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Chapter 20: Finale

"I can't believe it" said Beelzemon as he was covered by darkness, "my heart, it's slowing down. The darkness is overtaking me. Is this the end? Have I truly lost? No not yet." He slowly pulled out the red pill. "If I am to die it will be on my own terms." He ate the pill and was soon overcome with power.

Guilmon and Renamon were leaving the battle field. Guilmon had an arm draped around Renamon's neck. That battle took a lot out of him, but he was glad Renamon was there.

"Thank you Renamon" said Guilmon

"It's my pleasure" said Renamon, "I'm proud of you Guilmon. You've really grown over the years, and I have a feeling I'm going to like your new body." Guilmon smiled as he was ready to put his fears behind him. However, that's something that will have to wait. He felt a sudden serge of energy pass right through him.

"No" he said. He looked back at the rubble that was left behind. "It can't be" Renamon looked at him curiously.

"What's wrong?" Before Guilmon could answer the rubble soon blew away with the sight of an explosion. Guilmon pulled Renamon to the ground to avoid getting hit.

"Are you ok?" He asked

"Yeah I'm fine" they looked back to see Beelzemon. He was badly beaten up. His clothes tore, hair a mess, and blood all over him. Guilmon got of the ground, ready for the next round.

"I've had enough of this" said Beelzemon, "You both belong together, you and everyone else; in HELL!" With that his wings sprouted out of his back and he took to the skies. With the power of the red pill he had enough strength to destroy all of Shinjuku. "It ends now" he pulls out his over sized gun and prepares to shoot.

"Beelzemon no" yelled Guilmon, "If you shoot from that height it will destroy the entire city!"

"That's the idea" Guilmon knew what must be done.

"Renamon I need you to get out of here" he said

"I'm not going anywhere" replied Renamon

"Don't be stubborn Renamon it's too dangerous to be here"

"I'm staying I'm tired sitting idly by while you get hurt." Guilmon knew that when Renamon sets mind on something there's no changing her mind.

"Fine, just be safe" Guilmon brought her close and gave her one more kiss.

"What was that for" asked Renamon

"Just in case," Guilmon then looked up at Beelzemon who had been charging his gun.

"It's time to end this!" yelled Beelzemon as he aimed for Guilmon.

"Your right, but it will only end for you" said Guilmon. He opened his claw and aimed it at Beelzemon. With the same mind set they fired at the same time.

"Corona Blaster" yelled Beelzemon

"Fires of Oblivion" yelled Guilmon

The two attacks met half way. It was now a test of strength to see who would out last the other. With all their strength they tried to push the others attack back. Even with Guilmon's new body he was still weak from the fight from before so he couldn't utilize his full potential. Beelzemon, though still hurt, was much strong from the red pill he took. This gave Beelzemon the upper hand and soon Guilmon's attack was being pushed back.

"No" thought Guilmon, "If I fail here every one I love will be destroyed"

"Diamond Tornado" yelled Renamon as her and Guilmon's attacks mixed together. Guilmon looked over with shock.

"Renamon" he said

"Let's do this together Guilmon" He nodded and put more force into his attack.

The combination on Guilmon and Renamon's attacks was strong enough to start pushing Beelzemon's attack.

"Oh no you don't" said Beelzemon as he used all the red pill's power. They were locked in a stalemate. "There's no way you can win this. I am running on fresh power, where you two are running low. You can't win."

"Your wrong" said Renamon, "We can win. Our love for each other is stronger than any pill you take. Guilmon is my power."

"And Renamon is mine" continued Guilmon, "As long as I have Renamon there is nothing I can't accomplish. Let's end this Renamon."


At that moment both Renamon and Guilmon's bodies lit up with a red and yellow aura.

"What the?" said Beelzemon puzzled. Without warning their attacks were pushing his back. "How the hell did they get so much stronger?"

"This is for all the people you've harmed" said Guilmon as he put everything he had into one final attack.

"NO!" yelled Beelzemon "This cant be happening" His attack was being pushed back. It soon reached him. He was soon engulfed in a bright light. His screams were silenced with an explosion as he turned to data.

With the fight final over Renamon and Guilmon finally took a sigh of relief. Renamon fell to her knees out of exhaustion. She couldn't help but smile.

"It's over it's finally over" she said, "Guilmon finally we can live in peace"

"Not exactly" said Guilmon

"Why not" Renamon looked at him and was completely stunned. His body was starting to glow, and his data was slowly flowing out of him. She hopped to her feet. "Guilmon!"

Play Dearest string version (Inuyasha Soundtrack)

"It looks like I've used too much of my life energy. I hope you live happily Renamon." Tears began to flow down her face.

"I'd be happier if you're with me."

"I won't be able to"

"But you promised me you wouldn't leave me."

"I know but I have an idea. Absorb my data"


"If you do that I will never leave you"

"I can't" Soon a digi gnome appeared. It landed on Guilmon's should

"Hey there little guy" The digi gnome flew of and created a portal to the digital world right behind them. "So if I go back I can live." The digi gnome simply nodded and left. Guilmon turned back to Renamon.

"This is good news" she said with a raspy voice

"You don't sound happy"

"I just don't want you to leave"

"I have an idea" He brought her in for one more passionate kiss. Soon her body glow with the same red aura Guilmon has. They soon broke the kiss.

"What did you do?" asked Renamon

"I gave you some of my data. That way I was always be with you" Renamon smiled and kissed him again.

"Guilmon" said Cyberdramon as he was coming out of the tree lining. "You have to get going before its too late." They broke the kiss

"Your right" said Guilmon. He gave a quick hug to Renamon and walked towards the portal. Before entering he turned to Renamon and absorbed her beauty one last time. His final words were something that he wanted her to always remember. "I love Renamon" it may be obvious but it will stay in her head forever.

"I love you too Guilmon" with that Guilmon walked into the portal. It closed and Guilmon was gone from the human world and was back in the digital world. Cyberdramon approached Renamon.

"You know it's a possibility that he won't be back for a while?" said Cyberdramon

"Yeah, I know" replied Renamon

"Will you be ok?"

"I'll be fine" They soon made their way back home to tell everyone the news of Guilmon.

Renamon will never give up hope. She knows that in her heart of hearts that she'll see him again.

When they passed Guilmon's house she asked Cyberdramon to go in real quick. As she looked around she noticed a small box in the corner that said "for Renamon". She opened it. Inside was a blue sapphire heart shaped necklace. Inside a card was found it said, "Renamon, I hope you it. Love Guilmon" Her eyes weld with tears as she put on the necklace.

"Thank you Guilmon for everything"

The End

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