Time Record

Written by xmystorytime.

Disclaimer: If I owned D Grayman/Harry Potter, I would have my own flat with a huge swimming pool, king-sized bed and a puffin. Seeing as I don't have that, I guess I don't own it.

"What's Veri..." Lenalee stumbled on the word. Cho opened her mouth to explain but was beaten to it.

"Veritas is truth in Latin, right? And a serum is just a serum, so... you gave her a truth drink?" Lavi looked between Dumbledore and Snape. His voice remained light but it didn't fool anyone.

Not bothering to listen to the explanation she already knew, Cho looked down at Harry and smoothed some more of the messy hair out of his eyes.

"He'll be okay, right?" Pansy whispered, but when Cho looked at her she turned away embarrassed.

"Of course," Percy replied, "I'm sure it won't be long before they convince Herm-uh... well," he cleared his throat, "I'm sure it won't be long until then." He sounded so confident that even Cho was reassured and she looked back at the interrogation crew with new hope in her heart.

They had just finished explaining the merits of Veritaserum to the mystified exorcists and were now debating who would ask which questions first.

"While I have many to ask, I feel that they will be inadequate compared to yours," Dumbledore took a step back, "I know better than to interfere with something like this." Snape snorted and the headmaster wandered over to him with a bright smile. "My boy, what a dry sense of humour you have. However, I do believe now is not the best time to reveal your acerbic wit," he chuckled and rest a hand on his shoulder.

Snape looked like he wanted to flee but his pride wouldn't let him. McGonagall looked highly amused and everyone else was just confused.

"Okay, let's test this," Lavi chose to ignore it and turned to Road. "Who am I?"

"Bookman Junior, Lavi, Dea-" Road answered after an obvious attempt not to.

"Stop!" Lavi cleared his throat. "Who are you?"

"Road Kamelot, Noah's Ninth Disciple and controller of Dreams," she paused, "however, I am also Hermione Granger in appearance alone."

"You mean Hermione doesn't exist?" Lenalee gasped. Road shot her a dirty look.

"Don't be silly Lenalee, you're better than that," she grumbled, "Hermione's fine. I like her, so I wouldn't do anything too bad to her. Then again, we always hurt the ones we love the most," she smirked. Lenalee, taking it as a personal insult, glared at the girl.

"Not in the way you do!" Road only laughed.

"What are you doing to Harry?" Lavi cut in, and Road's laughter only increased as she turned to him. Cho felt a little scared at the murderous expression on the red-head's face. "If you've hurt him -"

Road sighed, "Oh Lavi, you're so funny," she shrugged and lent back in her bindings, "I've just sent him to get reacquainted with his relatives. He's having a bundle of fun, don't worry!" Cho paled. Harry hadn't revealed much to her about them, but she clearly remembered their conversation on the grounds only a few months ago. It felt like so much longer...

Before Lavi could do something he would likely regret Kanda shoved him aside and glared down at the Noah.

"What are you doing here?" Kanda asked, holding his sword to her neck. Road swallowed.

"That depends on what you mean by here," she answered with a smile, "I'm here in this office because the lovely Professor McGonagall took Hermione aside and -" a tiny red drop trickled down her neck.

"Here, in this castle. What do you know of why we are here?"

"That's a bit more complicated," Road's smile widened, "I'm here because Hermione's a witch and wanted to get schooling. Of course, since then I've met up with Millennie and have another reason, but I don't see why you need to know that."

Wait, what?

The Veritaserum should have had her reveal any and all information relevent to the question, not allow her the choice of answering. The teachers had also caught this, if their looks were anything to go by, and behind the exorcists' backs she watched the headmaster lean down to whisper something in Snape's ear. The potions professor shook his head in response.

"I do," Lavi demanded. "What are you up to?"

"... I'm here to watch," Road answered after a long moment, an annoyed look on her face, "Millennie wanted me here to keep an eye out for any exorcists who might be in the castle and, if so, keep them occupied."

"Keep us occupied?" Lenalee repeated.

"Well, when you lot put your noses into our business you're always so troublesome," she sighed, "Millennie wanted you out of the way this time, and I'd never pass up a chance to see you," she smirked, "I am rather fond of all of you," she looked from one exorcist to the next.

"The feeling's not mutual," Lavi hissed. "Why do you have to keep us occupied?"

"So you don't interfere with our plans, didn't I just say this?"

"Which are?" Kanda's sword hadn't wavered, even though his arms must be aching from continuously holding it in that position. Cho was rather impressed.

"Something epic that only someone like Millennie could have come up with," Road replied with pride. Lavi and Lenalee's looks increased but something clicked in Kanda's mind.

"You don't know," he stated and the Noah gave him an incredulous look. "He hasn't told you. He doesn't trust you," the samurai pressed. Road continued to look at him oddly, although it now seemed rather desperate and anxious.

"If you want to think that be my guest," she answered.

"No, it makes sense..." Lenalee mused, "I did wonder..."

"You don't know anything!" she denied.

"Then enlighten us."

"H-he doesn't trust anyone anymore," she mumbled, her gaze turning to the ground. Bushy brown hair fell in front of her eyes, hiding them from view. "Millennie thinks that we've been changed by our containers, thinks that we're not with him, not in complete control of ourselves. He doesn't see that -" she broke off and exhaled. "When we came here, his mind – broke, I guess. He's not the Earl, he's not my Millennie..."

The room fell silent. The exorcists looked at a loss on what to do so the headmaster stepped forward for his turn. Approaching her, he reminded Cho more of a man seeking vengeance than a gentle old man.

He probably was after what had happened to all his students.

"Are you responsible for what happened on Halloween?" he asked.

"Yes," Road nodded, "Tyki and I... the plan was to help Millennie create his own personal army. There's a lot of students here grieving that the teachers were just ignoring, so we took it into our hands to help them out," she grinned. "Of course, we hadn't realised just how many exorcists this place housed. We were careless."

We won't be again hung in the air.

"And Hogsmede?"

"Not so much," the girl sighed, "I had nothing to do with that and same with Tyki. We were kept out of the loop because Millennie didn't trust us after failing at Halloween..." she trailed off.

"Where is Tyki now?" Lavi asked.

"Millennie sent him far away to someplace where he won't be such a bother," she stopped there and then turned to look directly at Snape. "Of course, if it's Tyki you want to know about, you should ask Severus."

Slowly, everyone turned to look at the potions professor. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Liar liar pants on fire," Road taunted, "I'll tell you what Tyki told me, that he had been in the exact same position as all of you now, with him, but instead of sticking with it he found a way to separate them around a year ago. Since then, he's been meeting with Tyki on regular occasions, to drink, to talk, to smoke - Tyki wasn't very clear on that aspect..."

"Is this true, Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"He did take those two years off..." McGonagall pointed out.

"I assure you, there is more to that story than she's saying," Snape's lip curled, "but I would not be so eager to ask me when we still have her captive. Who knows when she'll break free?"

"She won't break free," Flitwick protested, "I charmed them myself!"

"And I created that potion, yet somehow she's manipulating her answers," the Slytherin pointed out. All eyes returned again to Road who laughed a high-pitched laugh.

"I wondered when you'd catch on! Your potions would probably work on the others, but not on me. You really got unlucky, didn't you?" her smile softened. "Though it didn't stop me from telling the truth... most of the time," she snickered. "Ah, but you won't know what's truth and what's fiction, will you? What a pity."

This girl... Cho could only stare at her. Yes, the exorcists had told them that the Noah were evil, horrid, people out only for themselves that enjoyed other people's pain, but there was a difference in being told and seeing it for herself. It was clear to everyone that Road had an advantage over them and that she was mercilessly enjoying it.

But, as they watched, the smile faded and, suddenly, Road arched with a gasp of pain. Her eyes shut and she started to shake. In the same moment, Harry moaned and twitched.

"Harry!" Percy exclaimed.

"Harry?" Cho asked.

But Harry didn't wake. He started to toss and turn and slipped onto the floor with a low moan. In a flash Lavi was beside them, hovering over the twitching form with a familiar desperation of wanting to help out but being unable to do so. Cho bit her lip and looked back down at her friend.

Meanwhile, Harry dreamed.


"Here," Allen smiled and held out a hand.

Harry swallowed and accepted the hand up. He looked around. There were no walls, just darkness and a spotlight above then. His feet suddenly felt wet and he glanced down, blinking at the black water.

"Where are we?" he couldn't see Hermione or Road anywhere.

"I'm not exactly sure," the exorcist admitted, "I was hoping you could tell me. I'm even more surprised that Remus isn't here, he was with me earlier..." he shook his head. "Well, it must have something to do with Road. We were in one of her dimensions, so only she could have taken us out."

Harry blinked, "Do you mean Road's holding you captive? And who's Remus?"

"Yes and no, it's a bit complicated," Allen laughed, "and if you're who I think you are, then you'll know the kind of relationship I have with him, Harry Potter," his eyes drifted to Harry's forehead.

The Slytherin hated how easily people identified him. "Yeah, that's me," he scratched his head, "I get it, I get it, so where have you been? Your friends have -"

"You know my friends? Lenalee? Lavi?" he jumped when Allen appeared right in front of him, gray eyes pleading. "Are they okay?" Harry nodded, taking a step back, and Allen seemingly deflated in front of him. His eyes widened when the other fell forward, no longer able to hold his own weight, and caught him, but Harry was unable to hold them both up and they sank to the floor. "Thank goodness, I was so worried..."

He shook, although from weariness or tears or whatever Harry didn't know, and he didn't know what to say either, but he couldn't in good conscience just leave him be...

"Um, A-Allen, it's okay, they're okay," he mumbled, awkwardly patting the guys' shoulder. "Lenalee, Lavi and Kanda are all fine. Well, as fine as they can be considering how Kanda keeps trying to kill Lavi but they say that's normal, and Lenalee says he just misses you and then -" he stopped babbling when Allen pulled back.

"The day Kanda misses me will be the day the world ends," Allen smiled and wiped at his eyes. "I'm sorry. It's hard to believe Road, so it just hit me and..."

"I get it," Harry hastened to reassure him and they both lapsed into silence. What was there to say? Oh, wait... "So, where have you been? Lavi's been really worried about you."

Allen's shoulders slumped. "Until recently, Remus and I were working together trying to find my friends, then one day we were too careless and we ran into Lulubell, who took us back to the Millennium Earl," his face darkened, "Road interfered and brought us to another dimension."

"Allen, Harry..."

They both tensed and twisted to see Road, now just a tiny child with spiky hair, taking slow, measured steps toward them. It looked deliberate until she got closer, and then they could see the strain on her face. She reached them and reached out a shaky hand to rest on Allen's head. Even though they were sitting down, she barely came up to his shoulders.

"I'm sorry Allen, I tried," she whispered, pressing her forehead against his, before collapsing in his arms.

"Road!" Allen's arms circled around her, holding her tight. Harry watched, wide-eyed. "Road, what happened?"

"Millennie caught on," she murmured into his chest, and Allen paled. Road turned to look at Harry and he jumped when her voice reverberated in his head. Hermione said this was the only way to talk without him hearing, and she was right, but I grew too distracted – between your friends questioning, Hermione's conversation and keeping Allen and Remus separate...

"What do you mean? What's going on?" he asked, his chest tightening. "You said you'd help us! Hermione said -"

And I did. I warned you of the end, and I pointed you in the right direction. I can't do anymore, now.

"Road, there's still – I can't – there has to be another way," Allen begged.

"For a Noah to betray another Noah is a sin. The Fourteenth did it, and died for it – well, mostly..." Road reached up to touch his cheek, a tear falling down her face to ripple in the water below them. "This time Millennie will not be so kind. Please, Allen, fulfil your promise."

"No, I can save you, you can't just -"

"After all we've done to you, you still try and find a way... but I want to go, Allen. I want to," Road sighed, seemingly growing smaller. She was now no bigger than a girl's doll in Allen's arms. "You know how to save me. I can't go back to Millennie, I've fallen too far..."

Another tear hit the water.

Harry, Road addressed him even though she kept looking up at Allen, I can't do anymore. Tell them that everything I said was the truth except for what I said about you.

"Road..." he murmured, his emotions all mixed up. She was – dying? He should be ecstatic, and yet his eyes burned. His tears, however, couldn't fall. "I'm sorry."

All of our emotions are bleeding together. You're going to cry a lot, soon.

"Harry," said male looked at Allen. The exorcist pulled something from his pocket and threw it to him. His reflexes allowed Harry to catch it and he blinked at the round golden ball. "Tell them I'll be waiting, okay?"


Bye bye, Harry Potter.

And just like that, the pair disappeared. Or maybe Harry disappeared, into the dark depths, yet he felt himself rising and tumbling at the same time, which was a very strange feeling. Before he fell too far someone caught his hand and he halted, dangling. He tilted his head back up and blinked at Hermione.

"You're going the wrong way," she smiled, but it looked sad. "I'm glad I got to meet you, Harry. Maybe we'll meet again." Harry paled. Did what was happening to Road affect Hermione too?

"Hermione?" he asked.

"I don't know what will happen to me... but, Harry, promise me something."

"Anything," he replied, hardly able to get the word out around his tight throat. The tears were so near but something held them back.

"If we don't meet again, promise me you'll win. That her sacrifice won't be for nothing," Harry gazed up at her and nodded, unable to make a sound. Her smile widened. "Thank you. One," she started to swing him back and forth, "two... three!" she let him go.

The last thing he saw of her was the figure alone in the dark, before light invaded everything and his eyes fluttered open.

Faces crowded his blurry vision. Thankfully, someone shoved them all away and hands guided him upright. The haze cleared and he saw Lavi and Percy, with the girls behind them and then the teachers and Kanda. Through the gap, he spotted Hermione tied up to a chair.

"Harry?" he blinked and looked back to Lavi. "Are you okay? She didn't...?" the red-head trailed off.

Surprising even himself, he suddenly burst into tears, forgetting where he was and how many people were watching, and warm, strong arms encircled him. He buried his face into Lavi's chest and sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed. "It's okay, you're okay now..."

He eventually pulled back, his face kept steadily on the ground. Silently, he accepted the offered box of tissues.

"What happened?" he heard Lenalee ask in a tender way and he lifted his head, waiting for the teasing to start like it had at the Dursleys. However, all he saw was concerned and curious faces, no one waiting to make fun, and he felt a little better. He opened his mouth to reply and then jumped when something wriggled in his pocket.

Shifting, he pulled out the large golden ball Allen had thrown to him. Lenalee squealed and tore it from his grip.

"Timcanpy!" she beamed, hugging the ball. Everyone watching jumped when wings and a long, curved tail unwrapped from the ball. If it weren't for the tail, it could almost be mistaken for a golden snitch. And then it yawned, revealing sharp teeth, and all thoughts of it being a snitch went out the window. "But, how did you get him?" she turned to him, confused, and all eyes returned to Harry.

"Allen threw it at me," Harry replied, and winced when the three exorcists sprang to life.


"Headmaster!" McGonagall gasped, drawing all attention to her, and Harry watched her undo Hermione's bonds and hold the lifeless girl to her chest. His vision blurred again as he remembered Road, begging Allen to kill her, and his promise to Hermione, who didn't know what would happen to her.

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked, looking extremely grave in the evening light.

"Road died," Harry whispered, staring at his hands. "For a Noah to betray another Noah is a sin, and the Earl found out." The deputy headmistress' eyes closed in sorrow.

And so, silence fell once more in the office.


"Well, I think we have heard quite enough tonight," Dumbledore sighed and offered to take Hermione from McGonagall, but the woman shied away from him.

"She was my student," she murmured and the headmaster nodded, arms returning to his side.

"But, we didn't talk about – about anything, really," Cho protested half-heartedly. The events of today had got to her like everyone else. "I wanted to know about the spells and... what's going on with Professor Snape -" she turned to him accusingly and he met her stare. After a few seconds she cowered and gazed at the floor. "I..."

The teachers looked at each other. Flitwick took the initiative and patted her on the wrist.

"I think we'll save those questions for another time, after we've all had a chance to think," he said.

Percy got to his feet. The other students had huddled into a group around Harry. There was a silent war between Pansy and Cho over who would stand beside Harry, the other clearly being taken by Lavi. The exorcist hadn't stopped hovering over Harry despite being told that Road had lied and just wanted to mess with him.

Just as Percy was about to tell them he was returning to his common room (someone needed to say something), Lenalee gasped. He turned to her just in time to see the snitch tear out of her grip and hover above them all.

"Timcanpy?" Lavi blinked.

They jumped when it opened its mouth and a green light came out, gradually forming into a picture. No, not a picture, a memory of something...

Two people, their faces hidden in dark cloaks, walked up to a house that looked like one a pureblood family would have – like a manor. It was vast and very grandeur, the exact opposite of Percy's own home. The exorcists, Harry and Cho were entranced, but Percy saw the teachers and Pansy react to the building. They had obviously seen it before and knew where it was.

In-between the two men was a worn figure, his feet dragging through the dirt as they took him inside. He was unconscious and his head lolled to the side, scraggly blonde hair moving to show a weary face.

"Remus," McGonagall breathed, looking horrified. A white-haired teenager followed the battered male with a helpless expression on his scarred face.

"Allen!" Lenalee shrieked and hugged Lavi, laughing lightly. Percy focused on him. That was Allen Walker, then? He didn't look anything like the others had described him. Gray eyes turned pleadingly to Timcanpy and the memory seemed to zoom in on him.

"I can't do anything to help him Tim!" the memory Allen sounded so anguished Percy couldn't stop a wince. "It's my fault we're here, but he's suffering for it! And we don't even know who these people are, or why they're working with the Noah..." he trailed off and then the group went into the building. The entrance hall was huge, with seemingly-never ending corridors.

Definitely a home belonging to a rich person.

The memory faded. Lenalee, still hugging Lavi, turned to look at the adults.

"Does anyone know where that is?" she asked. "We've got to get them out of there!"

None of the teachers replied. Dumbledore looked very old as he sat back in his chair, while McGonagall's grip on Hermione had turned white. The only one who looked unaffected was Snape, but he always looked blank so he couldn't be counted. The biggest surprise was Pansy, who hunched her shoulders and avoided everyone's gaze by looking at the floor.

"I don't think it will be that easy," Flitwick eventually replied. "That manor is one of the best warded places in England; no one has successfully infiltrated and got out alive."

"There's always a first time," Lavi countered, "Allen would do everything he could to rescue us if it were us in there, I'm not going to abandon him!"

"You just might have to," Pansy whispered. Everyone turned to her. "That's Malfoy Manor. I've been there quite a few times, and the amount of security in that place is ridiculous. Not to mention, Lucius Malfoy is a very vengeful man. If you got caught going in there..." she shivered and trailed off.

"So we won't get caught," Lenalee replied. "How do we get there?"

A thought came to Percy. He glanced at Kanda, to see if he'd come to the same thought process, but he just looked bored with everything. No help would come from him.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked. "You can't do anything right now."

"What's that meant to mean?"

"Look," Percy turned to Lavi, irritated, and gestured at Harry and Cho. "The only way you could succeed if you want to go rescue him would mean that they go with you, and I've heard enough in the past month to know that your biggest aim is keeping them safe," Lenalee and Lavi shared guilty looks when Harry and Cho turned to scowl at them.

"We can handle it! We'll gladly help them!" Cho protested.

"Absolutely not!" McGonagall frowned, "I'm sure you, of all people, would understand what could happen if things go wrong." Cho coloured and didn't reply. She knew.

Percy did too. Lucius Malfoy had enough political power to make anybody's life a living hell, and that was publicly. There was no guarantee what he would do on a private level. He'd once been a Death Eater, though, so it couldn't be pleasant.

"Then we'll complete the potion," Harry said softly. "That way, you guys can go and we'll be safe here, right?"

"What potion?" Snape asked what everyone else was thinking. The quartet jumped.

"Uh, well, you see..." Cho spluttered. Lavi came to her rescue.

"At Christmas Harry got this present. There wasn't any note, but it was a book on how to separate, uh, people like us, I guess..." he paused, frowning. "Although, the writing was kind of familiar..." How convenient.

Percy crossed his arms over his chest. This was the first time he had heard about this. Considering how important it would be, he was rather offended. Still, that was a puzzle. To deliver it to Harry meant whoever sent it had known he would be the correct person to use it, and how would they know that?

"Headmaster," Snape turned to Dumbledore, looking angry. "Several weeks ago I mentioned to you that someone had broken into my quarters. Among the things missing..." he trailed off.

"Well, this is rather interesting," Dumbledore stroked his beard. "It seems we have a new question. Who can get into Professor Snape's quarters and know the right person to give that kind of book too?"

"Severus, who is allowed in your quarters?" Flitwick asked. "Maybe one of them..."

"I assure you, the number of who are and who would do that are few," he paused and then glanced at the snitch now resting on Lavi's head. "Well, maybe it is not so ridiculous..." he narrowed his eyes.

"Headmaster, I'll be going," McGonagall interrupted, looking down at the girl in her arms. Dumbledore nodded and, within a few minutes, she had left carrying her bundle. Percy swallowed and used the conversation between Snape and Dumbledore to distract himself from the ache in his chest.

"Severus -" Dumbledore began.

"I refuse," Snape sneered.

"It would be advantageous -"

"It took me two years."

"The first time, yes," Dumbledore gave a benign smile whilst his eyes twinkled. "The time, you will have the previous experience with which to call upon, and the many resources of Hogwarts. It should not take you too long." Snape's lip curled up in disgust and he crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at everyone.

"Um, what are you talking about?" Lenalee asked.

"If what Mr Potter says is true, and your Earl is planning such an attack, it would be beneficial if we had as many exorcists as we could get, should we not?" Dumbledore's smile widened at their ecstatic faces. "However, I, like you, refuse to put the younger students in danger. We will rescue your friend once Professor Snape has finished brewing the potion..."

"And rescue Remus," Flitwick stated.

"I was under the impression that rescuing one meant rescuing the other," Dumbledore replied, looking sadder. "No, I would not forgive myself if I did not try. Young Remus Lupin is a dear friend to all of us..."

"You know him?" Harry spoke up, and he had an odd expression on his face.

"He was a student here awhile ago," Flitwick replied, a slight smile on his face. "He had a brilliant talent for defence and charms."

"He was also one of your father's best friends," Dumbledore continued, "James and his friends got up to all kinds of mischief in their year. He was there when you were a baby too, for a short while..." he paused with a frown. "Are you alright?" he looked at where Harry had pressed a hand to his head.

"I-I'm fine, I just..." Harry blinked, "I think I remember him, sort of..."

"Wonderful," Snape snorted and got to his feet. "If you'll excuse me from what will undoubtedly become a Gryffindor fest, it seems I have some preparing to do." He left before anyone could say anything in response.

"Git," Lavi grumbled.

"Lavi," Dumbledore lightly chastened and Lavi's eyes widened. Harry laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"You're gonna have to remember to keep your mouth shut around him now. He can hear you, remember," he said. Lavi pouted. Pansy yawned, which caused Cho to yawn, followed by Harry and, before he could stop himself, Percy too. Well, yawns were contagious.

"On that note, I suggest that you head back to your dormitories," Dumbledore urged for the second time that night.

Remembering he was a prefect, Percy strode over to the door and held it open.

"You heard the headmaster. After all, we do have classes tomorrow," he pointed out.

"Actually, in light of today's events, all of you are excused from tomorrow's classes if you so wish," Dumbledore contradicted.

One by one, the solemn students left the classroom followed by the exorcists. The large group walked down the hallway and halted by the stairs, where they would have to split for their separate common rooms.

The thought that, just a few hours ago, he'd walked down these steps with Hermione and never would again, took Percy's breath away.

They all looked at each other awkwardly.

"Well, uh, I guess we should..." Harry gestured down to the steps.


With quiet goodbyes the group split. Harry, Pansy and Lavi disappeared towards the dungeons, while Cho, Lenalee, Percy and Kanda started walking up to the towers. Percy raised an eyebrow at Kanda, who never normally joined him to the common room. He often disappeared to do something else, although what that was Percy had no clue.

He didn't want to know, truthfully.

Deciding that if he asked Kanda would only snap his head off, he remained quiet and studied his other companions. Lenalee looked happy, undoubtedly because she'd seen her friend. Being held prisoner, yes, but alive and here. He could understand that.

Cho... Cho was just quiet, staring at her shoes. Percy tried to think up some way to make her feel better, but he couldn't even do it to himself, let alone help her.

When he was back in his dormitory, staring at the boys around him, he knew he wasn't going to get anymore sleep that night. He pulled out a book and began revising for his OWLs. He might as well try and do something productive, something distracting, something worthwhile.

Anything to get his mind off of the disturbing memory of Hermione's lifeless form.

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