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This is a Naruto crossover

Today is October 12. The day a great nine tailed fox attacked Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The ninja of the village tried everything to push the demon back. Every jutsu they tried ether didn't work or got them killed. Finally the Hokage came on a giant toad with a bundle of blankets in his arms. The Forth Hokage went though a series of hand seals and in a blinding light the Death God was ripping the soul right out of the beast and sealed it within the bundle of blankets. The rest of the shinobis walked to their now dieing Yondaime. The dieing blond looked up at his people and said, "Please don't hate him... This boy now holds the Kyuubi within him. (Cough) He'll have a hard life ahead of him. I know he'll be powerful with or without the Kyuubi. Please…(cough) watch…him…grow. His…name is…Naruto." On October 12 a hero died but a new one was born.


5 years later

It been 5 years since that day and peace was restored to this great village. Most of the people in the village did not follow the Fourths wishes. Since the day he was born they made his life a living hell. The boy had been glare at, spat at, stoned, and denied friends, but today he wasn't going to take it anymore just got out of the Hospital. He had a broken jaw, two broken arms that were broken in two places. He also seemed to had punctured wounds in his torso and hands. He also was told that he had third degree burns on seventy-five percent on his body. The villagers tried to burn him alive. He was saved by The Hokage and his ANBU. Now he went to see his only friend, Hiruzen, the Third Hokage.

"Naruto how are you?" The old men said with a smile.

"I'm fine old man but I have a favor to ask you." Naruto said with a small smile. He saw the Hiruzen nod and continue talking. "Can you train me?" he said with a nervous smile while screeching his head.

Hiruzen put on a face that showed wisdom and thought about the situation. "Naruto, being Hokage I don't have that much free time so I can't train you," He saw Naruto's smile falter and he wasn't going to have that now. "But I can give you some scrolls to help you and also in my free time I can train you." The boy's smile came back at full blast

Naruto and the old man walked down the hall until they got to a room with scrolls and books everywhere. Naruto was amazed at the wide variety of books. When Naruto finally turned his attention back to the old man, he was holding a few books and scrolls and a dōtanuki that really caught his eye. The sword's sheath was black with a dark red dragon that seemed to twist and turn around the sheath and the handle of the blade was pitch black. It didn't even seem to reflect light.

"Naruto this is the Gogyō sanjo (Element Blade). This blade is very powerful. It can take hold of the elements: fire, water, lighting, earth, wind. This blade is very special. It has powers behold human understatement. The sword is one of the legendary swords that showed up before the start of the ninja age. Naruto, take care of this sword. This sword was used by the important man at one time but he never learned to use it to it's full potential, so take care of it. If you ever want any more jutsu come see me." Naruto nodded eagerly.

"Hey old man who did the sword last belong to?" Naruto said with one of his foxy smiles.

The old man started walked away "That sword…it belong to the Forth Hokage." Naruto was so shocked he couldn't even move. Naruto headed on out to read his new books so he could learn how to use his charka.


Naruto spent about a week reading about charka, ninjutsu, genjutsu, Taijutsu and kenjutsu. He learned Ninja History, tactics and everything a ninja should know about the shinobi world. Naruto has already learned the three-academy jutsu, well almost. It had been a few weeks since the visit with the Hokage and he'd already learned: Nawanuke no jutsu (Rope escape technique), Kakuremino no Jutsu (Cloak of Invisibility Technique) Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique), Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique). He was still learning the Bunshin no jutsu (Clone Technique).

Naruto read in a book that weights help people in Taijutsu, so he went out to find some. He walked into a shop and saw a small girl behind the counter. "Hi welcome to Iken weapons, how may I help you?" The girl looked about the age 5-6 years old. She had 2 buns in her hair and a dark blue Chinese top with black pants.

Naruto looked at her funny. "Do you run this place by yourself?"

The girl giggled to herself "No silly, my dad runs this place. He just went around back for a minute."

"Oh well I guess I can wait. By the way my name is Naruto Uzumaki. What's yours?" For an unknown reason the girl started to blush and looked like she got pulled from a daze.

"Oh I'm Tenten Iken nice to meet you Naruto." Tenten's eyes wondered down to his body to his sword. The girl's eyes were completely glued on the sword. Naruto was felling kind of awkward that she was staring at him.

"Um Tenten want are you looking at?" Tenten only pointed at the sword.

"D-Do you know what that is. That's the legendary Gogyō Sanjo. That's very, very, very rare. My dad says its pr-priceless yeah that's it." Tenten said with stars in her eyes.

At that moment her father came in. "Hello Tenten whose your friend?" Tenten father said as he walked out of the back room. 'Hm the Demon container.' Tenten's father thought to himself.

"His name is Naruto daddy. He's really nice and look at his sword!" Tenten said with a big grin.

Tenten's father's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. "My boy…that sword where did you get it?"

Naruto put on one of his foxy smiles and said "The Hokage gave me this. But I don't know much about swordsmanship." he said a little half-heartedly.

Tenten's father smiled at the young blond. "Listen Naruto my name is Tenshi Iken. How would you like me to teach you swordsmanship? Tenten you can learn to." Tenshi couldn't help but laugh at his daughter's expense. Naruto was so excited he pulled Tenten in a hug. Naruto didn't even notice Tenten's blush cover her cheeks.

"Naruto, come back here at 5 a.m. in the morning and we'll begin your swordsmanship training." Naruto was beyond happy.

'Yes. I have a friend and I'm get stronger.' Naruto happily thought to himself. "Oh yeah. Tenshi-san, I would like to buy some weights." Naruto said with a bright smile.

Tenshi walk around back leaving Naruto and Tenten to get to know each other better. Tenshi came back with 4 black sweat bands. "Naruto these are charka weights. You know how to use charka right?" Naruto nodded. "Good. These will also help your charka control. Just think of your charka as marbles and place one marble into these weights. That one marble is one percent of charka. Do you understand?"

Naruto nodded. He'd read all the books the Hokage had given him at least twice. He'd already started the learn charka control. He'd learned the floating leaf technique; he had to if he wanted to do the Bunshin no jutsu. So he had some idea of charka control. "Right, I'll be here tomorrow. Thanks Tenshi-san, Tenten-chan." With that Naruto left, leaving behind a blushing girl and a laughing father.


The next few weeks Naruto worked in his taijustu and kenjutsu. Tenshi was amazed by Naruto's determination. Naruto somewhat learned the basics of swordsmanship in two days; he was a prodigy in his own league. It wasn't perfect but it was good for somebody his age without any help.

Naruto spent the first week learning a style called the Senkoyo Sanjo (Invisible Blade). This style was mostly on speed. The user moved so fast that it looked like he was invisible. It needed perfect balance or it would never work. Because Naruto had to have speed to work this style he jumped his weights up from 10 to 20.

Naruto even made three techniques. Naruto had always gotten the worst beatings from men, and he knew that most men were perverts; So he made a technique that no man could resists. He called it the Oiroke no jutsu (Sexy technique), it got him out of a lot of jams. It took Naruto a few weeks to complete, but he did it. A few months went by and Naruto's kenjutsu went though the roof, his speed tripled, his weights were now at 40, and his relationship with Tenten had improved a lot, they were almost never apart.

It wasn't long before Naruto created another technique. This technique could go into his taijustu or kenjutsu. It worked by combining nin/gen/tai-jutsu together. The jutsu was like the Bunshin no jutsu. It creates illusions of the user continuously before the user attacks. The jutsu was the called Mako no jutsu (Mirage technique).

His last jutsu was called Spirit Gun. This technique did not require charka, it worked with spirit energy; it took Naruto a long time to learn how to separate his spiritual energy from his charka. The Spirit Gun was Naruto's best attack, but it had a draw back. Since you must use spirit energy to make charka, the user's limited when it comes to how many times he can use this attract. The user must also have a very high charka pool. Luckily for Naruto, he had just that. This technique can ether shoot a bullet of spirit energy or a blast of it. Today he was going to show the Hokage two of his techniques, Mako no jutsu and the Spirit Gun.


"So Naruto how's the training for you?" The Sandaime asked while walking to Ichiraku's Ramen.

"It's going fine. I even made 3 new jutsus. Do you want to see them?" Naruto said hopping up down.

The Hokage only smiled and said, "Sure."

Naruto ran ahead a few feat away. "Ready Oji-san?!" The Sandaime give a light chuckle and just waved. People who were walking stopped to see what the 'Demon' was doing. Naruto went though 3 handsighs and stopped on the ram. "Mako no jutsu!" Naruto started walking back to the Hokage with one of his foxy smiles. People could see image after image that appeared and disappeared. Many people where impressed.

"That's a very good jutsu. I rank it as a C rank jutsu." Sarutobi said with a proud smile.

"Now check this out! Naruto pointed his index finger in the sky. He also put his thumb up until he made his hand look like a gun. A huge crowd gathered around to see what the 'demon brat' was doing. Everybody could feel enormous power coming from the boy. The crowd that gathered was slowly backing away because of the tremendous power. Even the Hokage was backing up.

While Naruto gathered the power everyone was in awe and a little scared. He was wielding all the power with just a finger! Many people came to see and was very impressed at what was happing.

Anbu walked up to the Hokage whose face was in a mix of amazement and fear. "Hokage-sama that's not charka he's using is it?"

The Hokage nodded his head. "Your right. That's not charka."

Naruto put on one of his foxy smiles and said "Your right, this isn't charka. I've learned how to separate my spiritual energy from my charka, so what you're looking at is my spirit energy, and I'm ready to unleash it."

Every ninja was amazed that a 5-year-old child has done something nobody has ever done. 'He's advanced so fast in a short amount of time.' Sarutobi thought to himself.

"Here we go!" Everyone was sitting on edge. "Spirit Gun!" A blast of light shot out so bright it nearly blinded everyone. The blast went high in the air until it hit a falling star and blew it up. After the blast Naruto dropped to his knees panting.

"N-Naruto that's incredible." Sarutobi said out of shock. 'Interesting. He has a small case of charka depletion. Since charka are made up of spirit energy and physical energy, when Naruto is using his spirit energy it causes an unbalance in his charka. The more spirit energy he uses the more charka he use.' Sarutobi thought to himself. "Naruto I'm ranking that jutsu an S rank. I see that jutsu is a little taxing." Naruto only nodded letting his eyelids drop.

Before Naruto blacked out he heard one thing he always wanted to hear. It…was cheering. He heard things like 'Way to go' and 'Good Job.' Naruto blacked out with a smile on his face.


It had been a only a few days since he showed the Hokage his original jutsu and all ready some of the glares had lessened and he even had a small fan club Today Naruto was going to see the Hokage, he really needed more jutsus. He wasn't really in a good mood today. First he fell out of his bed this morning, then he realized his shower didn't work and had to take a shower at a waterfall, but the worst part was that he had run out of ramen.


"NO MY RAMEN!!" He nearly destroyed his whole apartment for one bowl of ramen. Naruto was on the floor clutching an empty bowl to his chest sobbing. The sobbing didn't last long though as he went in search of his best friend, Gama-chan. When Naruto found his purse he was sadden because nothing was in it. All Naruto could do was cry at that moment. "Noooooooooooooooo!!"

End flashback

After Naruto got some fish from the bay he went in search for the Hokage. He didn't really want to go though all the glares so he went though the park. He found many kids his age. He saw a fat boy with swirls on his cheeks. He also saw a very lazy boy who was talking with the fat kid. Then he saw another boy playing with a white dog, but what caught his attention was a brown haired guy with black pants and a white shirt. He had black combat boots and a chain around his neck. The chain had an 'x', it looked like a locket. He was picking on two girls. One of the girls had pink hair with a wide forehead. The other had two white eyes. Now the guy wasn't alone, he had two other guys with him. The shortest of the three had on black pants, blue sandals, and a red shirt. The other guy who was about Naruto's height had dark blue pants, black sandals, and a light blue shirt. Now, he may not know those girls but nobody likes a bully.

"Hey! Leave those girls alone!" Naruto said with anger in his voice.

"You got a problem? This is my park and I'm just getting my 'rent'. So back off! Unless you want to make something of it." The guy said with devious smirk.

Naruto, not one to turn down a challenge, stepped up. "Bring it on."

The third guy only smirked and the smallest of the three stepped up. "Kenji let me handle this pipsqueak." The guy said looking at the now known leader.

Kenji smirk got even wider. "Sure Birei but don't take too long. We still need to get owner 'rent'!" Kenji said while looking at the now developing crowd of kids.

Birei looked at the crowd and said, "This is our park if you want to play here we're going to charge rent. If you don't pay… Well lets just say we're from the academy and will make an example of you like I'm about to do to him." With that Birei charged at Naruto pulling a fist back. Naruto blocked the fist and send a powerful kick to Birei stomach. Naruto looked bored as he watched Birei fall face first.

"So who's next?" The crowd was cheering with joy. Kenji was steaming mad.

"Kento kick his ass now!" Kento nodded and pulled out a kunai and slashed wildly at Naruto. Naruto kept dogging his slashes; it was getting harder because of his weights.

'Man I need to stop him from slashing at me.' Naruto looked around while keeping himself distant. 'Yeah that could work!' Naruto thought smirking as he directed Kento to the woods. Kento's arms got tired and started to sweat but unfortunately he threw the kunai directly at Naruto's heart, it connected. Everybody's eyes were wide with absolute horror. Kento was backing up.

"I-I didn't mean to. I…I…I'm sorry!" Kento said with tears in his eyes. Everyone looked at Naruto with fear but that fear went to amazement when Naruto's body puffed in smoke.

"I appreciated your concern but…" Naruto punched the guy in the nose. "Its not needed." Naruto said as Kento's body hit a tree putting him unconscious. Everyone looked at where Naruto was supposed to be and only found a log. The white-eyed girl looked at Naruto and asked "Wh-what d-did you do?" Naruto put on one of his foxy smiles that made most if not all girls blush. "It's called Kawarimi no jutsu (Body Replacement Technique). So I was never in any real danger." Naruto said with a sly tone.

Before Naruto knew it he was doubled over in pain. Kenji removed his fist from Naruto stomach with a wicked smirk on his face. "What's your name Blondie? Mine is Kenji Entou, the heir of the Entou Clan."

Naruto got to his feet painfully; "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, at your service." Kenji gave a menacing chuckle

"Well Naruto, tell me, why do you fight? You don't even know these girls but your willing to fight on there behalf. Why do you fight for them?" Naruto only smirked at him and said "Nobody likes a bully." before speeding off to fight Kenji.

Three men came out of the shadow to get a better look. One man had blond hair with a ponytail in the back. Another man had black hair with a slight pink at the base. The last man had pale eyes that had the aura of royalty. The three men saw what happened from the beginning and were quite impressed. The three men decided they would wait to see what else he was capable of.

Naruto was in trouble now, 'This guy is faster then the others. I may have to take off my weights but will I be able to.' Naruto only had time to disable his wrist weights before Kenji went on the attack. His kicks may not be much but his punches sure as hell are.

Naruto charged with his fist pulled back ready to beat the hell out of Kenji with one punch. Unfortunately, Kenji didn't like that plan very much. Kenji tripped Naruto and sent his knee to Naruto's stomach. Naruto got to his feet quickly and sneered at the guy. 'The guy is good. Oji-san said I was at the average academy level and even higher would be Genin level.' Kenji laughed at the Naruto mincingly.

"Give it up. I've been training since I was able to walk, you can't beat me." Naruto was in one hell of a jam.

'Looks like I'll have to use that move.' Naruto went though some handseals and shouted "Bunshin no Jutsu!" about ten Naruto's appeared out of nowhere and charged Kenji. One of the Naruto's (The real Naruto) started doing head signs.

'What is he trying to do' Kenji and the three men thought.

"Mako no jutsu!" Now the ten were now twenty and counting.

Kenji was now starting to have second thoughts. 'Damn what did I get myself into?' Then Naruto's started circling Kenji. Kenji was getting really dizzy, he was so dizzy, he couldn't see the one Naruto behind him forming a tiger seal. The three adults were almost in a state of panic.

'He's not supposed to be able to do that!' They thought but oh no he wasn't going to do that. It was something much worse.

"Konohagakure Hiden: Taijutsu Ōugi: Sennen Goroshi!"(We all know what that means) with that Kenji went flying into a lake feeling a strange mixture of pain and a small bit of pleasure. 'Thank you masked Cyclopes' Naruto praised.


Naruto brushed himself off looked towards the girls and give them a warm smile. The two girls ran over to Naruto and put him in a bear hug. Naruto left an eyebrows and notice his shirt was getting wet. It was getting uncomfortable. "Hey, come on now why are you crying." Naruto said looking at the two girls.

"A-Are your okay. Your not hurt are you?" The pink haired girl said with tears in her eyes.

Naruto gave a nervous chuckle, and while the two girls looked at him funny. He put on his foxy smile that made the two girls blushed uncontrollably. "Me hurt. HA! The next Hokage can't get hurt by him." Naruto said watching their faces turn back to their regular hew. "Besides I'm not really worried about my self, I'm just glad you girls are okay." Naruto softly said.

With that Naruto started running towards the tower, but a blond haired girl stopped him,"Hey wait a minute, who are you." Naruto didn't even stop.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage. I would ask for yours but I'm sort of in a hurry…so bye!" Naruto said before he disappeared over the hills.

Nobody ever saw Kenji leave. Kenji looked back over his shoulder and sneered at where Naruto was last seen. "I swear Naruto. I'll get my revenge. I swear it." Kenji said softly thinking nobody heard him, but three people heard him.

The blond haired men, the black and pink haired men and the white-eyed men looked back at where Naruto was last seen. "Naruto Uzumaki, he'll have an interesting life." The white-eyed men said as he looked back at his daughters making friends with the pink haired girl and a blond haired girl.

The other two men looked at there daughters and smiled. "Well have to see how this all plays out won't we Hiashi, Morio."

The blond haired men said to the others. "Yes we will Inoichi. Yes we will."

That the first chapter. Now I'm going to explain some of things that happening in the story.

The sword Naruto has is called the Gogol Sanjo or 'The Element blade.' Though out of the story Naruto will uncover all five of the elements. The Sword was used by the Forth Hokage at one time but he never learned to use it to it's full potential.

charka Weights are basically weights controlled by charka. The only time Naruto will ever take off his weights are in a battle were he must do his all. Examples: Naruto vs. Gaara.

Kenji Entou is from the Entou clan (original Character). The Entou clan works in speed. They have excellent Taijutsu. Kenji will have powerful role in this story. He will be one of Naruto's enemies.

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