Well, someone requested this chapter of Bella when she first becomes a vampire and I couldn't request. It's the day after Bella and Edward hunted.

Bella's POV

I sat there with my brand new family: my husband Edward and my little baby Renesmee. She was so beautiful with her shining skin and light brown hair. I kissed her forehead and told her I love her. It was in a baby gaga voice, although she was probably smart enough to understand regular talk.

Edward lifted his arm and I cuddled into his chest. He looked down at his and my baby, than petted her little head.

Everything felt perfect in my life. I had everything I had ever wanted.

But suddenly, something just didn't feel right.

Sure, my life was still great, but I started to not really feel good. I knew vampires couldn't get sick, so this really struck me as odd. It was moving through my lower abdomen, mainly around my sexual areas. It felt like gas, but much, much heavier. I suddenly felt sloshy, like I was very full of liquid. It was a much different feeling then when I was filled with fresh animal blood.

I handed Renesmee over to Edward, making on odd grimacing look. I sat up a little bit, leaning on my arm on the couch rest, trying to find an easier position.

"Are you okay Bella?" he asked me.

"I don't know," I honestly replied.

"Tell me what's wrong?" he said worried like when I was still human.

"It feels odd," I said pointing to where the discomfort is.

"One minute. I'm going to go get Carlisle. The blood might have been poisoned or something," he said worried, getting up and running upstairs with Renesmee still in his hand.

Then I was alone. Rosalie and Alice were at the mall. Jasper was at an enactment of the civil war. Esme was in the garden. And Emmett was upstairs.

I looked around. The liquid seemed to be pushing down around my special entrance. Suddenly, red liquid flowed out of my pants and all over the couch.

I looked around, shocked and ashamed. Hadn't I heard about Edward doing this long, long ago? I didn't think it was this embarrassing, but wow! I was horrified at myself.

And then, to make it even better, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Edward.

"Carlisle said it's just the female version of having to pee. Come on Bella, let's go outside for this."

He reached the bottom and looked up at me. "Oh," he said.

By now, the liquid had turned into a solid red jelly substance.

"Don't worry Bella. I'll get you cleaned up."

I nodded and followed him up the stairs.

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