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Threatening illusions swirled around in Itachi's brainwashed mind as he stared down at his plate of barely touched food. Dinner time was always usually quiet, allowing Itachi to think clearly. His father looked at him silently, stabbing his fork into one of the grilled steaks his beautiful and noble raised wife has made with all her tender heart.

Why Madara-sensei, why?

"Itachi, there's another meeting tonight at the ANBU. You're expected to be there," Fugaku mumbled, chewing on the rice dumplings Mikoto made. "you'll make it. Won't you?"

Itachi didn't respond.

I feel his powerful sharingan focusing on my delicate body. It's trembling in obvious fear. Hopefully he won't see through me, at least, not yet. Especially the true secret of Madara...

Uchiha Madara.

Everytime Itachi would think of his own teacher, his right eye twitched in a unorganized fashion. His heart pounding as if it were in inherited disposition. His breatheing heavy and unsteady. If this conversation went dipping into the deep waters of the ocean, Itachi would be screwed for sure. But fortunately, Fugaku didn't go any further.

That night made Itachi shiver. And to think, his own teacher was a sick sadistic pedophile!

The wonderful and lustful view of Madara's perfect body, visually repeated like a video tape within the poor young Uchiha's head.

"Nii-san, are you ok?" cute little Sasuke had the courage to look up from his half full plate of warm food to speak to his older brother.

"Hn', of course I am," Itachi assured his baby brother. "besides, I'm sure you would know if there was any certain problem, correct?"

Sasuke gulped as quietly as he could. Tracing his dark eyes down to the wooden table and reached for his glass of water to sip from.

"Yeah, you're right Nii-san. Sorry..." Sasuke heaved a soft sigh.

Itachi gave a very tiny smile to his little brother. He had so much to learn out there in the world of dangerous Shinobi. But so did Itachi himself, and he just turned 13.

A teenage year so pure and at a fresh start, but not for this Uchiha. All of it was hard work.

Excusing himself from the table, Itachi picked up his plate and dumped into the rectangular sink that Uchiha families owned in their households.

His father eyed him suspiciously, yet keeping to himself.

The clock was going fast. Mother went to clean up the dining room table and clean all dirty dishes, while Father sat down on the floor meditating.

Little innocent Sasuke went to his room to retrieve his kunai and shuriken weapons, to go outside to practice with his shurikens. Then, he went to Itachi's bedroom, slipping in and nervously holding his hands together behind his slim back. Itachi was sitting down on the edge of his bed, staring out into space.

"Nii-san, can you please teach me with shuriken basics?" Sasuke tried to sound as polite as he could.

Itachi turned his head to his little brother's direction, motioning him to walk over. Sasuke sighed and strolled over to where his more experienced brother sat.

Of course, like always, Itachi jabs Sasuke on the forehead. Sasuke stumbled back and grumbled, rubbing the red mark found on his forehead.

"Sorry. Not now, Sasuke-kun," Itachi replied, standing up and walking to the exit. "I'm busy right now."

"You always say 'Sorry, Sasuke-kun,' then jab me in the forehead! I'm so sick and tired of the same excuse! Why can't you spend time with me?" Sasuke growled softly. He just wanted to get to know his brother a little more... Was that so wrong?
It sure seemed like a crime to Itachi.

"You must understand I'm busy. Work isn't fun, but people do it for a living anyway." And with that, Itachi brushed against Sasuke and left his room.

Sasuke frowned, not appreciting the fact that his older brother would rather do missions all the time, than just to sit down and talk with his own family members.

Night time.

The white glimmering moon shone on Itachi's path as he snuck out of his house. Everything kept in place, so peaceful, silent. The way life should always be.

Turning many directions just to get to Madara's estate, Itachi watched out behind himself. He had a feeling somebody was following him.

Just a few more blocks away and entering through the forest, through all the tall and lively trees, Itachi stopped dead in his tracks.

In front of him was a tall shadow. Uchiha Madara. He stepped in a little closer, standing straight and tall professionally, his pearly white skin shining so lively in the moonlight. His long raven hair flowing west, strands of his bangs interfearing with his Sharingan activated eyes. A smug and mischeivious smile stretched across his very grown up and goregous features.

"I thought..." Itachi's voice trailed off.

"My location has been given out." Madara said, his dark eyes flashing.

"Oh. Well... Where do we go now?" Itachi asked, staring around all the thick and whistling trees, bushes, and floating water.

"Lets stay here for a bit..." Madara suggested, sitting down on a big sized gray rock.

"Hai, Sensei." Itachi gazed down to the moving grass.

"Don't stand there trying to look all cute boy, sit down beside me."

"What if I don't wish to?"

"... You know better than to smart talk me." Madara stood up quickly, that his body looked blurred from standing up from the rock.

That glare found on Madara's features didn't seem to amused at Itachi's current behavior towards him. He never liked it when his Sensei stared at him in that way. It always led to trouble and doubt of going any further into life.

"Apologies..." Itachi took a couple of steps back.

Howling, rustling of the leaves on the trees and bushes, and slithering from reptiles interrupted, but Madara obviously wasn't bothered by the noise of nature.

Madara started walking closer to Itachi. Itachi stopped and realized that he probably shouldn't have came in the first place. That small heart of his beating way too fast for a regular human being's heart-rate.

Too late.

The older and more mature Sharingan user extended both of his strong arms out towards Itachi, grabbing his so thin wrists and lunching him down to the cold ground. Itachi groaned a bit in pain, accidently spraining his right ankle as he tried to twist away from Madara's grasp.


Madara threw his own body on top of Itachi's, keeping eye contact with him.

"Sensei... I know you want me to do something. So spit it out." he sounded impatient, but he had the right to know answers.

"You're right. I do, my precious boy..." Madara sounded quite romantic and husky at the time, rubbing his thumb gently against Itachi's cheek, making the male underneath him speechless and eye-widened.

His Sensei really knew how to calm him down.

Itachi loved how his teacher touched him so passionately and unpredictingly, no matter how inappropiate and wrong it was, speaking of their age differences. Itachi knew in his right mind that he was as sick and perverting as Madara at points where things go a bit too far. Even for a young man his age. Sometimes it made Itachi twitch with joy, and other times, it just made him feel just plain awkward. As if he were just a raped victim. Of course, he never had sex before. But Madara seemed so into it, Itachi may no longer stay a virgin by the time he turns fourteen on his birthday.

"Mada-...Madara-Sensei... Please don't do this to me." Itachi closed his eyes, breaking the soft thin wind of silence between them.

"I can do whatever I want..." He insisted, sneaking one arm down near Itachi's stomach area. "I'm your sensei."

And with that, Madara stuffed his hand within the younger male's boxers after slightly unbuttoning his rough fabric feeling pants. Itachi groaned in pleasure, not struggling out because of how so much skilled Madara's delicate and smooth feeling hand stroked on his member.

"A-Ah... Aha..." Itachi's cheeks turned into the color of soft pink, his eyelids slanting half-way across his dark coal-like optics.

"Now..." Madara stared seriously into Itachi's lustful eyes as he played with Itachi's developing balls, then going back to stroking his forming erection. It maybe difficult to get through all the clothing, but fortunately for Itachi, his boxers were thin compared to most. "I need you to do something else..."

Itachi just nodded slightly.

Madara understood on why Itachi didn't wish to speak.

"Listen well. I need you to kill off every single.... member," Madara thrusted his hand into a tight fist around Itachi's penis, pumping him repeatedly. "of the Uchiha clan."

His crimson scarlet eyes shining so evilly.

Itachi huffed so intensely, continued to being played with.

"A-Anything for you Master! Please... Just.... Touch me more!!! More!" Itachi cried out, near to his orgasm point.

Madara smirked and granted the boy his wish.

He rounded his hips against Itachi's, rocking back and forth, moaning along with Itachi. Oh, those pure and sweet moans invading his ears made Madara smile like a pedophile. In fact, he was one. The younger male weakly pushed himself up against Madara's warm and quite powerfully built body, wrapping his long skinny legs around his Master's waist. Almost unable to allow Madara's hand to keep it's place near his own member. But the man managed it. He was well intelligent and knowing on these kind of things.

"Sensei..." Itachi had a clear visible line of drool dripping from the left corner of his crimson lips.

When the man was seeing this, Madara charged in and cupped Itachi's lips with his own, nibbling and teasing the corners of the other's lips. Itachi obviously enjoyed the strange attention. He slid his tongue in Madara's mouth, making the insides of eachother's filled with wet and warm saliva. Madara moaned out Itachi's name within his mouth, making their teeth vibrate. Then he departed that little reunion.

"I want you so damn bad..." Madara mumbled, roughly squeezing Itachi's still hardened member.

Itachi gasped, spilling his seed on Madara's fist, and the insides of his boxers. He slowly moaned out his "Master's" name so tenderly and heart-warming, it made Madara blush for no apparent reason.

Exhausted, the little Uchiha smiled after his orgasm point finally passed him.

"I love you, dear boy." His sensei admitted, giving a soft butterfly kiss to the cheek of the child that was underneath him still.

Itachi was stunned, watching the truth in Madara's eyes.

"Sensei...." Still a bit weak from the orgasm, he untangled himself from said other's body and stood up, leaning against his teacher.

Madara honestly found that adorable, but kept his comments to himself.


"Do I have to kill off the clan? I mean, what's the true purpose?"

"I'll tell you when you're older and more to consume understanding reasons."


"Yes, Reasons."

"Whatever...." Itachi kissed the side of Madara's tender throat, causing him to tilt his head to the side.

"I'll meet you after you succeeded your objective."

"Alright. It shall be done, Madara-sensei..." Itachi sighed, put on his clothes properly, and walked away from Madara.

Madara smuggly grinned, watching the boy leave the forest in a quick flash.

"You truly are a strange one, Itachi-san..." Madara started to crackle up before leaving the opposite direction.

It was still night time, and Sasuke came back from shuriken practice. Things seemed a bit out of place though.....

Sasuke looked up at the moon, a shadow was there. Then he looked down, and back up, the mysterous shadow disappearing before his eyesight.

"Huh, what was that?" Sasuke asked himself outloud.

When he walked even more into the Uchiha township... Dead bodies.

Puddles of blood surrounding their corpse.... Sasuke's eyes wide with fear.

Sasuke screamed and ran to his own house, calling out to his mother and father....

Their bodies piled up against one another... Their frozen faces filled with grief and confusion on why this happened to them. Blood trailing down from their necks and backs. A misfortunate sight for a young boy like Sasuke to see.

A shadow behind him. It was Itachi, staring with no expression whatsoever.

"Nii-san, Nii-san! Mother and father are-... Who would do such a thing-" Sasuke gasped as soon as a kunai past and slit part of his arm.

"Mangekyou Sharingan!" Itachi's eyes formed into a strange form of Sharingan, harming Sasuke mentally within his brain with images of what just happened to the poor Uchiha clan. So helpless... So ruthless.

Sasuke fell on his knees, about to have a seizure.

"You are not even worth killing, foolish little brother."

"Wh-Why did you do this?" Tears in Sasuke's eyes.

"I did it to test my ability..."

"What kind of... Stupid excuse is that!?"

So dear Sasuke bitches and Itachi gives him a poor Seizure, after telling him to hate him and cling to dear life itself.

Sasuke ends up in the hospital.

He woke up after a while when a nurse came and put a wet wash cloth over his head.

Sasuke ignored the surroundings and then nurse, thinking of what Itachi said.

I did it to test my ability...

Was that the real reason?

And where did Itachi disappear to afterwards?

"How would you like to join Akatsuki?" The peirced male stared down at the younger boy.

He's quite... charming for a boy his age. He thought to himself.

"I would be honored." Itachi closed his eyes as he was accepted into a murder's clan.

To be continued...........

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