Dear all,

Well, I hardly know how to start! Just so that you know: this story will not remain unfinished (as promised before). I am very reluctant to post personal news over here, but felt it necessary as the delay has become quite unbearably long! I will replace this notification once the next chapter is ready (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully next week)!

I was out of time, out of space and out of place because I wound up in hospital with a small stroke which was traced back to a prenatal hole in my heart. I then had to undergo heart surgery in order to close the hole, and finally made it back home after more than three weeks. I am doing very well a few weeks later and will start cardiac rehab very soon. My family, relatives, friends, co-workers and your wonderful reviews helped me tons during my hospital stay – thank you so much :-) As for the doctors – they were fantastic and provided me with the best of treatment, to the extent that I did not suffer neurological damage after the stroke or any complications post-surgery.

Many hugs to you,
A hearty Steppi :-)