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"It's the strangest coincidence that we were just talking about you." He said with a smirk.

"It seems that I might get some use for you after all." Her father said with one more smirk as Sakura looked up to see......

Itachi looking up with sad eyes at her.

Sakura had a questioning look on her face at Itachi, because he almost never made eye contact with her around her father, and started to say, "W-what… do you… mean?"

'Shit, I never show fear to him, so why did I just stutter now?'

Her father chuckled at that. "You see Sakura dearest, I just got proposed a deal with Mr. Uchiha's father."

Sakura slowly turned her attention from her father to Itachi and tried to hold his gaze but no matter what she did, he kept looking away almost ashamed.

"What kind of deal." Sakura said, getting a hold of her emotions and turning stoic, avoiding Itachi's questioning glances at her change in tone.

"The kind that will make me rich." Her father replied while smirking.

Sakura turned around to try to get out of her window but bumped into a rock hard body. She began to back up from a man who was in a suit with the look of a body guard to him. As she did, she forgot how far it was to the stairs, and slipped backwards, closing her eyes to wait for the inevitable pain……

……..That never came. She looked up to see Itachi, who had sprinted up the stairs to catch her, looking down at her.

"I'm so sorry Sakura….." was all she heard as she was knocked out.

When Sakura came to, she stayed perfectly still with her eyes closed. She tried to take in her surroundings with her other senses first, so as to not alarm anyone who could be watching her or anything.

She first noticed a small breeze on her legs and arms, which meant she saw still wearing her clothes.

'Okay, well that's still a good sign…."

Next, she noted that it was very dark in the room, and she was on some kind of bed with expensive silk sheets. Sakura opened her eyes and sat up.

She looked around the room, not feeling anyone's presence, and was about to get off the bed when she heard the rustling of clothing, and it wasn't her own.

"Why hello, Sakura." Came a deep and sophisticated voice almost sang out.

Gaara looked out his window and the dark room of the house right next door.

'Something's not right…..' Gaara though.

'Something deffinatly feels odd…' Sakaku said.

Gaara gazed at Sakura's empty room, trying to see any hints of movement. He saw a blind flicker and immediately sprang next to his window. He saw what he assumed was Sakura's father, someone she barely talked about near him.

Gaara snuck up out of his window and hopped over to their roof and climbed down the latter to Sakura's window.

'Thank you Mr. Uchiha. I find this deal very pleasing.' Gaara overheard her father speaking on the phone.

'I just hope that little bitch isn't as much of a pest as she was to me. Maybe she'll even manage to make you a little money.' Mr. Haruno had said.

There was a pause for a second while Gaara assumed Mr. Uchiha was speaking.

'Oh, for Sasuke you say? Very well then, as you chose. Just a fair warning though, she's…. lively to say the least. You should train her well first.' And Mr. Haruno hung up the phone on that note.

Gaara was growing exceedingly angry at hearing this. He ran back up the latter and over to his house and started planning.

Sakura jumped at hearing Sasuke's voice. She gathered all the blankets she could around her and tried to cover herself up as best as she could.

"W-what are you doing here?" Sakura stammered out.

"Heh. This is my house." Sasuke said arrogantly.

"I figured that much you jackass, I mean what am I doing in your house." Sakura stated.

At that, Sakura felt herself get flung towards a wall, and then Sasuke holding her against it when her body tried to rebound it's self.

"I told you I wanted you, and I always get what I want."

At that Sakura blacked out… again.

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