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"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Naruto roared with rage flowing thew him. Naruto was no longer the one holding the ropes to his body, in fact nobody was. His body was moving on pure emotion. He didn't care if he loved Haku, he didn't care if he died right now. All he knew right now was Sasuke was dead. His best friend, his family, his brother was dead, and he was going to take going to avenge his death one way or another.

The red charka circled around Naruto, eating the floor, putting cracks in the bridge. The needles in his back popped out. His hair became more wilder, his whisker marks grew darker, his eyes burned red as a black slit ran down the middle of the pupil. His face was twisted in a sneer as he went down on all four, much like a beast would. He looked towards Haku as one word could only describe the look on his face. Pure unadulterated rage and he was out for blood.

The pure power of the charka was pushing Haku's mirrors back. 'What is this? Is this really Naruto-kun. His thirst for blood is so powerful. He's not the same Naruto as before.' Haku thought as Naruto roared at Haku. 'He's coming!' Haku thought as she pulled out four more senbons.

Naruto didn't disappoint her as he rusher to the mirror. Haku threw the needles at Naruto hoping to take him out but she didn't expect Naruto to push the needles back just by the sound of his charka. 'What!' Haku said in fear as Naruto kept on running only to find Haku gone from his view.

Haku was above him watching him trying to find a way to beat him now. 'Damn it. How did he do that. His charka has gotten so strong. He was able to deflect the senbons with his charka.' Haku decided it was time to end it right now as she let the mirrors reflect her image to confuse Naruto. She then decided to bombard Naruto with senbons. This only pissed Naruto off even more, as he pushed the needles out of his body with his charka.

Haku accidentally let down her guard by the blast of charka, as her reflections went down as her whereabouts were reviled. Naruto wasted no time running to her and smashing the mirror. Haku was able to come out of that alive as she hid in a shard of the mirror. 'OK how about this!' Haku yelled as she dive bombed him with another senbon in hand. Only for Naruto to jump away from the attack and start his charge again.

Now that Haku was out of her safety of her mirrors Naruto had no trouble grabbing her by the arm. Naruto gave her one killed glare laced with killer intent, that shook the entire bridge to its core.

With Kakashi

Kakashi wasn't doing very good in his fight with Zabuza. He couldn't see Zabuza, nor could he hear him. He was at a huge disadvantage. He already had gash across his chest. Now he felt a killer intent he defiantly recognized. 'Damn did the seal break? No this felling...its just cracked. But theres no mistaking it, this is the Kyuubi's charka.' Kakashi thought as he pulled out a scroll. 'Its still OK. The seal is just cracked. I can still make it in time.' Kakashi thought as he unrolled the scroll and swiped a little blood over the writing in it.

"Zabuza! Can you hear me? Where both busy men. How about we end this right now." Kakashi said as he twirled the scroll like a display. "Lets finish this in one move." Kakashi putting up a tiger sign. "hmpt What can you do in this situation? Come. Show me what you got." Zabuza said not believing him.

Back with Naruto

Haku has never felt so scared in her life. This thing...it wasn't Naruto, it was something else. She was doing all see could pushing the charka back but she couldn't do it. 'He's to strong! I can't push him back.' Haku thought wincing at the grip Naruto had on her wrist.

Naruto seemed to have enough of this as he pushed his charka into his fist making it glow an deathly red. Once he gathered the charka he reared his fist back and sent a devastating blow to Haku's mask. The punch was so powerful it sent Haku flying right threw one of his mirrors.

Even with the mask on Haku still felt the blow. She flew threw the air in pain. If you listen closely you would her give a silent scream. When she finally hit the ground she rolled on the ground away from her dome of ice that was now falling. Her mask had spider web cracks in it. At that second she knew she lost as she strode up with some difficulty.

She just looked at Naruto who already started his charge. She could tell that this was her last moments. She had to let him know, before she died by his hands.

"Zabuza-san...I'm sorry. I can't compete with Naruto-kun. Naruto-kun I'm sorry." Haku said as she sow Naruto jump in the air much like an animal would pouncing on their pray. She sow Naruto bring back a fist that glowed red singling her death has come.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, Zabuza-san for not being strong enough. Before I die I must say this I love you Naruto-kun." Haku said softly as her mask fell away. She closed her eyes awaiting death.


Naruto never hit her. His fist was a mere inches away from her face. His beastly transformation were wiped off of his face as he looked at Haku with tears in his eyes. "How can you say that. How can you say that you love me when you just killed someone who I see as a brother!" Naruto said with tears falling from his face.

"Why did you stop? I just killed a person who you thought of as a brother. Why don't you get your revenge? Did he mean that little to you?" Haku said with dead eyes. Naruto looked back at Naruto as fog covered his body. He could practically taste his rage coming to him. He gave Haku a punch in the face for the lost of his brother.

Haku swayed back in forth as she hit the ground coughing a lot of blood. "Where is that power you had a while ago. You can't kill me like that." Haku said wiping the blood from her mouth. "Naruto-kun please do not give me mercy. I am undeserving." Haku said looking down. Naruto called only look at her like she lost her mind, but a part of him did agree with her as he looked back at Sasuke.

"Naruto-kun when you left I kinda of envied you." Haku said looking down at her feet. "You left to live out your dream. You don't know what its like to know the pain to live without a dream. Do you know what its like to be not needed by anyone." Haku said with a dead smile. Naruto filched back as memories from his time before he got the Hokage to give him some help in his shonobi career. "What are you saying Haku." Naruto said hiding his pain.

"I love you Naruto-kun but I am a tool of Zabuza-san. Since I pledge my life for Zabuza, I can not fall in love. Zabuza doesn't need a week tool. You stole my reason to exist." Haku ended in a smile. Naruto could tell that was a fake smile from the tears in her eyes. "Naruto-kun please...kill me." Haku said with dead eyes.

With Kakashi

He went threw four handsigns and called out, "Kuchiyose: Tsuiga no Jutsu!" (Summing:Tracking Fang) Kakashi slammed the scroll into the ground as seals started to seep into the ground. "What ever you did, it's pointless. You can't fell my presence at all. But...I know what you are doing very well, Kakashi. You have fallen into my trap completely." Zabuza felt something was wrong, as he looked down at the floor as a dog came out of the ground and lashed out on his leg. One by one, seven different dogs came out of the ground surprising Zabuza.

Kakashi just smirked as he knew it was over. "If I can't follow you with my eyes or ears, then I just have to use my nose. Thats what happens when you close your eyes in the mist. This is a summoning jutsu for pursuing purpose. When we first started, I stopped your attack two times and bled each time for this purpose. Your weapons have my sent on them, which allowed me to send my dogs after you." Kakashi said as he looked at Zabuza with his sharingan spinning

"So what now? Copy me?" Zabuza said knowing his death was at hand. "Your nothing but a copy cat what can you do?" Zabuza said wincing at the pain of the dogs. "Now Zabuza, you really think I survived with only the Sharingan? Let me know show you my original jutsu." Kakashi said in a cool relaxed tone. He went threw a few handsigns and held out his hand. As soon as he did blue lighting like charka hit the bridge. The charka gathered around his hand like a lighting to a rod.

"Raikiri!" Zabuza looked at the jutsu with awe. 'What the...I can see the charka on his hand!'

"Your too dangerous. The person you are trying to kill, Tazuna-san, is this country's courage. This bridge, he is trying to create...is this county's hope. Your ambitions, sacrifices too many people. Thats not what a ninja is supposed to do." Kakashi said as his eyes turned cold. Zabuza just smirked and said, "Am I supposed to care. The only thing thats important to me is my own dreams." Zabuza said causing Kakashi narrowing his eyes. The jutsu shined brighter then ever as Zabuza finished his declaration.

"I'll say this again. Give up." Zabuza didn't answer but the look gave his answer to the copy nin.

With Haku

"Please Naruto-kun. I wish to die." Naruto fought his tears as Haku said those words. It was like a kunai was stabbed his heart over and over again. She watched him with dead eyes fulling willing to die. "Why are you hesitating?" Naruto blinked the tears away as he glared at Haku. "I always knew you had a hard life, and I know you were never given love until me Zabuza showed up. I also know that Zabuza is important to you...but...your important to me to Haku. I can't just kill the person I love." Naruto said cursing himself as tears crept to his eyes.

"So you would let the person you love suffer?" Haku said looking at the ground. "Naruto I lost the purpose that made me, me. Zabuza-san will no longer need me just like he no longer needs you. Thats why I'm asking you...I no longer have the honor to live anymore. You should know this." Haku said making Naruto flinch. It was true he may be a ninja but he always put his honor ahead of anything else. It was his code, now that Haku has used that against him. "Thats not fair Haku, how can you tell me to kill you when you know I love you. Thats an imposable choice. Please Haku don't make me do it. No I won't do it! I know you fell that your not needed, but, I need you please come with me, back to Konaha with me." Naruto pleaded to Haku.

Naruto looked her in the eyes as he said those words to Haku, he never looked away. He could see all of her emotions pass by her eyes, but the one thing he caught was love and hope. She seem to thing this over rather hard. When that looked passed she looked to Naruto with a smile on her face as the life that has been absent in her brown chocolate eyes returned.

With Sakura

The two of them has been attacked once but Kakashi saved them by taking the hit for them. Now they stand silent as ever waiting for an attack. Its probably have already been about five minutes since Zabuza attacked them, thats when they noticed that the mist was much more easier to see in.

"Finally the mist is clearing. We can see what's going on." Tazuna said, with worry on his face.

He wasn't worried as much for his life anymore but he was still worried. 'I hope those kids make it out safely.'

Sakura was also having problems at holding herself off. 'I really hope Naruto-nii-chan and Sasuke-kun is OK, I don't know what I would do if I lost you two. But I can't give up hope. I have to believe in them, I know they can win.' Sakura thought to herself as she clutched the kunai tighter.

With Kakashi

Kakashi glared at Zabuza as Zabuza laughed at the nin. "I'm not afraid to die Kakashi. I've stared death in the face hundreds of time. So I'm not afraid of go to hell. You forget what I am? I'm a demon, I belong in hell, I welcome it. But just because I'm a demon, it doesn't mean I'm just going to stand by and let you hit me." Zabuza said with grin viable under his mask.

Kakashi only narrowed his eyes as he glared at Zabuza with anger viable in his eyes. "Very well Zabuza, I'll send you to hell. Besides you can't move with my dogs holding you down like that and even if you try to move then my dogs will then tear you to ribbons. Now as I said before when we first meet, 'Your future is death.' Kakashi said in a deathly tone.

Once that was said Kakashi began his run with his lighting coved hand behind him. "This is the end!"

With Naruto

"Naruto-kun...Thank you for all you've done. You always told me that killing someone was only right when your protecting someone, I always disagreed with you on that subject. Naruto you are the most unselfish person I've ever met. The only selfish thing you have ever done is ask me to go back with you." Haku said with a smile as she made her way over at Naruto.

She cupped Naruto's face as she bend down and kissed the boy full on the lips. She kissed him gently but with a great passion. Naruto could feel many emotions as she kissed him. He could feel love on a great magnitude but he could also feel regret in the kiss, this confused him. Haku pulled away from the blond with a few tears in her eyes.

"Naruto-kun." Haku said as she hugged him. Naruto let her do as she wish but that didn't stop him from being on guard. He knew Haku well and he knew she had an alternative motive. "What is it Haku." Naruto said felling a few tears go down his shirt. Haku's head was on Naruto's shoulder as she clutched him tight.

Haku took a deep breath as she let go of Naruto. "I have know regrets if I died right here. Naruto I know that you and Zabuza killed a lot but can you promise me a few things. Can you not always put your life on the line. I bet you have a lot of people at your village that is important to you. They would be said if you died. So promise me that you'll live." Naruto looked at her still confused but slightly alarmed at what she asked of him.

"Zabuza, you, me...we all have done horrible things in our life's. We have killed other people needlessly. I never liked that. I always tried to spare there life's if I can. But you...you were taught by Zabuza on how to kill. That was his main focus along with other things about your training. As we traveled you killed many and as I looked in your eyes you had a mix of remorse and a non caring look. It was weird seeing you like that. Zabuza trained you to be a man slayer just like him. You were feared by many bandit . There fear always made you sad I can tell. I never like what he was doing but you never changed from being, you. Thats what I love about you. So thats why I said that you need to treasure life, we only have one. So please Naruto-kun if you can repent for all the things that you've done, then life, for me." Haku said wiping away her tears as they both felt a spike of charka. Haku gave Naruto a soft smile and said,

"Goodbye Naruto-kun."

Naruto stood there in shock at Haku as she disappeared in an ice mirror. The sound of flesh being ripped smacked Naruto in the face as he turned around against his will. What he sow sicken him to the core and it also hurt. He felt his heart crack as he watched the one he loved with all he had smiling at him. He sow Haku standing in front of Zabuza as she took Kakashi's attack. His hand was threw her chest as he looked at the girl in shock and in remorse.

Naruto could only look at Haku's face as the two that died on the bridge today hit him at full force. He lost two people he cared for, to of his special people, two of his precious people. His best friend Sasuke Uchiha, and the girl who he loved the most with all his heart Haku.

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Jutsu used

Kuchiyose: Tsuiga no Jutsu: a Ninjutsu technique used by Hatake Kakashi utilizing the Earth element. Kakashi will withdraw the tracking scroll from the pouch on his vest and wipe the blood of the one he wants tracked on it. After forming the needed handseals, he will slam the scroll onto the ground. This will release his nin dogs into the earth to follow their excellent sense of smell to track the targets blood. This allows Kakashi to track his short range target, even when he can not see them. This technique can also be used to set up his Raikiri. After finding their target the dogs will emerge from the ground to bite and pin down their target. This can allow Kakashi to execute the Raikiri without fear of a counter attack.

Raikiri: a Ninjutsu technique developed by Hatake Kakashi utilizing the Lightning Element. It was given the nickname Raikiri after it was said Kakashi used the technique to cut a lightning bolt in two. Activating the body to focus chakra to the hand, Kakashi's hand become enveloped by an electrical force. This force is their chakra altered in nature to an electrical current. By altering the shape of the force, similar to an electrical discharge, they can decide the power and range of the attack. After concentrating all the chakra into the arm, Kakashi use their quickness and the power of the thrust from the chakra to pierce any object with the extended forearm. Because their opponent can easily counter the attack, it requires a Sharingan user to make the technique worthwhile. The Sharingan will allow them to predict any moves their opponent decides to make and send their strike home into the target. Due to the high speed, the force emits a sound like a thousand birds chirping which gave the technique its name. Because of the great amount of chakra needed to utilize the technique, the technique can only be used so many times during the day.