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Warning: Yaoi such as MadaraXItachi, mild violence, sexual contents, and mild language.


"Will you stop spacing out and pay more attention to your Mentor? You're not usually this pathetic." Madara snapped, staring at Itachi's direction.

Itachi slumped down against a recently chopped stump. The smooth round edges comforted his skinny behind. His dark coal-like eyes didn't seem too interested, but flickered to look at the older man, also known as his "Sensei", in front of him.

Cold air blew in both of the Uchiha's creamy features. Small and pure white snowflakes glided from the darkened and grey sky, forming to make a north pole wonderland onto the face of the earth. Everything white sparkled in beautiful sight. It was the middle of winter and Itachi thought it was extremely stupid to be training where it is more difficult to practice. Then again, a tough challenge wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

"I'm absolutely positive that you taught me everything that I needed to know. I have plenty of intelligence to go around. And I know all about my fire jutsu elements, Ninjutsus, Genjutsus, Taijutsus, teamwork, how all different scrolls activate, every single animal handsign, and of course I stayed close to studying all types of the Sharingan. What else is there to feed my already filled up cranium?" Itachi knew very well not to smart-talk his Sensei, but he thought that everything about the winter theme was ridicuious.

"Oh? So you think you know everything?" Madara questioned, raising a dark colored eyebrow.

"Indeed." Itachi answered, keeping his gaze focused into the eyes of Madara.

"We'll see. You're staying with me tonight. No one knows that you're meeting me here at all, correct?" Madara moved his way to where Itachi sat.

"Correction. They don't need to know my business." Itachi assured.

Madara leaned his top figure sideways, near the side of Itachi's light and smooth features. From close-up, the younger Uchiha seemed so innocent and feminine, minus those outslanted eyes with a lot of hatred built up inside.

"That's a good student." Itachi's mentor whispered into one of his delicate ears.

Itachi showed no fear after hearing that cool whisper from his more experienced mentor. He dared not to do anything that would disappoint Madara, or he would very well be punished for it. No one needed phsyic powers to figure that one out.

Something rustled obnoxiously, not too far away where Madara and Itachi were in. It was the whispers of the crinkling and almost dead leaves. They were hidden underneath thick clear ice with pure snow sprinkled on top.

Madara knew a intruder was spying on them, but he didn't panick. Itachi didn't seem to notice, nor care, not even pretending to care.

Quickly shooting his arm all the way down to the kunai pouch wrapped around the bandages of his right leg, Madara slid his slender index and middle appendages about a kunai. The kunai sat between both of the man's extended-out fingers as it was flung out of the pouch swiftly. Madara jerked his well-built body forward and threw the sharpened object across Itachi's sitting form, and hit the center bark of the tree.

The tree shook violently in reply.

The tree branch shook the most, until a large shadow fell out of it. The mysterous figure tried to balance at first, but failed and flopped into the ground. Fortunately the snow was soft enough to save the intruder's harsh fall.

Red eyes flared as the person made his way out of the hole made into the ground. The snow was piled up to about seven inches. Quite deep.

"It's another Uchiha, I'm guessing." Itachi said quietly, not even staring in the same direction as Madara.

"You're right," Madara said before turning his gaze to the person who walked up towards them. "Alright, show yourself coward."

"Fine, fine." The voice sounded gentle, a little deep as well.

"Shisui...?" Itachi's dark eyes widened in surprise, unexpected to see him in the middle of the abandoned forest near the Uchiha headquarters.

A soft sigh escaped from the lips of Shisui. "Yes, it is I."

"Ah, one of those rotten ignorant bastards. From the ANBU, correct?" Madara eyed the other male suspiciously. "Isn't he your 'best friend', Itachi-san?"

"Yes, I am." Shisui said, staring at Madara with blaring crimson-scarlet eyes.

"Yes, he is." Itachi replied afterwards.

"What brings you here, you two-faced idiot?" Madara snarled.

Blizzards were kicking in. Large amounts of tiny snowflakes brushed against Madara's cheeks. The back of Itachi's raven hair started to turn white, since he didn't stare the same way as his mentor did. The same happened to Shisui. Madara shook his crania furiously, his long spikey black hair curling about the shoulderpads placed upon him.

"I heard voices, and I was curious. So I kinda' followed to see the commotion... And saw you two. Itachi, what are you doing here with this creep? He's a double cross and disgrace of the Uchiha clan. I thought you knew better." A sound of disappointment dropped into Shisui's tone of voice.

"It's none of your concern. Please leave now." Itachi said quietly, turning his attention down to the sparkling surface of the ground.

Rough breezes roared into all of the Uchiha's ears, causing them to redden. They were starting to get frost bites from staying out in the cold for too long.

"Better listen to the boy, if you know what's good for you." Madara said.

"Fine, for your sake Itachi... But, if I find you meeting him here again. I'm going to have to tell your father and the rest of ANBU." Shisui warned by giving out that threat to Itachi.

He then moved out, climbing up the same tree he fell out of earlier. Shisui jumped from tree branch to another one, repeating his movements until his sight was no longer seen in Madara's now darkened again eyes.

"Change of plans, Itachi," Madara stared down at Itachi. "You'll kill him and obtain his Mangekyou sharingan, by tonight. Prove to me that you're a excellent student. Then you will know 'everything'. Understood?"

"Hn'." Itachi stared up at Madara before standing up from his stump and turning around.

"Be back by tonight at my place. Remember my address?" Madara asked, and Itachi stopped for a moment to listen.

"Hai. I promise I will, Madara-sensei."

"Good, see you then."

Itachi did the same position as Shisui did, jumping tree to tree until he was completely out of Madara's range.

Madara spun his own figure around, starting to crack up evilly. His long and over-sized cape whipping at his ankles, setting off.

The snow didn't stop as the afternoon went on. No sun, not much light.

Itachi succeeded his mission on obtaining his best friend's Mangekyou Sharingan, throwing him into a river drowning him, copying Shisui's handwriting onto a piece of paper, and leaving no evidence that he indeed did the crime himself.

It was already near night-time, Itachi had plenty of time to go back to Madara's place. Itachi rushed across his village. No one bothered to stare at him, except to compliment that he was amazing and highly intelligent. Nothing new, they always had those comments eversince he turned into the age of eight.

Hidden within the forest he and Madara were in earlier, behind the tall trees, behind the broken down sheds and churches, a small cottage is found. That was where Madara located himself, not wanting to be near any other Uchiha. Black puffs of smoke appeared out into the already darkened sky. Clouds blended in with the polluted smoke.

Itachi didn't bother to knock on the securely shut door. With a twist of the handle, Itachi found himself inside of a rather warm and fancy atmosphere. Everything was the color of different shades of red. Light red, velvet red, dark red, crimson red, scarlet red, you name it. A stuffed polar bear rug placed onto the wooden planks of the ground. It's jaw visible and it's small beady black eyes staring up at Itachi.

A lit up fireplace flickered and sparked. Side of Itachi's face was orange colored with a hint of yellow. The retangular and organized bricks around the lit-up source kept the fire in place. Madara laid there naked on one of the scarlet red loveseats, only a tiger patterned blanket covering his manhood. The fire roared out as Itachi's mentor stared up at his student with hungry and needy eyes. Two fluffy pillows held Madara's head up so he didn't have to move it too much to keep his attention on his young pupil. His elbow resting onto the arm of his loveseat, Madara gestured the boy to come near him.

Itachi was speechless to stare at his Sensei like this in front of him, but obeyed the other man's demand. Standing beside Madara, Itachi couldn't help but to scan his dark eyes up and down his mentor's revealed body. He never seen him like this before. Madara was actually quite attractive without all the armor dragged and shielding his inner beauty.

"Like what you see?" Madara teased before chuckling.

". . ." Itachi couldn't find any words to describe, but he was blushing deeply.

"Well anyway, did you complete your mission?" Madara changed the subject, noticing Itachi wasn't quite comfortable with the formal conversation.

"Hai..." Itachi closed his eyes, then opened them up to reveal the Mangekyou sharingan. The three tomes spinning inside of his crimson-red iris.

"Excellent. You proved perfectly." Madara seemed satsified.

"Arigato, Madara-Sensei..." Itachi bowed quietly in respect before closing his eyes up, then opened them up to show off his natural eyes.

"You should be rewarded..." Madara kept his gaze up to Itachi.

"No thanks." Itachi couldn't stop blushing at the thought.

"Hmph." Madara just merely gave off a twisted smirk.

"Hm?" Itachi seemed confused and curious of the other's reaction.

"It's just the two of us, come on... Lets have a little fun." Madara insisted, patting at the remaining space of the loveseat beside him.

"I don't know, I should, uh, be getting back home," Itachi averted his dark optics to the exit. "Otou-san, Mother, and my little brother might be worried sick."

"Who cares? You just killed your best friend to impress me, did you not?" Madara kept that sick and stupid grin on his face.

"What? No, I did not. I just did it to prove I knew everythin-"

"Yeah right. I know you can't resist me." Madara interupted and sat up, keeping the tiger blanket to cover his lower area.

"..." Itachi's right eye twitched violently, closed and open, unable to speak any longer. Silence brushed across both of the Uchiha's. The younger Sharingan User gave in and sat beside the comfortable and addictingly handsome man.

"Wise choice." Madara wrapped both arms loosely around Itachi's waist, sucking on the side of the boy's tender neck. Wonderful and arousing sounds ripped from Itachi's throat, slapping his warm hands over Madara's.

"I-Is this even... Legal?" Itachi asked with a bit of hesitation found in his voice, massaging Madara's soft and delicate palms with his out-stretched thumbs. "I mean, I'm only thirteen and you're over the age of eighteen..."

"It's our birthright..." Madara purred inside of Itachi's eardrums, moving his lips into the smooth and well-conditioned raven hair of Itachi.

"Alright, if you put it that way..." Itachi agreed.

Best not to argue with someone more superior like Madara.

Madara blew into the beautiful and shiny locks of the younger male in front of him, searching for the band that kept Itachi's hair into a ponytail. Finally finding it, Madara tore the rubber band with his incisors and cuspids. Long and smooth black hair bursted out from the ponytail form, flowing out against the young boy's back and shoulderblades. It ran down like a gentle watefall somewhere in a amazon.

"Much better." Madara said softly in such a calm and interested voice, which kind of creeped Itachi out in so many levels.

"Madara-sensei, would you be frustrated if I said that... well...." Itachi gulped, having it stuck in his throat for only a couple of seconds. "That you're really attractive...?"

"Hahaha! Of course not. That's no insult, it's a freaking' compliment. I know you want this." Madara's eyes stared up and down Itachi's sitting figure, undressing him and imagining him without those dreadful clothes on his back.

"Alright..." Itachi sighed silently in relief.

Something clamped onto the side of Itachi's neck once again. It was Madara's crimson and welcoming warm lips, smacking onto the flesh of the submissive male's in front of him. As much as Itachi didn't want to admit it, it was driving him crazy. Madara stretched his neck out, able to turn his head and planted kisses all over Itachi's thin neck, especially his adam's apple. All of a sudden, the sharingan user felt a shot of pain from the veins in his throat. The older male sank his teeth into the younger's gentle skin, sucking out blood that escaped. Some blood traveled out the corners of Madara's lips, but he quickly licked the thick liquid off before going back to sucking on such soft flesh.

Itachi felt so weak, clutching tightly onto Madara's hands. His out-slanted dark eyes staring into space with blurry vision bumped in. His mentor continued to drink his pure and sweet blood, causing Itachi to feel nousous and awkwardly tired.

"Madara-Sensei..." Itachi groaned out in pain, feeling his own pleasure kicking in.

Yes, Itachi is a masochist, also known as a Sadist.

Madara yanked his canines out of Itachi's neck. He licked off the remaining drops of blood that dared to slither down the other male's throat. His tongue felt quite rough, yet so smooth at the same time. Itachi shivered and lifted his head up backwards, enjoying the older man behind him, touching him so. . . professionally.

Softly rubbing back and forth of Madara's hands went across Itachi's fabric covered chest. Trying to harden the other's covered nipples. Itachi replied by moving his Sensei's hands around him and leaned back. Laying his back against the bare chest of Madara, the older male nodded in satsifaction.

Catching a fistful of Weasel boy's raven locks, Madara forcefully pulled him into a hot and hungry kiss. He shoved his slippery tongue into Itachi's mouth, causing him to moan and vibrate their lips together. Itachi dug his tongue deeper inside his mouth, licking inside of Madara's throat, causing him to laugh from the tickilish sensation given to him. They both locked their eyes with each other, not giving a wink.

Messy raven hair met raven hair, intertwaining together as Itachi wrapped his own slender arms about Madara's godly shaped body. His hands searched lower down Madara's private areas, inside of the blanket and closer to his back than the front.

"Madara-sensei... I hate you with a needy compassion..." Itachi said after departing their kiss.

A loud "SMACK" occured as Itachi landed his palm against both buttcheeks of Madara. Madara's eyes popped out slightly, but regained to normal state as he smirked and started to give off his usual laughter. He then wagged a long index finger at Itachi's turned form.

"Tsk tsk, that's no way for a student to treat his mentor..." Madara kept his grin.

"Oh, shut up." Itachi gave off a very tiny smile before sliding himself down until his head met near Madara's stomach regions.

His perfectly shaped and long legs dangled off from the side of the loveseat. It stopped at his knee caps, measuring with Madara's outcasted legs. Itachi lowered his crania a bit more, lifting up the covers that hid the older man's private spots and let go of the blanket. The blanket gravitationally moved over Itachi's crania, hiding both his head and Madara's throbbing erection.

"Do you know what you're doing?" Madara asked, but he got a different answer than he would have expected.

Itachi operated his lips to open up in a 'O' shape, teasingly blowing on the head of Madara's penis. Madara gave off a response by moaning in sharp pleasure, feeling Itachi's warm mouth wrapping around and invading his hardened shaft. He relaxed himself, admiring the pleasure he recieved from somebody else instead of himself. Itachi continued to suck and repeated, from the cock to the base of his mentor's balls. His tongue slipped out from his occupied mouth, flickering and wrapping around the other man's member like a expert.

"Holy fucking hell, Itachi-san! You're... fucking..." Blood rushed through Madara's veins to his pale cheeks, causing them to redden. His head throbbed from feeling so great, not wanting it to go away so soon. He clutched his left hand onto one of the pillows underneath him, trying to control himself. "Great at this..."

Itachi licked around the pressuring and throbbing length in front of him. Saliva already covering and dripping from Madara's tender erection. Some of the clear liquid stained from the inside of the tiger patterned blanket, being seen from the outside as well. Scraping his bottom teeth against the flesh of Madara's shaft, Itachi moved back and forth, thrusting.

Madara tried his best not to forcefully thrust himself into the boy's hot, wet, and pleasing mouth. But it felt too good to even resist such an opportunity.

Itachi massaged up from Madara's back, slithering down against his spine to his butt. He slid his hands in certain patterns while rubbing the sensitive skin, then groping his pleased victim's ass without permission. Madara bucked himself against Itachi, nearly making the boy gag, but he succeeded on saving that kind of embarassment. Itachi desperately sucked and licked his Sensei senseless, nibbling at the man's blooming petals afterwards. Even more satsified moans and noises escaped Madara.

"Itachi-san. . . Oh, god. . . Itachi. . ." Madara automatically cried out the boy's name with such pleasure, his orgasm surpassing him. White spots already invaded the man's vision, giving up his load into Itachi's throat. Itachi hungrily and gratefully swallowed the semen and licked off any found on his lips. He licked off anything else that stuck onto Madara's now limp and soft dick, before turning away from the blanket into the fresh air he once knew.

"You taste so good..." Itachi mumbled quietly, smacking his lips to consume more of the interesting flavor. Tasted like a mix with a little bit of vanilla and salt.

"Oh god... That felt great..." Madara slumped his head against one of the fluffy pillows in exhaustion and amusement.

"I'm glad you liked it... Madara-Sensei... As much as I hate you... You really turn me on more than you should. Please take my innocence away... Since I want to be your victim. Only you." Itachi popped his head back up in front of Madara's face. He gave a romantic and passoniate kiss to his Sensei. Harsh and warm breathing was recieved back into Itachi's mouth. At least he had some sort of tip. Madara stared at Itachi with still tired eyes, but smiled weakly and returned the sootheing kiss.

Silence filled the room for a bit, until Itachi spoke up again.

"Well, I better be getting back..." Itachi excused.

"No, stay..." Madara gave a stern and upset expression to Itachi.

"I can't, I'll get in trouble..." Itachi stared back, a bit irritated.

The fireplace flickered and crackled left to right, giving off warmth in the room. Hopefully that would calm Madara's and Itachi's nerves. Both of their faces the color of orange with freckles of yellow mixed in.

". . ." Madara looked away. "Fine, go. But be back here tomorrow. We need to continue our training. . . And I still need to give you your fantastic reward... Double I owe you."

"Thank you, Sensei..." Itachi cupped Madara's face with his warm and delicate hands, placing another kiss onto the man's plump lips.

Itachi moved away and stood up, waving at Madara before walking towards the door.

"Bye..." Madara said, pretending to sleep as Itachi opened the door.

It snowed terribley than usual. Itachi stepped out and shivered in disappointment and coldness. Shutting the door behind him, Itachi had quite a journey getting back home, but he made it. His father waiting there and glaring, wondering where he has been.

"You've not been to the ANBU meetings again... What's going on? And tell me the truth, Itachi." Fugaku gave a pissed off expression to Itachi.

Itachi sat in front of his father, sitting pretzel style. Mikoto sat beside Fugaku, being silent the whole time that passed between Itachi and his father. She knew very well not to interfere when her husband and son were talking seriously.

"Just another meeting that's not related to ANBU, that's all..." Itachi said, not actually staring at Fugaku.

The conversation continued on, but eventually Fugaku gave his son a other chance.

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