Chapter 13

Dante awoke…in the park? No. This was very clearly a dream. Even he knew that the second he took a look at himself. The silver-haired teen was lying against a tree, wearing nothing but his favorite pair of black leather pants. It was the tree in the park by the dorms, except no living person was in sight.

As he was looking around for any signs of life, he felt something nudge at his leg. Dante looked down to see a cute silver kitten rubbing against him like a cat would in order to get some attention. He couldn't hold pack an "aw…" as the silver feline purred and looked at him with eyes of playfulness as it pawed at his shin.

"Well aren't you cute?" Dante said as he scooped up the small animal. He placed the kitten on his chest as he scratched its neck, earning some louder purrs. Moments later, the kitten curled up on his chest and gave his skin an appreciative lick before drifting to sleep. Dante eventually too fell asleep, petting the incredibly soft fur of the mammal.


Dante was awakened by a lapping sensation against his neck. But this was no cat tongue. It was warm and wet and wonderful against his skin. He reached his hands to touch a very soft, fleshy back and began to caress it in approval, urging his visitor to continue.

He continued to travel his hands downward and lightly squeezed at the naked ass of the one straddling him, which in turn, he was given a purr. But this was too masculine, too sensual of a purr to belong to that of a kitten. This also resulted in the other body's hips bucking into his, thus revealing that it was a very aroused male on top of him.

The senior couldn't take it anymore! He opened his eyes and lightly pushed the other's shoulders away so that he may catch a glimpse of the one who was teasing him. And boy was he surprised (but not displeased) at who it was.


The boy of his desire. Ravishing him wearing absolutely nothing. Looking at him with mischievous-glazed eyes. But there was something that 'was' cat-like about him; Nero most definitely had ears of a cat, and the long, silver tail of one, too. Dante hadn't even felt that when he went to feel him up. Not that he was repulsed by the other or anything. This was most surely Dante's favorite dream. 'Hello Kitty…' He thought.

Neko Nero cocked his head and made a face like he had done something wrong. Dante easily brushed the worried emotion away by running his fingers through Nero's soft locks. Nero's eyes slipped shut in pleasure as he purred that sexy purr. He then lowered his head in order to proceed with licking Dante's firm upper body.

God, it was amazing! Some times Nero would lap at a certain spot, and other times he would make long licks across his chest. Dante's hands were lost in the other's hair as he slipped his hues shut to enjoy the treatment, softly moaning at every swipe of his pet's tongue. And he completely lost it when that tongue circled one of his nipples.

"Yes, Nero… Just like that…" He encouraged breathlessly.

Nero moved his mouth back up to Dante's neck as he fully lowered his body onto the others, licking past Dante's jaw line and swiping along the shell. The elder shuddered from the hot breath and even hotter friction from their bodies. He then flipped them over so that he was the one on top now, wanting a taste of the younger male.

Dante wasted no time and started at the young neko's nipple, flicking it with his tongue. Nero arched his back and mewled, "Dante!" Oh, how Nero tasted heavenly. Dante's own personal favorite; strawberry. He wasn't sure if this was really what Nero tasted like, or if it was just the dream, but he didn't care at the moment. All he wanted was to take the kitty Nero.


Vergil's dream was almost the same, except this Nero was human, and a lot more on the naughty side. In the elder twin's dream, both he and Nero were naked, and Nero was sucking him off.

"Dear God, Nero!" Vergil bucked uncontrollably as his hand was petting Nero's bobbing head. As he was sure he was about to climax, Nero pulled away and smiled playfully. He kissed his way up Vergil's body and God, did it ever feel real! He took one of the other's pink nipples into his mouth and lazily licked around it.

Nero let out a hot breath as he released the now perky nub and lapped and sucked at Vergil's neck, rubbing his sex against the others. Vergil knew he would be ashamed of himself when he would awaken from this fantasy, but he would enjoy it for now, he thought as he grabbed Nero's hips for more friction.

Vergil could feel himself fading out of his dream. His heavenly, realistic dream. But even as he was slowly waking up, Nero's sensations didn't seem to distant themselves from him. Of course, it was only natural he would question this. He opened his eyes to fully awaken in a nightmare…

Dante. His twin. Naked. Straddling and licking him! He quickly shoved the sleep-licking Dante onto the floor, "What the hell, Dante!?"

The younger twin rubbed his head and winced, some idea of what was just happening, "Oh, God! I'm sorry Verge! Ugh, I had no idea what I was doing…"

"Care to explain then!?"

"Well, I was having a…uh…very good dream. If you know what I mean."

Vergil blushed, unsure of what to say. He coughed uncomfortably, "A-about…who, may I ask?"



A/N: Well, I think I did a damn good job on this chapter! I just love writing dreams! It's by far the easiest way to have a quick, and believable sex scene.

Now that Vergil knows about Dante and his affection for Nero, what will happen? In the next chapter, the twins confess their feeling towards Nero to each other, and things start to get even more fun!

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