Not a ghost of a chance

Disclaimer: I don't one Ghost whisperer if I did I would be rich

"Rick" the sound of hear voice made his hart beat a little faster. He let his eyes wander from the papers on his desk to hear lovely face. Hear brown eyes were full of concern and it hit him once again how beautiful she was. That was the reason he fell in love with hear ore was it the answers she gave at his sarcasm ore maybe hear big hart. What ever it was he never been so in love, hell he never even been in love before. His number one priority hade always been him self and it was work and the came his girlfriend. But Melinda Gordon was different when she needed his help I would abound everything else for hear.

He whist she knew that but she never would. She hade Jim. He hadn't believed in soulmates before he met Melinda and Jim, It was like they wear made for etch other. Every time he saw them to gather they always seamed so in love. She hade that special smile just for Jim she never smiled the way she did for Jim at him, no matter watt he did. But o how he whist she would do that. Then he maybe could dare to believe that she felt something more the friendship for him. But he knew that Melinda loved Jim above everything else, even him. That was the reason he didn't tell hear and never would tell hear how he felt, because he didn't have a ghost of a chance.

That was all folk what do you think ?