Hello fellow twilight fans. This is my first attempt at fanficition. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

This story came to me "once upon a dream" so to say after coming across the word Cinderbella in the story Lady of the Knight by ObsessingOverEdward. (If you haven't read it -- GET TO IT!!) Although she told me she did not invent the term it did get my mind to start turning. So many thanks.

In a nod to "Cinderella" there may be several underlying Disney references throughout the story. Perhaps you will be able to find them and review and let me know.

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So without further ado -


Once upon a time…………

Slowly I surveyed my surroundings. Small – yes, Dark, definitely but at least it was mine or as much as something could be considered mine.

The room has a lot to be desired. Located in the attic portion of the house it is not a room many people would choose for their bedroom but it is good enough for me. One wall is lined with a small book shelf holding my treasured novels. They were worn and well read- a poignant reminder that my life held little excitement. A tiny desk and chair are pushed against another wall. It was barely large enough to hold my decrepit computer, lamp and a picture of myself with my mom and dad taken in front of the tree on my first Christmas.

Rounding out the room is my twin bed. It's covered in the quilt that my mom made for me shortly after I was born. The pillow is not even covered in a real pillowcase but actually one of my father's shirts. I covered the pillow with it so that I could try and hold on to the way he smelled –Irish Spring soap mixed with his own unique outdoorsy smell. It had slowly started to fade but I could not stand to remove the shirt from my pillow.

"OH DAD! I miss you so much." I thought to myself as my eyes began to fill with tears. "How I wish you were still here. " It had been less than a year since my dad Charlie, a small town sheriff, had been killed while trying to help a lady stranded on the side of the highway. The semi driver had been driving too long and just fell asleep at the wheel. He veered off the road striking and killing my dad instantly- pretty much ending all my happiness as quickly as his life.

Dad had raised me alone after my mom died from cancer while I was still a toddler. I couldn't really remember Renee. I had been so young. I was left with just fleeting memories that were made more real by Charlie's descriptions of her. Things such as her smile, the way she danced around the kitchen as she made dinner, her love of books – all visual images in my mind – that I came to realize were not as much mine as they were dad's- but I still cherished them all.

It had been just the two of us up until I turned fourteen. I was happy with the way things were. Granted I was not very girly. Charlie and I did everything together – fishing, watching sports on TV, even working on cars. Now most of these things were not my favorite pastimes, but I knew it made him happy and that was what was most important to me. In return, he would often surprise me with a new book to curl up with next to the fire. I thought things would always be that way. Then I started to "develop" (Charlie's terminology not mine) and he started to freak. The day I asked him to take me bra shopping was the day he joined the widow/widower's club in Port Angeles. Don't get me wrong I was happy he wanted to get back into the dating scene. I never wanted him to be alone and I knew that eventually I would be leaving to go to college and hopefully see the world outside of Forks, Washington.

What I did not expect was for him to fall for the first woman to show him some interest. Victoria was indeed beautiful with her fiery red hair and curvaceous body. It did not take long for her to have Dad completely smitten. Before I knew it I had a new stepmother and two stepsisters, Jessica and Lauren. At first I was ecstatic. I pictured in my mind all the things we would do together – HOW WRONG I WAS.

The first time we went shopping I discovered I was invited to basically be a pack mule for them. After a full day in Seattle toting their bags around all day I was completely turned off of the mall.

The same can be said for makeovers. My 'sisters' wanted to do a full beauty transformation on me stating that my dull brown hair needed some life with highlights, my eyebrows needed an overhaul and my ears needed to be pierced. I was assured that I would be Gorgeous. So for the whole afternoon I was kept in their beauty lair- poked, waxed and teased within an inch of my life. At the end I was so sure that they had made me into a supermodel that as I looked into the mirror I thought I was hallucinating. My rich brown hair had two long white platinum streaks going down the middle instead of soft highlights. My eyebrows were almost completely gone and my piercings were completely lopsided. And with that I fainted.

I woke to Charlie hovering over me assuring me that Jessica and Lauren were devastated at how bad they had done. They just wanted me to be as beautiful on the outside as I was on the inside. Yeah- what a crock of sh****!!! (Whoops!! Almost cussed again. I am really trying not to do that as Charlie always said it was unladylike and my mom hardly ever cursed but living with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum it is not easy).

Anyway, my brows grew back, I took out my earrings and let the holes grow back together and bought some drugstore color to get rid of the white. Makeover – Never again!!

Things were decent for the next couple of years. Well, as far as Charlie knew. The house was always spotless – thanks to me. Dinner was always hot and on the table when he came home from work- thanks to me. Charlie was elated with his "girls" and as long as he was happy so was I. I never brought up the fact that I did pretty much everything around the house while Victoria, Jessica and Lauren shopped, watched trashy movies on TV or slept. Luckily we still got some alone time when we were changing the oil in the cars or cleaning the fish he caught. Anything the girls considered 'yucky' or 'gross' I was up for. Those times were the silver lining around my ever present grey cloud.

The one thing that did not change was Charlie occasionally surprising me with a book for no reason. For some reason this infuriated my step mother, Victoria. They were never expensive. Usually something he picked up from a yard sale or used bookstore, however, as soon as he would present me with one we would both get the cold shoulder for the next week. Me even more than usual. The last one he brought me was Wuthering Heights and I had been so enraptured with it that I had stayed up extra late and finally fallen asleep in front of the fire reading it. I was lucky enough to be woken up SOOOOO late for school the next morning that I ran to my room, threw on some clothes and ran out the door not noticing the soot from the firplace that had been smeared over my face while I slept. Welcome to my new nickname – Cinderbella. It had stuck with me all the way through school.

"BELLA!!!!! What in the hell are you doing? Those boxes are not going to unload themselves!!" Jessica yelled.

Her shrill voice jerked me back to reality. High school was over. My college life was starting. Things would be different. I may have to live with my stepsisters but at least I did not have to see Victoria every day. For some reason (I personally believed it was so she could start looking for hubby #6 and YES, she had buried 5 husbands- which I found out about after Dad died) she had agreed to pay for the rest of college that my scholarships did not cover and she let me live with the girls in exchange (of course) for pretty much being their maid/slave/cook.

The house she rented us was extremely nice. I could not figure out how she could afford everything she did since I knew my dad had very little insurance money when he died. However, Jessica let it slip that each of her mom's former husbands (besides my dad) had been well off and left her their estates when they passed. She kept all of that separate from her and dad's joint account. She always told Charlie and me that Jessica and Lauren's dad had set them up each a trust so they would be taken care of and that is where their money came from but she never mentioned she had any of her own. Needless to say the girls always had the finest of everything – cars, clothes etc.

After I found all of this out I racked my brain trying to figure out why she had married Charlie. He definitely was not well off. His salary kept us comfortable but never anything more. I tried to convince myself she was truly in love with him but something just didn't fit. I finally gave up. Dad was gone and she had made him happy. Plus, she had forked over the small amount left on my tuition to get me out of the house. She knew that if I had to keep working at the sporting goods store until I had enough saved up I would be there forever. Not wanting the girls to give off the "wrong impression" she rented us a beautiful, two bedroom house close to campus. Yes, 2 bedrooms for the girls and I got the attic. No matter what she did there was usually some little dig in there at me.

"Oh well, at least it was clean and mine. Jessica and Lauren would never want to come up to the attic part of the house when they had the rest of the place for themselves." I thought to myself. And I had a small bathroom attached so besides using the kitchen I did not have to interact with them any more than possible.

"BELLA!!!!!! Hurry up! You still need to go to the store and get dinner fixed! "Lauren screeched.

"Hold your horses! I'm coming. "I yelled down the stairs.

"Don't scream at me CINDERBELLA or I am calling mother!!! She yelled back.

"Sorry, sorry" I said much softer. "I'll be right down."

"Evil stepbitches!" I thought silently." One day my prince will come and take me away from all this."

"Yeah, right when elephant's fly Bella- get a grip!" I have got to get my head out of the clouds.

Slowly I made my way down the stairs to finish bringing in all their packed boxes from the moving van.

"Don't forget, after you bring in the boxes, you need to go to the store and pick up some groceries, get dinner fixed and then get our laundry done. You can unpack the boxes tomorrow. We are planning on hitting the town tomorrow night before school starts and we do not want to bring company back here with the house looking like it does now."Jessica said.

"Yeah, Cinderbella, you have a full day tomorrow "sneered Lauren.

'I'll have it ready for your 'company'" I told her. "But don't you think it's kind of slutty to already be planning on bringing guys back the first night we are here?" I asked.

"Worry about your own love life!" Lauren snapped. "Oh, wait a minute you don't have a love life do you Cinderbella?"

"None of your fucking business!" I snapped back at her.

"My, my, my someone is testy. Guess we'll just take that as a big fat YES!!" Jessica squealed. "You know Bella if you would just get laid you would not always be so bitchy."

"Well, maybe if I did not have to wait on the two of you hand and foot I could have a love life." I shot back at her.

"No, that's not it at all." Lauren said." You, Cinderbella, have your sights set WAY TO HIGH. You think that some handsome Prince Charming is going to come along and just whisk you away like in a fairytale. Well honey, ain't gonna happen. Remember who and what you are – a POOR, orphaned attic mouse."

"Yeah, you will always just be CINDERBELLA." Jessica chimed in. "Now get busy with the boxes so you can get to the store – I'm starving."

As I made my way to the truck I thought to myself that a lot of what they said I sort of agreed with even though I hated to admit it. I was not anything special. Not to anyone – at least not anymore. Maybe it was too much to hope for the fairytale.

"NO!!" I silently screamed to myself. I was worthy of everything fantastic in life. I just needed to make it happen. And as far as the prince goes, if I had to kiss a few frogs along the way to find him then that is what I am willing to do. Besides, I don't want someone to come and rescue me. I just want someone to love me and let me love them in return. Not too much to ask. Starting tommor……


Evil SKANKY Stepbitches

"Here I come." I yelled back. Ready or not

Zippity freakin' doo da!!!!


Sorry for all the background info. But there is a lot in there that is important to the story later down the line.