"Cool name, my name is Sunlight." Sunlight smiled.

"I heard you say your name." Pein said.

"So why is someone as small as you way out here?" Sunlight asked.

"I'm trying to learn how to turn big." Pein answered.

"Oh but isn't this journey you're on dangerous? I mean with your size you can be killed by someone just throwing you to a tree." Sunlight pointed out.

"Yes I know but I'll take the chances of everything that could happen." Pein sighed.

"Well where are you heading right now?" Sunlight asked.

"Konoha." Pein answered.

"That's where Moonlight and I are heading too. You want to travel awhile with us?" Sunlight questioned.

"I don't care, if you don't mind." Pein shrugged.

"No I don't mind, you can sit on my shoulder if you want while we're walking." Sunlight suggested.

"I don't care." Pein said.

Sunlight set Pein on her shoulder then looked at Moonlight, "Come on Moonlight and you probably heard us talking."

"Yeah I know, he is traveling with us for awhile." Moonlight muttered coming out from under the tree.

"Stop being a slacker Moonlight." Sunlight giggled.

"Shut up." Moonlight started to walk.

"Just ignore her okay?" Sunlight whispered to Pein.

"Okay." Pein mumbled.

Sunlight walked too and was faster then Moonlight because Moonlight went slow all the time.

"Is she always that slow?" Pein asked.

"Yeah." Sunlight answered with a sigh.

Pein just looked at Moonlight. Moonlight had a dark and evil face. She hated the world it looked like...but Pein just noticed something, Moonlight was pale like a vampire...

With the other Akatsuki:

They all were doing some usual stuff. Konan was just flying on paper butterflies she made. All the boys were playing poker with the huge things they had.

"I win again yes!" Kakuzu grabbed all the money the Akatsuki had bet.

"That was my pay check in there un." Deidara mumbled.

"Kakuzu cheats I bet!" Hidan yelled.

"I'm just better then you all." Kakuzu laughed.

"Oh shut up." Hidan muttered.

Just then they heard foot steps that were louder to them. All the Akatsuki covered their ears. Konan did a hand sign and then turned into butterflies. She flew around to see who was there.

"Where did those foot steps come from?" Konan thought.

As Konan was flying she saw what made the noise. It was Konoha ninja.

"Crap!" Konan thought. "They are here!"

The ninjas that were there were: Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Naruto, Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee.

"I better warn the others." Konan thought starting to fly away.

Just then the Konoha ninjas saw her paper butterflies trying to get away. Naruto grabbed one paper butterfly and crushed it a little. It hurt Konan badly and her paper started to come back together.

"I'm glad we didn't bring Sakura, she would be telling us to stop." Kiba pointed out.

"Yeah." the others agreed.

Soon all Konan's paper went back together and formed Konan in Naruto's hand.

"Well that's one down." Naruto smiled.

"You won't get away with this." Konan growled.

"Oh shut up." Naruto squeezed Konan with his hand.

It hurt Konan screamed in pain and soon she couldn't take it but passed out.

"Now lets get the other members." Naruto snickered after putting Konan in a cage.

The other Akatsuki kept playing poker until the foot steps got louder and louder. Then the Akatsuki noticed what was going on. They turned around to see the Konoha ninjas coming their way.

"Shit lets get out of here!" Hidan dropped the poker and ran the other way.

The other Akatsuki did the same.

"Man this is going to be such a drag." Shikamaru rubbed the back of his head.

"They're getting away!" Naruto growled chasing after the Akatsuki.

The other Konoha ninja ran after the small Akatsuki too. Itachi was using genjutsu to hid and blend into a book that they had. Hinata walked around with her byakugan on. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong)

"I know you are here so come out." Hinata said.

Itachi stayed put.

"I don't want to have to force you." Hinata said.

Itachi still didn't come out. Hinata sighed and walked over to the book Itachi was blending into and picked it up. Itachi was holding onto the book while still in the genjutsu.

"I see you, you know." Hinata moved her hand towards where Itachi was.

Hinata grabbed Itachi off the book and the genjutsu released.

"Crap." Itachi thought.

Hinata walked to the others and set Itachi in the cage with Konan. Kakuzu was in his small room. There were dollar bills painted on the outside of it. Tenten saw how to get Kakuzu to come out.

"This seems easy." Tenten took out a dollar and string.

Tenten tied the string to the dollar and set it in front of Kakuzu's door and hid somewhere he couldn't see her.

"Money..." Kakuzu thought seeing the bill.

Kakuzu couldn't help it but ran to the dollar and grabbed onto it. Tenten pulled it towards her with Kakuzu clinging onto it. Tenten grabbed Kakuzu off the dollar and put him in the cage with Itachi and Konan who was still passed out.

"3 down." Tenten smiled.

Kisame was hiding in the small kitchen they made and he couldn't find a place to hid. "Oh damn it! I'm going to be found easily!"

Just then Kiba walked into the room and saw Kisame, "There you are. Sick'em Akamaru!" Kiba smiled at his dog.

"Arf!" Akamaru ran over to Kisame.

Kisame's eyes windened and he started to run like hell. Akamaru chased after him. Soon Akamaru had Kisame cornered.

"G-Good dog?" Kisame was tembling.

"Woof!" Akamaru picked up Kisame with his mouth and walked over to Kiba.

"Good boy Akamaru!" Kiba smiled.

Akamaru dropped Kisame to the ground and Kisame was covered in dog drool.

"Oh sick." Kisame shook some dog slobber off his body.

Kiba picked up Kisame anyway and walked back to the others. Kiba put Kisame in the cage with the other Akatsuki. They stayed away from him. Kisame growled at them.

An hour later:

Soon all the Akatsuki were caught and were in that cage. They all again, stayed away from Kisame.

(If you want to know how they got the other members, ask on a comment)

"Good now lets go report to grandma Tsunade." Naruto said.

Neji had the cage with the Akatsuki in it. The ninja teams nodded and they all left and so did Naruto.

With Pein:

Pein all of a sudden heard in his head, "Leader there is a slight problem."

"What happen guys?" Pein asked in his thoughts.

"Go to the sealing statue where we have meetings, we'll tell you there." Pein heard the Akatsuki say in his mind.

Pein just said okay in his thoughts. Pein looked at Sunlight.

"Hey Sunlight I'm going to do a jutsu so I'm going to be quiet for a bit." Pein told her.

"Alright." Sunlight said.

Pein did a hand sign and then his holographic like thing appeared on the statue big though. The other Akatsuki were there too in that mode too.

"So what happen guys?" Pein asked.

"The Konoha ninjas found out we were hiding in that Rain village tower and captured us." Zetsu said.

"Great..." Pein sighed.

"Where are you at leader un?" Deidara questioned.

"I'm still heading to Konoha. Though someone I met offered that I could travel with them." Pein replied.

"Wow people are being nice to you a lot leader." Sasori mumbled.

"I guess I've just ran into nice people." Pein shrugged.

"Well what are we going to do about us being captured leader?" Kakuzu asked.

"That I don't know." Pein muttered. Pein looked around and noticed Konan wasn't there. "Where is Konan?"

"She's in the cage passed out." Itachi answered.

"I swear one day I'll kill those Konoha ninjas." Pein growled.

"Well messgae us when you have an idea to help us." Zetsu disappeared.

"Yeah see ya leader." the other Akatsuki disappeared.

Pein sighed and disappeared too. Pein let go of his hand sign back with his real body.

"Yeah I'm done with the jutsu so I'll be talking again." Pein told Sunlight.

"Oh okay, what was the jutsu?" Sunlight asked.

"Just a jutsu to comunicate with my 'friends'." Pein answered.

"Oh okay, and its getting dark out and we are approaching the Waterfall country, so were going to stay in a hotel." Sunlight told Pein.

"Okay..." Pein said.

Soon they made it to the Waterfall village and they walked in. There was a hotel not far from where they were now. They walked into a hotel and checked in and went up 2 stories to get to the 3rd floor. They walked into a hotel room.

"Where do you want to sleep Pein? There is the table over there or at the end of the bed I'm sleeping in." Sunlight questioned.

"I don't care." Pein replied.

"You can just sleep at the end of the bed I'm sleeping in." Sunlgiht said. "For now I'll set you on the table for now." Sunlight picked up Pein gently off his shoulder.

Sunlight set Pein on the table that was near the window of the hotel room. Moonlight just got into a dark corner of the room. Sunlight walked into the bathroom in the hotel room and changed into pajamas she brought. Then she came out. Moonlight was already in the other bed.

"You ready to go to sleep?" Sunlight looked at Pein.

"I guess." Pein shrugged.

Sunlight picked Pein up from the table and set him at the end of the bed Sunlight was sleeping in. Sunlight got into the bed after giving Pein a small blanket.

"Well good night." Sunlight smiled turning off the light.

Pein sighed and then thought about how to save his group. As he was thinking he fell asleep. Sunlight was still awake and saw Pein sleep and thought he looked cute, he gets that a lot huh? Though Sunlight fell asleep too soon.


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