Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Reckoning

Chapter 1


Amy zipped up her sweater as she stepped out of the Bronze, a little bit later than she wanted to. There was a slight breeze in the air and it had begun to rain. She hated the weather and part of her regretted going to the Bronze at all tonight, because she did not find what she was looking for. The Bronze was buzzing with its usual, hormones infested high school students, but as it has happened in the past the entire hormone infested guys ignored her.

It upset her how she paid a lot of money for the dress she had just bought and even Xander; one of the most desperate young guys in the whole school ignored her. She knew why everyone ignored her and it was because they were scared of her. They thought she was weird, quiet and very to her self, but the main reason she was like that was because she was scared what someone would say when they found out she was a witch.

It was not like she never went on a date before, but the last one she went on was a long time ago and the last one ended abruptly. Now Amy knew she could make someone love her, but there are no romances in that. She wanted to be in a relationship and have someone really love her. Plus doing love spells were extremely perilous and also undoing the spells were extremely difficult.

Amy sighed and crossed the street without looking. A car honked loudly as it sped by giving her a jolt. She thought about giving the unknown driver a flat tire as her heart pounded nervously, but decided against it. She was tired and just wanted to get back to he house. She still had little bit of math homework to complete and knew that she had to get it done while she was still awake. Despite being a powerful witch, Amy had to sleep and get a good night worth of sleep before going to school the following day.

Amy paused and looked around the street after hearing twig snap. She used a spell to increase her vision, but still didn't see anything. Strangely it bothered her, because she was scared. For a few moments, my just stood there looking up and down the block with her accrued vision hoping to see someone, but she didn't see anything. Amy sighed and continued walking back to her house, which was still a mile and a half left to go.

She hated walking alone this late at night, not that she walked alone late at night all the time. Most nights, Amy stayed at home eating chocolate brownies and watching action movies. Her favorite movie was Die Hard. She wished she could be a hero like Bruce Willis was in the movie, without all the blood involved. Also she wished she wouldn't have to kill people to become that kind of hero.

Amy heard another twig snap and she knew this time there was someone following her, even if she couldn't see anything. She knew it always happened like this. It was late at night and she was walking home alone. In every horror movie she had seen, it was always the stupid girls who happened to walk home late at night alone and get jumped by the evil guy. But she knew that would never happen to her that way, because she had a few tricks up her sleeves.

Amy heard another twig snap and as she turned around quickly to see if someone was behind her, she felt someone push her to the ground from behind. When she got back to her feet, she looked at her assaulter and saw a vampire looking down at her hungrily. He took a step toward her and reached out grabbing her by the throat. He lifted her up and she said something as her eyes flashed green momentarily.

The vampire paused and looked at Amy waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. He laughed as Amy sighed realized that she couldn't concentrate and when that happened it affected her magic. The vampire shook his head and said, "Oh baby I am going to enjoy this."


Buffy sighed and paced around the cemetery holding a stake in one hand and the other hand was in her jeans pocket. It was a chilly night out with a little rain that was carried in the wind. The trees that surrounded the cemetery howled as they shook from the wind. Buffy shivered from the cold and sat on one of the stones as she wished someone could join her on her cemetery night outs.

She wished it could be Willow, but she knew her parents would never let her to be out this late. Her parents for some strange reason, that Buffy would never understand, had to say good night to Willow and make sure she was safe in he room every night. Xander could sometimes be great company, but he could also be very strange sometimes too. Although with nights like these, even Xander could prove to be great company. Now there was Giles. He could be good company too, but his company seemed to result in some strange force that tried to cause destruction.

Buffy shook her head again and slid off the stone. She began to pace around the cemetery, now both hands in her coat pockets. The stake she was holding before was hidden in her coat pocket that as inside her coat. Part of her wanted to have a quiet night with no vampires, but another part of her was bored and actually wanted a vampire to come so she could at least have something to worry about.

Buffy smiled and thought about school this past day. The thought of Xander ever trying out for any type of sports was ridiculous, but sometimes Xander surprised and today was one of those days. Willow liked seeing Xander in small and tight shorts and liked watching him practice. Buffy couldn't help trying not to laugh at Xander's failing attempts to make a shot. First off, he couldn't even dribble the ball and when he tried to shoot for the first time, he missed so bad that it hit the couch in the face. After that though, Xander never even step foot near that part of the school.

Buffy paused when she heard a shrill scream. She looked around the cemetery, but didn't see anything. When she didn't see anything at the cemetery, Buffy ran to the entrance and looked up and down the street. She still didn't see anything, but when she heard another scream, she ran down the street toward the direction of that scream. From the distance she saw a girl about her age, being attacked by two vampires. Buffy ran faster, but knew she was too far way to do anything. Suddenly out of nowhere she saw a man with a hooded sweater jump from the rooftop. He was wearing the hood, which made it hard for Buffy to see his face. He grabbed the vampire from the girl and through him against the tree hard. The vampire looked at the guy shocked and then grew angry.

He dove at the guy and Buffy saw the guy pull a large stake out from his sweater and stab the vampire. The vampire looked at the hooded man before he turned into bright orange ash. Another vampire ran up to the man and the hooded man growling. The hooded man looked at the vampire slyly before pulling out a large sword from the sheath he had on his back and sliced off the vampire's head. Buffy gasped and stopped running with a shocked look on her face. She has never seen someone else besides her fight vampires and even more so, fight with swords.

She watched the hooded man approach the girl who was terrified and had hidden behind a car that was parked in the driveway during the attack. When the hooded man heard Buffy slowly he looked at her briefly and then jumped over the fence into the backyard of the house he had fought the vampires. Buffy stepped up to the girl and recognized her as Amy, the witch from school. She didn't know her too well, but knew she was a nice girl just a bit lonely.


A group of vampires were huddled around a table with a rusted book on it. There were torches hung on the walls, which were the only source of light. The book was open to a certain page full of symbols and hieroglyphics. One vampire was reading from the book, while the other vampires stood around watching him intently. "Soon it will begin," The vampire said in a deep voice, his sharp nails tracing the images on the pages, "Soon the Earth above will tremble and vampires will rule."

"What about the slayer?" A vampire asked looking at their leader, "She always gets in the way."

"Don't worry about the slayer," The leaders said turning the page to a picture of a human holding swords and one of the swords engorged in a vampire's heart. He shook his head and traced the picture of the human and said, "The slayer we can deal with, once we get the artifact, the Gupta, then we can get them to rise again."

"The slayer will be no match for them," Another vampire said grinning seductively, "Ooh, I can't wait for it."

The leader turned another pager and began to read more about the Gupta. He smiled and said, "Oh have I missed my dear friends." He paused and sighed as he looked at the other vampires huddled around him. He thought back hundreds of years in the past, to the time his and his friends roamed the towns all powerful and feeling omnipotent. Everyone was scared of him and his friends and no one could stop them too. He licked his lips and continued, "The slayer many centuries took them away from us, but now we have found a way for them to raise from the grave and walk the Earth again. Again the mortals will run in fear and no one will stop us." The leader stood up and said loudly with his arms outstretched as the other vampires cheered, "Let the reckoning begin!"