"UGH! Why do mom and dad have to keep us here? It sucks!" Dante yelled in frustration as his face was buried into the pillow of his dorm room. He was now a senior in an all boys' school and has hated it ever since he was first forced to attend it as a freshman.

"I don't know why it is such a big deal to you Dante. We've been attending this school for three years. Just one more year shouldn't kill you. Besides, it's important to father. This school was named in his honor and he wants you to focus more on your studies." Vergil was unpacking on his half of the room.

The Sparda twins' were arranged to live in the same dorm room by their mother. All throughout their childhood, Dante had always been so distracted by the opposite sex that he had gotten poor marks throughout elementary school. So, in hopes of bringing his marks up, their parents had registered them to attend the all boys' school of Sparda Academy.

Vergil didn't really care which school he went to, as long as it was a respectable place. He always had done well in school and was sent alongside Dante to keep on eye on him. That, and their parents didn't want to separate the two of them.

Dante gave an annoyed hum, "But it sucks here, Verge! C'mon, don't tell me you don't miss the hot chicks at our last school. When was the last time you saw a nice set of breasts, huh?" The elder twin gave a huff, "Unlike you, brother, I don't obsess over the opposite sex. I can actually control my urges. The only thing I obsess over is wishing that you would stop whining about our school."


Nero walked nervously towards his dorm. He was transferred to Sparda Academy as a sophomore. Why his parents transferred him here he was not sure. But he had heard that this school was apparently one of the finest facilities and yet, had quite the few delinquents.

The young teen was both depressed, and excited. Depressed, because school would start in about a week or so. And excited, because of the thrill of being in a new place. He wondered so many things like whom and what would his roommate be like, how much pressure the teachers might put on you, and what kind of group of friends will he have. One thing was sure in his mind though; this was going to be interesting.


A/N: I'm not sure exactly how this will turn out, but I've just been having this idea about our three devil boys' attending an all boys' school. I thought it would be interesting so I started writing it. This is just the prologue just to get things moving. If I get a good enough response to it, I'll keep writing it. I plan on making a little DxNxV triangle later on.