Posted: 17 May, 2009

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Chapter 4 – Fizzy Frizbees?

Fri, 7/11/1991

"Where's Stephen?" Mandy Brocklehurst asked, with a bored sigh.

It was a Friday afternoon and classes were finally over. Four friends – Mandy, Morag, Kevin and Stephen – had arranged to meet by the lake to relax and throw breadcrumbs at the giant squid. Unfortunately, they seemed to have forgotten the important part where someone actually had to bring some bread crumbs along, and so instead they were simply lazing about aimlessly.

"We traded him in?" Kevin suggested, pointing a finger at the boy sitting beside him, gazing dreamily at the clouds.

"Kevin," she gently rebuked.

"Sorry, sorry. Nah, I saw Harry heading for the library and decided to drag him along," he said, and the green-eyed boy looked over at the mention of his name, "Even for a Ravenclaw, you spend far too much time in there kiddo."

The boy in question just smiled distractedly and turned his attention away again. This time he focussed upon the tree whose shade they were resting in, and seemed to start up an engrossing conversation with the bark covered trunk.

"Hmm, he is looking a bit pale," Mandy conceded, giving the Potter child a concerned glance as he paused, as though letting the tree respond, before resuming speech.

"Whatever," Morag said with a dismissive snort at Harry's actions, "Kevin still hasn't explained where Stephen is."

"Dunno," the hazel-eyed boy shrugged, "You girls were one of the first ones out of Transfiguration, but Stephen was dawdling so I waited for him. I didn't see what exactly he did, but it made Padma squeal and slap him, and then McGonagall said he had to stay behind for detention."

"Stephen peeked at her knic-kers," Harry suddenly sung loudly without turning around.

The words caused the others to jump in surprise, and then blush. It was a known fact that Stephen Cornfoot was a pervert. His friends however generally ignored that fact, being that most of his actions and comments were lost on their comparatively innocent minds. Sometimes however, he did something so blatantly obvious that even they could not miss the meaning. Now was one such time, and so an awkward silence fell over the group.

Turning around in confusion at the sudden halt in conversation, Harry gave a perplexed look. Then he paused and tilted his head to the side thoughtfully, before smiling and drawing a brown paper bag from his pocket, which he then held out to the nearest person.

"Fizzy wizzy?"

"It's a Fizzing Whizzbee," Morag MacDougal snapped out the correction, ignoring the offering.

It was clear from the vexed tone of her voice that this was not the first time the dark-haired girl had corrected Harry Potter on this topic. In fact, judging by the highly irritated expression she sported, Morag had been forced to make such corrections numerous times before.

"Yes, that's right," he replied, blinking in honest confusion, "Izzy Frizbee."

"No, you little nincompoop!" she groaned, and the others around her snickered in amusement, the awkward silence fading, "They're Fizzing Whizzbees. Fiz-zing Whiz-bee."

"Oh Morag," chided Mandy, being the more patient and kind-hearted of the two girls, "Leave him be. We all know what he means."

"Try it again," Morag insisted, ignoring her friend, "Fiz-zing Whiz-bee. Fiz-zing Whiz-bee. Now you try."

Harry gave a vaguely perplexed look to Kevin, who had leaned forward to accept one of the sweets despite the dirty look MacDougal threw him for doing so. To the green-eyed boy he simply shrugged, before popping one of the sherbets in his mouth and beginning to levitate. Smiling widely at the sight, the bespectacled boy dug into the bag himself. Unfortunately however, just before the sweet reached his lips he was interrupted.

"Well? Say it!"

"Morag, be nice. I know you're a bit touchy, what with your Uncle Carson having invented them and all but-"

"I'll be nice when he get's it right Mandy. I don't care if it takes me till the end of seventh year. I will teach him to say it properly! Now say it Potter. Say Fizzing Whizzbee. That's Fiz-zing Whiz-bee."

Giving his treat a mournful look and throwing an envious glance at the still floating Kevin, Harry sighed and lowered the sugary goodness, before turning his attention back to the strangely irrational girl seated beside him.

"Fiz-zing, Whiz-" he began, and Morag's expression brightened in anticipation, "-ablees."

And the bright expression fell, as the dark-haired girl gave a frustrated sound, somewhere between a moan and a scream.

"Morag? Where are you going?" Mandy asked with concern.

"Who cares," Kevin asked as he finally drifted back to the ground, leaning forward to get more sherbets, "That was dead funny, that was."

"I am going," the fuming girl called over her shoulder, as she headed across the lawn back toward the castle, "Somewhere far away, before I find myself trying to smack some sense into that half-wit!"

"Oh," the remaining girl whispered, chewing nervously on one of her blonde curls, "Will she be alright, do you think? Or should I-"

"She'll be fine. Just let her cool off some. You know how she gets."

"I suppose."

For the second time, silence fell over the group. Harry looked at the once more floating Kevin enviously, before popping a sherbet in his own mouth and then smiling dopily as he too began levitating. Seeing that the remaining member of the now smaller group was being left out, he held the brown paper bag down toward her.

"No thank you Harry," she said shaking her head, "I prefer my feet on the ground."

The messy haired child pouted and looked down at his bag, before looking up and holding it toward her once more. She frowned in confusion and almost went to decline a second time. Her words halted however, at the vaguely mischievous light that seemed to have entered those usually hazy green eyes. There was a pause, and then-

"Have a Fizzing Whizzbee?" Harry asked with an impish smile.

"Did he just-" Kevin asked, head whipping around and mouth falling agape.

"I think so," Mandy replied faintly, hand automatically accepting a sweet and popping it in her mouth.


Just as she reached the doorway to the castle, Morag MacDougal paused, the sound of sudden laughter resounding from behind her. Spinning around, she looked toward the lakeside and saw Kevin rolling in the air cackling hysterically, whilst Mandy floated looking dazed, and Potter … she paused and squinted at the sight, before shaking her head and turning away. She must have been mistaken. There was no Merlin-blessed way that that featherbrain could have been sporting such a clear expression of shrewd smugness. Perhaps she should make a stop at the Hospital Wing, to get her eyes checked. Yes, she would do that.

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