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Chapter 1- A new school

A pink haired girl could be seen walking through the halls of Konaha High. Although her hair already set her apart from most 'normal' girls, Sakura Haruno, wasn't like all the other freshman in the school. She wasn't in any mobs of make-up wearing, over dramatic groups. In fact, she wasn't in any groups of people at all.

At one glance, you could tell she didn't belong here. She had just moved in with her father from Iwakagure High after getting expelled for nearly slitting a kids throat.

Sakura was wearing a black and red DC shirt with black skinny jeans. She had on black and red checkered converse and had a black streak in her almost completely pink hair. Sakura, if you noticed her, would completely stand out to all the preppy dressed girls in this hallway.

But she did a good job on staying unnoticed. She walked quietly through the halls, her shoes didn't even making a sound. She blended in with the lockers and glided through the crowded halls, not even touching anyone, so no one even turned to look at her like she thought they would. But she was wrong.

2 boys were the only ones in the hall to stare at her. One, Sasuke Uchiha, was one of the school's most popular boys, for his looks, but mainly because he was filthy rich. The other, Gaara Sabuku, the other most popular boy, because of his close circle of friends welcomed anyone into their group as long as they hated Sasuke, stared intently on the mysterious girl.

Though these two boys had so many differences, at that one moment, they both shared the same thoughts, 'Who is THAT girl?' At that same moment, Sakura turned her head and glanced over both boys, thinking they were staring at someone else in the hall.

As I walked through the halls, careful to not even touch anyone, I could tell I blended into the crowd well even though I should have stuck out like a sore thumb.

I felt this weird voice in the back of my head, telling me that someone was watching, so I looked around me. That voice was almost identical to mine, but was in my head. When I was younger and first started hearing her, I thought I went crazy. When I had told my mother about this, she went all over, trying to get me the best therapists we could afford. That's what drove her over the edge.

I remembered the day it all happened. I was 6 years old and it was my birthday. My mom had spent a lot of money on my so called 'fragile mental health' that she didn't have enough money to give me a birthday party. It had been a few years since she had started paying top dollar for therapists, but none of it helped me any, so I learned to accept that voice as an Inner Sakura who was my only friend.

My mom couldn't take the stress of having a daughter and thinking it was her fault that I had an inner voice, and the pink hair didn't help, that she had killed herself. Right on my birthday.

I suddenly woke up from my flashback, and noticed I was standing right in front of the office door. I pushed the door open carefully and walked into the room. There was a nice looking lady at the front desk and I could see her name plate said Shizune. I walked up to her and said,"Konnichiwa Shizune-san. I'm Haruno Sakura. I need my class papers."

Shizune went to a stack of papers and found my name. She returned over to the desk and handed me the file.

"Konnichiwa Sakura-san. Welcome to Konaha High School. Tsunada-sama can't see you right now to welcome you herself, but inside that folder is your schedule, locker number and combination, and any other information that you will need to know..." Shizune took a second to look me over, "..like the dress code."

I didn't feel angry or embarrassed at Shizune's words. She didn't mean her words to insult me, they even sounded.... motherly like she doesn't want me to get in trouble or stick out much.

"Arigatou Shizune-san." And with that, I went out into the hallway to head for my first class, with my schedule in hand.

While Sakura had her schedule right up in her face, she wasn't looking where she was going. She accidentally bumped into a tall blond girl with her hair in a high ponytail. She whipped around and glared at Sakura.

"Sorry....." Sakura mumbled out without even looking up. The blond grabbed Sakura's arm so she had to look at her.

"You're that girl that had all of Sasuke-kun's attention in the hall earlier," the girl shrieked in a high pitch voice.

All of a sudden, Sakura had a red mark on her cheek and the blonde's hand had moved faster that she would have expected, considering she wasn't even looking for a fight in the first 15 minutes of her first day of school here.

"No one should have his attention except me, or one of my girls, so what's a freak like you to come in and take all the attention of him in the first minutes your here, you whore." After she said that, her followers behind her all chanted things like,"Yeah Ino you tell her", and "No one messed with Ino Yamanaka."

'So this must Ino Yamanaka, since that's what there all calling her.' Sakura thought making herself remember that name, for revengeful purposes, of course. Ino turned the other direction and started to bounce off, feeling all high and mighty. Sakura thought fast and stuck her foot under Ino and watched as she fell. When Ino hit the ground, she immediately started to look up and glare at Sakura. 'and she thinks that glare is menacing?' Sakura just flipped Ino off and said "I don't even know who this 'Sasuke-kun' guy is, but I feel sorry for him that you're all his fan-girls." while walking in the direction of her first period class, English with Kakashi.

Unknown to her, the 2 boys from before had saw the whole thing, and were impressed that in her first 15 minutes here, she had royally pissed off the most popular(rich) girl in the school, making one want her in his group to know more about her, and the other want to make that girl his as soon as he could.

I walked inside the classroom and stood like an idiot at the front waiting for the teacher, figuring that they already had assigned seats since it was almost a quarter the way in the school year.

The seats started to fill up and I noticed one guy in particular that sparked my interest. He had fire red hair and the most intense eyes I had ever seen. They were a jade green, almost like mine, except more brilliant and cold than I had trained mine to look.

After the bell had rung, 15 grueling minutes later, the teacher walked in. I saw a blond guy with spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes stand up an yell, "Kakashi- Sensai, you're a liar!" while Kakashi started saying something about life's road..... and a cat?

He noticed me, probably with a wtf look on my face, and said, "Class, we have a new student, introduce yourself to the class."

With a sigh I stood up and said, "I'm Sakura Haruno. I do what I want to do, so don't bug me or I might kill you." I said this at every new school I went to. I found it better to be feared than have people surprised when you punch a kid cause he made fun of your hair.

Everyone who had raised their hand to ask me a question, no doubt about my hair, slowly retreated their hands from the air.

Except for the blond haired boy, who's hand was waving idiotically in the air. He looked around to see that no one else's hand was in the air so he started talking. "HI I'M NARUTO UZUMAKI, THE NEXT HOKAGE! BELIEVE IT!" he shouted, then more calmly asked, "Is that your natural hair color, because you look HOT with pink hair."

That comment from beginning to the end threw me for a loop, and I almost didn't catch the question. I knew I was standing there with my mouth open, along with most of the class. The group of people around the kid started to snicker, when the red head that I noticed from before that was sitting next to Naruto whacked him in the head while muttering 'dobe' and 'baka'.

Naruto started to sulk in his seat while muttering things about Gaara being a bastard, and how he was almost as bad as Sasuke, which earned him another whack from Gaara.

Kakashi looked over the class to see if there were any empty seats, and then told Sakura to go sit next to Gaara.

Sakura glided towards her new seat and sat down without any noise. She sat on the very edge of her seat, as far away from everyone as possible. She noticed her seat was right next to the window, with Gaara on the other side, then Naruto, and two other girls, one with blueish hair, and one with two buns in her auburn hair.

'so those two were the ones I had heard giggling' Sakura thought.

Kakashi sat down in his chair and pulled out a book called 'Ichi Ichi Paradise' and said, "Do what you want, just don't bother me." So everyone started to talk to the people next to them. Sakura had noticed that the class was basically divided into two. There was the half she was sitting on where everyone was dressed like her. Then there was the side with all the preppy girls, including Ino Yamanaka who was in the middle of them, staring at a row of 4 guys in that half of the room.

Sakura had guessed that one of those boys had been this Sasuke Uchiha, which she had found out his full name from walking in the halls.

I was sitting there, assessing the class, which the teacher, Kakashi, had probably assumed I would get along with the people over here better, which he was right. Though I basically just ignored everyone over here too.

I felt a little tap on my shoulder, and turned around with a full glare ready, when I saw the blueish haired girl that had laughed before, standing there. She looked nice enough, but I still wasn't sure so I stopped glaring, but I still didn't look that welcoming.

"Hi, I'm Hinata Hyuuga, we wanted to know, Tenten and I, if you wanted to join us for lunch, Sakura-san, that is if you want." Hinata had said in a voice so quite I almost couldn't hear it.

I stared at her for a while thinking about my options. I could get along fairly well with these people, or I could be all by myself and have to deal with that Ino bitch.

"Sure, that would be awesome Hinata-san." "Please just call me Hinata, along with everyone else, you can drop the suffix, too." To that I told her the same and nodded.

I went over and sat in the empty seat beside the two. They immediately grabbed my schedule and started writing in names with my classes. Tenten grabbed my hand and had me stand up. She pointed around in an almost circle at the people around us and started introducing them.

She pointed out the girls first as Hinata which I already knew, along with herself. She also told me there was another girl, Temari Sabuku, that was a senior who was Gaara's sister, and his brother, Kankuro, was a junior, who she would show me later because they would only be in our lunch and Gym.

She then pointed to a guy that's hair made him look like a pineapple and said his name was Shikamaru Nara. She told me that he was the smartest guy in school, even though he sleeps all the time, and would be in most my classes.

Then, Tenten showed me Kiba Inuzaka, a guy who has a puppy named Akamaru with him. She then pointed behind me and said that the kid with blond spiky hair was really rambunctious and he was Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara's "best-friend", sort of.

She then told me that the guy sitting next to Naruto was Gaara, and he was like a king of the school. When she said his name, Gaara looked up and stared intently into my eyes. I noticed he had really hot eyes at that moment, and even though I hadn't even heard his voice yet, I, Sakura Haruno, started to form my first crush.

She explained that the school had two kings basically. Gaara was one, and even though he's cold to almost everyone, he still had so many followers. Then there was Sasuke Uchiha, and she pointed across the room, which I painstakingly took my eyes off of Gaara's gaze, and looked at the guy in the middle of the 4 I had seen before, and at that exact moment he looked up and winked at me.

I scoffed at that and turned away. That bastard had the nerve to do that to me.

Tenten kept explaining that he was a real player and the only people that were in his group were skanks and whores, and guys that had known him since they were little or ones that wanted to be like him.

Tenten even pointed out the people in his group for me so I could stay away from them. There was Ino Yamanaka and Karin, his top fangirls. The guys sitting next to him, his friends from his childhood I guessed, were Shino Amburame, Choji Akimichi, and Neji Hyuuga.

When Tenten had said Neji's name and said he was related to Hinata, I had seen her blush for the slightest of seconds.

The bell then rang and I looked at my schedule to see Tenten's neat writing sprawled onto the page. I had Science with Orochimaru next, but only with Gaara and Shikamaru. Tenten had told Gaara to show me around because he was in all my classes. Every single one, and I heard Inner Sakura shouting 'HELL YES!!' at that little fact.

I followed Gaara through the halls, Shikamaru was still asleep at his desk back in english, so we went to the science block of the school. When we entered, this class definitely had assigned seats because the groups were scattered among each other.

This class went fairly well except that the teacher was really creepy. I'm pretty sure he was gay because he couldn't stop looking at the guys, he really liked snakes, and he reminded me of Michael Jackson. He had me sit next to Gaara which Inner Sakura wouldn't shut up about saying it was fate and all that.

I had Art next with Kurenai and I walked with Gaara, this time talking as we went. Kurenai was very nice and she had us do what ever we liked. Gaara was working on some sand thing, while I was doing a sketch of all the faces I remembered from this morning.

I blanked out that whole period, totally focused on my picture that I didn't even notice the bell ring until everyone started to file out. Gaara stared at me, not even seeming bothered that I had kept working, and was waiting patiently for me to get my things together. I told Gaara to go on ahead because I need to go to my locker, and I would find the cafeteria myself to which he just nodded.

I packed up and went to my locker, because how much trouble could I run into just finding the cafeteria, right?

While I was at my locker, something slammed me into the wall next to me. I looked up and Sasuke Uchiha was holding my arms up by my head. Since I'm only about 5'1'' and he had to be nearly 6', I couldn't reach the ground. His knee was in between my legs making his body press me into the wall.

"What the hell Uchiha, let me go." I said while glaring at him. "I just wanted to give you this note." the smug bastard said while putting the note in my pants pocket, which was way too close for comfort. Inner Sakura was screaming in my head to do something before Sasuke did anything we didn't want him to do.

"Ok then, now would you let me go." As I began to stuggle on the wall, which was a very uncomforatable thing to do.

Sasuke leaned his head in next to my ear and whispered, "Never my little blossom." as he slowly started to release me and vanished around the corner .

When I walked into the cafeteria, I started to look for Hinata and Tenten. They had saved a seat right next to them for me, it looked like, and on the other side was Gaara, Naruto, Kiba, and who I assumed was Kankuro. The girl that was right next to my spot was probably Temari, although the siblings looked nothing alike.

I went and sat down next to Hinata and instantly got bombarded with questions. I hadn't realized that the encounter with Sasuke had lasted that long and that lunch was almost over.

Gaara actually had a somewhat worried look on his face when he asked if I was okay. Right then I remembered the note in my pocket and got it out.

It said: Hey my little blossom,
you don't act like most girls, but I like a challenge. How bout you come over to my
place and I can show you what a real man is, not like that freak you're tagging along with.
-Sasuke Uchiha

That really pissed me off and Gaara could see that. He grabbed the note out of my hand, and everyone watched as he went from stotic to pissed off in a matter of seconds. I thought it was because Sasuke had called Gaara a freak, but I was wrong.

'How can that bastard think that?' Gaara had thought to himself. His thoughts had not been on what the message had said, but on the very first line of it.

'Sakura is not his.' Gaara had said to himself. "Sakura, where do you live?" Gaara had thought of something. There had been a few houses for sale on his road, and he had already started forming a plan.

"435 Leaf Edge Road. Why?" "Damn it, you live across the street from that bastard then." Gaara had said. Temari, for the first time Sakura had heard her speak, then added, "Yeah but then that means she lives right next door to us.."

All of the table had then read the note by now, and Tenten asked, "Hey Sakura, were having a party at Gaara's tonight, do you wana come?" to switch the topic. It was true, they were planning to have a party tonight, but now they had to keep Sakura away from Sasuke, plus they could see the interest in Gaara's eyes towards Sakura, and that had never happened before.

They noticed that Gaara wasn't as brooding and as easily upset as he was when Sakura was around. They could tell that in just 4 periods, those two had a strong interest in each other, and they wanted to see how far they could help it grow faster.

"Ummm sure that would be cool." Sakura answered. She really lived alone because her father was usually out all night with his friends drinking, and worked during the school day so she never even saw him much. She could care less because she hated her father, and she was sure her father hated her just as much.

There was a group sigh of relief that she would come because they all knew what would happen if Sasuke got to her. They wouldn't see her again and with Sasuke's money, he could probably even buy her as a slave.

"Hey, and you can sleep over, right?" Temari asked. "Yup." and exactly when she said that, all the girls squealed. That would mean they could go shopping with her in the morning and they could all hang out. The bell rang after that, and they all went there seperate way to their classes, except Gaara had stayed with Sakura.

Their History class with Asuma went by fast, as neither of them focused on the class, only on each other. They tried to pretend to not notice each other, but that was all either was focused on. The same went on in Math with Iruka until he noticed them and asked Sakura a question.

Of course, she wasn't paying attention and didn't notice until Gaara had nudged her arm and whispered the answer to her. "The answer is 623.433." Sakura said like she was paying attention the whole time.

This stunned Iruka because he was sure they weren't paying attention. "Uhhh, Very good Miss Haruno." he stuttered out.

After Math, Gaara showed her the locker room for gym, and on the way, they just asked each other questions, like what bands they liked and their favorite colors, almost like the game 20 questions.

Once Sakura was in the locker room. Hinata had given her a pair of gym clothes. They all changed into their own and went out into the gym.

Out came a tall guy with a bowl cut, bushy eyebrows, and a green jumpsuit and a smaller replica of him. Sakura instantly grabbed Temari and hid behind her and ask, "Am I just imagining it, or are there 2 very large green bugs up there?"

Temari laughed and replied, "No that's the gym teacher, Gai and Lee's his helper from your grade. Lee really looks up to him, I have no idea why, and decided to dress and act exactly like him." "Oh great I'm so going to love it here" Sakura said when Lee looked up and started running towards her.

"You must be the beautiful Sakura, am I correct?" He didn't even give her a chance to respond but instead took her hand and started to kiss it. "Please will you be my girlfriend?" and as soon as he asked that, he went flying in the other direction.

"Sorry, she's taken." Sakura looked up and saw that it was Gaara who had said that. He put his arm over her shoulders like it was the most natural thing.

'What the fuck is he doing?'
Although I wanted what he was implying to be a reality, that he really wanted me as his girlfriend, I knew he was just trying to keep Lee away from me.

I found out that he really didn't like guys hanging around me unless they were his close friends. That, as you can tell, didn't include Lee.

After that, Lee was crying a stream of tears and saying things like 'how could you, Gaara Sabuku, win that fair maiden's heart when I couldn't' and pronouncing Gaara as his sworn enemy.

Other that that, nothing major happened in gym. I mainly stayed by Temari, Hinata, and Tenten, and talked about going shopping tommorow.

We all went back and got changed, and then Temari offered to drive me to her house and I could pick up a few things at home. When we pulled up the drive way, I was amazed. It really wasn't a house, it was a mansion. I couldn't believe that this was next door and I didn't notice it.

I went home and grabed a pair of flanal pants, and a black tanktop, along with some music I promised to bring over.

When I walked back over to the house and opened the door.....

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