October 15th, 1942

Stalingrad, Soviet Union

Soviet Headquarters

"Come in Comrades." A voice beckoned from behind the curtain in the doorway. I pushed the curtain away and walked up to the desk. Aleksandrov and I stopped, came to attention, saluted, and sat in the two chairs in front of the old desk. "Good evening Comrades. I am colonel Mikhail Vidikov. It has come to my attention that, using teamwork, you two have over four-hundred kills. Because you men are so good, I have a mission for you. We need someone of your caliber, because any normal sniper could, and probably would fail." I gulped, wondering what this important mission was. Vidikov walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a map. Vidikov was a short man; bald and fat. He looked like a penguin while walking. Sitting down, he unrolled the map and pointed quite deep into German lines. "We have reliable information stating that tomorrow one of the German intelligence officers, Major Iro Henle, will be stopping by this headquarters to deliver a speech to the men and surveying the moral of the men." I want you two to crawl into a spot where you can see this factory well and get rid of Iro. You two will both be issued new rifles which you'll be able to test out today. These rifles have been equipped with captured Fascist Zeiss 6 power scopes. Understood?" He finished, standing up straight.

"Yes, Comrade Commissar." We both replied.

"Excellent. You all may now head back to your bunker, that's where your rifles and a map of the factory and it's surrounding area will be waiting. Dismissed." We stood up, saluted sharply, and headed back to our bunker.

October 15th, 1942

Stalingrad, Soviet Union

Soviet Sniper Bunker.

The sharp crack of my rifle filled the air in the bunker. Ping! 550 meters away, the bullet impacted directly on the destroyed panzer's barrel. I did the bolt on my rifle and waited for Aleksandrov to chose a target.

"The machine gun on top of the destroyed T-34, 50 meters farther and 20 to the left of the destroyed Panzer." He told me.

"Got it." I replied. "It's a downhill shot, add 1/8 to compensate." Click. I licked my finger and put it out in the air. "Wind is at half-value." Click, click. "Fire when ready." A few moments later, Aleksandrov pulled the trigger. We kept our eyes glued to our scopes, not moving from the machine gun. A flash of yellow on the gun told me he had hit his mark. "Hit." I said smoothly. I checked my watch again. 1045. "We'd better get going, this place is pretty deep in the lines. Aleksandrov nodded and gathered his stuff. I did the same, and we went into the back room to change into our suits and get the grease pot for our faces.

October 15th, 1942.

Stalingrad, Soviet Union.

One Kilometer Behind German Lines.


"Vasili!" Aleksadrov whispered. "How much farther?" He asked. I scanned the area for a minute to make sure no Germans were around. I pulled out the map slowly and calculated where we would be around now.

"One kilometer left." I told him. Putting the map away I noticed the ground suddenly start to shake. I pulled out my binoculars and looked around the area. Okay…There's a roadblock up ahead and on the right side of the road…What's on the left…Suddenly, a large barrel popped into my sight. I froze. It was a column of tanks. "Aleksandrov!" I said hurriedly. "There's a column of Panzers heading this way!" His eyes widened. He looked around and realized the same thing I did; there was no cover around, just the bits of rubble in the road. "Get directly behind me, and lay your head into the ground!" I shouted over the roar of the tanks which had now turned and were heading straight for us. My heart beat faster than it ever had before as the tanks approached.