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Chapter 1: New Feelings

It has been 3 years since the D-Reaper's defeat. The digimon had just returned from the digital world. However, they all didn't return the same. Guilmon was completely depressed for some reason. The happy go lucky digimon that everyone has known to love is now a moping, sad sack. Every one was concerned about him, including the one who loves him the most. The one person who loved him the minute they got back. Believe it or not the one who loves him the most is Renamon. However, every one has come to know her to hate Guilmon with a vengeance, so she has never told anyone her love of Guilmon. When did she find out that she loves Guilmon? Well let's find out.


It was the last day the digimon were staying on the digital world. The next day their tamers will be there to pick them up. The digimon received this intelligence from their tamers three weeks ago, so they were all collected at the rendezvous point, well not all digimon. Guilmon was separated from the other 1 year ago in a giant dust storm. The others sent out a message to Guilmon telling him that they will be leaving in the morning back to the human world.

"I really hope that Guilmon gets the message" said Terriormon. "Other wise Takato and I will be extremely disappointed."

"Don't worry he'll be here by tomorrow." replied Lopmon.

"I couldn't care less if that idiot were to come or not" stated Renamon with her eyes closed, "In fact this past year without him has been the quietest time of my life."

"Oh come on Renamon" said Terriormon, "Admit it you have great feelings for him don't you."

Renamon quickly grabbed Terriormon by the neck and slammed him against a rock.

"Tack it back" she scolded.

"Ok…sorry" said Terriormon scared out of his flippin' mind.

Renamon let the poor bunny go and returned to her calm self again.

"That's our Renamon" thought Cyberdramon.

"Ok guys enough. We need to get some rest before tomorrow," Said Impmon, "I'll take the first watch." Impmon stared at Renamon while they got ready for bed, and every time she'd look back he would turn his head quickly. Impmon had been having this thing for Renamon, but he has never come out to tell her.

It was late at night and Impmon stayed awake but barley. As his eyes started to get heavy he soon heard a large sound coming from the distance.

"What was that?" he said in shock.


"There it is again!!!"

"What's goes on?!" yelled Marinangamon.

"I don't know!" said Impmon. The sound was growing and soon every one was awake. It got closer and closer to them. When it seemed that the sound was right on them, it stopped.

"Where is it?" asked Renamon

"I don't know," said Impmon. The suspenseful silence stayed in the air for 3 minutes. As soon as they started to calm down the sound returned, but this time it was behind them. Their standing behind them stood a vampire liked digimon called Myotismon.

"Who are you," Gargramon.

"I am Myotasmon," he said, "I have come a far to fight those who are exceedingly strong. Where's the one called Guilmon."

Every one looked confused as to find out that Myotismon had come to fight the goofy, fun loving Guilmon.

"What do you want with Guilmon any way." said Gargramon.

"Like I said I've come from a far to fight Guilmon," said Myotismon, "There has been a rumor that he is the digital world's strongest digimon, and I've come to test my strength against him."

Well he's not here with us right now." said Cyberdramon.

"Pity, well I just have to settle with you guys." said Myotismon.

-Play Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth Theme-

Myotismon disappeared and reappeared behind Cyberdramon. When Cyberdramon had time to turn around, Myotismon gave him a quick kick in the back of the head. Before Cyberdramon fell to the ground, Myotasmon grabbed his tail and sent him flying into a huge rock structure. Myotismon smirked at Cyberdramon's pain. Gargramon jumped into action and tried to punch Myotismon, but Myotasmon duck before getting hit and put his hand on Gargramon's chest. With the force of his power he sent Gargramon back into a cliff as well.

"Bada Boom!" yelled Impmon as he shoots a fire ball from his finger.

"Hmm, is that the best you can do," gloated Myotismon has he just blew out the fire ball, "if so then let me show you what strength really is. Crimson Lightning!" A lightning whip came out of his hands. He cracked the whip and hit Impmon. He laid on the ground in pain. Myotismon continued cracking the whip on the injured digimon over and over again.

"Bunny Blast!" yelled the young rabbit as green bullets flew out of his mouth. Myotismon simply dusted off the attack like it was nothing.

"So you want to fight as well. Crysly Wing!" yelled Myotismon. Terriormon managed to jump out the way, but not in time for his ears to be hit. The pain was too much to withstand causing him to pass out. Myotismon started to slowly walk towards Terriormon. "So you want to die first, or maybe them?" He said looking at a frightened Marinangamon and Lopmon.

"Diamond Storm!" yelled Renamon over Myotismon. Noticing he is being attack he disappeared and reappeared in front of Renamon. He punches her back down into the ground. He lands a few feet in front of the wounded Renamon.

"Ok, if you want to die first then by all means," said Myotismon. Renamon, knowing she was out matched, closed her eyes and awaited death. "Crimson Light….." before he could finish something prevented him. Renamon slowly opened here eyes to notice a claw poking out of Myotismon's chest.

"It's not wise to attack someone's friends." said a familiar voice. The claw was ripped out of Myotismon's chest. Myotismon fell to his knees in which reveling his assailant. Behind him was a tall, crimson red dinosaur with black marks all over him and a white stomach.

"Guil…mon," Renamon said in astonishment.

"Are you ok Renamon," said Guilmon looking at the hurt Renamon. She simply nodded to him. "So you like to kill others ay, well then maybe you need to die as well." Guilmon put his sharp claws against Myotismon's neck, and in a split second Guilmon slid his claws across quickly cutting Myotismon's neck. The blood that flew out soon turned to data along with the rest of the body. Guilmon absorbed the data.

"Is this the same Guilmon that I know," thought Renamon, "I mean he was so young looking and so goofy and fat, but now he looks much older. His fat on his stomach had now turned to abs, and it looks like the goofiness on his face and in his eyes is now gone."

Guilmon went over to all the others to heal them. In his time apart from the others he managed to learn some new things.

"Guilmon, how did you find us." asked Cyberdramon.

"Your message had all of Terriormon's scent on it. So I fallowed that all the way to you guys." stated Guilmon.


It was 1 hour away from the time of pick up and every one was healed. Renamon never took her eyes off of Guilmon for a second.

"It's weird," thought Renamon, "I've never even considered to be friends with Guilmon, but now it's as if all of a sudden I'm attracted to him. He is still really cut, and his strength is greater than the last time we saw him. He also looks like he has a different out look on life. He even saved mine. I've never felt this way before. I think I…I…I think I'm in love with him. Yes that must be it. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am in love with Guilmon."

"Everyone, look" said Terriormon pointing at the sky. There came down another ark big enough to fit all the digimon. They squeezed in trying to fit. Renamon was forced in the back of the ark. Unfortunately for her Guilmon was forced to sit next to her. Being this close to the new and improved Guilmon made her heart beat even faster. It was final; it was true love she is feeling. She was about to tell him her new found love for him. She felt confident as she has a sneaking suspicion that he has great feelings for her.

"Hey, Guilmon," she said.

"Look," he said in an angry voice, "Just because I'm back doesn't mean you have to talk to me. You stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours. Isn't that how you've always wanted it, right?"

Renamon said nothing. Guilmon took that as an agreement, so he just turned his head and closed his eyes.

"I can't believe it," thought Renamon, "he doesn't even want to have anything to do with me any more. All those times being mean to him has driven him away from me. I have to apologize to him. It's the only way for me to get him to at least like me again."

They later arrived in Shinjuku Park and were greeted by their tamers with hugs and kisses. Though it didn't take long for the others to notice the change in Guilmon.

Present Time

Renamon was perched on top of Rika's home looking out into the night sky.

"Am I really in love with him," thought Renamon, "or maybe it was just the spur of the moment. Either way I have to know otherwise I'll spend the rest of my life wondering. She stood up on the roof and started to head over to his place. Not only was she going to see if she's really in love, but also try to find out why he is so depressed, and apologize for all the things she has done to him over the years……

To Be Continued……

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