It was mid-morning, and John and Breanna Brockman were enjoying a cup of coffee as they sat together on their porch swing of the large, beautiful white house they called home. Looking out from their porch, they could see the green trees leaning gently in the warm breezes and clouds lazily floating across the pale blue sky.

"Tomorrow's Monday. We've had a nice, long weekend, ready to return to work?" John asked his wife.

"I sure am, but I'm also a little reluctant."

"Why is that?"

"Well, I've gotten spoiled spending every day at home with you. I almost wish I could stay right here forever, with you."

John turned his head and looked down into his wife's lovely face. "Darling, you know I'll always be here with you, forever," John said quietly.

"I love you, darling."

"I love you." John leaned down to place a soft kiss on Breanna's waiting lips.

Meanwhile, in town, three men were scheming to rob the bank. The three outlaws, Jonas Diggs, Curtis Beaumont, and Lewis Thomson, were on the run from the law as it was. Wanted for theft and even murder in five different states, the group was making their way through Denver. They had run out of money and supplies, and needed more before escaping to Mexico.

"Right boys, you know the plan." Jonas spoke quietly as the three huddled beside the general store where they had a clear view of the bank. "Curtis and me will draw out guns once we get inside the bank. No one'll be expecting a thing, and Lewis, you'll be the lookout. You let us know if anyone approaches. Got it, boys?"


"Got it."

"What do you say we take a little ride this morning?" John suggested after they had finished their coffee.

"I would love that more than you know." Breanna flashed John an irresistible smile as they headed around back to the barn. John saddled up their black horses, Chance and Ebony, and the two mounted and rode towards a creek not far from their house which lay nine miles outside of town. Having left Chance and Ebony under a shade tree to graze, knowing the horses wouldn't wander off, John and Breanna held hands as they walked along the creek trail.

As Jonas and Curtis were fleeing from the bank, money bags in hand and wide grins on their dirty faces, Lewis saw someone run into the sheriff's office to get help. Before he could warn his comrades, the sheriff darted out into the street after them. Lewis gestured a warning to Jonas and Curtis, and the three hurried to their horses they had hidden behind the store building.

Spurring the horses forward, they heard a shot ring out and a cry of pain when the bullet lodged in Curtis' leg. Curtis managed to stay on his horse, so the three bandits kept riding out of town as fast as they could, not caring which direction they were headed because they knew the law would catch up with them soon if they didn't get a move on.