Katana(rpg, see how she looks on my profile): Yay!!, first story!!

Kiba: Yep, first, so don't bullshit her! If you do you'll be messing with me AND Akumaru!!

Katana: Kiba, osuwari(sp?)(=sit)…

Kiba: But-

Katana: NOW!


Katana: I have no idea what you said but you sit as well.

Kiba&Akamaru: sits down

Katana: Now, what I was about to do the disclaimer-

Kakashi(when did he arrive?): Can I do it?

Katana: Holly sh*t! , when the heck did you come?

Kakashi: ...

Katana: Oh, forget it!

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WARNING: Contains AU, SasuSaku(main)/NaruHina/ShikaTema/SaiIno/KibaKata

Summary: Naruto is sent to a summer camp to revise his behavior and drags Sasuke along with him. There they meet Kiba and Katana from their school, and Shikamaru and Sai from their class. Also, they found out that Shikamaru's secret crush, Temari, who is a grade higher then them, is there to. The new characters are Sakura, Hinata and Ino. Unlike the others they're not Konoha West High, but from Konoha East High(yes, suckish names, sorry). How will things turn out for them during the summer?

Chapter 1: We have to go where?!

Down the hallways of Konoha West High nothing could be heard-

"NARUTO UZUMAKI, STOP FOOLING AROUND IN THIS INSTANT OR YOU'LL GET DETENTION FOR THREE MONTHS!!" , -except for the angry and annoyed yelling of headmistress Tsunade.

"Yeah right! School's over in two weeks, sucker!" , yelled back a blonde boy, a goofy grin playing on his lips.

Naruto was known for being the trouble maker of the school, but 'till now none have seen him being chased by the headmistress herself. In seems that this time he has brought his pranks to a new and elevated level.

He turned the corner, loosing the blonde woman for a while. Without warning a hand came out of the janitor's closet and pulled him in. The blonde let out a small gasp that was muffled by a pale hand.

"Shut it, dobe. We're gonna get caught." , the no longer stranger whispered, as Tsunade walked, rather ran, pass the door, swearing her lungs out. The blonde idiot sighed in relief.

"Thank teme! That was a close one!" , he said to his childhood friend, Uchiha Sasuke, responding to the nickname.

"Hn , whatever. What the hell did you do to get the crazy woman to run like that after you?", the Uchiha –not to mention the heartthrob of the school- asked, a rare curiosity in his cool onyx eyes. He flinched at the evil grin that appeared on the face of the dobe.

"I filmed Kakashi-sensei and Anko while they where in the gym. You know, during the lunch break when they know that no one disturbs them, he, he."

The raved haired boy's eyes got wide. The whole school knew that what Naruto was talking about should be rated 18+.

"No shit! How?", Sasuke asked, but before he could get any details, the door of the room they where hiding in slammed open, revealing an incredibly irritated Tsunade. A cold chill ran down their spine.

"This is the last drop, you two!" ,Tsunade yelled at them from behind her desk.

She wasn't earning any effect as Naruto was simply pretending to listen to her while thinking of what should he do her office as a revenge. Sasuke was looking quite unfazed, staring boredly at the ceiling. Their attitude only aggravated the situation, because the sake dependent woman was getting angrier by second that passed.

"Very well then", she said all of a sudden calm, "you aren't giving me any other option...", she paused gaining the attention of the pair of teens in front of her.

She announced the punishment, making the two friend jump off their chairs.

"WE HAVE TO GO WHERE?!" , they yelled in union. The next thing they knew, they were finishing their school year and packing their stuff, preparing to spend the whole summer vacation in "Konoha's special camp for students with attitude problems" as Tsunade named it.

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