A/N: I do not own Labyrinth or any of it's wonderful characters. They belong to the legendary Jim Henson and not to me. The only thing that is mine is the idea for this story.


Forever Is Not Long At All

By: Ice Demon Allysandra


Rain cleanses this world in its cold shower. Lightning brightens the black sky turning it blue for a moment. A white house with a single light burning inside. Outside in this old tree, I watch.

I watch.

I listen.

I long for her.

She's there. My Sarah. Her hair is still long and as dark and rich as ebony. Her eyes still a brilliant bluish-green that sparkle when she smiles. She's in her room with her beloved brother, Toby telling him a story as she bounces and rocks him.

He clings to her long hair and giggles as she speaks about dragons, a handsome prince, and a beautiful sleeping princess awaiting true love's first kiss. Her voice is smooth like silk and as precious as a song.

One year. One year since she wished Toby away in anger and then faced me bravely for a chance to right her wrong and win him back. I should have known then that she wasn't ready to accept what I offered.

She was still finding her place in life and when she was forced to brave my Labyrinth, all her focus was on the baby like a good older sister's should be. I was the one who was childish and selfish wanting her for my own.

Can you blame me?

I wonder if she thinks about me every now and then? Does my face and voice ever cross her mind? As selfish and cruel as I was, I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to pretend I was all a dream.

She still calls for Hoggle, Didymus, and Ludo every so often and I'm jealous when they go see my queen in her room when the rest of the house slumbers.

Toby falls off into his dreams and Sarah carries him to his room to lay him in his crib. She returns a moment later and settles in front of her vanity, pick up a brush, and runs it through her hair.

The rain lightens up and the thunder and lightning are distant rumbles and colors in the distance. It's time to return to the Underground. I stretch my wings and prepare to lift into the air when I hear her sweet voice again.

"Everynow and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you...all of you. I need you, Jareth, most of all." she whispered as she gazed into her mirror.

I feel a warm tingling all over and the next thing I know, I am a man standing in her room. "Sarah," I whisper softly. Just loud enough for her to hear.

She places the brush down and turns to me. I expect her to yell. To scream and demand why I am in her room. She doesn't. She smiles and stands up. "Goblin King....Jareth."

She hold out her arms and I find myself walking into her warm embrace. I pull her close and she does the same of me. We stand there for...I am not sure but I know that I want to stay like this for eternity.

"Your will is stronger than mine and your kindom seems to be greater. You, my queen, have more power over me than you shall ever know." I tell her as I kiss her forehead.

She smiles again. That beautiful smile that could put the brightest sun to shame.

"Jareth, I love you. It's taken me a whole year and so much growing up to finally realize just how much you mean to me." she replies and kisses my cheek.

"And I love you. I wish to hold you forever."

"Forever is not long at all," she reminds me with a laugh.

"Then I shall hold you for Eternity." I laugh as well and kiss my new queen full on the mouth and she returns it with the exact amount of passion.





A/N: I hope you've enjoyed this one-shot of mine. I'm very proud of it and I hope you love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Til next time!