Title: So Far (a piece in five senses)

Author: shallowness

Fandom: Penelope

Pairing: Canon het. (Penelope/Johnny)

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, and I make no profit from this fan-written fiction.

Rating: Universal.

Summary: Post-film ficlet.

Author's Note: I wrote this straight after seeing the film, and tidied it and typed it up recently, having watched it on DVD.

So Far (a piece in five senses): shallowness

They make their way back to the loft apartment from the bar laughing and speculating over how long it will be before Annie makes a move on Jack.

"Of course, Jack might make the first move—" Johnny suggests. Penelope quirks an eyebrow in response. He yields the point, leans in, kisses her, tasting Cloverdilly beer on tap, the real thing.

When Johnny asks if she's going to stop and smell every plant in the gardening center, Penelope tells him that the press asked her if she could smell better than other people. She doesn't have to specify when, the press don't bother her any more.

sight and sound
He loves to watch her talk into the wee small hours. Doesn't matter about what – her story, plans for travelling in the future – he just loves matching the voice to the eyes, the face, the person.

At first he is sensitive about not touching her nose. But Penelope, of course, has to do exploring of her own, and those fingers he remembers so well have to trace his every feature. Curious touch invites curious touch, become caresses, fingers giving way to lips.


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