Well this is the sequel! Didn't take me long to make it! Last time if you didn't read the first one:

Pein got shrunk by the idiot Tobi then soon he got captured by Konoha then got saved then the other Akatsuki got shrunk and Sakura saved them. Then Pein let the Akatsuki live in his Rain village tower until they turn big or find a way to turn big.

So that is it! Hope you enjoy!

It has been 3 months now since all the Akatsuki had shrunk. They still hadn't left that Rain village tower. Though sometiems they left to get food and water. Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu were playing go fish the card game, the cards were kind of big though.

"Got any 2s?" Hidan asked holding up his huge cards looking at Kakuzu.

"Go fish." Kakuzu mumbled.

Hidan picked up another huge card and added it to his pile.

"Kisame, do you have any 6s?" Kakuzu questioned.

"Yeah..." Kisame mumbled handing Kakuzu the card.

Kakuzu smiled because he was winning. Konan and Pein were just talking in the living romo they made. They ahd the made this Rain village tower into a home and their only shelter was their small rooms they made.

"I can't believe we are still small." Pein muttered.

"I'm sure it'll wear off." Konan said.

"I'm going to leave and go to Konoha to find the cure to being small." Pein said.

"That is too dangerous Pein-sama." Konan pointed out.

"Well I don't care if I get caught, I just need to find the cure." Pein sighed.

"Well good luck Pein-sama." Konan hugged him.

Konan and Pein were now getting along.

"Thanks Konan." Pein smiled.

Pein then told all the Akatsuki he was leaving and just packed a few things. With being small makes it a longer trip. Soon Pein was ready to go.

"Okay I'm leaving now." Pein had a bag with him.

"Good luck leader-sempai!" Tobi waved wildly.

"Whatever Tobi." Pein mumbled.

All the Akatsuki said good luck and bye and Pein left the tower by teleporting down. Pein had focussed teleporting into the forest and appeared into the forest.

"Good I went where I wanted to go." Pein said to himself.

Pein started to walk through the forest, this was going to be a pretty long trip for someone his size.

3 hours later:

Pein started to get tired of walking. He was still walking through the forest.

"I should just rest here." Pein thought.

Pein found a tree and set his bag on it and sat down and sighed. "Damn this trip is taking forever, I'm surprised I haven't ran inot anyone bigger then me. Wait I could've jinxed myself there."

And he did jinx himself. He heard voices coming the way Pein was, "Shut up already, we are totally lost!"

"Crap, I better hide or they'll take advantage of my size." Pein thought.

Pein grabbed his bag and went behind the tree fast. He put his back against the tree and turned his head to see if they were coming. He still heard the voices.

"Just stay quiet Pein." Pein told himself in his mind.

Then he saw a boy and a girl pass by. The boy had short, blood red hair. The girl had long wavey green hair and green eyes. The boy had blood red eyes.

"Come on Blood, we aren't lost." the girl said.

"Yes we are! We've been walking in this forest for days! How is that not lost!?" the one named Blood growled. "Mayla, lets face it, we are in the forest, no food, no water, no shelter! We will die out here!"

The girl named Mayla sighed. "We will find a way brother, I bet we will."

Blood mumbled then he looked at the tree where Pein was hiding. Pein had put his face abck behind the tree fast.

"Great, I think he saw me." Pein thought.

"Sis did you see that?" Blood looked at Mayla.

"See what?" Mayla asked.

"I thought I saw a man. Or its my imagination." Blood answered. "and he was very small."

"I think you are seeing things." Mayla giggled.

"What are you calling me crazy?!" Blood growled.

"No, just you are seeing things...though I do smell chakra around here." Mayla could somehow sense the chakra.

"Wait you are seeing chakra again?!" Blood looked shocked.

"Yes, I can see chakra remember?" Mayla put her hands on her hips. "And I can damage chakra. Idiot, you forget all the time."

"I do not!" Blood crossed his arms growling.

"I better get out of here now." Pein thought.

Pein picked up his bag quietly and started to sneak off the other way behind the tree.

"I sense the chakra is leaving. Its a very small amount." Mayla told her brother. "Try your jutsu you'll see what I mean."

"Fine." Blood did a hand sign and his eyes started to glow. Kind of looked like his sister's eyes.

"I see the chakra too, now I see." Blood nodded.

"Should we just go see, you said he was small? How small?" Mayla asked.

"I see the chakra is telling me that he is less then 5 inches." Blood answered.

"Well lets just see if your eyes are right." Mayla said following the chakra.

"Fine." Blood turned off his eyes and followed his sister.

Pein had noticed they were following his chakra and started to walk faster, "Damn it! There is no where to hide." Pein thought. "I have to go faster."

But it was too late. The two had just seen him as they were walking. Pein turned around to see them looking at him.

"Wow bro you were right, he is very small." Mayla said.

"Yeah he is." Blood had an evil smile.

Mayla saw her brother's evil smile, "Don't tell me you are after collecting more blood."

"Maybe, maybe not." Blood snickered.

"Well I don't think we should to him. He is smaller so his blood probably won't intrest you." Mayla whispered to her bro.

"I better get out of here." Pein thought starting to sneak away.

"Wait he is getting away." Blood scowled seeing Pein trying to get away.

"Crap!" Pein thought then started to run instead.

Blood growled and ran a little and already caught up to Pein. Blood picked up Pein by the cloak collar. Pein glared at the boy.

"Bro just him down, just let him leave." Mayla said.

"Why? I could eat him." Blood smiled.

Mayla looked at her brother. "No we will not be eating a person."

"I've done it before."Blood muttered.

"Ew Blood, that is just wrong." Mayla looked grossed out.

"Well what can I saw?" Blood laughed.

While Blood wasn't looking Mayla took Pein away from Blood. Blood stopped laughing and growled.

"Sister! I know you are so soft so you'll keep him away from me!" Blood yelled.

"Because you are mean to everyone and you also scare off my friends." Mayla glared at her brother.

"Whatever, and you're friends deserved it." Blood mumbled.

"Hey what is your name?" Mayla asked Pein.

Pein stared at her. "Pein." He answered without fear at all. He voice was calm like nothing was happening.

"Sis! Look at what he's wearing!" Blood said.

Pein still had his Akatsuki cloak, the Akatsuki still kept those on even though they were hiding.

"Akatsuki." Mayla said. "You are in Akatsuki?" Mayla looked at Pein who was in her hands.

"Yes...the leader actually." Pein didn't mind saying that since people knew a lot about Akatsuki.

"Why are you small and out here?" Mayla questioned.

"I was shrunk and I'm trying to find out how to cure being small." Pein replied.

"I wish he was scared, he doesn't sound scared one bit!" Blood growled.

"I've been picked up by strangers a lot so I got used to it." Pein shrugged.

"Oh whatever." Blood muttered.

"Well I'm Mayla and that is my brother Blood." Mayla told Pein.

"I could tell by hearing you guys talk." Pein said.

"Well do you know how to get out of this forest?" Mayla asked.

"Yes, I know two ways." Pein answered.

"Can you tell us where?" Mayla asked.

"I can't really TELL only SHOW." Pein explained.

"Well can you lead us to one?" Mayla questioned.

"I'm heading for one right now so you can follow me if you want." Pein said. "Though it'll take a couple days for me since I'm small." Pein sighed.

"Well I'll carry you and you can just tell us which way to go." Mayla suggested.

"It'd still take a day." Pein told her.

"Well its better then 2 days." Mayla said.

"True...but I hate being held is the one thing. I hate it. It makes me feel small and I hate that feeling." Pein said sadly.

"Oh, well I wouldn't like being small either. Is it scary at all?" Mayla asked.

"When you are threatened then yes. But its not scary once you get used to it." Pein replied.

"How long have you been small?" Mayla questioned.

"About 4 months or 3." Pein answered.

"Ah that must of sucked." Mayla said.

"It did. I got captured once and that is when I was threatened until there was someone who was nice to me." Pein muttered.

"You know, for an Akatsuki leader, you're pretty nice." Mayla smiled.

"Sometimes I am nice." Pein admitted.

"Well how bout this, you can walk and lead us but when you get tired then I'll carry you and you tell us where, deal?" Mayla asked.

"Fine..." Pein replied.

"Okay, and do you know where there is any food?" Mayla asked.

"I have food in my bag I took with me but its probably too small for you guys. But there are apple trees around here. I know this forest very well." Pein answered.

"Well where are the apple trees?" Mayla asked.

"Set me down for a minute and I'll show you." Pein said.

"Okay." Mayla gently set Pein on the ground.

Pein stood up and told them to follow him. Blood made a grunt and Mayla followed Pein and then Blood followed. They were walking for 3 minutes until they made it to an area where they were apple trees everywhere.

"I told you I know." Pein said.

"Whoa there is so many apple trees. How come we never saw this?" Mayla looked around at the trees.

"Maybe you weren't looking for food good enough. Also I know this forest like the back of my hand." Pein said.

"Yeah whatever." Blood muttered.

"What are you jealous because you couldn't find food but I did in 3 minutes." Pein snickered.

"Oh shut up little bastard." Blood mumbled.

"Jealous." Pein smirked trying to piss him off.

"I'm not jealous!" Blood crossed his arms and turned around.

"Jealous." Pein repeated.

"I'm loosing it! I'm going to kill you!" Blood glared at Pein.

"Go ahead." Pein knew Blood couldn't do it.

"Grr, I won't right now." Blood growled.

"What are you being soft?" Pein snickered.

"NO I'M NOT!" Blood picked up Pein by the cloak collar. "You little f*** better shut up!"

"I'm just telling this as a warning, you don't want to know what happens when I get mad." Pein said. "Now put me down, you're hurting my neck."

"I don't give a shit and what could you do!? You're smaller then my hand!" Blood yelled.

Mayla was busy collecting the apples around and didn't know this was going on.

"I'm the Akatsuki leader still, I can beat a kid like you small or not." Pein said.

"Oh yeah?! Prove it! I dare you!"Blood glared at Pein in the eyes.

"I can if you set me down." Pein said.

"Fine then!" Blood set Pein down though flicked Pein in the arm. Pein acted like he didn't feel anything.

"Why don't you complain that much?!" Blood asked annoyed.

"Because I usually don't feel pain." Pein said.

"Why not?!" Blood demanded to know.

"I don't know, I'm considered a god." Pein told him.

"Just prove to me you can beat me this small." Blood crossed his arms.

"Fine." Pein did a hand sign and made the summoning symbol on the ground and dust clouds went everywhere.

The clouds disappeared and the Peins that were big stood behind Pein.

"Wh yare we here?" Zein asked.

"Just proving I'm powerful small." Pein answered.

The Peins looked at Blood.

"That kid? I feel his chakra and he is pretty weak." Gein pointed out.

"Hey! I'm not weak!" Blood shouted. "and this doesn't prove you are powerful, what can they do?"

"You had to ask." Pein laughed.

The Peins glared at Blood then their eyes flashed at him and they disappeared behind Blood fast and punched him in the back of the head which knocked him out.

"He asked." The Peins said.

"Okay guys thanks for the help." Pein smiled.

"Sure thing, when someone calls you weak that means we are weak. See ya." The Peins disappeared.

Mayla came back with her bag filled with apples. "What happen to Blood?"

"He just tripped on something and passed out." Pein lied.

"My brother is an idiot. I guess we'll just make camp here. Its getting dark out." Mayla looked up at the sky.

It was pretty dark out. So Mayla started to make a camp area near the apple area.

"You need anywhere to sleep Pein?" Mayla asked looknig down at the small Pein.

"I don't know, all I have is a small pillow." Pein sighed.

"Well with your size you could use a leaf for a blanket and I can make you a small tent." Mayla suggested.

'Sure." Pein said.

Mayla smiled and was used to surrving and knew how to make tents out of the things around. She took two small sticks and two leafs and made a really good small tent easily.

"Well that was fast." Pein pointed out.

"Do you mind if I say this...I kind of think you're cute. Only for being small." Mayla said.

Pein sighed, he didn't mind since he had been called cute small a lot, "I don't mind, I've been called cute small a few times."

"Okay." Mayla smiled.

A few minutes later:

Soon everything was ready for the night. Pein was already in the small tent Mayla had made and had laid down and had ALREADY fallen asleep. Though he forgot the leaf blanket and it was freezing outside that night.

"Oh my god he looks so cute." Mayla thought seeing Pein fall asleep that fast. "he must have been really tired. And he forgot the leaf blanket."

Mayla got a pretty big leaf that was small enough for Pein and put it over him. She couldn't help it. He was too cute to her. Then she got into her tent after dragging her brother into his tent since he was still knocked out.

Whoa pretty long sequel huh people?

Pein: Again you make me look cute! You have to stop it!

I don't care, its fun to make you cute. Well hope you enjoyed!