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Chapter 1: Best Friends

My god! I had way to much pent up anger! Stupid hormones. You think you've got it bad? Imagine having your growth rate being over 5 times what it is. Imagine all those hormones suddenly affecting you one day. It ain't pretty. And neither was my mood. I needed Uncle Emmett to take me out. He was the perfect person to help me release my anger.

But for now………

"Jake," I whined. "I wanna go cliff diving. And I haven't seen the Pack in like forever."

"Sure, sure, Nessie. I'll take you cliff diving…just let me see the end of this game."

I frowned. Jake and I have been best friends since like the day I was born, but sometimes I felt like he just didn't get it. Maybe that's where his feelings stopped. Just friends? I felt more than that, but Jake?

And then there was Dad. Yeah he might take a while to get used to the idea of his three year old daughter dating. Okay, its not as bad as it sounds. Yeah, I'm three, but remember what I said about growth rate being over 5 times the normal growth rate? Yeah, I might be three, but physically, mentally, maturely…well I'm more like sixteen.

And Jake not paying attention to me just wasn't going to do.

"Jake," I whined again. He didn't even more a fraction of an inch, keeping his eyes glued to the screen. "Jake?" I tried again to get his attention. Okay this was ridiculous. "Jacob!" I practically yelled.

He jumped and looked up at me with a surprised expression. "Renesmee!" he yelled right back, but he was being more playful than annoyed. Note: more playful than annoyed, meaning, yes, he was getting a little annoyed.

"C'mon, Jake! You know I don't get football!" I was reverting back to whining.

"For god's sake, Jake!" Uncle Emmett practically yelled. "Would you give her whatever she wants so that the rest of us can enjoy the game?!"

I could feel Uncle Jasper trying to calm me down to make me more patient, but I fought back and he eventually gave up.

Jake looked a little desperate. "Please, Nessie?" he begged me. "There's only five minutes to go and they're in a tie! It's a playoff game and it's probably going to go into over time and whichever team wins goes to the Superbo—"

I cut him off. "Fine, fine. Anything to get you to stop talking sports."

"Thanks, Ness! And I promise, as soon as the games over we'll go cliff diving. Why don't you go get your swim suit on." The relief on his face was boarder line pathetic.

"Okay," I said, giving a fake smile, which I knew, that he knew, was fake. I will admit it; I was trying to guilt trip him.

I ran home with my super human half-vampire speed (long story and if you don't know shame you for reading this fanfiction before reading the original masterpiece!)

Why, oh, why did Jake not get it? Why didn't he see that I was in love with him? Why did he—was that the door? Dad and Mom are home. Time to redirect my thoughts. Jake, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper are watching a football game. It is hot outside. I want to go cliff diving. My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I love the color purple.

I heard my Dad laugh downstairs. "We're just passing through, Nessie. We're going to be up at Grandma and Grandpa's if you need us," he called up to me.

"Okay thanks," I called back down.

I heard the door close and when I was sure the house was empty I went back to what I came here to do.

If you think your Dad is nosy, can you image if he could read your mind? I always have to spout out random little thoughts to cover up what I'm really thinking. I mean, I know he tries to give me my privacy, but let's face it…I have zero privacy!

Thanks to Aunt Alice I had about a bigillion bathing suits to choose from. I smiled evilly and pulled out the purple bikini Aunt Alice and I had bought last weekend.

I pulled it on and admired the way it showed off my curves. I pulled on my shortest jean shorts and put a little button down blouse over the bikini top. I tied it at the bottom, which was high above my belly button. I put my purple sneakers on and placed my sunglasses on my head to hold back my long, curly, copper hair.

I looked in the mirror. Wow. If Dad could see me right now…well I might never get out of this house again. My legs and stomach were almost completely exposed and the blouse was unbuttoned to show of the bikini top and my figure underneath.

Let's see Jake ignore me when I looked like this…well that was as long as Dad doesn't kill me first. But hey, what's life without a little risk?

But not that much risk. I pulled a sweatshirt on overtop of my ensemble and ran back to my grandparent's house.

I'm guessing that whatever team Jake and the Uncles were rooting for won because I was greeted by cheering and hooting. Jake picked me up and twirled me in a circle, making my head spin for more than one reason. I guess it was worth it to let Jake see the end of the game.

"Alright, Ness, I promised you I'd take you cliff diving, so cliff diving we'll go. Ride or Run?"

"Ride," I decided after a moments pause. Jake nodded and we started to head out toward his car.

I was just starting to think that I might actually make it to the car before Dad wondered why I was wearing the sweatshirt, when I heard Dad say, "Wait a minute, Renesmee."

Aw crap. No privacy whatsoever. And he used my full name so he knew I was up to something.

"Yes, Daddy?" I asked in my most angelic voice.

"What are you up to, Ness?" He asked giving me a stern stare. Mom was looking back and forth between us, trying to figure out what it was that Dad was suspicious about.

"Nothing, Daddy. Why do you ask?" I added the puppy dog eyes to the angelic voice. It had been a winning combination many times before.

He looked me up and down. "Promise me you're being safe."

I had totally won. I smiled and spoke in a business voice. "I promise you, Daddy, that I am being 100% safe…well except for cliff diving, but that won't hurt me."

He nodded and said, "Okay, Renesmee, I'm going to trust you. Don't let me down." He was using his business voice too.

I nodded. "I won't," I promised him.

"Okay. Go have fun."

We got to Jake's car and I just smiled up at him, giving him my pleading face. He rolled his eyes. "Go ahead," he said with a laugh as he threw me the keys.

I slid into the driver seat and noticed a small note taped to the steering wheel. I pulled it off and read, Be Safe, My Angel. It was in my Dad's handwriting. I smiled.

Jake, who had been reading over my shoulder said, "He had better have known that you were gonna be the one driving because if that note was to me…"

I burst out laughing and hit the gas.