Their date, if you wanted to call it that, had gone well. The food had been good, the conversation enjoyable, and they hadn't got into any screaming matches before Shikamaru could escort her back home.

And now, they were back at the hotel entrance, not sure what to do next.

"Well, I had fun," she said, putting her hand on her hip. "Maybe I'll let you buy me dinner some other time."

He laughed.

"I only did it because you forced me to follow through with that troublesome bet."

Their gazes met. Dark brown eyes stared into pools of bluish-green, a color he couldn't readily identify. Then he stepped forward.

"Temari—" he began, leaning into her, but she side-stepped and sent him crashing against the door.

She was shocked; not only had he just tried to kiss her, he'd called her by name. That was something Shikamaru never did.

"What the hell are you doing?" she shouted, her eyebrows rising. "If you were trying to kiss me, there's no way I'd ever…" She paused, evidently running out of suitable threats.

Her narrowed eyes stared into his.

"I don't want you to kiss me," she said pointedly. "So don't even try."

"Fine," Shikamaru said, shrugging. "I won't."

For some reason, that only made Temari angrier, so she grabbed his shoulders and slammed him against the wall.

"You don't want to kiss me?!" she yelled.

"I do," he said. "But if you don't want to, it's too troublesome to try."

Temari inhaled, her eyebrows drawing dangerously close together.

"Good, I don't want to kiss you anyways," she hissed.



Exactly fifteen seconds of a staring contest began, Temari's narrowed eyes staring into Shikamaru's half-closed ones.

Then she kissed him.

She pressed him so hard against the wall that the wood creaked and the door almost slid open, and then he started kissing her back and somehow, she was the one pressed against the door. Then it really did slide open, and they collapsed onto the floor, Temari straddling him, her face still glued to Shikamaru's.

Fifteen minutes passed before they heard another hotel guest's door open. They stood up immediately, still breathing hard. Luckily, they were undiscovered.

Temari snuck a glance at Shikamaru; his ponytail had fallen out long ago, and his face was bright red.

"I thought you didn't want to kiss me," he finally gasped as his breathing rate began returning to normal.

"I didn't think I wanted to either," Temari replied, then she stiffened as Shikamaru's arms wrapped around her.

"So glad you changed your mind," he murmured into her hair.