Just so you know, this is one of my first stories so i'm open to criticism but don't be too extreme because i'm egotistical and therefore need you to soften what you say with some self-esteem boosters. I realize this chapter is quite short but it is just setting the scene. Basically, this story starts when Lena has met Kostas in the way she does in the movie and then their relationship goes from there in my own way without much closeness to the books or movie. I'm trying to make this Romeo and Julietish because i like the whole idea of the two families.

Disclaimer: I dunno why people do these things but obviously they do so just to let you know, i don't own sisterhood of the travelling pants and by how crap this story will probably turn out - you'll agree.

Lena Kaligaris lay in her bed, breathing in the sweet scent of the Mediterranean whilst thinking about Kostas Dounas. She hadn't been in the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini long enough to have already had something so exciting happen to her, had she? But then she questioned herself. This was not exciting – meeting a boy who just happened to have enough of a conscience as to save a drowning girl did not count as exciting!

Lena got up and walked slowly over to the wooden desk that sat in the corner of the room in her Grandparent's house – her home for the summer - and began sketching. She paused for a moment; there was so much to sketch on the island. Beautiful churches stood tall around every corner and the endless white beaches just begged to be recreated on paper. Stopping to think was not a good idea as ultimately it lead her to Kostas.

Lena tried to distract herself by thinking about other things. She wondered what her three best friends Bridget, Carmen and Tibby were doing at the very same moment. Beautiful Bridget was in Mexico, surely finding herself distracted by all the soccer and knowing Bridget, maybe even a boy. Carmen was most likely reminiscing with her dad whom she secretly adored in South Carolina and Tibby – well Tibby was probably doing what she did best. Cynically going about every day back home, cursing her friends who left her for the summer and muttering sarcastic remarks at patrons of the supermarket where she worked. She then thought of the jeans who were currently with…was it Carmen? They were magical jeans that remarkably were a perfect fit on all four of the best friends and although a pair of pants – they bonded Lena and her friends.

However even the pants couldn't distract Lena long enough - Lena knew that her attempt to push him out of her mind was in vain. Kostas Dounas was perfection and deep down she knew it. He was tall and dark, so stereotypically handsome it overwhelmed her. But then again, so different from anything she had imagined. His face reminded her of Michelangelo's work. It was almost art. He had tanned skin and muscles – muscles that Lena could remember only too well. But of course, Lena reminded herself, she didn't care. She had seen good looking boys before and never given them a second thought. Whilst other girls were crying with joy over the fact that the latest pop star could be coming to town (probably along with his entourage of girls – willing to drop their pants as soon as he asked) Lena merely scoffed and moved on with her life. There were more important things in life than infatuation. Objectifying men was just as bad as objectifying women and Lena knew it. True beauty was art, the miracle of Mother Nature and the endlessness of space. That is what was beautiful – not a body or a smile. Even if that smile did involve gleaming white teeth and a pair of brown eyes that you could drown in if you weren't careful…