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Flames of love and passion

How had all of this started?

Perhaps... with Miguel. Miguel the scoundrel. Who had betrayed a young Nadie, sweet-talked her into giving him her hard-earned money... just to buy the next pretty lady a gift. But he had done much more than just getting her money out of her. Nadie had been forced to become independent early because of her parent's death. Trusting people hadn't come naturally to her back then... well, it still didn't. And that was his fault. Because she had trusted him. Trusted that he would respect her gift. But he had shattered her trust in other humans... men especially.

Well, but it hadn't been his fault alone, although he had been one motivation for her to become a bounty hunter... because the prey of bounty hunters was male most of the time. Simple thiefs or betrayers like Miguel didn't really interest her... or rather, they reminded her of Miguel. And she could still understand Miguel a little. But violent criminals, murderers, kidnappers, rapists... nearly all of the guys with the most despicable crimes she had hunted down in her life had been men.

Sure, there were good men too... like Ricardo. He was mysterious, but he had a code of honor and would never deceive his comrades. And he would defend the ones dear to him with his life... Lirio on the top of his list. And there were... somehow pitiable individuals too. Like L.A., to some extent. Nadie knew from Ellis, that L.A. had had a similar childhood as Ellis... and Nadie didn't like fighting people whose life had been worse than her's, even if they were psychotic maniacs. And of course there were many men with unspectacular lifes, hard workers, husbands and fathers. Like Roberto, who had offered them to stay with him and his wife Nina, as some kind of adopted daughters. Or even Antonio, who, despite being an ex-assassin, was leading a pretty simple life right now with his beautiful wife Margerita. But all of them didn't change the fact, that Nadie had met and hunted down a myriad of male scum, who wouldn't hesitate to kill or otherwise torture their helpless victims.

Maybe... no, surely that was the reason, why Nadie „didn't like men", like Ellis had put it sometime in the past. Sure, she didn't like all women either, of course not. She especially despised the members of this witch organisation which Blue Eyes had talked about. They had never met Ellis, but they had sent masked killers after them. In Nadie's opinion these women weren't even a bit better than Rosenberg, and she had hated this manipulative bastard. Or the fake witch, Natasha, who had been betraying a whole village for years with her magic tricks. She somehow could understand that the girl had been lonely... but still, lying to the villagers and taking gifts from them? But hardly any woman she knew would be able to be as vile and cruel as the men she had hunted down.

And because of that she had known it even before she had met Ellis. That she liked women. Nadie had never felt attracted to men, not since Miguel. Sure, Ricardo was an intriguing guy, she somehow felt close to him, maybe because they were both protecting someone dear to them. But between any interesting man and her there would always be the dozens of near-beastlike criminals in her mind. With women she didn't have these unpleasant memories, although that didn't mean she'd jump into bed with every hot chica she saw. She was no slut... she was a bounty hunter. People such as her were relucant to show their feelings, to trust someone enough to drop their guard. But yes, Nadie had slept with a couple of girls in her age... and even a few adult women.

But it had just been sex, nothing more. Maybe… that was the reason, why she had denied her feelings for Ellis for so long. Because Ellis was special. Right from the start of their friendship she had awakened feelings in Nadie. At first the will to protect the delicate girl, to embrace her and shield her from the cruel world outside, and later... more. But at the beginning Nadie had denied the sexual component of her feelings. It had been easy to convince herself, that she was like a big sister to the blonde girl, defending her against the bad boys. Her feelings back then had been strong, intense... and entirely pure. It had been more than Nadie had ever felt for anyone, except her parents. She had instinctively resisted comparing Ellis to her short-timed affairs, because she hadn't wanted to taint this strong emotion. She had simply enjoyed Ellis' company, showed her many things Ellis had never seen before, taught her small things about right behaviour and teased her occasionally... until it had become more. Oh, so much more.

A first sign had probably been, that she hadn't felt anything for women anymore since she had started travelling with Ellis. Although she hadn't noticed that fact back then. Maybe... no, surely that had been the reason, why she had followed Miguel, when she had met him again. Back in this fateful night, Nadie had started wondering... how long she had been without a lover and that she hadn't felt any passion for another woman for quite some time. It hadn't occured to her, that she could possibly have such feelings for Ellis. But she had thought, that Ellis might have changed her... showed her a different kind of love, a love like the one between siblings. She had thought, that thanks to Ellis she would maybe be able to start trusting again, especially men.

Or maybe it had been different. Maybe these… stronger feelings had already been in her heart, when they had met Miguel. Maybe Nadie had subconsciously tried to avert her cravings from Ellis by following Miguel. Yes, maybe. As said, Ellis was special… and Nadie was her protector. It could be that her subconsciousness had identified her own desires as dangerous for Ellis' tender heart. Right now… she would wholly agree to that.

At least she should have noticed this whole mess, when they had met Margarita. The wife of Antonio, the ex-assassin, was a lovable and caring person, and she was hot as hell. She was just Nadie's type… or rather, she was the type of women Nadie had felt drawn to before she had met Ellis. Nadie should have been attracted to Margaritas gentle, happy mind AND her stunning body. Probably not so much that she would actually try to flirt with her when Antonio was nearby, but she should at least have been tempted to do it. And what had happened? She had become jealous… because Ellis had complimented Margaritas appearance. It had hurt Nadie that Ellis regarded Margarita as beautiful, or as she had said, "sexy"… and that she had never said anything like that to Nadie.

No, it hadn't really hurt… it had just bothered her. Back then she had felt like Ellis was teasing her… and truth be told, sometimes she really couldn't say, if Ellis was still thinking like a child and oblivious of Nadie's reactions… or if the little blonde was ACTING like a child to tease Nadie. The problem was that Ellis was constantly surrounded by an aura of innocence. No one would believe that this little girl was capable of taunting someone, but sometimes… like when she had told Nadie that she "could just look at the stars", something Nadie had told her to do before Ellis had succeeded in stopping a car, after Nadie had failed to do so – even with her sexiest pose! Back then Nadie had strongly felt like Ellis had been mocking her, but the girl had been smiling like a newborn baby. Sometimes this behaviour was quite frustrating, but then it was also… strangely alluring. It made Ellis unique… intriguing… desirable!

Perhaps it had been because of this innocence, fake or not, that something inside of Nadie had kept her from seeing the truth. That and the fact, that Ellis was the first person in a long time, whom Nadie trusted blindly. The very first person since Miguel. Sure, Nadie had some good friends, not many though, but none of them would be willing to share her life on the road with her, constantly getting into dangerous situations. She had been scared. Scared she'd lose Ellis' friendship, when she openly claimed to love her. When she frightened the girl with her raw desires. True, Ellis had matured in all the time they had spent together. She was behaving far more "normal" now, when they went into a new town, not like a small child clutching to her mommy, but like a cute girl walking around with her friend. She still wasn't all that talkative and there were still situations she didn't understand, especially "dirty" ones. Ellis' concept of love was still a very romantic one, book-romantic that is. She had shown signs of affection towards Nadie, like snuggling up to Nadie when they were camping outside in their small tent, but the red-head was quite sure that the most intense form of love for Ellis would be a kiss. And probably she didn't even know about tongues, but only about lip-contact.

Pure, that's what Ellis was. An angel, a saint, a maiden in body and mind. To Nadie it felt like a sacrilege to taint such purity with thoughts of lust and pleasure, not even combined with true love, although that didn't stop idiots to make dirty comments from time to time, when they were walking by. More than once she had been tempted to draw her gun – not to shoot, mind you, just to startle their moronic brains a bit. But Ellis hadn't even known what these guys had been talking about. She knew nothing of the arousing wish to cover each spot of your lover's body with hot kisses. Of pressing your lover's body against a wall with your own, feeling the heat between them. A part of Nadie hoped that Ellis would never get to know all these things, that she'd remain pure forever, although another, darker part of her craved for grappling Ellis' delicate body, restrain her and pulling her into a hard kiss… and so on. Okay, THAT would probably never happen, but fact was, even these dark fantasies were a part of Nadie… but not of Ellis.

Nadie loved Ellis. As very much as she had loved her family… but also very different. Her love for Ellis was more passionate. Hotter. Blazing hot. Nadie wished, she really wished that she could love Ellis like the blonde girl loved Nadie – an unbreakably strong, but platonic love. But she couldn't do that. Not anymore. She didn't know when, but sometime in the past she had stopped seeing Ellis as a trusty companion, a lovable fosterling, a cute little sister. Now she was seeing Ellis' body.

She was seeing the curled, blonde hair and the alabaster skin, making Ellis look like a clichéd angel. She was seeing Ellis' big, dark eyes, and all the happiness and faith within them, as long as she and Nadie were together. She was seeing the petite, somehow childish body, less curvy than Nadie's, but accentuating Ellis' aura of innocence perfectly, driving Nadie mad with guilt… guilt, that she wanted to defile something so pure and sacred, wanted to see it squirming with pleasure. She was also hearing Ellis' voice, her clear, gentle voice that managed to calm Nadie down anytime she was angry or frustrated. And she saw Ellis' lips, which had learned laughing thanks to Nadie… these fine, attracting lips…

Nadie sighed. This part of her was growing stronger. The part that wanted to taste Ellis' sweet innocence, that wanted to drink the dregs of it and rouse the flames of passion in its place. Each movement of Ellis' delicate body, each glance of her oh-so-expressive eyes, each word in her sanctified voice made it more different for Nadie to hold back… not that it was different, when Ellis was peacefully sleeping next to her. Watching Ellis' angelic features bathed in pale moonlight and the slow up and down of her chest was painfully alluring too. Each second in the last weeks Nadie had wanted to show Ellis, how hot the "flame of love" was burning inside of her, but…

… she couldn't show Ellis this side of her. At least not now. Not until she was sure, definitely sure, that Ellis was ready for such a big change in their relationship. It could hit Ellis way harder than it had hit Nadie… and the last thing Nadie wanted was hurting the other girl. Only when she had proof that Ellis saw more in Nadie than just a friend, only then she would allow herself to give vent to her passion. Till then… she would have to make do with softly caressing Ellis' cheek while the girl was sleeping.

Nadie felt like a predator standing right in front of a new-born animal of prey… a beast with two instincts in conflict. Should she spare the tiny animal, so that it was able to grow, and hunt it down later? Or should she give in, overwhelm the defenceless animal, devour her prey? Right now Nadie wanted Ellis to grow… but the dark yearning inside of her was getting stronger and more tempting every day – and every night! It was completely out of question to leave Ellis, but she wasn't sure how long she'd be able to resist the desires inside of her.

Nadie pulled her hand back, which had been touching Ellis' cheek until now. She turned around and closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep. Which wasn't easy. She was already kind of used to the pictures of her wild-running imagination, that ran through her mind, but her hand wasn't really helping. It felt like it was burning… as if she had touched an open flame. A holy flame. A flame of love. A flame that was – in the moment – stronger than the flames of passion inside of her.

Still it took Nadie quite long to fall asleep this night.


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