area.

"O-ohhh! Oh yes!" Tesla nodded sharply and vaulted himself upwards again. Wow, Stark surely was good in bed! Then again, what did he know about sex...and what 'good' really meant? He sucked in various pants of air, hastily, to remain calm. The Espada was grazing their cocks together and playing with that special inner spot; this was bliss. Soon before he was aware, the fraccion whimpered and tugged at Stark's sleeve "S-stark-samaa..." not able to subdue it, Tesla climaxed and a plentiful stream of semen pooled over both of their dicks, as well as the Primera's hand. "S-sorry!" he apologized, truly hating himself right now.

"Oh,'s fine. This is what I wanted..." Stark ensured, surveying the mess below him. He did not have any type of lube, so the semen would be a decent makeshift type. Removing his fingers from Tesla's incredibly tight passage, the Espada coated his erection with Tesla's cum and pressed the tip against his lover's opening. "Remember to breathe as I push in..."

"Y-yes...I will..." Tesla's fingers dug at Stark's sleeve, preparing himself yet again. Bowing his head and sighing, Stark kissed at Tesla's neck to soothe him. As he did so, he sank inside very slowly. "A-ah...ow..." Tesla grit his teeth from the sensation. His virgin anal walls were stretching with hopes to accommodate the Primera's girth.

"So tight..." Stark observed quietly, viewing his lover's reaction to it all.

"C-can't...h-help it...." the blonde clarified.

"Yes, I know" Stark kissed Tesla's lips to silence him whilst giving one final thrust. He was inside. Finally, the first barrier was broken. Allowing the fraccion to adjust, Stark kept himself stationary and deepened their kiss with his tongue.

After a couple minutes of making out, Stark retracted himself just a little bit and then pushed right back. No words were spoken, as they were unnecessary. Around them, the room was dimly lit and pretty demure. Stark continued to lose himself in the lip-lock with his blonde haired lover, being certain to move his hips imperceptibly. In his opinion, there was no need to be rough at sex...or toss away the special union. (Especially if the receiver was a virgin.) He wanted the both of them to have as nice of an affair as that maybe the session could be repeated sometime; that would be desirable. Breaking the silence, Tesla groaned.


Licking at the boy's lower lip, the addressed male's mouth twitched into a smile "...yes?"

" so good..." he whispered, reaching up to grab onto his lover's long brown hair. "W-want more...."

"Would you like it harder? Or deeper?" the Espada proposed, with a husky tone.

"B-both...please..." Tesla was so hot, trembling all over, from Stark's words.

"Very well..." he pressed their lips together a last time and then opened up the fraccion's legs so he was able to sink his cock further. Upon doing so, he increased his pressure and speed...just for good measure. The Espada felt that he was out of practice, of course, but did not theorize he had lost his touch. Seeing Tesla make those faces...and release those sounds...really drove him crazy, and helped him recall what it was like to have feelings for someone. He would make sure that this could happen on as many occasions as possible; he decided he fancied this. Tesla, meanwhile, managed to clasp hands together with his dark haired lover and forget about the irritation that was pulsing at his rear. Actually, once they got going...the pain subsided. (Not to mention that he really favored Stark by this point.) Apparently after having an orgasm, Tesla's body was highly sensitive in various ways...which caused the entire act to over-flow with pleasure.

Stark, with the hand that was empty, ran through the fraccion's blonde pubic hairs with amusement. It was good to know his assumptions were true. Once he had his fill of that, the Espada wrapped his fingers around Tesla's dick and pumped it with his thrusts. It did not surprise him that the boy was rock hard again. In fact, it was flattering to know he was acting accordingly. Deciding against making things intricate, Stark chose to remain in the missionary position due to the fact that it was his lover's first time. There would be many incidences after this one...when they could have sex again.

"Ohh Stark-sama..." Tesla broke the long silence and squirmed about.

"Is it to your liking?" the Primera didn't skip a beat with his rapid velocity

"Y-yes! So much..." he practically clung to his partner, shaking all over. Nodding with satisfaction, Stark took hold of Tesla's dick and jerked it along with the pounding of his own. He did not apprehend it, but he was really starting to get rough and Tesla was not brimming with complaints either. Actually, the fraccion was whimpering and rocking simultaneously, showing genuine enthusiasm. "A-ah!" he gasped, clutching to Stark's sleeve.

"Too much?" he shifted his gaze and eased off the pressure.

"Y-yes...thank you..." Tesla smiled with appreciation. Who would have known Stark to be such a caring partner? Maybe not entirely caring in some aspects, but he certainly gave a concern of Tesla's personal comfort level. Allowing his eye to flutter shut, the fraccion craned his face back and purely savored the ride. Again, Tesla could feel that certain sensation building up inside of him, in a couple ways, which evoked his body to curl up in reflex. "O-ohh...Stark-sama...I...." he gulped in a large breath of air.

"Need to cum?" his brown hair swayed to and fro, accompanying his mobility. "It's all right..." he added "...feel free."

Tesla sat up a little and rested his face on Stark's sturdy chest, wrapping his arms around him, shuddering, as he climaxed once more. His cock shot its inner contents this time around, managing to soil what clothing remained on their bodies...and the spare areas of bare skin. It was not as much semen as before, but still quite enough. "S-stark-samaa..." he whined, rotating his hips so his manhood would slide around in his lover's palm.

"Very good" Stark complimented, squeezing the fraccion's messy shaft. "Lie back down..." he touched Tesla's cute face, coaxing him to do so. Acquiescing in an almost weary fashion, the blonde obeyed and went about catching his breath. Not so long after his partner, Stark could definitely sense his own orgasm approaching. Being greedy, the Espada pushed further and harder inside of his lover...determined to make his mark very soon. Letting out no more than a heavy sigh, Stark held Tesla tight and came right inside of the boy. "Tesla..." he whispered in the blonde's ear, which made the spoken one shiver in delight. The fraccion even widened his legs, as if he wanted more.

"Yes, Stark-sama...please give it to me...all of it..." he pulled at his partner's long hair playfully. It felt really different, dirty even, to have somebody shoot their load inside of his body; it was amazing. Even after coming, the Primera kept himself within Tesla's tight canal to simply revel in the moment. Damn. Sex with Tesla was...fantastic. Despite the fact that the fraccion had no clue of how to act, and the position did not alter, everything was really great. Wiping at his forehead with the back of his hand, Stark respired loudly.

"Did you see what you do to me?" he questioned, looking into the boy's pretty hazel eye.

"I...t-think so?" the blonde was completely flushed and damp from the encounter.

"It is a good thing" Stark verified, cupping his lover's cheek. Carefully, he removed his cock from the constricting passage and lay down next to Tesla. Bringing Tesla into his arms, Stark smoothed his fingertips against the back of his partner's neck. "I advise you to get some rest. You can stay here...and before you bring it up, I can handle Nnoitra. Let him say one word to me of it...and that would be his mistake."

"D-don't hurt Nnoitra-sama..." Tesla babbled in protest.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that. I meant that it would be his mistake to consider going against my word. He should have enough sense to keep me in high regard, and there is nothing he can do about that. It's too bothersome, really. There should be no problem about you being around me." Stark made clear, watching the wall with a blank stare. "...that is...if you want to be around me after this?"

"O-of course! I'd love it! I...why wouldn't I?" Tesla twisted in order to get a better view of the Primera.

Figuring it was too much stress to arise the issue, Stark shook his head. "Never mind it. As long as you still want to be around, then I am content." he covered them both with a plain ivory blanket, which matched everything in his room; completely white. "Sleep now. We can talk later, if needed."

"A-all right, Stark-sama." Tesla mumbled, not wanting to be anymore trouble than he already was, snuggling against the Espada. Soon before they expected, a deep slumber overtook them...which was exactly what Stark looked forward to.




In the morning, Nnoitra paced around...wondering where his loyal fraccion would be? Never before, was he late for a meeting. Ever. He was prompt, ready, and not a second too late. In fact, he was often early. "Tesla...." he spoke to the air, hoping the blonde would appear soon. Hating to admit this, the Quinta was kind of...worried.

"Excuse me...but were you looking for this?" a familiar, but rare, voice asked.

Turning around, Nnoitra met a stare with the Primera Espada Stark, and Tesla. "" he spoke, with a confused and distrustful tone. This was weird. What the hell was Stark doing with Tesla? And...why was the Primera smirking so...knowingly. Surely, he wasn't trying to start anything...would he? No. It was not in his common nature.

"Great. I am glad I can return him to you on time then." he patted Tesla on the back softly. "Go on..." he whispered, allowing his fingers to linger at the fraccion's shoulders.

"Y-yes, sir" he nodded once and stepped forward to Nnoitra. Frowning, the Quinta was quick to notice a decently sized, and...fresh, love mark on his fraccion's neck. It all made sense now. Or...more sense than it did before. But why? Most

"Hey, hey. Wait jus'a minute..." Nnoitra pointed a skinny appendage at his superior " jus' what are ya doing with my fraccion?"

"Unfortunately....I don't believe that is your concern." Stark crossed his arms, making it seem that he was taking this lightly.

"The hell it is. He belongs to I gotta right t'know!" this statement was only half-true on a few counts. Tesla shrunk a bit in fear of what was to come. Nnoitra-sama was going to hate him! What an awful day.

Not faltering at all, Stark maintained a calm demeanor "You may be right....but in a way, he belongs to me now, as well."

Nnoitra opened his mouth, as if he were to speak, but then closed it. Trying to form words once more, he was unable to. What...could he say? He was not capable of telling Stark that Tesla was off-limits because...he had no reason for it. He was in a relationship with Szayel Aporro...which was still, at times, odd to him, but it was still a relationship nonetheless. Just the mere thought of Tesla, nude, beneath Stark, no doubt, made him pretty jealous. Why? Why was he jealous? Perhaps he was simply...over-protective? Yes, that was it. Of course. "Don't think I'll get used to it!" the Quinta spat out, at his best justification.

"All right. That is fine" Stark shrugged, being utterly nonchalant about the ordeal; this enraged Nnoitra.

"Well...when I'm around...Tesla's mine. Ya got me?" Nnoitra daringly ordered to the Primera.

Shrugging furthermore, and acting untroubled by his subordinate's pitch, Stark tilted his head to the side and answered "That's fair"

Nnoitra's mouth could have flown open at that moment, feeling very offended. What the fuck was this guy's problem? Why didn't he seem to care? "Good. C'mon, Tesla..." he took his fraccion by the arm and dragged him off. In the interim, Tesla could have died happily. Was...Nnoitra jealous and fighting over him with his new love interest? How priceless this was! He didn't care how angry his Espada was...or how harsh the training would be today because of that. Nothing mattered. He'd finally won, in his mind. Nnoitra finally noticed him...but could do nothing about it! Why was he so excited about this? Suddenly, he felt horrible. He always wanted Nnoitra-sama to be happy...but now, he wasn't, and that made him feel a wave of forlorn. He still loved Nnoitra, yes, but he was far more interested in Stark. Stark was in charge, as much as he knew, and was not one ounce afraid of Nnoitra. So plainly, Stark told the Quinta that Tesla was basically his now. With minimal exertion or regard. How wonderful. Tesla was now smiling, but could hear voices through his thoughts. "Tesla! Hey! Ya listenin? HEY!" Jiruga tapped on his fraccion's hair. "Listen t'me! Jus because yer gettin fucked by whass'is name don't mean ya gotta be all tough now! Yer still under MY command."

Blushing, the blonde nodded quickly "I...I understand! I'm sorry for not listening...I was..."

"Doesn't matter" Nnoitra cut off "...yer with me no more thinkin' about that."

"Of course, Nnoitra-sama. What is your plan for today?" Tesla went back to his 'normal' way of living, for now.


On the way to his room, laughing quietly from what just happened, Stark ran into Lilinette.

"Stark!" she exclaimed, jumping up once. "How was it?!" her eyes were shiny and large.

Acting like he didn't know, Stark humored her "How was what?" he walked past her and opened his door.

"YOU with what's his name! Tesa?"

"Tesla" Stark corrected.

"Oh, right. Him. The blonde wimpy guy." Lilinette pounced on her Espada's bed, which lingered of sex. "So how was it?"

"We won't discuss this." Stark rummaged around, in search of something.

"Awww c'monnn...Stark!" she kicked her feet.

"No." he turned to look at her "...and what did I tell you about being on my bed like that?"

"Ugghh...quit changin the subject!!" she crossed her arms and pouted her lip as far as it could go.

"Lilinette" Stark prepared to lecture, taking a seat next to the girl "...there is nothing to discuss. Why don't you tell me about your...sexual adventures?" he turned the tables, knowing he would get better results in this manner.

"No WAY!" she blushed, green hair flinging around the featured part of her face, and frantically waved her hands "N-no way, Stark!! Ya freakin' pervert!" she closed her eye, thinking back to the nights she spent with Menoly.

The Espada smirked "...well now you can understand, am I right?" he crossed his arms and made himself comfortable against the blank cement wall.

"Nuh-uh..." she shook her head "'s not the same!"

"Sure it is. It's very much the same. Where it differs, is the sense of sincerity." he tapped her back with a gloved finger "Now, go on. I'd like to sleep now."

"You always wanna sleep! boring!" she flung up and scurried toward the door. "I'll go find someone else to hang with!"

"All right. Stay out of trouble..." Stark yawned and re-positioned himself onto his neatly made bed, curling up against the thick, alabaster, comforter. Sleep was very alluring...and most important. (Besides Tesla, of course) The fraccion would again be his later.


After a short training session, which was merely Nnoitra ordering Tesla around just to get him back into the mindset of having Jiruga in charge, the Quinta stormed angrily to Szayel's lab. "Hey!" he called out darkly, swinging the door open and banging it against the wall haphazardly.

Not even looking up from his work, Szayel sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Nnoitra-san...could you please not slam my door like that? How many times do I need to remind you?"

"Sorry" he grunted, taking the nearest seat to his lover "I had a stupid shitty day!" he banged his fist on the table.

"Well, why don't you tell me about" he reached over to clasp his hand over Jiruga's, to comfort him. "And quit hitting things before something breaks."

"Yea, fine..." Nnoitra snatched his hand away, as it was his dominant one, and began to doodle on a sheet of paper. "'ll never guess what the fuck happened." he guided the pen across the piece of paper, watching the black ink take a shape.

"What?" Szayel read the book he was studying, while his peripherals kept sight on his partner.

"Stark and Tesla are fuckin'" Nnoitra declared, sounding rather unhappy about the revelation. "FUCKIN" he repeated, to make certain the point was delivered.

"Okay. So?" Szayel didn't skip a beat, nor did he use any effort when he spoke. "It's about time, actually. Maybe now he'll finally leave you the hell alone." the scientist plucked a stray chunk of hair from his eyes and turned the page in the book.

"Szayel!! Yer...kiddin' right?" Nnoitra stabbed at the defenseless sheet of paper, which had a few stick figures drawn on it.

"Kidding....about what?" Szayel actually picked up his head to stare at Jiruga, as if he were crazy.

"Yer actin' like it's not a big deal!" he pointed at his lover with the pen, which was leaking ink by this time.

"Because it's not. And...put that pen away, or you'll get a mess everywhere. Here..." he took the writing tool and set it down "...use this, and please don't break this one." he handed over a new pen.

" shoulda SEEN the guy. WHAT a fuckin DICK. It's like...he didn't giv'a shit that he was fuckin' Tesla...and didn't even care about nothin'! Like...he was all 'I'm fuckin' yer fraccion. Whad'ya gonna do about it?' ." Nnoitra drew a line through one of the stick figures, which strangely resembled the Primera, and drew blood spots everywhere.

"Nnoitra-san, I'm sure Stark wouldn't say that." Szayel rested a hand in his pink hair and continued to read his book.

"No, but he uh...wha's the word when ya say somethin'...or if ya do somethin' but dun say somethin'?" Nnoitra glanced over, waiting for his lover to translate him the word he couldn't think of.


"Yea, that. Well...he did that 'an it pissed me OFF." he drew many lines on the paper; angry, scribbly ones.

"Why?" Szayel asked "Why are you so mad?" he shut the book and gave the Quinta his full attention, really wanting a thorough explanation.

"'s jus stupid!" Nnoitra fumbled over his words, incapable to form a valid answer.

"You're jealous" Szayel concluded with a frown, shaking his head "Pathetic."

"H-hey!! Now wait jus' a minute!" Nnoitra nearly stood up, but sat back down. "I am NOT!"

"Well what are you, then? Sounds like you are jealous. Do I mean nothing to you?" Szayel accused, shifting his body away from his partner.

"Damn it! I AINT jealous! Gimme a break!" he reached out to shake Aporro by the shoulders.

"All right, all right, fine! Stop being so rough!" the scientist swatted Nnoitra's hands away, his lips were curved into a grimace.

"Thought ya liked it rough, babe?" the Quinta winked his one eye at his lover.

Blushing slightly, Szayel detoured his gaze. "Not so loud..." he hung his head. Damn it. He could never stay angry at Nnoitra.


Later that evening, Ulquiorra laid on Grimmjow's bed, which was technically his also, and groaned. The room was dark, which signified the period of time, and silent. Every day, the Cuarta felt more vex and additionally lethargic. Shyly rubbing at his own abdomen, Schiffer sighed and snuggled Grimmjow's pillow. This entire condition was gross to him and very undesirable; he just wanted it to end. Entering on cue, Jeagerjaques called out "Hey...I'm here"

"Hello..." Ulquiorra greeted, weakly.

"Ya been here long?" he closed the door behind him and strolled over to the bed.

"Yes, but I am fine" Ulquiorra was practically clumped onto the pillow, ignoring his lover.

"Ya always say that. 'An then ya never sleep...'an ya never wanna tell me anything. What the fuck?" Grimmjow pushed the smaller Espada, with his foot, in order to gain his attention.

"I am simply ready for this to end. I loathe it." Ulquiorra's emerald irises bounced off the walls, tiredly, viewing them.

"Maybe I can just push the damned thing out?" the sexta strummed his fingertips against Schiffer's swollen abdomen. It was not entirely noticeable, though it was near the end of his term, but it was at its largest state yet.

"Dare you try, and see what happens" Ulquiorra warned, turning over sluggishly to meet Grimmjow's face.

"So I guess this means no fuckin' tonight, huh?" Jeagerjaques poked his lover's cute nose, trying to joke around.

"No..." Ulquiorra challenged, immediately sparking the Sexta's interest. "...I have no plans of cutting you off. Sometimes, as you do not understand, I am far too exhausted to...engage in sexual acts. Tonight...may be different."

"Well, ya aint gotta tell ME twice. Just say the word, 'an I'm yours." he pushed Ulquiorra backward and began to kiss at his tender neck.

"Hm..." Schiffer sighed and rested his fingers in Grimmjow's wild blue hair "...I was under the impression things already were to happen in that fashion?"

"Uh..." the Sexta's sapphire eyes twinkled, and a smirk adorned his tanned face "...yea, I guess so..." he enjoyed the fact that Ulquiorra was actually warming up to him; it was nice. Urging him softly against the wall, Grimmjow nibbled and sucked at Ulquiorra's pale neck; he wished to leave a recognizable blotch. Barely making a sound, the Cuarta tipped his head to the opposite side so that his partner may hit the spot better. "Ya like that, baby?" Grimmjow purred, lapping at the proof he created.

"Yes..." he agreed, shutting his eyes.

"I'll be careful when I fuck ya tonight...I promise..." he turned Ulquiorra's face to his own, kissing at the other Espada's irresistable lips hungrily. This was turning out to be a good night....

=End Chapter Fourteen=



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