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Joined halves

It was a pleasant feeling… being half-asleep, just barely noticing the world outside of her dreams, but still feeling somebody softly nibbling on her earlobe. That she wasn't conscious enough to think, didn't change the fact that her body enjoyed this treatment very much. It was so…


In just a moment she was wide-awake, sitting up and covering her slightly hurting ear with her hand, unconsciously scanning the area for potential threats. Her old bounty hunter instincts kicked in, telling her that a) she was in her underwear, b) she had no gun and c) the cause to her injury was right next to her. But before her brain could even try to analyze this data, the voice reached her ears.

"Oh Nadie, I'm sorry!" Ellis sounded truly crushed. Nadie blinked and turned her head towards the other girl, rubbing her ear. Now that her brain finally started working, she realized that it had been Ellis, who had bitten her. Most certainly by mistake considering how inconsolable the girl seemed to be. It was almost shocking to see Ellis so emotional, but well, with all the things that had happened the night before… "Forgive me" the girl continued, looking down. "You just looked so pretty in your sleep… and because you did this to me yesterday, I wanted to…"

Nadie didn't even bother to answer Ellis. She just moved her hand from her ear to Ellis' chin, lifted her face up and closed the blonde girl's lips with a kiss. Ellis seemed surprised since she didn't react at that assault, but before she could, Nadie ended the kiss again and smiled at the girl. Ellis looked slightly puzzled.

"Shut up" Nadie told her warmly and ran her fingers through Ellis' unkempt hair. "Never apologize for trying to make me feel better ever again, Ellis. Ok?"

"But I…"

"Hush" Nadie whispered and closed Ellis' mouth again, this time with her hand. She couldn't help it, Ellis' inexperience in… these things and her worry about hurting Nadie accidently were just so cute. She would never be able to be mad at this girl. Poor her. "Look, my ear is still where it should be. You nearly gave me a heart attack, but I'm fine now. Just remember not to do it again, alright?"

Ellis blushed. This stirred Nadie's desires, but fortunately she was quite satisfied right now… after this incredible night. Strange enough, since they hadn't really done much, compared to what she had done with other girls. Sure, they had moved to the bed after their first kisses and sometime in the night they had been stripped of their clothes save their underwear. And there was hardly any spot on Ellis' upper body Nadie hadn't touched – with her hands AND her lips. But they hadn't really done more than kissing and a little fondling, both having one – VERY good – orgasm, much less than she had thought she'd have at their first time… and still it seemed to be enough. More than that.

"But you bit my earlobe too yesterday, Nadie" Ellis mumbled. "And it… felt good." The girl still thought she had made a terrible mistake. Nadie sighed.

"Ellis, you were awake back then" she reminded the blonde girl… her girlfriend. That sounded good. Really good. "It can be very exciting to do unexpected things while making love… like biting your partner gently after caressing her. Caressing someone in her sleep is alright, but your bite startled me." She freed Ellis' mouth from her hand and looked at the girl obviously amused. "Did you really like me biting you?"

Ellis let out a small giggle. Good, seemingly she was convinced that Nadie wasn't mad at her now. "I did" she admitted, smiling brightly and a little embarrassed. "When you bit me… I suddenly felt REALLY hot. Like a small fire inside of me had been stirred."

Nadie chuckled, taking Ellis' hand and caressing the back of it with her thumb. "I kinda noticed when you moaned loud enough to wake the whole town" she joked. This noise last night had nearly driven her mad… to hear that she was able to fill Ellis' body with pleasures unknown to the girl… to hear this small hint of fear in Ellis' moan, because this was something so powerful and yet so new to her… it had fuelled Nadie's inner fire, making her explore Ellis' pale skin with her mouth even faster. But she hadn't lost control completely, mainly because of all the worry she had felt on the day before… worry that she'd never see her angel again. When Ellis had told her that she loved her too, Nadie had been so full of joy that there hadn't even been the need to express ALL of her desires. And that was a good thing, since Ellis had already been VERY overwhelmed.

Ellis smiled and laid her head on Nadie's chest, closing her eyes and embracing the red-head. "You were quite loud too, Nadie" she reminded the other girl. "When you taught me how to touch you right."

That was true. It hadn't taken Nadie very long to bring Ellis to her climax. Of course, the girl hadn't even known about sex before and it was even doubtable that she had ever… pleasured herself. Nadie's kisses on her naked skin, the red-head's body rubbing against her's and the older girl's experienced hands brushing, fondling, massaging and pinching each spot of her torso, her arms, her thighs… Ellis had had no chance to resist the force growing inside of her. Nadie had been a bit surprised when Ellis' body had suddenly cramped and the girl had let out her final wail of pleasure, because she hadn't even started touching Ellis' panty-covered private spot back then… but it had also been a gratifying feeling, because she, Nadie, had been able to give Ellis so much pleasure. She had hardly ever felt this… satisfaction before, the satisfaction of solely GIVING pleasure, not receiving it. It had warmed her heart to see, that Ellis felt so good – because of her. And this feeling of tenderness had granted her enough will to suppress the predatory urge of continuing her treatment, giving Ellis more and more pleasure until the other girl was completely drained of strength, and maybe even longer. She had pulled the girl in a gentle hug, giving Ellis time to recover from this – to her – unbelievable, unimaginable sensation. Nadie's body had been full of burning energy, ready to give or receive more pleasure, but this tender feeling hadn't let her press Ellis. There HAD been primal instincts inside of her body, filling her mind with images of even more pleasure for the both of them, but they hadn't been dominant, like she had been afraid of. Was this… love? The blazing hot will to give your beloved all the pleasure in this world… but also the calm strength to protect your loved one from this heat?

Anyway, Nadie hadn't persevered much longer than Ellis, much to her surprise. Ellis hadn't exactly been shy, she had really wanted to return the favor, but well, she hadn't had a clue how. With her mind clouded by heat and pleasure, she hadn't quite been able to study what Nadie had been doing to her body. It had taken many whispered advices to teach Ellis what to do, but then suddenly Nadie had been lost. Ellis had still been a little clumsy, but suddenly Nadie had noticed that her breathing had become harder, that her body had been glowing with heat, trying to move with Ellis' hands and lips, so that they would never leave her skin. She had felt many hands on her skin in her life… and no, her parents' didn't count! Strong hands, elegant hands, rough hands, gentle hands… but these had been Ellis' hands! These small, pale hands that touched her gentler, touched her firmer, almost playfully sending different kinds of shivers through her body. Some time later she hadn't even been able to say other things than Ellis' name anymore, Ellis' ministrations sending her through all heavens – or hells, she had felt hot enough –, pleasuring her without a single rest. If she had been able to think, she would have asked herself, how this inexperienced girl was able to drive her this crazy, without secret techniques, just ordinary touches. She hadn't lasted long. Maybe because of all these months she had been longing for Ellis, maybe because she was still horny because of the interrupted visit in the brothel, but her cry of release had been at least as loud as Ellis'.

Nadie put her arm around Ellis' shoulders and sank back into the bed, taking the blonde girl with her. Ellis was still listening to her heartbeat and Nadie was quite content with just looking at the petite girl, while softly stroking Ellis' shoulder. How was it possible, that she felt so… satisfied? Because there were still lots of unfulfilled desires inside of her, no doubt about that.

"Nadie? Do you feel better now? Is your fear gone?"

Was that true love? That Ellis was still thinking of Nadie, after all these incredible new sensations she had felt last night? Nadie smiled and kissed Ellis' hair. Empathic angel.

"Yes, I feel better" she affirmed. "Much better actually. I guess it's easier, now that I don't have to hide my feelings… my desires any longer. Although there are still MANY things I want to teach you."

"Mmmh." Ellis' approving moan, with her larynx in direct contact with Nadie's skin, sent another shiver down Nadie's spine. But right now simply lying here in bed with Ellis seemed to be much more gratifying than sex. What kind of magic had the blonde girl used to weaken Nadie's dark side so significantly? "Are these things so… strange too? So hot… so tingly… so overwhelming?" Ellis tightened her embrace a little bit. "Nadie, last night… once or twice you looked so… feral, so… hungry. I was a little scared of you… but what you did made me feel so good and… something inside me enjoyed seeing you like that."

Nadie started to play with Ellis' curls. "That were my dark feelings, Ellis" she told the girl in a soothing voice. "And yours too, as it seemed. It's frightening, isn't it? When your body is suddenly acting on its own, craving for something unknown, something wild, something even a little scary."

Ellis ended her embrace and pushed herself up, supporting her with her arms so she could look into Nadie's eyes. "Was that how you felt, Nadie?" she asked the red-head. She seemed to be insecure again. "Were these the feelings you were afraid of?"

Nadie pulled Ellis' into a hug again, caressing the back of the girl's head. "Yes" she admitted. "But you taught me something too last night, Ellis. If you trust your beloved and if you are able to stop yourself, when she orders you to do so… then this passion is nothing bad. It is a very important part of expressing your love… as long as no one solely thinks of her own pleasure and not of her partner." She made a short pause. "Do you trust me, Ellis?"

"More than anyone, Nadie" Ellis whispered into Nadie's ear, slightly tightening her embrace. For a while none of them said anything, both just enjoying the closeness, the warmth and the feeling of their beating hearts, creating a slow, soothing rhythm. Ellis was the one who ended their embrace, much to Nadie's displeasure. "Nadie… how was your first time?"

Nadie was a bit puzzled. "My first time?" she asked. "With another girl? Why do you want to know that?"

Ellis lied down next to Nadie. "Last night you showed me things I've never felt before" she told her girlfriend. "I feel… closer to you now than ever, Nadie. And I would like to know, which kind of person taught you to make me feel like that."

Nadie lied down too, facing Ellis. "Well, it's not really a secret, so why not?" She shrugged. "It was a few years ago… I had just begun working as a bounty hunter. In a small town there was a small gang of bandits blackmailing the inhabitants… you know, give us money and we won't kill you. Some of the people hired me to take out these bandits. I did." Nadie decided not to tell Ellis about the killing. She had never liked killing people, not even scum like these bandits, but telling Ellis how her bullets pierced their flesh might make her look cold-hearted. She didn't want Ellis to think of her like that. "Then they told me that one of them was still alive… he was in the house of a young widow, seemingly trying to force her to… sleep with him."

Ellis' eyes widened. "Men would really do that?" she asked, aghast.

Nadie smiled sadly and put her hand on Ellis' cheek. "Some of them" she confirmed. "They don't care about women's feelings, they just want to feel the pleasure themselves. Anyway, I went to the house and caught the guy slapping the woman, because she had resisted him. She was roughly ten years older than me, but still quite young and pretty. It was no wonder the man wanted her, but when I saw him slapping her, I immediately shot him." Nadie looked at Ellis guiltily. "You know, Ellis, normally I give these guys a chance to throw away their weapons and give up… but when I saw this guy degrading this woman… trying to force her doing something like what we did yesterday, only with somebody she hated… I couldn't take it."

Ellis took her hand and squeezed it. "I understand, Nadie" she told the red-head. "It's like the things Rosenberg… and the professor did to me. Always studying my body, like if I was a… a thing."

Nadie felt relief. Ellis understood what she had done. "Yes… yes, I think for this woman it would have been something like that. Probably worse. Well, the guy was dead and I tried to calm down the woman. I mean, I just came in and shot someone, she was afraid I'd shoot her too. I told her that I was a bounty hunter… and after I told her that I had lost my parents because of scum like this man, she calmed down. She thanked me and even invited me to stay in her house for this night because of saving her. It… was the first time I had killed so many people… and I was a little frightened of myself… I didn't want to be alone in my car or a hotel room. So I agreed."

"How did she look like?" Ellis wanted to know, softly caressing Nadie's hand.

"She was… a little taller than me. Blonde, but a little darker than your hair color, and her hair was longer than yours, and more straight. She was rather slim… had a friendly face, but seemed to be sad and lonely. Not just because of the bandits, but because her husband had died a year ago." Nadie sighed. These memories weren't really unpleasant, but it made her sad to think of this woman… and her loneliness. "She made us some food… ate with me… talked to me. It seemed like she understood me quite well… even my decision to become a bounty hunter. And then she showed me her bedroom… and her marriage bed. First I wanted to sleep in a chair, but she told me that she knew I didn't want to be alone this night. She was right… although back then the thought of sleeping in the same bed with another woman was strange to me. But in the end I agreed… and a few minutes later she had embraced me. I felt so vulnerable… she somehow was a lot like my mother, but then also very different. I felt like I would explode as I realized, how lonely my life had been till then."

"Nadie…" Ellis' voice sounded sad, as she ran her fingers through Nadie's long hair.

Nadie smiled reassuringly. "It's okay" she said. "She told me that she felt lonely too. And she asked me if I wanted her to help me. I didn't know any more about making love than you last night, Ellis. But I could feel that she truly wanted to thank me… help me… make me feel good." Nadie swallowed. "We… started kissing. She was gentle, didn't press me, but she took the initiative, feeling that I didn't know what to do. She taught me much that night, forgiving all the small mistakes I made and washing away my fears with tenderness."

"Did you… love her, Nadie?" Ellis' voice didn't sound concerned. Caring yes, but more like she already knew, that Nadie would never leave her for another woman.

Nadie nodded, smiling. "Yes" she admitted. "Back then… I did love her. But we both knew that it was just for this night… that I couldn't stay with her and that she couldn't come with me. And that she was more kind of a motherly friend to me, a gentle teacher who made me realize my true feelings… not someone I could love solely as an equal woman. But after this night I knew that I never wanted to sleep with a man again… that no man could ever be as exciting and soothing at the same time, as gentle and tender as another woman to me. That if ever, I'd fall in love with a woman." Nadie looked at Ellis, taking the girl's hand and kissing it. "And I did."

Ellis smiled back. "That was a wonderful story, Nadie" she told her. "Have you ever seen this woman again?"

Nadie shook her head. "No. I don't even know if she is still alive." She raised her eyebrow. "Why, do you want to visit her?"

Ellis shifted beneath the blanket. "Maybe" she admitted. "I would like to meet the person who showed you a woman's love… maybe without her you would have never come to love me, Nadie."

"Don't you ever say that again, Ellis!" Nadie demanded, putting her hands on Ellis' cheeks and firmly looking into the other girl's eyes. "You are a very special person to me… friendly, trusting, cute, pretty… I think I would have fallen for you no matter what. Maybe it would have taken more time, but I believe, no I am SURE last night was unavoidable!"

Ellis' eyes became soft. She took one of Nadie's hands and put it on her collarbone. "Nadie… when you just said that, it made me feel good… very warm inside here. It's… different from the warmth I felt last night… but it also feels good."

Nadie smiled back, approached Ellis and put a quick peck on Ellis' forehead. "This is the bright, the calm side of love, Ellis" she told the girl. "The kind of love you read about. The love that is still there, when your desires have been fulfilled." She grinned briefly. "It means that you can't escape me, Ellis. Your bright and your dark side both are in love with me."

Ellis chuckled and put her arms around Nadie's neck. Her eyes were so big… and was there a faint sly smile on her face? She positioned her mouth next to Nadie's ear. "But you can't escape me either, Nadie" the blonde girl whispered, snuggling up to Nadie. "You are not a free woman anymore."

Had she really thought her desires were satisfied? Maybe the intensity had decreased, the almost hurting cravings were gone… but how could she ever stop desiring this little witch? Especially if she was acting that seductively! Ellis was learning VERY fast… and Nadie didn't mind that at all. She pushed Ellis away gently, so she could look into the eyes of her girlfriend. Both of them were looking at the other one intensely.

"You are right" she said huskily. She put her hands on Ellis back and pulled the lower body of the other girl a little closer. "Don't you think I earn a little… compensation?"

"Compensation?" Ellis asked. Her curious voice could have almost fooled Nadie, but her eyes proved that she was excited too. "What kind of compensation?"

Nadie came closer until Ellis' breath warmed her face. "The special kind" she breathed. Then she pressed her lips against Ellis'. Ellis hadn't learned everything about lovemaking last night, but she had become quite good at kissing. Ellis moaned when Nadie pushed her hips against Ellis', the small opening allowing Nadie's tongue to enter the other girl's mouth. And Nadie groaned as Ellis embraced the red-head's tongue with these delicious pale lips, the soft pressure nearly driving her mad. They continued their little play a bit longer, but eventually, after a few last, quick kisses they separated again.

"Wow" Nadie whispered, her eyes nearly burning again. "That was… incredible. You're a quick learner, Ellis."

Ellis beamed back at her. "I had a good teacher" the girl said, running her fingers through Nadie's hair. "What will you teach me tonight, Nadie?"

Nadie chuckled and moved her head towards Ellis' shoulder quickly, gently catching some of Ellis' oh-so-tasty skin between her teeth for, just a second, enjoying the shivers she felt running through the blonde girl's body. But then she ended her attack and moved her head back again, looking into Ellis' face. "Well, well, aren't we eager, my naughty little witch?" she asked in an amused-husky voice. Then she became serious again. "Seriously Ellis… I don't know. With all these feelings for you, lovemaking is something new for me too. Yesterday I thought that with all this pent-up desire inside of me, I would have to make love the whole night long and use all my experience to feel satisfied…" She brushed Ellis' hair aside, enjoying the contact of her hand with Ellis' cheek. "… but just BEING with you means so much to me, makes me feel so good… I don't really want to think of the future."

Ellis touched Nadie's forehead with her own, both girls closing their eyes. "You don't need to, Nadie" she told her girlfriend. "I like being close to you too… I wouldn't mind staying here in bed with you a little longer."

Nadie chuckled, her hand finding Ellis' neck, her fingers starting to knead it playfully. She moved her head a bit, her nose touching Ellis' now. "So you want to stay here in bed for the whole day?" she asked the blonde girl. "Aren't you even a bit hungry?"

Ellis hugged Nadie a little tighter. "No, not really."

Nadie's eyes started glowing. All her attempts at seduction had failed so far… but Ellis had leant quite much last night. "Well, I AM a little hungry" she nearly growled, trying to make her intentions obvious.

In the first moment Ellis didn't quite seem to get it, but then she put the words, the voice and the look in Nadie's eyes together. She giggled. "Nadie… now YOU are very eager" she said. Then she became serious again, although there was still a slight smile on her lips. "And is there something special you'd want to taste?" she asked in a playful-naïve voice.

Was this Ellis' kind of seduction? To act in this childish way, so you couldn't know if she just wanted to be friendly or… more, to tease you with uncertainty? If yes… well, it definitely worked. Nadie already felt excited. "I have something in mind" she purred and pulled Ellis a little closer. Their lips were mere inches apart now, their noses almost touching again. "Something… special."

The tip of Ellis' nose touched Nadie's, tenderly rubbing against it. "And what is that, Nadie?" Ellis asked in the same tone, although her voice had become more silent.

"That!" Nadie breathed and finally closed the gap, ending this enjoyable torment with a kiss. She didn't know how long it would take, until she and Ellis could make love as equals, without a need to hold back, able to show ALL of their feelings and desires to each other… but right now she didn't really care. Being with her sweet little witch like this was more than she had hoped for, more than a bounty hunter like her probably deserved… but as their kiss deepened, this thought faded away, leaving behind the certainty that they were one now. Two halves with unhappy lives, which were now joined together… and which would, no matter what would happen to them from now on, enjoy every moment with each other.

After all… angels were at home in heaven.


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