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SuperSexy Dean! (warning: rated R material may be present…reader discretion advised)

She sat at the end of the bar, long, luscious legs crossed. Her black leather skirt played peek-a-boo in the back, exposing the rose tattoo on the small of her back. Her shirt was spaghetti-strapped, and a deep red color, though her long, thick blonde hair hung over her shoulders.

Stirring the pink drink in her hand, she fixed her gaze toward the other end of the bar. A man in his late twenties sat there. He was surrounded by shot glasses, though he was now drinking beer. He sat precariously, looking down at his hands as he peeled the label on his bottle. He is very strong, she thought, looking over the musculature of his arms and chest. She began to wonder how the muscles in his lower body compared. He will do. He should last a lot longer than the last one.

Dean picked at the remainders of the label on the bottle. Sam was being a pansy and staying in the room that night, and Dean was bored. The bar was a dive. He picked up his bottle and sucked down the last of his beer, and as he turned to ask the bartender for another one, his glance fell on a gorgeous woman at the other end of the bar. She's undressing me with her eyes, he thought as the barmaid brought him a new beer. Dean continued to look in the direction of the beautiful woman, and when his gaze met hers, she slid off her barstool and began to walk toward him.

She stopped next to him and reached out to touch his face. Dean wasn't feeling picky at the moment. What the hell man, she's bangin' hot anyway. He went to set down his beer and completely missed the bar. The bottle fell to the floor and broke.

"Sonuva bitch!" he said, jumping up from the barstool. The barmaid came around with a broom.

"It's all right. Happens all the time."

As the bartender cleaned up the mess, the beautiful woman took Dean's hand and led him away from the bar.

"Can we go somewhere more…private? I want to get to know you better."

Dean grinned. That's what I'm talkin' about!

"Right this way…uh, I never caught your name."

"Piper," she said.

"Name's Dean," he said, stumbling a bit as they walked toward the door.

As Dean drove, he could feel Piper putting her hands all over him. He felt himself getting turned on by her—in a very big way. He cruised down a country road, trying to find a secluded spot. When she unbuttoned his pants and slid her hand into his boxer shorts, he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled over to the side of the road, behind some bushes. He slid over to her side, and she climbed on top of him. Her body drove him crazy in a way that no other woman had. He lifted her shirt over her head as he kissed her neck, feeling her small, firm breasts, and the curvature of her hips. He wanted her—and he couldn't wait another moment.

They made love several times that night. Dean couldn't get enough of her. He felt as if he had the energy of five men every time they had sex. Out of the number of women he had been with over the years, no one was ever like this. He knew he'd leave town and never see her again. After tonight, he knew he'd want to see her as many times as he could before he and Sam left town.

He drove her home around 2 a.m. They made love one more time, in her bedroom, and he kissed her passionately before he left her, with a promise that he'd be back again the next day.

As he drove back to the hotel room, Dean started to feel as if he had just drank five red bulls, and was about to crash from overload. He slowed his driving speed and managed to make it back to the motel room unscathed.


"Dean! Dean get up! We have to check out!" Sam shook his brother's shoulder. It was 10:30 in the morning. Dean rolled over and took a tired swing at his brother.

"Go away, Sammy. I'm trying to sleep," he said into his pillow.

"Dean, we were supposed to check out an hour ago. The manager has been calling our room for a half an hour!"

Dean turned over and sat up in bed. He looked over at the clock on the night stand. Wow, I never sleep that late, he thought to himself. It must have been one hell of a night last night. I wish I could remember what happened.

After a quick shower, Dean threw some clothes on and he and Sam checked out and headed out of town. As they hit edge of town, Dean looked back in his rearview mirror. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was leaving something behind. He just couldn't remember for the life of him what it was.

"What's with the turtleneck?" Sam asked, eyeing his brother curiously as they left the town behind. Dean looked down and only just realized what he had put on that morning.

"I'm not sure. I guess I just felt like wearing it."

"It's like 80 degrees out, Dean. No one wears a turtleneck in 80 degree weather."

"I said I don't know, ok? Just leave me alone!"

"All right, all right," Sam said, picking a book from the backpack in the backseat. "Whatever, man."

Dean turned on the radio and tried to relax. He was going to have enough stress when Bobby yelled at them later for being late. Right now he wanted to focus on what he couldn't remember about last night. Somehow he knew that he was supposed to remember it, and it bothered him that he couldn't. Maybe a little Metallica will help. He turned up the radio and continued to cruise along the road toward the highway signs. He'd remember eventually.