This story is a retake on my old story Street Fights, it will differ alot but I really liked the concept.

Pairings: BrucexDiana and JohnxShay for the moment.


The story I'm about to tell you, well, it's my story. I just want to make sure I've got that cleared up because some people…ok, most people would argue that it was his story and that I was just a small part in it.

But see, I don't buy that because the events that set into motion nearly eight months ago were the result of my doing, not his.

Now, I agree. This world I'm stuck in, this city I can't leave, the life I live…it's his.

But my story is all my own.


"Seven members of the Joker gang were arrested-"

"Two killed in shoot out-"

"The notorious mafia known as-"

"Police unable to-"

A young red head sat idly on a worn leather couch, flipping through news channels one by one. His face was a mask of boredom and nothing was grabbing at his attention until another hand grabbed at his remote.

"Don't you have homework or something?" A stern voice asked him as an older male glared down at him. His face was stern and his arms were folded.

"I graduated last year, John…" The red head answered, straining to reach back for the remote without really getting back up. "Come on…give it back."

Former Marine John Stewart sighed, tossing the remote back down to the red head as he shook his head.

"You can't spend all your time watching cartoons-"

"I'm watching the news!" Wally retorted hotly.

"You need a job; I can get you one with my construction company."

'Great,' Wally thought, 'it's this speech again.' But outwardly he simply grinned, "I've put in some applications, John. I'll have something soon."

John looked unsure but decided against speaking out any further. He and Wally had been living together for several years now after Wally's Uncle, a good friend of John's, had been killed. The Marine had taken in the youngster and allowed him to stay rent free in his apartment as long as he stayed in school. They got along well and were best friends, despite the age difference.

"Oh, I forgot…Shay's coming over…."

Wally grinned wildly and pushed himself up from the couch to give John a raised eyebrow, "Oh you want me to make myself scarce eh?"

John smacked him on the back of his head with a glare and folded his muscled arms across his chest.

"You want movie money or what?" He said with a bit of a snap though Wally knew he really didn't mean it. He just really enjoyed teasing John about his girlfriend, Shayera Hol because it was the one thing that John ever really let get to him. Wally had to admit she was a tough broad and wouldn't be caught dead saying half the things he told John to her face.

Wally glanced at the old clock on the wall before nodding at John, "I'll spend the night at Kyle's."

The city of Gotham, by a day it was filled with people who were hustling about trying to live their lives but at night is when the city really came to life. Neon signs lit up the red light district almost making it too intimidating to go down but still the call of busty beautiful babes was simply too tempting for any man to resist.

The north end was mostly warehouses and very few people went that way after sundown because going north meant going through Joker territory and no one in their right mind was going to do that.

But it really wasn't gangs that ran the city because even the gangs answered to someone higher up. No, those who ran the city were much more organized then the gangs but also much more deadly.

In the city of Gotham, all crime answered to one man,

Bruce Wayne.

The head of the Wayne family was the undeniable ruler of Gotham's underground. Wally had heard stories about the Wayne family and had made it a point to stay clear of areas known to house members of the mob with one exception, the Tower Tavern.

It was a small hole in the wall bar that held entertainment on weekends and Wally particularly enjoyed hearing the singing done by Linda Park. He had heard rumors that it was owned by Bruce Wayne but since he never saw anyone in there he was fairly certain it was only just a rumor.

He shrugged off whatever feelings he had about the place as soon as he entered it. It was smoky, dimly lit and had one too many chairs for some reason but it was cozy compared to some of the other clubs in Gotham.

Wally got himself a seat close to the stage where most of the lights were focused; he didn't bother ordering himself anything to drink just yet.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the Tower's very own Linda Park!"

The lights that weren't on the stage dimmed so low that they might as well turned them off but Wally didn't care; all that mattered now was standing in front of him in a silky red dress singing something that Wally loved already.

Her first song ended and Wally joined in the applause as she stepped off stage to get some water from the bar. She walked past him and gave him a small smile, putting a hand on her hip,

"Back again?"

"You know it." Wally said, giving her a grin. His attention shifted however when two older men walked up to the two, both reeking of alcohol.

"Hey baby…wanna sing for me?" He said, reaching out to put a hand on Linda's shoulder. Linda made a face and pushed the man's hand off of herself, taking a step back towards Wally.

"My singing is for everyone…" She said quietly but firmly.

"Oh ho!" The other man grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards them, "It looks like you want to sing for him."

"Let me go!"

"Hey!" Wally yelled about the same time Linda did and pulled her back towards himself, stepping in front of her to face the two men, "She said to back off."

The taller of the two men grabbed Wally around his collar and dragged him forward, "And what are you goin' do about it, punk?"

Wally kneed him hard in the stomach as Linda ran off to a back room. "That."

"Why you little-"

John always told Wally that he bit off more then he could chew and as he ducked and weaved through the melee of punches and kicks, he knew he was right. Most of the bar had joined in the fight, excited that someone had actually dared to start a fight in the Tower.

Wally held his own for several moments until he was knocked down when one of the men hit him in the back with a chair.

"Shit!" Wally muttered as he fell to his knees, looking up at the other two, "…I'm in trouble."

He closed his eyes as the man threw a punch towards his face only cautiously opening them after a few moments.


A tall man was standing over him and even from his angle on the floor Wally could see that he was built like a house, sturdy and intimidating. He was holding the man's fist in his hand with a dangerous look.

"There's no fighting here." The man said in an almost cheerful voice and Wally could already hear the other onlookers whispering amongst themselves.

"Is that Kent?"

"Wayne's personal bodyguard?"

Wally scrambled to his feet as the older man knocked the first man into the other. He nodded towards yet another man who was wearing a suit and some sun glasses, "Take them out back."

The suited man nodded and he and a fellow companion dragged the two drunks out of the bar as everyone settled down to resume drinking.

The well built man turned to face Wally giving him a somewhat sheepish smile, "Well now, what to do with you?"

Wally held up his hands, taking a few steps back until he smacked into another solid object. He turned slowly, as his gaze traveled up to a face that held a dark look.

"We should talk."

Wally gulped; a talk with Bruce Wayne could never end well.

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