Author's Note: Likely to be my only NYSI piece. But enjoy nonetheless.

"What now?" Danny asks.

"Huh? Wha?" Allyson replies, half dazed. They have just gotten to see each other, finally free to just be together. Danny is done with training, and he greets her with 'what now?'

"You're the puzzle-solver where do we go from here?"

'Go from here?' her mind asks. 'We're supposed to stay friends, maybe even get together. I have waited for months for this moment.' her mind screams. But all that comes out is "Where do you want us to go?"

"I don't know," he admits, eyes downcast.

His short phrases are devastating. Her anger continues to rise. "Maybe we shouldn't go anywhere then." The fact that this sentence didn't make sense hardly registers with her.

"Oh" a look of pain crosses his face."I hadn't meant to..."

"Meant to hurt me? Well you're doing a fine job for someone not trying Danny!" Allyson had lost all control and is shouting now.

"No know what? Never mind. I am out of here." He crosses the room and opens the door. Aly follows him out and he quickens his pace.

"Run away from me just like everyone else," she shouts after him.

He whirls around to face her, "That's because being betrayed by those I love seems to be a common theme." He pauses and stands there staring at a shocked Allyson. "Thought so."

He leaves and long after his footsteps can no longer be heard comes the response he'd been waiting for. "I love you too."