Me: Last chapter!

Ikuto: She's hyper again.

Me: I had me some cuppy-cakes!!!!!

Amu: Sierra doesn't own Shugo Chara!

Ikuto: Or the cup-cakes, her mom made those.

Charas: They were yummy!

Me: Story Time!!!!!!!!!!!


--Amu's P.O.V—

After school got out, I went to the pet store and bought something special for Ikuto. I just hope it will work this time, I really want one victory against him. I want him to remember this prank for the rest of his life. My house was empty when I got home. Ami and my parents had gone to Shibuya for the weekend and there was no school tomorrow. I lay down on my bed. Next to me, I saw the empty can of pepper spray. I sat up quickly and saw Ikuto sitting on a chair, across my room and Yoru floating next to him.

"Have any other pranks for me?" Ikuto questioned me as he stood up.

"Not right now" I told him, clutching the bag behind my back.

"What's in the bag?" he asked, sitting down next to me.

"A present" I stuttered.

"Is it for me?" Ikuto asked another question. Yoru then grabbed the bag from me.

"It's catnip nya!" Yoru shouted with a huge smile on his face.

"It isn't for you Yoru" Ran started. "It's for Iku . . ." Ran's mouth was covered by Miki and Suu. Ikuto then glared at me.

"Amu, you wouldn't" Ikuto was still glaring at me.

"Maybe I would" I snatched the catnip from Yoru and opened it. I pored a little bit into my hand and put it next to Ikuto's face.

"Oh no" Yoru gasped.

"What?" Ran, Miki, and Suu shouted in unison.

"Character change" Yoru put his paw over his face.

"Muhahahaha" I laughed manically once again. Ikuto's cat-ears and tail appeared and he started to sniff my hand. I pulled out a camera and started to take pictures of this historic event, me finally getting back at Ikuto.

"Your so cruel Amu" Yoru stared in disbelief as Ikuto started to purr.

"I need to record this!" I switched the camera to video.

"Let me see!" Yoru bumped into my hand and spilled the catnip down my shirt and onto my lap. Ikuto's eyes shot up at me. I dropped the camera on the bed and backed away from Ikuto, leaving a small trail of catnip. He followed until my back hit my bed post. Catnip was all over me, I couldn't get out of this one. I slumped down to lie on my bed. Ikuto sniffed my stomach and rested his head there. He looks so cute with his cat-ears . . . did I just think that? I petted his ears and they disappeared. He had finally snapped out of it.

"Amu, why do you smell like catnip?" Ikuto was confused. I grabbed the camera and showed him video footage of the past two minutes. At the end of the video, Ikuto tried to get it from me.

"No, you can't have it; I'm showing this to the guardians and Utau" I laughed. I finally got back at him, yay!


Me: That is it! Amu got back at Ikuto!

Ikuto: Nope –stomps on the camera-

Amu: Hey, I'm going to destroy your violin! –Looks around- where is it?

Me: IT GOT STOLEN!!!!!!!

Ikuto: Sierra!

Me: Don't yell at me like that! Only do that to Yoru!

Yoru: Hey nya!

Amu: What happened to the violin?

Me: Please read and review!

Me and Ikuto: -runs from Amu-

Amu: Tell me! . . . I'm all alone again.