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Maximum Ride: The Darkest Moon
Chapter one: You Left Me

Fang's POV

I was fighting five Hell Girls at once and more kept coming. I had a slash across my chest and my left wing was throbbing slightly.

I swung around and delivered a roundhouse kicked to two of the Hell Girls. They dropped a little out of the sky. I panted slightly, they just kept coming.

I felt a small prink in arm and I swung around to see a needle sticking out of my arm. I ripped it out and kicked the Hell Girl that pushed it into my arm.

I felt the pull of sleep on my eyelids and forced them back open. I ducked just in time before one aimed a punch at my head. I punched her right back and my eyes drooped again.

This time I couldn't open them all the way again. The world blurred and my wings went limp and folded in. I plummeted—head first—towards the ground and my eyes drifted close.

"Max," I managed to say right before I blacked out completely.

Max's POV

I suddenly saw Fang's wings fold in and he fell towards the ground. I gasped, what was he doing?

"Max," I barely heard him whisper. I dived towards him, but something hit me on the head and I fell unconscious, but not before I saw a Hell Girl pick up Fang and fly away.


I woke up when the sun broke through the clouds and shined right onto my eyelids. I groaned in pain and sat up.

I walked over to each of the Flock and shook them awake. We were sitting in a small semi-circle with a fire that Iggy starting in the center. Total was curled up in a ball next to the fire sitting next to Akila.

"What do you think happened to Fang?" Gazzy asked.

"The last I saw of him, he was fighting five Hell Girls," Nudge said, "and then he did this roundhouse kick and two of them dropped a little and then one jammed something into Fang and he punched her and then another Hell Girl almost punched Fang and then he went down and a Hell Girl took him and then I blacked out. I hope he's okay. Max, is he going to be okay? I don't want him to get hurt." She started to cry and Iggy wrapped his arm around her shaking frame.

"That means some sick scientist people probably have him," I said, sadly

"Why didn't they take us too then?" Iggy asked.

"They had orders to leave us alone," Angel said. "The head Hell Girl knew that they were going to insert something into him and see what happens." She clenched Celeste tighter.

I swallowed the bile in my mouth. Poor Fang. He didn't deserve this.

He's going to be fine, Max, the Voice said.

How would you know? I snapped back.

Just trust me, Max. When the time is right, you'll see him again.

Thanks, Voice. Trusting you is always the best thing in situations like this, I said sarcastically.

We decided that we would head back to Arizona and stay with Mom for a little bit and figure out what to do then. I took first watch, while the rest of the Flock fell asleep. I didn't feel…whole. Fang was gone, and the Flock was apart again. He promised that he wouldn't let that happen. I sighed and for some reason I, the strong Maximum Ride, broke out in silent sobs. I didn't know what was wrong, maybe just all of the days' events finally registering in my mind.

Angel woke up and crawled into my lap. She wouldn't tell anyone about me crying, she missed Fang as much as I did.

We'll find him, Max. Don't worry, she thought to me and fell asleep again. I kissed her forehead and smoothed down her dirty blond curls, tears still falling down my face. The Flock wouldn't be whole until we found Fang. I would find him. Even if it was the last thing I did.

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