"Hello!" Scotty cheerfully greets Kevin as he enters the loft. Kevin waves at him and gestures at his phone, implying he's on the phone. He also rolls his eyes and shows with his hand that the person on the other side is talking a lot. Scotty watches him 'hm' and 'oh' as he takes off his jacket and puts all the groceries in the fridge. When he's done he slides down on the couch next to Kevin and takes his laptop away and puts it on the table.

Kevin's busy telephone hand prevents him from keeping it, but tries to object. Scotty strokes Kevin's neck and all resistance disappears. Kevin mouths 'Sarah' and Scotty nods understandingly. He watches Kevin face. It's sympathetic in the sense that he knows all Sarah needs is someone to listen. Children, new co-workers, Joe and random life things that someone just have to share with her.

Scotty's neck stroking turns into a neck massage while Kevin clearly leads the conversation to an end. He says goodbye and puts the phone on the table, exhaling heavily.

"Hi sweetie." Kevin turns his head a bit back so Scotty can kiss him. "Long day?"

"Yeah, but it was okay." Scotty says. "You've worked from here all day?"

"No. I wrote a press release when I was still in bed this morning."

Scotty chuckles and presses a kiss against Kevin's back. His massaging travels up over the shirt collar and into Kevin's curls. Apparently Kevin also had time for a shower today because Scotty can feel his hair all natural, curly and with no product. His hands travel back down on Kevin's back and then to Kevin's chest where he unbuttons a button, making enough room for him to slide a hand inside.

Kevin moans and leans back a bit, erasing some of the distance between them. Scotty unbuttons some more buttons and eventually pulls down the shirt, revealing the skin of the body before him. He softly kisses Kevin's shoulders and neck, sending shivers down his spine.

He continues to kiss Kevin's back when his hands travel back to Kevin's front, slowly making their way down to Kevin's belt and unbuckles it.

"I'm so glad you're home." Kevin whispers.

"Me too." Scotty replies.

Kevin stands up in order to remove his pants properly. Scotty watches with arousal how Kevin's body gets totally naked right before him. He puts his hands on Kevin's hips and pulls him closer. He kisses Kevin's belly and trails kisses slowly downwards, avoiding the crotch area. Scotty feels a hand on the back of his head and understands where Kevin wants him. Or rather, what Kevin wants his lips and mouth to focus on.

Kevin's breath changes drastically and becomes more shallow and deep when he feels Scotty's lips around his cock. The grip in Scotty's hair tightens and his other hands goes to Scotty's shoulder, dictating the pace. Scotty enjoys Kevin's growing arousal and takes his time to get the job done thoroughly, using his mouth and hands to make Kevin's knees weaker.

Scotty knows all the stages Kevin goes through before he comes, and knows that when Kevin pushes his head against himself, that's close. Scotty applies more suction and Kevin's climax arises and he soon collapses on the couch next to Scotty.

Scotty casually strokes Kevin's chest before getting up to get some water in the kitchen. When he returns to the living room with a glass, Kevin is still paralyzed in his position.

"You." Kevin drowsily says, pointing a finger at him. "You're good." He says, almost not able to articulate. Scotty smiles in reply. He knows he's good and he loves how his care can put Kevin out for several minutes.

When Kevin can finally move again he puts on his pants.

"I'll get a new." He says, picking up his shirt. "Something more… comfy." He explains while leaving for the closet.

Scotty sits down on the coach. He leans over the coffee table to grab a magazine and sees Kevin's cell phone. His eyes widen in shock – the connection with Sarah's phone isn't ended. He picks up the phone. He's afraid to say something in case Sarah is actually there enjoying the show, but at the same time, he would like to know if that is the case.

He hears Kevin return from the bedroom and quickly pushes 'end call' and put the phone back down. He smiles at Kevin when he comes back and pats the seat next to him on the couch.

"Come sit." Kevin obeys, taking the remote control with him.

Well, if Sarah did hear anything, they will definitely hear about it, probably over dinner with the whole family gathered, Scotty thinks. He leans his head against Kevin and feels Kevin's arm around him. Yes, they will definitely hear about this later, and Kevin's embarrassment is going to be very enjoyable.