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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Reckoning

Chapter 2


Xander leaned against the wall biting his lower lip as he watched the football cheer leaders walk by in their skimpy little skirts. The football players followed them and one of them pushed Xander laughing as they joked about him. Xander was about to make a comment when he heard Buffy ask him seriously, "Xander have you been listening to a word I am saying?"

"Buffy, the cheer leaders walked by," Willow said shaking her head. "Do you really think he would pay attention?"

Buffy frowned as she closed her locker. She locked it and then turned to face Xander and Willow. "Xander I am going to start over and this time listen to me." She paused hoping he would listen. "Last night a group of vampires tried to attack Amy."

"Okay and what happened then?" Xander sarcastically asked, "You saved her from them, right?"

"Not quite," Buffy said as she watched Amy from down the hall. "I was not able to fight the vampires, but someone else did."

"There was someone else fighting the vampires?" Xander asked as Willow rolled her eyes.

"Hello Buffy," Amy said softly as she held her school books tightly. She smiled, "Hi Xander, hi Willow."

"I heard about last night," Xander said trying to be brave. He didn't see Buffy and Willow roll their eyes sarcastically. "If you ever want some company on the walk home."

"Buffy did you get a good look at whoever it was last night?" Amy asked ignoring Xander. She never liked him, because she felt he always tried to hard to impress the girls. He wasn't bad looking, but was on the annoying side.

"No not really," Buffy said shaking her head, "Everything happened too quickly for me too see anything. How about you?"

Amy shook her head. "I wasn't able too see much," She said opening her locker and placing her books inside. She locked it and then continued, "All I noticed that it was a he and that was it."

"Well I guess you saw more than I did," Buffy said with a smile, "Who ever he was, I have never seen anyone fight like that." She paused as she saw Xander look at her, "He was so skillful with the sword and he seemed so calm while fighting."

"What do you mean by that?" Xander asked quickly.

Buffy rolled her eyes again as she said, "Oh don't worry Xander, I don't even know his name," She paused and smiled at him, "Yet."

Buffy walked to the library with Willow and Amy following her. Xander stood there for a few moment as he asked loudly, "What do you mean by yet?"


Cordelia looked at herself in the mirror as she put on the lip stick she had just bought. She placed the lipstick back in her purse and licked her lips liking the color. "I look so good," She said admiring herself as her two closest friends walked up to her. They began to put more makeup as Cordelia continued, "I hope to look good for the new student."

"I heard about that," Ashley said with a smile, "I heard he is going to be cute."

"Well I hope to be the first person to greet him to the school," Cordelia said with a smile as she held on to her purse tightly, "I want him to feel welcome here."

"I know you will," Judy said putting her perfume away. She turned and followed Cordelia out of the bathroom. "Being that you don't have a boyfriend now."

"So what are we doing tonight?" Ashley asked looking at Cordelia.

"Like what else is there to do in this boring town?" Cordelia asked giving Ashley a stupid look. "We will go to the Bronze and try to pick up hot guys."

"To the Bronze it is," Judy said walking to the cafeteria.


Giles took off his glasses and placed them in his shirt pocket as he set a thick and old looking book on one of the tables in the library. The book was about a event called the Reckoning. There was a rumor that had been circling around, that the vampires were gearing up for something big. The Reckoning was a vampire tradition, but that is all he knew. He hoped that this book, would have some answers.

Giles sat down and put his glasses back on as he began to read the book. At that very moment he heard someone say, "Hey there Giles, what's hanging?"

"Oh hi there Buffy," He said looking up from his book. He squinted at her and asked in confusion, "Hanging?"

"Oh never mind," Buffy said looking at the book Giles was reading, "What are you reading?"

"Hi Giles," Willow said walking into the library with Xander and Amy following closely behind.

"Hi Willow," Giles said closing the book.

Buffy set her purse on the floor by the table and sat down across from Giles. She took the book he was reading and opened it up. "Eww," She said quickly.

"Buffy," Giles asked watching her flip through the book. "How did the watch go last night?"

Buffy looked up from her book and glanced at Amy who looked at her. Their eyes locked momentarily as Buffy began, "There was a slight problem last night." She paused and watched Amy pace around the library. She couldn't blame her for be even more silent than usual. "A group of vampires attacked Amy and there was a certain person who saved her."

"How is that a problem?" Giles asked cleaning his glasses. When he thought they were clean enough, he placed them in his shirt pocket.

"The person that fought the vampires last night was too skilled," Buffy said looking at Willow and Xander. "He had to be a Slayer of some type."

"That is impossible," Giles said shaking his head in disagreement. He looked at Buffy and said, "It is unlikely that another Slayer would be here in Sunnydale." He paused and then said, "Buffy on your tonight's watch, see if you can find him."

"I intend to," Buffy said thinking about who he was and how he was able to fight so skillfully.


There was only darkness in the room as Garkain paced around deep in thought. Time was running out and there was word in the streets about a new fighter that was roaming around. Garkain looked around and watched a vampire light the torches in separate areas of the room. He was silent as his followers grouped together waiting for him to say something. When the torches were fully lit, Garkain turned and faced his followers grim faced. "What are we going to do about him?" One of them asked stepping forward, "He has taken out a dozen of vampires just in the past two days."

Garkain didn't answer right away. He looked at one of the torches briefly and took a step toward his followers. He smiled at them and said, "Don't worry my friends the time for our salvation is upon and no more should we worry." He paused began to pace back and forth in front of the other vampires. He placed his hands behind back and cleared his throat, "As I speak at this very moment things are falling into place." He paused again as a vampire handed him a thick and old looking book. He opened it up and said, "In here is information about an artifact that we need to get our hands on or should I say a whom." Garkain closed the book and then said, "Our time has come."


Amy leaned back in her seat as she watched the band play one of her favorite songs. The song was about a long lost love finally meeting each other after many years apart. She often wished she could be the girl in the song. She took a sip of water and skimmed the crowd trying to see if there was anyone interesting tonight in the Bronze. She stood up to leave when she didn't find anyone interesting, when she bumped into someone spilling her water on him. "Oh I am so sorry," She said embarrassment flooding her face.

"Oh it's okay," He said smiling at her as she blushed and removed part of her bangs. "I never liked this shirt anyway."

Amy muttered something and waved her hand over his shirt as it began to dry by itself. ""There now it is all dry," She said softly turning away. She was ready for him to freak out and walk away scared like most of Sunnydale did.

She felt him touch her on the shoulder as he said, "That was amazing," He paused and palmed his now dry shirt, "How did you do that?" He asked looking her in eyes.

"You don't know?" She asked finding it strange. Everybody in Sunnydale knew she was a witch after the incident with her mother and cheer leading last year.

"No," He said looking at her confused. He motioned for her to sit at the table she was just sitting at as he said, "I am new to Sunnydale."

Amy didn't know why she sat with this mystery man, but there was something about him that she was attracted to. "I am a witch," She said bluntly ready for him to make a nasty comment and then walk away.

"Really?" He asked a twinkle of excitement in his eyes. "I think that is really cool."

"You do?" She asked feeling relieved that he didn't hate the fact that she could do magic.

"Yeah I think it is pretty awesome," He said reaching out and touching her hand briefly. She gasped and removed her hand, "I'm sorry." He said looking embarrassed."

"Most people are frightened when they know I am a witch," Amy said smiling at him. He smiled back and Amy immediately fell in love with it. He had the cutest smile and light green eyes that seemed to twinkle. "In fact, other than Buffy and a few others, everyone else stays away from me."

"Who is Buffy?" He asked scanning the crowd for anything unusual.

"She is someone at school," Amy said. She looked at her hand briefly thinking about him touching it. "What is your name?" She asked looking back at him.

"Ryan Grimsley," He said smiling at her. "What is yours?"

"Amy Madison," Amy said blushing.

"Well now Amy," Ryan said standing up. He reached out open handed, "Come on, I am not a fan of crowded places. Let's go on a walk."

"Oh it's late," Amy said not really knowing the time.

"Come on now Amy," Ryan said taking a step toward her. He smiled warmly and continued, "I bet you can teach me all about Sunnydale."

Amy didn't know why she said yes, but stood up as she took hold of his hand. They left the Bronze as Amy began, "To be honest, Sunnydale is quite boring. The only thing to do hear is go to the Bronze."

"Hmm sounds amazing," Ryan said looking around at his surroundings as they walked down the quite street. The music from the Bronze slowly grew silent as they walked further away.

"Your kidding?" Amy asked looking at him.

"Of course I am," Ryan said as he laughed.

Amy felt a warm and fuzzy feeling inside her as he herad him laugh. She knew that she shouldn't fall for him so quickly, becaue she hardly knew him. In fact she didn't know anything about him. "Where are you from?" Amy asked as they crossed the street. They walked into an empty park.

"I am from San Diego," He said still scanning his surroundings. "Oh I am going to miss the sunshine there and the beaches, but I hear Sunnydale has beautiful weather."

"Yeah it could be," Amy said looking at the ground briefly as they slowly walked through the park, "It gets quite boring. I have never seen snow before in my life."

"It is cold," Ryan said without thinking.

"Of course it is," Amy said watching him blush, "It is ice."

For a few seconds no one spoke. "It is so quiet here," Ryan said with a frown.

"Yeah it is," Amy said thinking about the previous night when she was attacked. It made her feel a little bit more comfortable that she wasn't alone, but vampires often stayed in groups. She was about to say something when she heard Ryan shush her. "What is it?" She whispered looking around into the darkness of the park.

Ryan paused and looked around. Suddenly he let go of Amy and caught the stake that he had hidden up his sleeve. A vampire came out of no where and jumped on top of a picnic table. He growled showing his teeth and dove toward Ryan. Ryan spun around and grabbed the vampire's arm in the process. He twisted it and tripped the vampire in the process. The vampire landed on the ground as Ryan staked him through the heart. The vampire cried out and then turned to ash. Amy took a few steps back and gasped when she bumped into another vampire. "Hey there pretty," The vampire said grabbing her roughly.

"Get your hands off of her," Ryan snapped pulling a middle-sized sword that he had hidden on his back.

Amy's eyed widened in fear and fascination when she recognized who he was. The vampire laughed and bared his fangs as he prepared to bite her. Ryan chuckled and threw his sword at the vampire. It struck him in the forehead. He let go of Amy and slowly pulled out the sword. "You little asshole," He snarled as Amy hid behind Ryan. "That hurt."

The vampire than chuckled as his wound slowly healed by itself. He pointed the sword at Ryan and took a step toward him. Ryan jumped away as the vampire tried to stab him. The sword got stuck in the picnic table. Ryan saw this and punched the vampire in the face and then kicked him in the gut. The vampire gasped as Ryan pulled out his sword. He swung it and cut the vampire in half. The vampire's eyes widened in horror when he realized what happened. Suddenly he turned into ash. "Works better than pepper spray," Ryan joked. He paused and then stared at the ashes briefly as he replaced his sword. He looked at Amy and approached her, "I bet you have a lot of questions," He paused and picked up his stake. He placed it in his coat pocket. "Come I will walk you home and answer your questions."